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									             Blue Tie                                        Hostopia Email                                             GPN/Rconnection
Email to:             PWI:                        EXT: 5819 (877--571-8026)
 Foot Prints                                Attachments/email:                                         CWD                                 Hostopia hosting                         New CWD/BIFM 2063
Login:          PWI:                      Existing CWD/BIFM 5321
PW: Register8                               Attachment Email:          After Hours: 4445

                                            Always cc

         FACEBOOK/eWORKS/VOL/Gorilla                                FAX TO EMAIL              Email Marketing
               US & Canadian Customers                                                    SetUp
        Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM AST           Username: 1 888 279-6579                              URL:
     Support: 800-872-0152 (internal transfer 2773)     Password: Smiles123                                                Admin
                International Customers                                                           URL:
        Monday - Friday 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM AST Email                                           Username: x1049651_admin
                      904-680-6600                      Login:                            Password: welcome@2

         SEO (Scottsdale)
            EXT: 3755
   866-499-6403 (4 hr difference)
IP Addresses
Coming Soon    URL Forward
Web Site Now

DIM                       Old Hosting                   Phoenix                               ( to                                ( -                                ( -    

                 Pro Stores

TuCows           800-371-6992                      Name Secure 888-939-6293   866-734-8776             760-737-0881
GoDaddy          480-824-1300                      NetSol/Verisign 888-642-9675
MelbourneIT      9011+61 386-242-300               ENOm 425-883-8860 x203
PayPal           888-215-5506 6a-12 PM central
                 888-221-1161 7 days/wk        408-349-3300 Corporate hq 8a-5p M-F (Pacific)
                 408-349-5151 Billing cust. svc.
                 866-800-8092 Customer care
Microsoft        800-426-9400    Sales/Tech Support
                 800-936-5700    Personal support:
                 eWorks - VOL - Facebook Interviewers
                                 Interview - 4307

                     9am to 1am Atlantic Time Mon-Fri
                       Weekends 9:00am to 8:00pm

If a customer wishes to pass along changes to a eWorks website they can email
              For email support of other matters they can email

          EWorks - VOL - Facebook Cancelation Number
                            US & Canadian Customers
                      Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM AST

                             International Customers
                                  480- 747-9178
                 Monday  – Friday:  12:00 PM (Noon) – 9:00 PM AST
ebook Interviewers

Time Mon-Fri

to 8:00pm

ks website they can email
 can email

ok Cancelation Number
 an Customers
 :00 AM - 9:00 PM AST

 l Customers
 PM (Noon) – 9:00 PM AST
                        C Panel Site Software Versions                                                     C Panel Software Versions
B2Evolution (Blog)                                       v1.10.3                                Apache version
Word Press (Blog)                                        v2.6.3                                 PHP version
YaBB( Bulletin Boards )                                  v2.3                                   MySQL version
E107 (CMS)                                               v0.7.13                                Operating system
Geeklog (CMS)                                            v1.4.1                                 Perl Version
Mambo (CMS)                                              v4.6.5                                 Path to PERL
Nucleus (CMS)                                            v3.33                                  Path to sendmail
PostNuke ( CMS)                                          v0.764                                 Kernel version
Soholaunch (CMS)                                         v4.9.53
Xoops (CMS)                                              v2.2.6
phpWiki (CMS)                                            v1.3.14
phpMyChat (Chat)                                         v0.15.0                                               FTP Information
AgoraCart (Ecommerce)                                    v5.2.005
ClickCartPro (Ecommerce)                                 v5.1.10                                Hostname: domain name or dedicated IP
OSCommerce (Ecommerce)                                   v2.2rc2a                               Username: located within JANUS
Coppermine ( Gallery)                                    v1.4.19                                PWD: located within JANUS
Advanced Guestbook (Guestbook)                           v2.4.3

Side menu appearance
Email notifications
Installations overview

                            Fantastico Apps Versions

Noahs Classifieds (Classifieds)                          V8 (3.2.0))
Drupal (Content Management)                              (V 6.14 )
Joomla 1.5 (Content Management)                          (1.5.14)
Joomla (Content Management)                              (1.0.15)
PHP-Nuke (Content Management)                            (V 7.9)
phpWCMS (Content Management)                             (1.4.2 r345)
phpWebSite (Content Management)                          (1.6.3)
Siteframe (Content Management)                           (3.2.3)
TYPO3 (Content Management)                               (4.2.8)
Crafty Syntax Live Help ( Customer Relationship)         (2.15.0)
osTicket (Customer Relationship)                         (1.6 RC5)
PerlDesk (Customer Relationship)                         (4.012.2)
SMF (Discussion Boards)                                  (1.1.10)
CubeCart (E-Commerce)                                    (3.0.17)
OS Commerce (E-Commerce)                                 (2.2 Release Candidate 2a + buySAFE)
Zen Cart (E-Commerce)                                    (1.3.8a [Patched])
FAQMasterFlex (F.A.Q)                                    (V 1.51)
4Images Gallery (Image Galleries)                        (1.7.7)
Gallery (Image Galleries)                                ( V2.3 )
PHPlist (Mailing Lists)                                  (2.10.10)
Advanced Poll (Polls and Surveys)                        ( V2.03 )
LimeSurvey (Polls and Surveys)                           (1.85+)
phpESP (Polls and Surveys)                               (2.1.1)
dotProject (Project Management)                          (2.1.2)
PHProjekt (Project Management)            (5.2.2)
Soholaunch Pro Edition ( Site Builders)   (4.9.3 r17)
Templates Express ( Site Builders)        ( V.7 )
TikiWiki CMS/Groupware (Wiki)             ( V3.2)
Dew-NewPHPLinks (Other Scripts)           ( SEF w/Thumbshots)
Moodle (Other Scripts)                    (1.9.4)
Open-Realty (Other Scripts)               (2.5.7)
OpenX (Other Scripts)                     (2.8.1)
PHPauction (Other Scripts)                ( V3.2)
phpFormGenerator (Other Scripts)          (2.09c)
WebCalendar (Other Scripts)               (1.2.0)
 C Panel Software Versions
             2.2.11 (Unix)

      FTP Information

e: domain name or dedicated IP
e: located within JANUS
cated within JANUS
  Software Versions (There are some limitations with ASP, JSP and ColdFusion. Check
                  for more information.
MSSQL 2000 (MSSQL 2005)
FrontPage 2002
MYSQL 4.0 (MYSQL 4 & 5)
PHP 4.4.1 (PHP 5.2.9)
Apache (Apache
Cold Fusion 5.0
Cold Fusion MX 7 (MX 8 requires an escalation)                                              Hosting Escalations:
Perl v. 5.006001                                                                  email in PWI:
Perl Diver 2.31                                                       To raise priority or to request updates: partnerrelations@
Microsoft IIS 5.0 & 6.0
ASP.NET 2.0 ( 3.5 with AJAX support)                                IMP - never use your own personal email when esc
ASP 3.0 IIS6
Python 2.2
Tomcat 4.1.27 - aka JSP

                                    WinHost1year $215.40          (reg $299 savings $83.60)
           Promos --->              WinHost2year $406.80           (reg $499 savings $92.20)
                                    WinHost3year $538.20          (reg $699 savings $160.80)

                                       Basic Web hosting          Hosting with Shopping Cart
             Pricing:                $14.95/mth $149.00/yr          $19.95/mth $199.00/yr
             Storage:                         10 GB                          20 GB
            Databases:                           2                             2
           Data Transfer                     200 GB                         300 GB
                                    Web Traffic Reports          Easy Store Maker
                                    FTP                          FTP
                                    2 MySQL databases            2 MySQL databases
                                    Blog Builder
             Features:              MS Frontpage                 MS Frontpage
                                    PHP and PHP Manager          PHP and PHP Manager
                                    Perl                         Perl
              FTP Information
              hostname: domain name
              uasername: domainname
              pwd: can be found in WebHostOS

         Hosting Escalations:
mail in PWI:
ty or to request updates:

ver use your own personal email when esc in PWI

                      Hosting with E-Commerce
                          $34.95/mth 299/yr
                                40 GB
                                600 GB
              Streaming Audio/Video
              Password protect pages
              Databases (Access, MSSQL and MySQL)
              MS ASP and
              PHP and PHP Manager
              Cold Fusion
              SSL Manager
                                        Blue Tie Escalations

                Email to and CC and cc yourself
                                         FROM: BT Support

                                            Template to use
                                          Support ID: 5300086
                                             Domain Name:
                                              Data Center:

When escalating to Blue Tie, depending on the issue, please include any steps you took to resolve
              the issue, what browser you are using, and any screenshots necessary.
                     - Foot Prints
  This is the ticketing system for Blue Tie to search any outstanding issues that you may have.

                                          PW: Register8

CC and cc yourself
T Support

 e to use
D: 5300086
n Name:

 sue, please include any steps you took to resolve
ing, and any screenshots necessary. - Foot Prints
rch any outstanding issues that you may have.
                                                   Hostopia Email Cheat Sheet

                                                         Web Host OS login details
                                     Login URL:

                                                                Email Login:



                                    Email to be used when creating PIW:

If you need to send attachments to Hostopia, please create the PWI and put a note that states “screensh
                 then send the screenshots via your email to the with the PW
                          Help Link for set up (POP and IMAP help) - http://24hourwebhostingsupport.

                                                 Phone number for support 1-866-644-9925
                            Email for support, for updates or to increase issue priority: support@rcome

                                                              MX Records:
ostopia Email Cheat Sheet

   Web Host OS login details

          Email Login:



hen creating PIW:

 ate the PWI and put a note that states “screenshots sent to"
 ail to the with the PWI # in the subject line.
d IMAP help) -

e number for support 1-866-644-9925
 tes or to increase issue priority:

        MX Records:
Webmail Interface:
Admin Control Panel
                          POP Settings:
           Name                            Address (replace # with 1-4) (replace # with 1-4) (replace # with 1-4)
                           MX Record
         naked domain points to

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