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					Minutes for Chapter One BOD Meeting                                           26 August 2009
Volk Field, WI - 21 August 2009

Pledge of Allegiance
Opening prayer by SMSgt Melvin Barnes

BOD members in attendance: MSgt Linda Dahl, SMSgt Christopher Amburn, SMSgt Melvin
Barnes, CMSgt (ret) Nancy Price, SMSgt (ret) Ken Montgomery, MSgt Bill Skaros, TSgt Tracie
Rankin, MSgt (ret) Belinda Creasser, CMSgt (ret) Art Hafner, SMSgt (ret) Lang Anderson,
SMSgt Jamey Edwards, SMSgt Kevin Uthe, CMSgt (ret) John Van Roo

Excused/Not in Attendance: SMSgt Nancy Vandrosek, CMSgt (ret) Janice Richardson, MSgt
Meisha Nieves, SMSgt Doug Schulz, TSgt Darin Hubble, MSgt James Brown, CMSgt Deborah
Davidson, CMSgt Christopher Muncy

1. CLOSED – 501C3 Status Ad Hoc Committee – Achieved 501C3 status

2. OPEN – Membership Incentive - Membership Jacket incentive will continue and be looked at
again 2010-2011.

3. OPEN – USAA Scholarship - SMSgt Amburn spoke with Bud Brown, requested scholarship
for next year, Bud said the request would go in next year’s budget, the Board would know in
December whether we will get the scholarship for next year.

4. OPEN – Budget 2009 - SMSgt Schulz was not at the meeting.

5. OPEN – “Seminar How To” Updates - Housekeeping changes to the “Seminar How To”
section of the AGH was discussed and SMSgt (ret) Lang Anderson provided verbiage to make
changes to p.194. Item will remain open until copy of AGH comes out with changes made.

6. CLOSED – DAL Webmaster (need password) - MSgt Linda Dahl and TSgt Tracie Rankin
have the passwords and directions for access to the website.

7. OPEN – Regional Director Responsibilities for B&I days - MSgt Bill Skaros is working on
this report.

8. OPEN – Seminar 41 - Several issues still pending: A cancellation policy, who to contact and
cut off dates? The item is open until final after action report is released.

**9-12 on the agenda were duplicates**

13. OPEN – OAY Gifts, Certificates, Nameplates, 3 year membership – Item remains open until
committee meeting at next year’s seminar in South Dakota.
14. OPEN – Obelisk vs AGH names – MSgt (ret) Creasser and CMSgt (ret) Hafner are working
the list. SMSgt Amburn talked to the contractor and agreed to $35.00 per name. Approximate
cost for adding 58 names and date of death for Chief Lankford is $2,400.00.

15. CLOSED – B&I Day at Volk Field – One recommendation from NGB Hot Wash was to
have colored baggage tags in the NCOAGA Command Post fly away kit.

16. Summer B&I at Volk Field - Business item should not have been on agenda

17. OPEN – Discrepancies between By-Laws and AGH – Open until changes are made.

18. OPEN – Discrepancies between Corporate Sponsorship figures – Figures in the AGH,
brochure and website do not match. Ad Hoc Committee is SMSgt Amburn, MSgt (ret) Creasser,
MSgt Skaros, TSgt Rankin with a suspense September 30, 2009.

19. OPEN – Be Square Society – Discussion was centered on adopting the pledges for Be
Square from the chapter of the member who pledged, ex. Col. Morrissey $1,000.00. CMSgt (ret)
Hafner, SMSgt Amburn, MSgt (ret) Creasser and SMSgt Schulz with the “Ways and Means
Committee” will have a recommendation ready at Seminar 42 for general membership to make
the Be Square Society contributions go toward education and scholarship.

20. OPEN – AGH Reviews – SMSgt (ret) Anderson provided a housekeeping change to AGH
p. 139. Open until AGH changes are made.

21. Business item was a repeat, should not be on agenda.

22. CLOSED – BOD Travel Expense Issues - checks were provided to those requesting

23. OPEN – Seminar 42 - SMSgt Kevin Uthe provided flyers to the BOD for Seminar 42 and
answered the question does the hotel have Wi-Fi? Yes. A bank account has been established for
Seminar 42 and in the coming week SMSgt Uthe and the Seminar 42 planning committee are
meeting with hotel representatives. Chapter 70 has begun fundraising efforts and is updating the
website with things to do at Seminar.

24. OPEN – Life Membership – MSgt (ret) Creasser is going to look at how other organizations
are handling Life Memberships, for the purpose of changing how the NCOAGA offers Life
Memberships. SMSgt (ret) Anderson made the suggestion to send letters for membership to
employers from B&I at Volk Field. SMSgt Edwards suggested investing the Life Membership
money so it’s drawing more interest.

25. OPEN – Appendices for Hall of Fame and Minutewoman Award – Coversheets and Forms
are being worked on by CMSgt (ret) Hafner and SMSgt Barnes for the Awards and Memorials
26. OPEN – Flag Box Repair – Shipping flag boxes are a Chapter One responsibility. In the
“Seminar How To” need to add 4 bases recently purchased to the inventory list. SMSgt Uthe
volunteered to build a pallet for shipping the flag boxes. Shipping flag boxes unit to unit use 3rd
party billing/shipping. Make housekeeping change to p. 195 after consulting with SMSgt
Amburn on exactly what to add.

27. OPEN – Chief Vega fundraising ideas – CMSgt (ret) Hafner updated the BOD on the 2
prints sent to Col. Howard, Jeff is getting them framed to be placed in a prominent location in
Morrissey Hall.

28. CLOSED – Association computers for Seminar – Most members of the BOD have
computers available to bring to the seminar and the use of portable hard drives solve the USB
issue with government computers and civilian computers sharing information.

29. OPEN – Gift Shop balance – SMSgt Schulz is working with Pat Morin to resolve.

30. OPEN – Regional Balances – The exact figures were not available for Region 4 or 5.
Region 1, 2, 3, and 6 all reported a zero balance.

31. OPEN – Bennie Frick balances – Money needs to be invested or placed in an account where
it can accrue more interest. SMSgt Barnes, SMSgt Amburn and SMSgt Schulz will be working
this issue.

1. CLOSED – Nomination of TSgt Darin Hubble INANG, for Director At Large Graduate.
Motion was made from MSgt Linda Dahl. Second was made from SMSgt (ret) Anderson. All
voted “Yes”. Motion carried. None opposed.

2. CLOSED – Nomination of MSgt James Brown CAANG, for Director At Large Ways-n-
Means. Motion was made from CMSgt (ret) Nancy Price. Second was made from SMSgt (ret)
Ken Montgomery. All voted “Yes”. Motion carried. None opposed.

3. CLOSED – Deadlines and Important dates – OAY POC will be Chief Muncy’s staff. USAA
letter deadline is NLT November 15. **Note Hall of Fame and Minutewoman Coversheets**

4. OPEN – Website review from MSgt Hoop – AGH updates, POC list, and Bio’s with pictures,
all of these need to be given to MSgt Lori Hoop ASAP, if you haven’t already done so. TSgt
Rankin will scan and send the After Action Report from TSgt Thompson to MSgt Hoop.

5. OPEN – Essays of Scholarship Winners – The essay winners for the scholarships from
Seminar 41 need to be scanned and sent to TSgt Hubble for publication in the Graduate.

6. OPEN – Corporate Membership – Information from Seminar 41 needs to be sent to TSgt
Hubble for publication in the Graduate, this was a promise to those sponsors.
7. OPEN – Renewing domain name and hosting plan for website – This needs to happen and the
cost is approximately $125.00. A motion to pay for renewing the NCOAGA domain and hosting
plan name was made by SMSgt Amburn. Second was made by SMSgt Edwards. All voted
“Yes”. Motion carried. None opposed. Business item will remain open until the renewing has
been accomplished.

8. OPEN – Associate members holding Director At Large positions on BOD – The first reading
of this was made at Seminar 41. This was re-addressed at the meeting at Volk Field. The
business item will be read again for discussion and voting at Seminar 42 in South Dakota.

9. OPEN – Termination of a Chapter with Commandant Approval – This item was open for
discussion with the understanding that in order to have a quorum for business at least 20% of
active chapters must be present. More to come on this business item 

10. OPEN- Challenge to Regional Directors – A motion was made by SMSgt (ret) Montgomery
that Regional Directors make contact with all chapters in their region to determine the status (ex.
Inactive, functional, or nonfunctioning) and report back to the BOD at Seminar 42. A second
was made by MSgt Skaros. All voted “Yes” Motion carried. None opposed.

11. OPEN – Non-Profit corporation familiarization – In order to remain tax exempt there are
guidelines and rules Chapter One must follow. MSgt Dahl is going to e-mail everyone on the
BOD publications to become familiar with. Record keeping was a foot stomper – bills, sales
slips, and receipts. The primary focus of the organization needs to be education and
scholarships. Meeting minutes must be maintained permanently. The idea was introduced of a
group exemption letter to umbrella the subordinate organizations. CMSgt (ret) Hafner provided
a handout “Legal Duties of Non-Profit Boards”.

12. OPEN – Four Day Seminar – Open for discussion, will be addressed again at next board
meeting. NGB was fine with this idea.

13. OPEN – New Software for DAL Graduate – SMSgt Uthe brought to the boards attention
that software had been purchased a few years ago for the DAL Graduate. MSgt Skaros is going
to research and report findings to the BOD.

14. OPEN- New Matrix for Operation Patriotism – It was determined at Seminar 41 that the
scoring matrix was not completely fair according to the number of people and time spent
performing the actual event. SMSgt (ret) Montgomery is heading up the committee to work on
this issue.

MSgt Dahl thanked CMSgt (ret) Van Roo for joining our BOD meeting.

Meeting was adjourned.

                                                             TSgt Tracie B. Rankin
                                                             Secretary, NCOAGA Chapter One

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