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									Breakfast Before Exercising
The myth that says do not have breakfast before exercise, it was not too precise. For many, breakfast is important to
keep your metabolism running smoothly as it is.Breakfast is the key to opening one's activities throughout the day.
Everyone certainly takes energy to move, and that energy can only be obtained if the breakfast. There are many
examples where breakfast will be very helpful activity, on the contrary quite many examples where people are not
breakfast show poor performance.

Why we need breakfast even if only with a glass of water and two slices of white bread or snack? The answer is
simple. The reason, throughout the night until early morning fasting body and do not get food consumption. During
that time also happened efforts to maintain energy sources by the body. Low blood sugar levels so the body becomes
energy deficient. This is certainly not healthy.

Therefore, in order to keep your metabolism running smoothly as soon eat within one hour after waking. It is
recommended Daniel Kirschenbauin, PhD., Professor at Nothwestern University. The problem, many who do not
know how best breakfast. Including about the proper menu for the source of food energy.

Make sure food to low-fat breakfast. Low fat foods have a positive effect for overall health, higher burning speed,
though we consume more calories than required. Consume extra calories from carbohydrate sources, because the
body will quickly burn. Adding an extra 100 calories from fat, for example, it will make the most (about 97 calories) is
not burned and stored in body fat. Low-fat foods such as pasta, vegetables, and fruit will also make more optimal
vitality to move throughout the day.

After breakfast, eat a little with the frequency often. Five meals a day is the ideal frequency portions lunch meal times
more than the other. As for the control of body weight, eating snacks at night is the best way. Both ends meet needs
good fats. Among others, the source of deep sea fish such as salmon, fresh tuna, and soy bean extract. Avoid
excessive consumption of fat, especially saturated fat and partially hydrogenated oils, sourced from some types of
margarine and snack.

If possible, do not forget to consume green tea. A Swiss study reported in 2000, proving green tea increase
metabolism without affecting the speed of the heart. The content of substance in it also burns fat.

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