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									University of Wisconsin-Parkside

mini courses

spring & summer 2010

                                         classes in...

                                                 food & drink

                                             finance • writing

                                         arts & crafts • fitness

                                       home, garden & more

even kids’                           language • mind & body
stu ...
reading readiness,
math power start,                  music & dance • computers
dance, and more
Contents                                                                   Art
 Spring / Summer Classes                                                              your pieces, then return them to Lemon
                                                                                      Street where you can pick them up. . Some
                                                                                      tools will be available to share.
 Art / Lemon St. Gallery     2-3
                                                                                      Instructor:        Diane Leischow
                                                                                      Supply Fee:        $35 for silver
 CPR & Lifesaving             4                                                       Location:          Lemon Street Gallery
                                                                                                         4601 Sheridan Rd.
 Computers                   4-5   Lemon Street Gallery Partnership Classes                              Kenosha, WI 53140
                                                                                      Fee:               $45
                                                                                      Limit:             8
 Crafts                      5-6   Ceramics
                                   6 Saturdays, begins February 6,                    Stained Glass Seminar
                                   10 a.m.-12:30 p.m.                                 Sunday, February 21, 9 a.m-12 p.m. or
 Dance                       6-7
                                   Designed for beginning ceramics students,          Sunday, March 21, 9 a.m.-12 p.m
                                   this class is structured like a workshop so that   This hands-on class introduces students to
 Finance                     7-8   intermediate students can work independently       thye copper-foil method (Tiffany Style) of
                                   with the guidance of a skilled instructor          stained glass craft by completing a small
                                   close at hand. You’ll be introduced to clay,       project. You will design a small sun catcher;
 Fitness                    9-10   while learning many of the methods used            select and cut the glass, grind each piece,
                                   for building, surface decoration, glazing, and     foil them and then solder the glass pieces
 Food & Drink              11-13   finishing hand-built pottery or sculpture.         together. All supplies provided.

                                   Instructor:          Phyllis Boateng               Instructor:        Melanie Hovey
 Home & Garden             13-14   Supply Fee:          Clay is purchased from        Location:          Lemon Street Gallery
                                                        the gallery for $1/pound                         4601 Sheridan Rd.
                                                        and includes glazes/                             Kenosha, WI 53140
 Kids’ Stuff               15-16                        firing.                       Fee:               $40
                                   Location:            Lemon Street Gallery          Limit:             7
 Language, Writing                                      4601 Sheridan Rd.
                                                        Kenosha, WI 53140
 & Civics                  17-18                                                      Intro to Acrylic Painting
                                   Fee:                 $80
                                                                                      5 Thursdays, begins February 25,
                                   Limit:               15                            6:30-8:30 p.m.
 Mind & Body               18-20
                                                                                      Learn all the basic painting skills while you
                                   Precious Metal Clay Jewelry                        turn your ideas into an original art piece.
 Music                     20-21   Sunday, February 7, 11 a.m.-4 p.m.                 Instruction will cover design concepts while
                                   Metal Clay has microscopic particles of            planning your work, learning to mix
                                   silver in a polymer base. After it is molded,      colors, and paint application
 Potpourri                 21-22   stamped, or shaped it is fired in a kiln. The
                                   polymer is burned away and you are left
 Summer Class Index          22    with the purest fine silver .999. This class is
                                   perfect for a beginner. You will complete a
                                   pair of silver earrings, a 2-sided pendant, and
 Important Information       23    maybe a heart for your honey. After class
                                   the instructor will fire and polish

2- Table of Contents / Art / Lemon Street Gallery (Spring / Summer) Keyword: tickets
 techniques with assistance from an artist who    Basic Soap Making                                  The Art of Landscapes
 LOVES to paint. Students will need a picture     Tuesday, March 23, 6-8 p.m.                        Saturday, March 6, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
 or photo of what they would like to paint,
 their own acrylic paints, brushes, a pallet      The ancient Greeks knew the art of soap            For students with some painting experience,
 knife, water container, acrylic gel medium       making. Learn some of the interesting              this class will focus on painting landscapes.
 and an 18x24” or smaller canvas.                 history of soap while you make a pound of it       Working from their own photographs,
                                                  with your own hands. The mild soap created         students may use either watercolor or acrylic
 Instructor:        Eric Houghton                 in this class is made the old-fashioned way,       paints. We will focus on how to achieve
 Location:          Lemon Street Gallery          “from scratch,” using lye and oils. A few days     depth, atmosphere, and feeling, all things very
                    4601 Sheridan Rd.             after class you will cut your soap block into      important in a landscape. We will discuss the
                    Kenosha, WI 53140             bars, and wait for it to cure before using it.     techniques and compositions that help create
 Fee:               $70                                                                              a successful painting. Students will then work
 Limit:             12                            Instructor:          Laura Zielinski               from their own images to create a landscape
                                                  Location:            Lemon Street Gallery          painting.
                                                                       4601 Sheridan Rd.
                                                                       Kenosha, WI 53140             Instructor:         Beki Borman
                                                  Supply fee:          $13                           Fee:                $55 + supply list
                                                  Fee:                 $25                           Limit:              15
                                                  Limit:               8
                                                                                                     Discover the Art of Floral Design
                                                  Intermediate Soap Making -                         6 Wednesdays, begins March 24, 6-8:30 p.m.
                                                  Combining Color and Fragrance                      It’s spring and love
                                                  Tuesday, March 30, 6-8 p.m.                        is in the air. Get
                                                  Learn to add fragrance and color to your           ready for your
 3 Spa Series Classes                                                                                wedding by taking
                                                  handmade soaps. You will create one pound
 Sensational Skin Scrubs                                                                             this session of
                                                  of beautiful soap that will be cured in time for
 Thursday, February 4, 6-8 p.m.                                                                      floral design which
                                                  gift-giving. Our Basic Soap Making Class is
 Do you love using spa scrubs to exfoliate        a pre-requisite.                                   is dedicated to
 your skin? Did you know you can make them                                                           wedding work. Get
 at home? Learn to combine some commonly          Instructor:          Laura Zielinski               your wedding party
 available and some not so commonly available     Location:            Lemon Street Gallery          involved in creating
 ingredients to make the perfect spa scrub                             4601 Sheridan Rd.             your        bouquet,
 formulation for your skin.                                            Kenosha, WI 53140             centerpieces, corsages, and boutonnieres.
                                                  Supply fee:          $15                           Save money, have fun, and bond with your
 It’s the Bomb                                    Fee:                 $25                           bridal party! Silk or live flowers can be
 Thursday, February 11, 6-8 p.m.                                                                     used.
                                                  Limit:               8
 Ohhh, those effervescing bath bombs! Great                                                          Instructor:         Latifa Musleh
 for gift giving, you will learn how to make      Drawing Class                                      Fee:                $95
 these fun, bath time luxuries.                   6 Fridays, begins February 12,                     Limit:              10
                                                  11 a.m.-1 p.m.
 Relaxing Bath Salts
 Thursday, February 18, 6-8 p.m.                  Don’t just wish you could draw well, learn         Painting from Photographs
                                                  how! When you learn to see as an artist does,      Saturday, April 17, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
 There are few things that relax and restore      drawing comes naturally. Coursework will
 the body and spirit as a bath softened with                                                         Using traditional watercolor techniques,
                                                  cover contour, gesture, value and texture          students with some experience with
 fragrant bath salts. Now you can learn how       using a variety of drawing media. Though
 to make bath salts for yourself or for gift                                                         watercolors will learn how to plan and
                                                  this class is perfect for beginners, students      execute a painting using a photograph as a
 giving.                                          with some drawing experience will be given         reference. In this class we will look at many
                                                  more challenging projects. Please bring the        examples of how photographs translate to
 Instructor:        Laura Zielinski               following items to your first class; an 18x24”
 Location:          Lemon Street Gallery                                                             paint. Through demonstration students will
                                                  or larger drawing pad (NOT newsprint), a           be shown techniques that can help make this
                    4601 Sheridan Rd.             drawing board or piece of Masonite to fit your
                    Kenosha, WI 53140                                                                happen. This class will provide opportunities
                                                  pad, a 2B drawing pencil, and a white eraser.      for problem-solving and help show students
 Supply fee:        $30 to instructor for all 3   A list of additional drawing media will be
 Limit:             8                                                                                how to transform any image into a painting.
                                                  provided by the instructor.
 Fee:               $65.00 total for 3 Spa
                    Series Classes                                                                   Instructor:         Beki Borman
                                                  Instructor:          Kathleen Laybourn             Fee:                $55 + supply list
                                                                       MFA                           Limit:              15
                                                  Fee:                 $75
                                                  Limit:               18 Keyword: tickets                                                 Art / Lemon Street Gallery (Spring / Summer) - 3
    CPR & Lifesaving                                                                           Computers
 Basic Life Support (BLS) for                  Heartsaver Pediatric First                      Intro to Mac Computers
 Healthcare Providers Certification            Aid Certification                               6 Mondays, begins February 1, 7-9 p.m.
 Saturday, March 13, 9 a.m.-1 p.m.             Summer                                          This class will teach you the basics of using a
 The BLS for Healthcare Providers course       Saturday, June 12, 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m.            Mac computer. Learn how to turn it on, open
 covers core material such as adult and        The Heartsaver pediatric first aid course       applications, change the internal settings,
 pediatric CPR (including two rescuer          teaches how to manage illness and injuries      attach external equipment, print and also burn
 scenarios and use of the bag mask), foreign   in a child in the first few minutes until       data to a CD.
 body airway obstruction and automated         professional help arrives. Topics include
 external defibrillation. Get certified!       first aid basics, medical emergencies, injury   Instructor:         Sandra Gray-Rohan
                                               emergencies and environmental emergencies,      Fee:                $95
 Instructor:        Paul Schlereth             optional first aid topics and CPR and AED.      Limit:              20
 Fee:               $45                        If you care for children you should take this
 Limit:             6                          course.
                                                                                               Internet 101
                                                                                               2 Tuesdays, begins February 9, 6-8 p.m.
 Basic Life Support for Healthcare             Instructor:        Paul Schlereth
 Providers Recertification                     Fee:               $40                          In this class you will learn how to use
 Saturday, March 13, 1-4:30 p.m.               Limit:             8                            the internet via Internet Explorer to find
                                                                                               information on the World Wide Web. You
 The BLS for Healthcare Providers course                                                       will learn how to navigate to sites on the
 covers core material such as adult and
                                               The Heartsaver CPR/AED
                                                                                               web, how to navigate from one web page to
 pediatric CPR (including two rescuer          Certification
                                                                                               another and how to search for information on
 scenarios and use of the bag mask), foreign   Summer                                          the web. You will also learn how to print web
 body airway obstruction and automated         Saturday, August 8, 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m.           pages and how to get helpful information
 external defibrillation. Keep Current!                                                        about using Internet Explorer.
                                               This course covers CPR and AED use, relief
                                               of choking in adults and children as well as
 Instructor:        Paul Schlereth                                                             Instructor:         Betty Altenburg
                                               infant CPR and relief of choking. Also covers
 Fee:               $40                                                                        Fee:                $45
                                               the use of barrier devices for all ages.
 Limit:             6                                                                          Limit:              25
                                               Instructor:        Paul Schlereth
                                               Fee:               $40
                                                Limit:            8

                                                Heartsaver First Aid Certification
                                               Saturday, August 8, 12:30-3:30 p.m.
                                               This course teaches how to manage illness
                                               and injuries in the first few minutes until
                                               professional help arrives. Course content
                                               includes general principles, medical
                                               emergencies and injury emergencies.
                                               Optional topics include CPR and AED, and
                                               environmental emergencies.                      Microsoft Office Excel
                                                                                               4 Mondays, begins March 1, 6-8 p.m.
                                               Instructor:        Paul Schelerth
                                                Fee:              $40                          In this course you will learn how spreadsheet
                                               Limit:             8                            software helps you analyze data and make
                                                                                               business decisions, even if you aren’t a
                                                                                               math pro. You will become familiar with the
                                                                                               different elements of a spreadsheet and learn
                                                                                               your way around the Excel program window.

                                                                                               Instructor:         Betty Altenburg
                                                                                               Fee:                $75
                                                                                               Limit:              25

4 - CPR & Lifesaving / Computers (Spring / Summer)                                    Keyword: tickets
Making Web Pages on the Mac                       Computer Basics 2
4 Mondays, begins March 22, 6-8 p.m.              Tuesday, April 20, 6-8:30 p.m.
Students will learn the basic layout of a web     You know how to use a computer but you
page. For people with little or no experience     want to know more! Learn how to use menus,
in web design, you will create a website using    move and resize windows, dialog boxes
Dreamweaver and learn how to add images,          and scroll bars. You want to put that picture
text, tables, hyperlinks and much more in         of your family or grandchildren on your           Beginning Knitting
a step-by-step hands-on and easy to learn         desktop? This class will teach you how. This      3 Mondays, begins February 1, 6-8 p.m.
format. Student must know how to use a Mac        course helps reinforce and add to what you
computer.                                         know from Computer Basics 1.                      Learn the basics of knitting. Bring a pair of
                                                                                                    medium size knitting needles and light colored,
Instructor:         Amanda Burmeister             Instructor:         Betty Altenburg               worsted weight yarn.
Fee:                $75                           Fee:                $25
Limit:              10                            Limit:              25                            Instructor:         Linda Busha
                                                                                                    Fee:                $60
                                                                                                    Limit:              8
                                                  Computer Basics 3
                                                  Tuesday, April 27, 6-8:30 p.m.
                                                                                                    Intro to Your Sewing Machine
                                                  Windows gives you the ability to manage your      Monday, February 1, 6-8 p.m.
                                                  files and find those files you are looking for
                                                                                                    Learn how to use the basic functions of your
                                                  on your computer. Create folders to organize
                                                                                                    sewing machine. Bring to class: working
                                                  your files. Move, copy and rename files and
                                                                                                    sewing machine, bobbin, and book.
                                                  folders. Delete files and folders you no longer
                                                  need and restore files you delete accidentally.
                                                                                                    Instructor:         Heather Miles
                                                  Bring a flash drive or CD-RW to class.
                                                                                                    Fee:                $25
                                                                                                    Limit:              4
                                                  Instructor:         Betty Altenburg
                                                  Fee:                $25
Intro to Mac Computers                            Limit:              25                            Sewing 911 Help!
4 Thursdays, begins March 25, 6-8 p.m.                                                              Thursday, February 4, 6-8 p.m.
Just purchased a Mac or planning on                                                                 We all have them tucked away. The really
                                                  Computer Basics 4
purchasing one? Do you have no clue how to                                                          GREAT blouse or skirt that looked wonderful
                                                  Tuesday, May 4, 6-8:30 p.m.
use it? In this beginner’s class you will learn                                                     on the pattern. You did fine until step 7, and
the Mac basics on how to navigate around          Learn more about the XP operating system          step 8 just does not make sense. You have no
your computer, printer set up, installing         and how it works. Find out how to protect         idea how to proceed. Sewing 911 translates
programs, using the dock, web browsing            your computer from viruses. Learn why you         obscure instructions, explains complicated
basics, and much more.                            should update your computer and how to do         procedures, and helps you move on to a
                                                  it.                                               successful sewing experience. Only those
Instructor:         Amanda Burmeister                                                               materials and supplies required to complete
Fee:                $75                           Instructor:         Betty Altenburg               YOUR project (sewing machine, cutting mat,
Limit:              10                            Fee:                $25                           thread etc.) need accompany you to the class.
                                                  Limit:              25
Computer Basics 1                                                                                   Instructor:         Heather Miles
Tuesday, April 13, 6-8:30 p.m.                                                                      Fee:                $25
                                                                                                    Limit:              4
Ever wanted to use a computer but don’t know
how? No more sitting and staring at one
with this hands-on class for beginners. Learn                                                       Intro to Zippers and More on Your
the parts of a computer and how they work.                                                          Sewing Machine
Basic computer terminology, operating the                                                           Thursday, February 18, 6-8 p.m.
computer with a mouse, opening and closing
programs, printing and saving files are also                                                        Learn how to install a zipper and use a few
covered. Participants work on a computer                                                            more of the functions of your sewing machine.
with Windows operating system.                                                                      Bring to class: working sewing machine, zipper
                                                                                                    foot, bobbin, and book. Each student is also
Instructor:         Betty Altenburg                                                                 welcome to bring examples and questions.
Fee:                $25
Limit:              25                                                                              Instructor:         Heather Miles
                                                                                                    Fee:                $25
                                                                                                    Limit:              6 Keyword: tickets                                                            Computers / Crafts (Spring / Summer) - 5
Intro to Design Your Own Clothing
6 Mondays, begins March 1, 6-8 p.m.
This 6-session class will walk you through the
steps needed to utilize Wild Ginger Software to
make a top or dress from a pattern you design
on the computer. Patterns and muslin will be
provided, you will bring notions and fashion         Hawaiian Dance Beginning                         Dance The Night Away
fabric as needed for the final session. Each         Modern or Ancient Style                          6 Thursdays, begins February 18,
student is responsible for their weekly sewing.      Modern Hula 6 Wednesdays, begins                 6:30-7:45 p.m.
                                                     February 3, 7-8 p.m.                             Jeanne Ferraro, the former Director for
Instructor:          Heather Miles                   or
Fee:                 $50                                                                              Physical Education and Health for the Racine
                                                     Ancient Style 6 Wednesdays, begins               Unified School District again will teach this
Limit:               6                               February 3, 8-9 p.m.                             popular class. Her experiences as a dancer/
                                                     Is a tropical escape part of your travel         Choreographer in Racine, Kenosha, Brazil and
Basic Jewelry Making                                                                                  Japan provide the students with an exciting
Tuesday, March 23, 5:30-8:30 p.m. or                 dreams? If so, come learn the relaxing dance
                                                     of the Hawaiians and be on the “in” when you     variety of ballroom dances. The following
Wednesday, April 21, 6-9 p.m. or
                                                     get there. Modern Hula is danced to guitars      basic dance patterns will be included: foxtrot,
Tuesday, May 4, 5:30-8:30 p.m.
                                                     and ukuleles with varying tempos, while          waltz, swing & jive, polka, rumba, cha cha
Need a gift for someone special? Want a new          moving to ancient drumbeats will give you        cha, tango and the current rage, The salsa.
accessory for yourself? Want to make grandma’s       a workout that uses every part of your body.     Some country two-steppin and line dances
old beads into something beautiful? Learn to use     You will develop grace and style as you learn    are also for your liken!
several techniques to make beautiful bracelets,      this cultural dance. Men danced the hula for
necklaces and earrings using semi-precious           hundreds of years before women in Hawaii         Instructor:         Jeanne Ferraro
stones and/ or glass and metal beads. You are        so both men and women are welcome. There         Fee:                $30
welcome to bring old or outdated pieces of           are slight variations in the hand movements,     Limit:              35
your own jewelry and rework them. Make as            which will be shown to male dancers.
many items as time allows. Supplies may be                                                            Dance Of The Night!
purchased from teacher.                              Instructor:         Avis Davidson                6 Thursdays, begins February 18,
                                                     Fee:                $60                          7:45-9 p.m.
Instructor:          Kathy Schmitz                   Limit:              26
Fee:                 $40                                                                              This class will feature one of the previously
Limit:               8                                                                                mentioned dances; emphasizing styles and
                                                                                                      several patterns. You will have the opportunity
Mom & Me Jewelry Making                                                                               to learn some challenging variations and gain
Tuesday, May 11, 5-8 p.m.                                                                             confidence on the dance floor. An extension
                                                                                                      of the basic dance steps that you know. More
Children will have a chance to make Mother’s                                                          fun on the dance floor! Starting with the
Day gifts, with parental guidance, and learn the                                                      foxtrot, waltz, swing, Latin styles, country
basic jewelry making techniques. Lower priced                                                         and polka on the sixth evening. If you have
supplies will be available as well as sterling and                                                    taken prior ballroom classes, this is the class
semi-precious stones.                                                                                 for you!

Instructor:          Kathy Schmitz                                                                    Instructor:         Jeanne Ferraro
Fee:                 $25 parent comes free           Adult Hip Hop - 18 & Older                       Fee:                $30
Limit:               8 children, age 7 and up        6 Saturdays, begins February 6, 1-2 p.m.
                                                                                                      Limit:              35
                                                     Warm-up, learn various combinations of
Basic Jewelry Making Session 2                       steps, and a routine that builds throughout      Belly Dancing for Fun
Summer                                               the session. This class will have you excited
                                                                                                      and Exercise
Tuesday, June 22, 6-9 p.m.                           to move to the music of your favorite artists.
                                                                                                      6 Tuesdays, begins February 23, 6-7 p.m. or
Need a gift for someone special? Want a new          The session ends with a demonstration of the
                                                                                                      6 Tuesdays, begins February 23, 7-8 p.m.
accessory for yourself? Learn to use several         routine for the families of students.
techniques to make beautiful bracelets,                                                               Have you ever thought of belly dancing for
necklaces and earrings using semi-precious           Teens and adults are welcome! Attire:            exercise? Shape up your legs, hips, waist and
stones and/or glass and metal beads. Make as         workout clothes & sneakers. (Water bottles       shoulders and have fun too!
many items as time allows. You are welcome           are recommended!)
to bring old or outdated pieces of your own                                                           Instructor:         Pat Keller
jewelry and rework them. Supplies may be             Instructor:         Gina Laurenzi                Fee:                $60
purchased from teacher.                              Fee:                $60                          Limit:              16
                                                     Limit:              15
Instructor:          Kathy Schmitz
Fee:                 $25
Limit:               8

6 - Crafts / Dance (Spring / Summer)                                                         Keyword: tickets
 Hawaiian Dance Sitting/
 Wheel Chair
 6 Wednesdays, begins March 17, 7-8 p.m.
 Ancient Hawaiians, both men and women,
 danced many respectful hulas on their
 knees-their sitting position. The instructor
 has adapted this style of hula for senior and     Essentials in Obtaining a Job                      Savvy Investment Matters for Her
 wheel chair dancers of all ages, and others       Monday, February 1, 6-8 p.m. and                   Saturday, February 6, 9-11:30 a.m.
 who are unable to use their legs. This class is   Thursday, February 4, 6-8 p.m.
                                                                                                      At some point in your life you will be alone;
 wonderful for vision-impaired students also.
                                                   Are you looking for a position in non-profit or    whether you choose to remain single, get
 The movements are coordinated with the
                                                   profit organizations? If the answer is yes, this   divorced, or become widowed.          90% of
 words of the songs. The motions are authentic
                                                   class is for you! Learn the essentials in how to   women will be alone at some point in their
 and provide a beautiful and relaxing form of
                                                   dress for an interview, update your interview      lives- and totally responsible for their own
 exercise. If the student requires an assistant
                                                   and job search skills and have your resume         financial welfare. You need to be ready to
 they may attend free.
                                                   reviewed or learn to construct a resume.           take control of your situation, ensuring your
                                                                                                      money matters are sound today as well as
 Instructor:         Avis Davidson
                                                   Instructor:          Susan Blust                   tomorrow. Are you prepared?
 Fee:                $60
                                                   Fee:                 $45
 Limit:              26
                                                   Limit:               20                            Instructor:         Angela Smucker
                                                                                                      Fee:                $30
 Continuing Hawaiian Dance                         The Business Owner’s Guide                         Limit:              25
 6 Wednesdays, begins March 17, 8-9 p.m.
                                                   to the Galaxy
 Continue your study of Hawaiian dance as          2 Tuesdays, begins February 2, 6-9 p.m.            Raising Financially Responsible
 we learn more advanced movements. Your                                                               Children & Funding College
 body will be toned all over as the stories told   Your investment in the business provides
                                                                                                      Tuesday, March 3, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
 with the hands are learned. This aloha filled     your family and your employees with
 culture will inspire you as you learn to flow     financial security and the ability to make         In 2005, more people in the United States
 to the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people. Men      your home. This course includes lessons on:        declared bankruptcy than graduated from
 and women are welcome.                            value your business, reward your employees,        4-year colleges. American bankruptcy
                                                   attract highly qualified candidates, plan for      Institute Director, Samuel J. Gerdano stated,
 Instructor:         Avis Davidson                 a future transfer of ownership, begin your         “ The sharp spike in consumer bankruptcies
 Fee:                $60                           group health insurance benefits, protect your      reflects the growing financial stress faced by
 Limit:              26                            family’s investment, and more. If you are          American families, saddled with household
                                                   a business owner, start writing down your          debt and mortgage woes.” Our children are
                                                   questions - we will answer them.                   financially illiterate. The earlier parents can
 Beginning Adult Tap                                                                                  teach the values and life skills their children
 6 Tuesdays, begins April 6, 7-8 p.m.
                                                   Instructor:          Angela Smucker                will need to live in the world, the better. As
 Learn basic tap steps, break and time steps,      Fee:                 $45                           parents, we teach children many habits when
 all leading up to a short combination. Bring      Limit:               25                            they are young. Some they may not understand,
 some energy, your own tap shoes, wear                                                                but some they need to incorporate into their
 comfortable clothing, roll up your pants and      Estate Planning for                                daily lives. Money lessons and responsibility
 have some fun.                                                                                       can be viewed in the same way.
                                                   Blended Families
                                                   Wednesday, February 3, 6-8 p.m.
 Instructor:         Kurt Ida                                                                         Instructor:         Angela Smucker
 Fee:                $60                           Do you have a “yours, mine and ours” family?       Fee:                $25
 Limit:              12                            This course will discuss the estate planning       Limit:              25
                                                   challenges unique to blended families, and
 World Dance 101                                   explain some of the legal tools available          Smart Strategies for Taxes
 8 Wednesdays, begins April 28, 7-8 p.m.           to meet these challenges. Topics include
                                                   marital property agreements, revocable and
                                                                                                      and Investments
 You’ve always wanted to try it – here’s your                                                         2 Thursdays, March 4 & 11, 6-9 p.m. or
                                                   irrevocable trusts, life insurance and a variety
 chance! Travel the world without packing                                                             2 Thursdays, March 18 & 25, 6-9 p.m.
                                                   of methods for transferring property without
 a suitcase. Join us and learn easy, simple        probate.                                           Shape your financial future the smart way
 dances from many different countries. It’s                                                           by understanding how to navigate within
 fun and great exercise with interesting music.    Instructor:          Mary Wyant                    these powerful players of our financial and
 No partner is needed. The dances are done         Fee:                 $25                           economic systems. This two session course
 in lines or circles. Comfortable shoes are        Limit:               18                            explores ways to optimize investment
 suggested.                                                                                           returns, minimize and control taxation, and
                                                                                                      match portfolio strategies to your short-and
 Instructor:         Marie Merkel                                                                     long-term goals. Course includes information
 Fee:                $60                                                                              handouts and brochures, worksheets and
 Limit:              12                                                                               related resources. The class is taught by Keyword: tickets                                                                  Dance / Finance (Spring / Summer) - 7
David P. Jordan, Certified Financial Planner   Making Peace with Money                              Living Well in Uncertain Times
® Practitioner and Terry L. Backmann,          Tuesday, March 23, 7-9 p.m.                          Monday, April 19, 7-9 p.m.
Research and Projects Director for Jordan
Financial.                                     Do you spend too much money? Too little?             In this workshop we will take an experiential
                                               Worry about money? Wonder how to deal                approach to learning how to cope with
Instructors:       David Jordan and            with allowances? Do you control your $$$ or          whatever life hands us. We will discuss ways
                   Terry Backmann              does someone else? Money is the last taboo.          to reduce worry, to find joy in the midst of
Fee:               $49 per couple              In this experiential class we will learn how         change and to adjust to change.
Limit:             50 (25 couples)             to become more conscious about our money
                                               behaviors and feel inner peace.                      Instructor:          Amy Sprague
                                               Instructor:          Amy Sprague                                          Champeau, MS, LMFT
                                                                    Champeau, MS, LMFT              Fee:                 $25
                                               Fee:                 $25                             Limit:               30
                                               Limit:               30

                                               Money Management Part 1
                                               (Debt Free)
                                               Saturday, April 17, 9 a.m.-1 p.m.
                                               Find the light at the end of the financial tunnel
                                               with proven strategies that eliminate debt in
                                               the shortest possible time. This class give
                                               ways to pay off your student and car loans,
Estate Planning                                credit cards, and other installment. Then learn
Thursday, March 11, 6-8 p.m.                   how to pay off a 30-year mortgage saving you
or                                             thousands of dollars. Most individual to this
Wednesday, April 7, 6-8 p.m.                   without a second job, ridiculous budgets,
This class is an introduction to advance       living like a hermit. Imagine becoming debt
                                               free, less stress, a more enjoyable relaxed life,    Home Buyer Investment
planning for transfer of assets to the next
generation. Topics include wills, revocable    having funds to save for retirement. Bring           Education
trusts, probate, estate tax and powers of      your calculator. A workbook is included.             Summer
attorney for finances and health care.                                                              Monday, July 19, 6-8 p.m. and
                                               Instructor:           Jeanine O’Brien,               Tuesday, July 20, 6-8 p.m.
Instructor:        Mary Wyant                                        financial management
                                                                     specialist                     This course will teach how to make smart
Fee:               $25                                                                              financial choices that will ensure a life time of
Limit:             18                          Fee:                  $45
                                               Limit:                35                             success. Topics will include how to maximize
                                                                                                    your wealth through smart budgeting and
Retirement Planning Today                                                                           home ownership.
2 Thursdays, begins March 11, 6-9 p.m. or      Money Management Part 2
Summer                                         (Budget 101: A Spending Plan)                        Instructor:          Sandy White and
2 Tuesdays, begins July 13, 6-9 p.m.           Saturday, April 17, 2-5 p.m.                                              Domenick Martinelli,
                                               A personal spending plan (Budget) is                                      Neighborhood Housing
You will learn about the many ways to save                                                                               Services of Southeast
for retirement as well as the advantages and   a powerful and effective financial tool.
                                               Without one individual and families often                                 Wisconsin Inc.
disadvantages of each. You discover how to                                                          Cost:                $45
save money on taxes, manage investment         fail to achieve their goals, feel secure, or
                                               survive economic instability. Learn to build         Limit:               30
risks and protect your assets from potential
long term health care expenses. This course    a flexible, usable, and highly effective budget
shows you how to assess your financial         to help you succeed financial. Whether you’re
situation and develop a personalized plan to   earning a little or a lot, a plan is the first and
achieve your retirement goals. This class is   most important step toward maximizing
taught by Michael Johnson, CFP who has         the power of your money. When you have
over 20 years of experience.                   control of your money, you have control of
                                               your life! Bring your calculator. A workbook
Instructors:       Michael Johnson             is included.
Fee:               $49 per couple
Limit:             50 (25 couples)             Instructor:           Jeanine O’Brien,
                                                                     financial management
                                               Fee:                  $40
                                               Limit:                35

8 - Finance (Spring / Summer)                                                              Keyword: tickets
 The Perfect Fitness Class                          Black Belt Karate instructor, and has studied       Pilates for Golfers
 6 Mondays, begins February 1, 6-7 p.m. or          Shorei Karate since 1975. Wear comfortable          6 Saturdays, begins February 6, 9-10 a.m.
 6 Mondays, begins March 15, 6-7 p.m. or            clothes and tennis shoes. No shorts please.
                                                                                                        Improve your golf games, eliminate low
 Summer                                                                                                 back stress and pain, and increase balance,
 6 Mondays, begins, July 12, 6-7 p.m.               Instructor:          Beau Bosovich
                                                    Fee:                 $45                            coordination and flexibility when you learn
 In just 60 minutes receive all the elements of     Limit:               10                             how to connect to and strengthen your core.
 overall fitness with this perfect class format:                                                        Designed exclusively for golfers, this course
 20 minutes of low impact cardio, 20 minutes                                                            teaches you specific Pilates experiences to
                                                    Prime Time Pilates                                  improve your stance, become more mobile in
 of strength training and 20 minutes of             6 Fridays, begins February 5,
 flexibility. Each class will be different, using                                                       the hips, back and shoulders, safely increase
                                                    10:15-11:15 a.m.                                    torso rotation and rebalance your body inside
 varied forms of aerobics, resistance tools, and
 stretches. If you’re bored with your current       If you are over 50 Pilates is a great way to        and out.
 fitness routine, or don’t have one but need        increase your strength, flexibility, balance and
 to start, are short on time or just want to try    coordination. Pilates, a strengthening and          Instructor:         Denise Valente
 something new- this class is for you!              flexibility program, is very safe for seniors to    Location:           Synchronicity Fitness
                                                    perform, making it an excellent choice.                                 for the Mind, Body
 Instructor:          Denise Valente                                                                                        & Spirit
 Location:            Synchronicity Fitness         Instructor:          June Nettles                                       6800 Washington
                      for the Mind, Body            Location:            Synchronicity Fitness                              Avenue, Suite C
                      & Spirit                                           for the Mind, Body                                 Racine, WI
                      6800 Washington                                    & Spirit                       Fee:                $60
                      Avenue, Suite C                                    6800 Washington                Limit:              20
                      Racine, WI                                         Avenue, Suite C
 Fee:                 $60                                                Racine, WI
 Limit:               20                            Fee:                 $60
                                                    Limit:               20
 Zumba With Gina!
 6 Wednesdays, begins Ferbruary 3,                  Aikido—A Traditional Japanese
 6:30-7:30 p.m.                                     Martial Art
 Sweat it out to that great Latin beat! Learn       4 Saturdays, begins February 6,
 salsa, cha cha, meringue & more it this            11 a.m.-Noon
 nonstop dance class. Get your heart rate           Aikido is a Japanese martial art which
 up and have fun while burning off those            incorporates traditional taijutsu (open hand)       Walking for Wellness and
 calories! See you on the dance floor! Attire:      techniques for self-defense and improvement         Weight Loss
 Workout clothes & sneakers. (Water bottles         of both mind and body. Aikido practitioners         Friday, February 26, 6-8 p.m.
 are recommended!)                                  try to defend themselves without causing
                                                    serious injury to others by converting an           Learn the fundamentals of walking to
 Instructor:          Gina Laurenzi/ Laurenzi       aggressor’s energy into a circular motion that      maximize weight loss and enhance cardiac
                      Dance Staff                   renders the attacker unbalanced so that they        fitness. You will learn about your walking pace
 Fee:                 $60                           may be pinned or thrown. Aikido is exciting         and how to improve it to maximize results,
 Limit:               20                            and fun to practice. It increases stamina,          how to take and monitor your heart rate, find
                                                    flexibility, overall health, and self-confidence.   your perfect stride to reduce injuries, use
                                                                                                        your posture to create a total body workout,
 Self Defense for Women                             Wear loose, comfortable clothing. No shorts,
                                                    please. The class is open to adults 18 and          pre and post walking stretches, and how to
 2 Thursdays, begins February 4, 6-8 p.m.
                                                    older.                                              keep a diary to chart your progress.
 This class will provide basic survival
 techniques/self-defense for women. You will        Instructor:          Steve Miller                   Instructor:         Denise Valente
 learn the psychological as well as the physical    Fee:                 $50                            Location:           Synchronicity Fitness
 strategies of defending yourself. The focus        Limit:               20                                                 for the Mind, Body
 is to increase your chances of successfully                                                                                & Spirit
 defending yourself in an attack, and learning                                                                              6800 Washington
 about your surroundings to prevent such                                                                                    Avenue, Suite C
 possible attacks. The principles of self-                                                                                  Racine, WI
 defense will be discussed and demonstrated                                                             Fee:                $30
 in class. Beau Bosovich is a Fourth Degree                                                             Limit:              25 Keyword: tickets                                                                                Fitness (Spring / Summer) - 9
 Boot Camp for the Beginner                          Introduction to Sun Style Tai Chi                 Pilates for the Breast
 6 Tuesdays, begins February 2, 6-7 p.m.             6 Fridays, begins March 19, 5:30-7 p.m.           Cancer Survivor
 Learn the basic boot camp style of cardio-          Simple movements in Sun Style Tai Chi as          Summer
 vascular and muscle training to challenge           taught by Dr. Paul Lam beginning with the         6 Tuesdays, begins July 13, 4:30-5:30 p.m.
 your body and take your workout to a higher         Six Basic Movements. Tragically large
                                                                                                       A gentle workout to keep restore younger
 level. Modifications for all exercises given.       numbers of people in modern society have
                                                                                                       back and shoulder alignment and regain
                                                     back problems (in fact, lower back pain is the
                                                                                                       strength to maintain proper posture. Increase
 Instructor:          Denise Valente                 number two reason people miss work!). Tai
                                                                                                       your endurance and range of motion with
 Location:            Synchronicity Fitness          Chi practice leads to more flexibility in the
                                                                                                       minimal muscle soreness and weakness.
                      for the Mind, Body             spine and better overall movement which can
                      & Spirit                       improve sports performance (baseball, golf,
                                                                                                       Instructor:        Denise Valente
                      6800 Washington                tennis etc.) As we age, our balance slowly
                                                                                                       Location:          Synchronicity Fitness
                      Avenue, Suite C                and insidiously worsens until one day, we
                                                                                                                          for the Mind, Body
                      Racine, WI                     fall. A quarter of all older people who break
                                                                                                                          & Spirit
 Fee:                 $60                            hips are dead within a year. Better balance
                                                                                                                          6800 Washington
 Limit:               20                             comes from daily practice. Use it or…lose
                                                                                                                          Avenue, Suite C
                                                     it. Additionally Tai Chi is extremely effective
                                                                                                                          Racine, WI
                                                     in reducing stress and increasing vitality.
 Boot Camp 201 (the next level)                                                                        Fee:               $60
                                                     The slow, powerful movements, combined
 6 Tuesdays, begins March 16, 6-7 p.m.                                                                 Limit:             20
                                                     with deep re-vitalizing breathing produce
 Now that you know the basics, you can               relaxation almost immediately.
 really sweat and train to your full capacity.                                                         Indoor Boot Camp
 Cardiovascular, muscle and core training            Instructor:         Ron Pfeiffer                  Summer
 will give your body the ultimate workout            Fee:                $65                           6 Tuesdays, begins July 13, 6-7 p.m.
 experience.                                         Limit:              15
                                                                                                       Just because we have air conditioning doesn’t
 Instructor:          Denise Valente                                                                   mean it won’t be hard. Boot camp style
 Location:            Synchronicity Fitness                                                            cardiovascular, muscle and core training
                      for the Mind, Body                                                               exercise will give your body the ultimate
                      & Spirit                                                                         workout experience. Yes, you will still
                      6800 Washington                                                                  sweat!!
                      Avenue, Suite C
                      Racine, WI                                                                       Instructor:        Denise Valente
 Fee:                 $60                                                                              Location:          Synchronicity Fitness
 Limit:               20                                                                                                  for the Mind, Body
                                                                                                                          & Spirit
                                                                                                                          6800 Washington
 Basic Self-Defense                                                                                                       Avenue, Suite C
 6 Fridays, begins March 19, 7-8:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                          Racine, WI
 This course is designed for adults of all                                                             Fee:               $60
 fitness levels and ages. The techniques                                                               Limit:             20
 learned are simple, yet very effective. No
 complicated routines; just successful, proven                                                         Stability Ball - Ultimate
 skills that could save your life! Elite military,                                                     Core Workout
 counter-terrorism and law enforcement               Pilates Mat - Intermediate
 personal around the world use the techniques        6 Tuesdays, begins March 30, 7:15-8:15 p.m.       Summer
 taught here. This training provides an                                                                6 Wednesdays, begins July 14, 6-7 p.m.
                                                     Now that you know the basics, learn more
 integrated approach of effective striking/          challenging progressions of the original mat      Learn a variety of fun and challenging core
 joint locks/pressure points combined with           work exercise.                                    exercises using the Stability Ball. Stretch,
 an understanding of the law regarding self-                                                           tone and strengthen the core: abdominals,
 defense.                                            Instructor:         Denise Valente                waist, hips, back and thighs, BYOB (bring
                                                     Location:           Synchronicity Fitness         you own ball)-some available on site.
 Instructor:          Ron Pfeiffer                                       for the Mind, Body
 Fee:                 $85                                                & Spirit                      Instructor:        Denise Valente
 Limit:               15                                                 6800 Washington               Location:          Synchronicity Fitness
                                                                         Avenue, Suite C                                  for the Mind, Body
                                                                         Racine, WI                                       & Spirit
                                                     Fee:                $60                                              6800 Washington
                                                     Limit:              18                                               Avenue, Suite C
                                                                                                                          Racine, WI
                                                                                                       Cost:              $60
                                                                                                       Limit:             12

10 - Fitness (Spring / Summer)                                                                Keyword: tickets
                                     Food & Drink
 Wine 101: Learning to Appreciate                    Cake Decorating: Course 2                         Wine and Chocolate
 Wine for Beginners                                  4 Thursdays, begins March 25,                     Friday, February 12, 6:30-9 p.m.
 Monday, January 25, 6:45-8:15 p.m.                  6:30–8:30 p.m.
                                                                                                       What can be sweeter or more romantic than
 This is one of the most popular courses we          Intermediate level of cake decorating. Pre-       the taste of chocolate and fine wine? But what
 have offered at Uncorkt (sold out 38 times!)        requisite: Beginner Level, Course 1 Cake          chocolate with what wine makes a romantic
 Tim will cover the basics of wine, how to best      decorating or equivalent. Expand your             night special? We’ll taste them both and you
 sample wines for full enjoyment and expose          decorating talent by learning new borders,        can decide your favorites.
 each participant to 6 different wines, each         icing flowers- rosebud, mum, violet, apple
 with different characteristics. This is a fun,      blossom, daisy, daffodil, pansy and primrose.     Instructor:         Karl Frederick
 interactive hour and a half session that will       You’ll be using color flow to make a bluebird     Fee:                $35
 leave novice wine drinkers better prepared to       decoration. The final cake you’ll be creating     Limit:              18 (21 and older)
 enjoy wines more fully and experienced wine         is a lovely cake covered in basket-weave
 drinkers with a new appreciation for wine’s         adorned with the flowers and the bird that        Wine and Pizza
 simple pleasures.                                   you’ve created! You’ll need icing and             Friday, February 26, 6:30-9 p.m.
                                                     supplies at the first lesson. NO CAKE needed
                                                     until the last week. A “Wilton Certificate        Everyone likes a good pizza and most people
 Instructor:          Tim Etes
                                                     of Completion” will be awarded to those           like a good wine. But what wine works with
 Fee:                 $35
                                                     students who attend all 4 sessions. Student       your favorite pizza toppings? We’ll taste various
 Limit:               20 (21 and older)
                                                     Guide manual is recommended and may be            pizzas with a complement of wines.
                                                     purchased at the first class for $5. Be sure to
 Discover Cake Decorating                                                                              Instructor:         Karl Frederick
                                                     get your supply list at UWP website. Course
 4 Thursdays, begins January 28,                                                                       Fee:                $35
                                                     taught by professional “Hall of Fame” award
 6:30-8:30 p.m. or                                                                                     Limit:              18 (21 and older)
                                                     winning Wilton Method Instructor, Susan
 4 Thursdays, begins February 25,
                                                     Silva. Questions contact instructor at susan@
 6:30-8:30 p.m.
                                            Supply list online.            Merlots & Cabernets
 Wilton Method Course 1 is a beginner level                                                            Friday, March 5, 6:30-9 p.m.
 course. Learn the fundamentals of cake              Instructor:         Susan Silva
 decorating and techniques that will help you        Fee:                $75                           We like red wines: some like the round
 create cupcakes, cakes, cookies & more for          Limit:              12                            fruitiness of merlot; some like the strength and
 any occasion! Come learn how to use new                                                               tanner of a good cabernet. We’ll compare them
 decorating tools, how to write, make icing,                                                           from locations around the world and taste them
 stars, figure piping, roses, shell borders, flora                                                     with various foods.
 spray, leaves, cake preparation , and smooth
 frosting methods. Practice at home between                                                            Instructor:         Karl Frederick
 sessions is recommended to obtain a solid                                                             Fee:                $35
 foundation in basic techniques. A “Wilton                                                             Limit:              18 (21 and older)
 Certificate of Completion” will be awarded
 to those students who attend all 4 sessions.                                                          Spanish Wines and Tapas!
 Student Guide manual may be purchased                                                                 Monday, March 8, 6:45-8:15 p.m.
 the first night for $5 plus other decorating                                                          Explore all the best that Spain has to offer as
 supplies. Class taught by professional “Hall        Call Me a Cab!                                    Tim and Sherry talk about up and coming wines
 of Fame” award winning Wilton Method                Thursday, February 11, 6:45-8:15 p.m.             from Spain that are best paired with that great
 Instructor, Susan Silva. No supplies needed                                                           Spanish dish, Tapas! Great for entertaining,
                                                     Ok, you’re a Cab… and Cabernets are what
 for the first night. Please check www.uwp.                                                            fun for everyone as we watch Tapas being
                                                     we’ll be featuring during this eight wine
 edu for complete supply list. Questions,                                                              prepared and try different wines that bring out
                                                     sampling! Cabernets from all over the globe!
 contact                                                                        the flavors in the pan! Perfect for both novice
                                                     Perfect for the red wine lover who wants their
                                                     wine to be as hearty as their meal! This is an    and experienced wine drinkers!
 Instructor:          Susan Silva
                                                     interactive session in which you’ll be asked
 Fee:                 $75                                                                              Instructor:         Tim Etes
                                                     to share your favorite foods to enjoy with
 Limit:               12                                                                               Fee:                $35
                                                     Cabernets, so come with recipes to share with
                                                     the class!                                        Limit:              20 (21 and older)

                                                     Instructor:         Tim Etes
                                                     Fee:                $35
                                                     Limit:              20 (21 and older) Keyword: tickets                                                                     Food & Drink (Spring / Summer) - 11
 Hors d’oeuvres: Make a Whole                       Pasta: It’s Not as Hard                         Where in the World is My
 Evening of Them                                    as You Think                                    Wine From?
 Tuesday, March 9, 6:30-9:30 p.m.                   Tuesday, March 16, 6:30-9:30p.m.                Wednesday, March 24, 6:45-8:15 p.m.
 In this tasty and interactive class we will        This fun and interactive class will present     This is one of the most popular courses we
 explore the idea of different smaller plates to                                                    have offered at Uncorkt…it sold out 25 times!
                                                    pasta rolled out to make fettuccine and
 create a fun way to excite your guests. You                                                        Tim will circle the globe, offering eight
                                                    ravioli as well as Italian dumplings known
 will learn how to set up a wonderful hors                                                          different wines to compare… same grape,
                                                    as gnocchi. For this course, the use of your
 d’oeuvres table as well as some platters you                                                       different region. What effect does climate,
                                                    hands is just as important as using the pasta
 might want to pass around.                                                                         soil and geography (and the wine maker)
                                                                                                    have on the same grape when it is produced
 Instructor:          Chef Rene Saulnier                                                            in a different part of the world? You’ll find
                                                    Instructor:        Chef Rene Saulnier
 Cost:                $50                                                                           out when you attend! This is a fun, interactive
                                                    Fee:               $50
 Limit:               12                                                                            hour and a half session that will leave novice
                                                    Limit:             12
                                                                                                    wine drinkers better prepared to enjoy wines
 Italian Reds                                                                                       more fully and experienced wine drinkers
                                                    West Coast Whites                               with a new appreciation for wine’s simple
 Friday, March 12, 6:30-9 p.m.
                                                    Friday, March 19, 6:30-9 p.m.                   pleasures!
 Italy is a country of vast wine opportunities. A
                                                    The wines along the western coast of the
 large number of red wines come from all over                                                       Instructor:          Tim Etes
                                                    United States are many and varied. We’ll
 the country. We’ll visit each region by tasting                                                    Fee:                 $35
                                                    “tour” Washington, Oregon and California to
 their wines and the foods that complement                                                          Limit:               20 (21 and older)
                                                    find a variety of white wines, with foods to
 them. Come thirsty and hungry!
 Instructor:          Karl Frederick                                                                Desserts: Nobody doesn’t
                                                    Instructor:        Karl Frederick
 Fee:                 $35                                                                           like the sweeter things
                                                    Fee:               $50
 Limit:               18 (21 and older)                                                             Tuesday, March 30, 6:30-9:30 p.m.
                                                    Limit:             18 (21 and older)
                                                                                                    Simple fruit tarts, chocolate mousse, and
                                                    Got Meat? Roasting,                             shortbread cookies will be learned, as well
                                                                                                    some discussion on other delicious finishers.
                                                    Braising and Grilling
                                                    Tuesday, March 23, 6:30-9:30p.m.
                                                                                                    Instructor:          Chef Rene Saulnier
                                                    Different forms of cooking create different     Fee:                 $50
                                                    end results and all will be discussed and       Limit:               12
                                                    learned. Marinades and seasoning products
                                                    will also be part of this class.                Wisconsin Wines and
                                                                                                    Wisconsin Cheeses. Ya Hey!
                                                    Instructor:        Chef Rene Saulnier
                                                                                                    Saturday, April 3, 6:45-8:15 p.m.
                                                    Fee:     $50
                                                    Limit: 12                                       Our great state offers much more than just
                                                                                                    the Packers! Tim explores the state looking
 Natural Foods Cooking Class                                                                        for unique wines (there will only be one
 Saturday, March 13, Noon-4 p.m.                                                                    fruit wine served!) and pairs them with
 Learn how to cook a balanced natural foods                                                         Wisconsin’s best cheeses! This is a fun,
 meal with whole grains, vegetables, legumes                                                        interactive hour and a half session that will
 and a healthy dessert. The instructor will                                                         leave novice wine drinkers with a whole new
 also discuss variations of menu, cookware,                                                         appreciation for Wisconsin wines and the
 condiments, food storage and time saving                                                           state’s great wineries!
 tips. Students will have a chance to ask
 questions about specific dietary needs or                                                          Instructor:          Tim Etes
 goals. This class will benefit those who                                                           Fee:                 $35
 want to lose weight, feel healthier or more                                                        Limit:               20 (21 and older)
 energetic. Afterwards take the opportunity to
 use the tips learned and purchase items from                                                       Wine & Cheese
 Whole Foods Market.                                                                                Friday, April 9, 6:30-9 p.m.
                                                                                                    Wine and cheese is a natural combination.
 Instructor:          Dr. Jay Stone                                                                 Which cheeses pair up best with certain
 Location:            Whole Foods Market                                                            wines? We’ll taste test a variety of cheeses and
                      2305 North Prospect                                                           wines to find your favorite combinations.
                      Milwaukee, WI                                                                 Instructor:          Karl Frederick
 Fee:                 $45                                                                           Fee:                 $35
 Limit:               18                                                                            Limit:               15 (21 and older)

12 - Food & Drink (Spring / Summer)                                                        Keyword: tickets
                                                 Home & Garden
 Zinfully Delicious…a Zinfandel
 and Chocolate Pairing!
 Saturday, April 17, 6:45-8:15 p.m.
 Zinfandels…not White Zinfandel, are
 awesome with chocolates! We pair off
 six different Zinfandels from our favorite
 wineries with chocolates that will make         All about dogs, or what is that                     Basic Kitchen Design
 your heart melt! Perfect for both novice and    furry thing that I keep buying                      2 Wednesdays, begins February 18,
 experienced wine drinkers!                                                                          6:30-8:30 p.m.
                                                 toys for?
                                                 4 Tuesdays, begins February 2,                      There are some very specific needs and
 Instructor:         Tim Etes                    6:30-7:30 p.m.                                      technical considerations for designing the
 Fee:                $35
                                                                                                     most lived in room in the house, and many
 Limit:              20                          Imagine a situation where you encounter
                                                                                                     times you’ll have to consult with a specialist.
                                                 an animal that was a descendent from a
                                                                                                     But to get the best results, we’ll cover some
 Wine & Summer Salads                            wild wolf. You invite this animal into your
                                                                                                     things you need to know. You can greatly
 Friday, April 23, 6:30-9 p.m.                   house and train them to be a faithful, loving
                                                                                                     increase the efficiency of your kitchen by
                                                 companion. What could go wrong? Come
 Summer is coming and outdoor occasions will                                                         paying attention to the tiniest details and
                                                 and learn about standard dog care for our
 present opportunities to pair summer pasta                                                          the smallest of spaces. Learn types of basic
                                                 outstanding companions, how to choose
 salads with wines. Taste a variety of salads                                                        kitchen layouts, options for countertop and
                                                 the right puppy, common canine behavior
 with complementary wines to determine your                                                          flooring materials, various cabinet styles.
                                                 problems, socializing and playing games
 favorites for the picnic season.                                                                    Learn how careful planning and defining your
                                                 with your dog, how to “read” a dog (is he
                                                                                                     needs will help you avoid costly mistakes and
                                                 smiling or should I keep away?), the wolf in
 Instructor:         Karl Frederick                                                                  help you have a kitchen that works for you.
                                                 my dog, activities for you and your dog. This
 Fee:                $35                         is a people training class and there is no need
 Limit:              18 (21 and older)                                                               Instructor:         Linda Glass
                                                 to bring your furry friend with you.
                                                                                                     Fee:                $45
                                                                                                     Limit:              20
                                                 Instructor:          Michael Murphy,
                                                                      certified dog trainer
                                                 Fee:                 $45
                                                 Limit:               25

 Homemade Salad Dressings,
 Vinaigrettes, Flavored Vinegars
 Using Herbs from your Garden                                                                        Grow Your Own Salads &
 Monday, May 17, 6:30-8 p.m.                                                                         Edible Flowers
                                                                                                     Monday, February 22, 6:30-8 p.m. or
 Make your own salad dressings. It’s easy,                                                           Monday, March 29, 6:30-8 p.m.
                                                 Seed Starting Basics- Get Ready
 fun and takes very little time and no special
                                                 Monday, February 15, 6:30-8 p.m. or                 Grow a great salad with superb flavor and a
 equipment is needed. And best of all, it’s
                                                 Monday, March 8, 6:30-8 p.m.                        variety of textures and flavors. Perfect for
 back to basics, hands on approach to making
 and dressing great salads.                      Why grow plants from seed? Getting success!         adding your favorite tomato and perhaps a
                                                 When to plant indoors/outdoors. Seed sowing         bit of fresh basil. With 800 lettuce varieties
 Instructor:         Dawn Weiss                  indoors and direct seed outdoors. Choosing          to choose from your salad possibilities are
 Fee:                $20                         containers, soilless mix, planting trays, labels,   endless. Add a wide assortment of edible
 Limit:              30                          and grow lights. Course offered just in time        flowers to keep your salads and desserts
                                                 to get your plants started this season!             looking spectacular.

                                                 Instructor:          Dawn Weiss                     Instructor:         Dawn Weiss
                                                 Fee:                 $20                            Fee:                $20
                                                 Limit:               30                             Limit:              30 Keyword: tickets                                       Food & Drink / Home & Garden (Spring / Summer) - 13
 Growing Tomatoes -                                 My Vegetable Garden is 4x4                         The Monarch Butterflies
 Tomatoes with Flavor                               Monday, April 5, 6:30-8 p.m. or                    are Coming!
 Monday, March 15, 6:30-8 p.m. or                   Monday, April 26, 6:30-8 p.m.                      Thursday, April 22, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
 Monday, April 12, 6:30-8 p.m.                      Learn how to grow a vegetable garden using a       Soon, the Monarchs will be returning from
 Tomatoes come in just about every color            grid of one foot squares to grow onions, bell      their migration to Mexico. How does one
 from white to purple, pink, yellow, orange,        peppers, cucumbers, spinach, Swiss chard,          track where they are and when they will be
 striped (no polka dots) with 600 varieties to      radishes, lettuce, peas and tomatoes.              here? How does one prepare for their return?
 choose from - heirloom to hybrid, beefsteak                                                           What plants will guarantee they will visit you?
 to cherry. Determinate or indeterminate?           Instructor:          Dawn Weiss                    How can you create a Monarch sanctuary to
 Growing tips, methods and sprouting, care          Fee:                 $20                           raise them in? These questions and more will
 and watering needs. Tomato problems and            Limit:               30                            be answered. Come learn all you will need to
 preventions.                                                                                          share this amazing hobby with your children
                                                    Organize Your Desk and Office                      and grandchildren.
 Instructor:          Dawn Weiss                    Wednesday, April 7, 6-8 p.m.
 Fee:                 $20                                                                              Instructor:         Cheri Ditzig
                                                    Piles on every workspace? Missed paying
 Limit:               30                                                                               Fee:                $25
                                                    a bill because it was misplaced? Not
                                                                                                       Limit:              25
                                                    enough storage space? Can’t find important
 Living Green                                       documents? Let Jo Lueck teach you how to
 Wednesday, March 24, 6:30-8:30 p.m.                organize your desk so it will be useful and        Organize your Garage
 Create a healthier, greener home.
                                                    you will be productive. Topics include:            and Basement
                                                           filing systems you can buy or make          Thursday, May 6, 6-8 p.m.
 We’ll walk through steps you
                                                              yourself, efficient office furniture
 can take in every area of your                                                                        Has your basement become an overflow
                                                               arrangements, tips on storing and
 home and life. Incremental                                                                            storage warehouse? Would you like to park
                                                                 retrieving information, how long
 changes in the kitchen to                                                                             in the garage again? Are all your workspaces
                                                                  to save bills and documents, and
 get you eating healthier                                                                              covered with piles? Do your tools need a
                                                                  green ways to get rid of trash.
 food      and    conserving                                                                           central location? Let Jo Lueck show you ways
 resources like water and                                                                              to organize your basement or garage to store
                                                               Instructor:         Jo Lueck
 electricity. Natural cleaning                                                                         sporting goods, tools, gardening equipment
                                                               Fee:                $25
 methods and product qualities                                                                         and bins. Topics include: innovative storage
                                                               Limit:              30
 will be discussed. Other aspects                                                                      systems, easy to build shelves, simple work
 of greener living will be looked                                                                      bench design, recycling and earth-friendly
 at such as energy efficiency,                            Kitchen “Mini” Gardens                       disposal of paint, oil and other garage
 level of VOCs in products and                             Monday, April 19, 6:30-8 p.m. or            chemicals.
 sustainable resources. This                               Monday, May 3, 6:30-8 p.m.
 class will offer busy families                            Over planting is one of the biggest         Instructor:         Jo Lueck
 simple, affordable ways to create a                     frustrations and failures in the garden. If   Fee:                $25
 healthy, environmentally friendly                        you want to plant a vegetable garden but     Limit:              30
 home, room by room.                                     don’t have the space, a mini garden may
                                                    be a perfect solution. Even limited spaces can
 Instructor:          Linda Glass                   provide you with plenty of fresh homegrown
 Fee:                 $25                           vegetables.
 Limit:               25
                                                    Instructor:          Dawn Weiss
 Organize Your Closets, Drawers                     Fee:                 $20
 and Cabinets                                       Limit:               30
 Thursday, March 25, 6-8 p.m.
 Can’t find things in your closet? Running
 out of room? Buying duplicates? Can’t
 close your drawers? Let Jo Lueck show
 you tips and tricks to increase storage space
 with or without additional shelving. Create
 and maintain a neat look. After this class
 you should be able to organize your closet
 in just four hours. We will cover: where to
 start, easy to install shelving kits, containers
 and labeling, how to donate and re-purpose
 clothes locally, maintenance tips and tricks.

 Instructor:          Jo Lueck
 Fee:                 $25
 Limit:               30

14 - Home & Garden (Spring / Summer)                                                          Keyword: tickets
                                              Kids’ Stuff
 Beginning Kids Tap                               Basic German For Children                          Supply Fee:        $10 payable to instructor
 6 Fridays, begins January 29, 6-7 p.m.           Starting At Grade 5 Level                          Fee:               $45
                                                  3 Mondays and 3 Thursdays, begins                  Limit:             12
 Learn basic tap steps, time steps and breaks
 all leading up to a short combination. Bring     February 8, 6-8 p.m.
 some energy, your own tap shoes, wear            This class will teach students basic German        Math Taking Off (3rd & 4th)
 comfortable clothes. Roll up your pants and      such as how to make introductions, counting,       5 Mondays, begins March 1,
 be ready for some fun.                           and the colors. German games will assist           6:45-7:30 p.m.
                                                  students in learning vocabulary. Music and         Building on skills already learned, but in
 Instructor:         Kurt Ida                     songs will introduce the students to German        an environment that encourages a “want to
 Fee:                $60                          culture. The class will also include some          learn” mindset. Students benefit whether they
 Limit:              10                           cultural tips, serving as a perfect preparation    already love math, or need some confidence
                                                  for a trip abroad or future German classes.        building tools and skills at their disposal.
 Youth Hip Hop                                                                                       Math is one of the most important life skills
 (6-12 years)                                     Instructor:          Susan Blust, M.B.A.           needed. Being strong in math helps with
 6 Wednesdays, begins February 3,                 Fee:                 $95                           organizational skills, logical thinking, and
 5:30-6:30 p.m. or                                Limit:               10                            problem solving. Using games and teaching
 Summer                                                                                              techniques that make math success possible.
 6 Wednesdays, begins June 2,                                                                        Students are proud at the skills they acquire
                                                  Fun With Numbers (3-K)                             all while having fun. Math becomes a favorite
 6:30-7:30 p.m.                                   5 Mondays begins March 1, 5-5:30pm                 I can do it subject. Take off and Soar to
 Dance to appropriate hip hop music in this       Lots of fun and unique ways to learn the           Success. Parents are required to attend this
 hour long dance class. Warm-up, learn various    basic skills needed to excel in math. The          class with there children.
 combinations of steps, and a routine that        main purpose of this class is to encourage
 builds throughout the session. Fun, up-beat,     learning while having fun. For students this       Instructor:        Jeanine O’Brien
 and funky, this class will have you excited      makes math an enjoyable subject and a very         Supply Fee:        $10 payable to instructor
 to move to the music of your favorite artists.   important I like numbers attitude giving them      Fee:               $45
 The session ends with a demonstration of the     the desire to excel. Math is one of the most       Limit:             12
 routine for the families of students. Attire:    critical subjects and tools needed as students
 work-out clothes & sneakers. (Water bottles      go though school, and grow into adults.            Magic for Kids!
 are recommended!)                                When math is fun at the start it becomes           6 Thursdays, begins March 25, 6-7 p.m.
                                                  easier to build on the basics and achieving
 Instructor:         Gina Laurenzi or             future success. Parents are required to attend     Have you ever wondered, “How did he do
                     Laurenzi Dance Staff         this class with there children.                    that?” In “Magic for Kids” you will learn
 Fee:                $60                                                                             how to do some basic slight of hand magic,
 Limit:              15                           Instructor:          Jeanine O’Brien               self working tricks and magic with special
                                                  Supply Fee:          $10 payable to instructor     “trick” props. All of the magic will be able
                                                  Fee:                 $40                           to be performed with objects found around
 Hip Hop (12-17 years)                                                                               the home. This course is designed as an
                                                  Limit:               12
 6 Saturdays, begins February 6, Noon-1 p.m.                                                         introduction to the art of magic and will
 or Summer                                                                                           introduce some basic magic concepts. You
 6 Wednesdays, begins June 2, 7:30-8:30 p.m.      Math Power Start (1st & 2nd)                       will be able to perform magic after every
                                                  5 Mondays, begins March 1, 5:45-6:30p.m.           class.
 Dance to appropriate hip hop music in this
 hour long dance class. Warm-up, learn various    Get the Math Power. Starting out right leads
 combinations of steps, and a routine that        to a love of numbers, a desire to learn, and       Instructor:        Scott Brown
 builds throughout the session. Fun, up-beat      is critical to future success. This class starts   Fee:               $65
 and funky, this class will have you excited      with the basics and then builds on these skills.   Limit:             13
 to move the music of your favorite artists.      This is done in a fun learning environment.
 The session ends with a demonstration of the     Using games and teaching techniques                Reading Readiness (3 years-K)
 routine for the families of students. Attire:    that encourages comfort and success with           5 Mondays, begins April 5, 5-5:30 p.m.
 work-out clothes & sneakers. (Water bottles      numbers. Math Power Start gives students
                                                  the desire to excel, and a powerful head start.    Give your child a hand up and head start
 are recommended!)                                                                                   on reading. Reading has proven to be the
                                                  Parents are required to attend this class with
                                                  there children.                                    most important skill needed to succeed in
 Instructor:         Gina Laurenzi or                                                                both school and workplace. Children will
                     Laurenzi Dance Staff                                                            gain the skills to succeed using low pressure
 Fee:                $60                          Instructor:          Jeanine O’Brien
                                                                                                     techniques such as games and songs. This
 Limit:              15 Keyword: tickets                                                                         Kids’ Stuff (Spring / Summer) - 15
 class is geared towards 3-5 year olds. Some         Hawaiian Dance for Children                      Beginning Tap (6-12 years)
 younger children may be able to attend the          Ages 5-10                                        6 Thursdays, begins May 6, 6:30-7:30 p.m.
 Reading Power Start instead. Parents may            6 Fridays, begins April 9, 5-6 p.m. or
 call the instructor (262-743-2200) for help                                                          Learn basic tap steps, time steps and basic
 in deciding which class would be best. One          Summer                                           breaks, that will be combined into a dance
 adult must attend with the child.                   6 Wednesdays, begins June 23, 6-7 p.m.           and performed to parents at the last day of
                                                                                                      class. Students must wear dance attire and tap
                                                     Keiki- the Hawaiian word for children- will
 Instructor:          Jeanine O’Brien                                                                 shoes. No previous experience necessary.
                                                     find this fun, fast moving class enchanting.
 Fee:                 $35                            Basic steps will be taught but the emphasis is
                      $10 additional fee for                                                          Instructor:          Amanda Burmeister
                                                     on fun. Respect for the Hawaiian culture will
                      take home materials                                                             Fee:                 $60
                                                     be incorporated in this class.
 Limit:               15                                                                              Limit:               12
                                                     Instructor:         Avis Davidson
 Reading Power Start (1st & 2nd)                     Fee:                $60                          Creative Acting for Kids
 5 Mondays, begins April 5, 5:45-6:45 p.m.           Limit:              25
 Give your child a boost and a head start on                                                          3 Saturdays, begins June 5, 10 a.m.-Noon
 reading. Reading has proven to be the most          Polynesian Dance—Teens                           Every child is born with natural abilities to
 important skill needed to succeed in both           6 Fridays, begins April 9, 6-7 p.m. or
                                                                                                      play and be imaginative. By applying these
 school and the workplace. Many times when           Summer                                           abilities in structured theatre games and
 a child first starts to learn they miss important   6 Wednesdays, begins June 23, 7-8 p.m.           acting exercises they will also develop self-
 steps that will affect their ability to read with                                                    esteem and the life skills of communication,
                                                     This course designed for students from 6th
 understanding and speed. It is much easier                                                           team work, cooperation and creative thinking.
                                                     through 12th grade will get you moving to the
 for children in younger grades to gain these                                                         Through the art of acting your child will
                                                     Tahitian drumbeats. Burn up that extra energy
 skills through low pressure, fun techniques,                                                         discover their own uniqueness and learn to
                                                     learning this stunning dance form the South
 games and songs, and avoid future problems                                                           appreciate that in others all while having a
                                                     Seas. Fast paced and fun you will learn to
 in reading, such as dyslexia. This class is                                                          whole lot of fun.
                                                     shake your hips and get a great workout!
 geared towards grades K-2, or students who
 have just started to learn basic sounds, but                                                         Instructor:          Rosann Weber
                                                     Instructor:         Avis Davidson
 have not mastered them yet. One adult must                                                           Fee:                 $60
                                                     Fee:                $60
 attend with the child.                                                                               Limit:               30
                                                     Limit:              25
 Instructor:          Jeanine O’Brien
 Fee:                 $50                            A Star is Born                                   Money Matters for Children
                      $10 additional fee for         3 Saturdays, begins April 24, 11 a.m.-1 p.m.     Summer
                      take home materials            Have you ever seen a play and thought, “That     2 Tuesdays begins June 15, 6-8p.m.
 Limit:               15                             sure looks like fun, but I could never do it.”   This course will teach children how to set up
                                                     You can! Join me in a class dedicated to         a budget for their money and the simple steps
 Reading Excitement for                              sharing the complete process of acting in a      in financial matters, such as how to open a
 the Young Reader                                    community theatre, from beginning to end.        savings account, how to write a check, how to
 5 Mondays, begins April 5, 7-8 p.m.                 From auditions to rehearsals, to show time,      keep track of expenses and earning and much
                                                     you’ll learn all about what to expect and how    more. A wonderful class for parents to take
 A wonderful class for students who have             to prepare. It looks like fun, because it is.    with their children or have money explained
 taken and mastered skills taught in reading         And YOU CAN do it! Younger children can          from another perspective.
 readiness, reading power start. This is a           be added with instructor’s permission.
 continuation of the fundamental decodable
                                                                                                      Instructor:          Susan Blust
 phonetic learning to read program. It is            Instructor:         Rosann Weber                 Fee:                 $45
 helpful to first take one of the other reading      Fee;                $60
 classes and then talk with the instructor to                                                         Limit:               15
                                                     Limit:              30
 see if they are ready to move onto this class.
 We will continue using games and songs
                                                     Beginning Ballet (6-12 years)                    Monarchs Galore
 to help in retention of skills and learning                                                          Summer
                                                     6 Thursdays, begins May 6, 5:30-6:30 p.m.
 process. Geared for students of all ages who                                                         Saturday, June 26, 10 a.m.-Noon
 have mastered basic sounds. Parents may             Learn basic ballet positions and moves as
 call the instructor (262-743-2200) for help         well as ballet terms, great for the beginner.    This family oriented class is geared towards
 in deciding which class would be best. One          Students will gain grace and coordination        children of all ages- see real monarch butterfly
 adult must attend with the child.                   while learning a simple ballet performance.      eggs, caterpillars and chrysalis…learn about
                                                     Students must wear dance attire and ballet       their journey to Mexico each year and how to
 Instructor:          Jeanine O’Brien                slippers. No previous experience necessary.      grow your own butterflies.
 Fee:                 $50
                      $10 additional fee for         Instructor:         Amanda Burmeister            Instructor:          Cheri Ditzig
                      take home materials            Fee:                $60                          Fee:                 $25
 Limit:               15                             Limit:              12                           Limit:               30

16 - Kids’ Stuff (Spring / Summer)                                                           Keyword: tickets
Language, Writing & Civics
 Spanish I                                         Memory Keepers -                                   Communication with an
 6 Mondays, begins February 1,                     Writing Memoirs                                    International Twist
 6:30-8:30 p.m.                                    6 Wednesdays, begins February 3,                   3 Saturdays, begins February 13,
 Introduction to the Spanish language- very        6-7:30 p.m.                                        9 a.m.-Noon
 basic pronunciation and grammar taught.           Memoir writing is zeroing in on specific           Learn English with a twist! Did you ever
                                                   experience in your life rather than writing an     wonder where words originated? Do we
 Instructor:         Rose Cucunato                 entire birth to old age biography. You learn       communicate differently than other cultures?
 Fee:                $95                           to tap your own rich and unique background         Approach English as a foreigner and learn
 Limit:              20                            by sharing with others, memory-probing             various forms of communications. For
                                                   activities in class. You will enjoy, smile and     examples, British English vs. American
 Spanish I (Level 3)                               pause in reflection as you remember. Do this       English will be reviewed as well as
 6 Tuesdays, begins February 2,                    for yourself or as a gift to family and friends.   communication       differences     between
 6:30-8:30 p.m. (No class February 9th)                                                               Indonesians and Americans. Word games
                                                   Instructor:          Nancy Lindberg                will be incorporated to enhance language
 This course is a Continuation of Level 2
                                                   Fee:                 $75                           skill learning. This course will help you
 Spanish or consent of instructor.
                                                   Limit:               18                            appreciate English even more! Something
                                                                                                      different for moms and dads to do with their
 Instructor:         Rose Cucunato
                                                   Creative Fiction                                   children.
 Fee:                $95
 Limit:              20                            4 Mondays, begins February 8, 7-9 p.m.
                                                                                                      Instructor:        Susan Blust
                                                   If you have great stories to tell but you have     Fee:               $75
                                                   no idea how to tell them in the written word,      Limit:             15
                                                   this is the class for you. You will learn the
                                                   very basic learning blocks to a story, what
                                                   makes it work and what doesn’t, how to
                                                                                                      Fun and Gentle Grammar Review
                                                                                                      4 Tuesdays, begins March 2, 7-9 p.m.
                                                   develop a main character and plot. After this
                                                   class you will be able to start and finish your    In this fun and painless review of grammar
                                                   written story.                                     basics, participants will refresh their
 Citizenship                                                                                          knowledge of the eight parts of speech,
 8 Wednesdays, begins February 3,                  Instructor:          Brian Barnes                  the two parts of a sentence, the difference
 6-7:30p.m. (No class March 17th)                  Fee:                 $75                           between phrases and clauses, subject and
                                                   Limit:               15                            verb agreement, punctuation, and other points
 This course is designed both for the citizen                                                         of grammar.
 and non-citizen who desires to appreciate,        Shaping the Creative
 to learn, and to understand what it means to                                                         Instructor:        Julie Jacob
 be an American citizen. For the non-citizen       Non-Fiction Essay
                                                                                                      Fee:               $75
 this class will greatly help a legal alien        4 Tuesdays, begins February 9, 7-9 p.m.
                                                                                                      Limit:             20
 to go through the naturalization process          The essay is a marvelous and versatile form
 including knowing how to pass the newly           of writing. In it, the writer may muse, reflect,   Spanish I (Level 2)
 designed Immigration Services test. For the       opine, rant, remember, analyze and discuss         6 Mondays, begins March 15,
 citizen this class will be a refresher study of   anything from the memory of one’s first            6:30-8:30 p.m.
 American history and geography, will renew        day of kindergarten to the beauty of a maple
 understanding of our founding documents           tree in October. Every piece of creative non-      A continuation of basic Spanish grammar
 and give a deeper appreciation of American        fiction begins as an amorphous idea in the         and sentence structure.
 individual rights and responsibilities. By        author’s mind, which the writer then shapes
 becoming an active and participatory citizen      into an essay. In this class, participants will    Instructor:        Rose Cucunato
 you will further strengthen the foundation of     explore the fascinating genre of the creative      Fee:               $95
 our community and nation.                         non-fiction essay through class discussion,        Limit:             20
                                                   readings, writing exercises, and critique of
 Instructor:         Michael Kania                 their own work in a gentle and supportive
 Fee:                $95                           environment.
 Limit:              10
                                                   Instructor:          Julie Jacob
                                                   Fee:                 $75
                                                   Limit:               20 Keyword: tickets                                                Language, Writing & Civics (Spring / Summer) - 17
                                                                                                        Mind &
 Spanish I (Level 4)                                Punctuation Madness
 6 Tuesdays beginning March 23,                     Tuesday, April 13, 7-9 p.m.
 6:30-8:30 p.m. (No class March 30th)
                                                    Punctuation marks are tiny, but they can

 Continuation of Level 3 or consent of              cause big headaches when they are used
 instructor.                                        incorrectly. In this fun, fast-paced, one-night
                                                    class, participants will learn basic guidelines
 Instructor:          Rose Cucunato                 on the correct use of commas, semicolons,
 Fee:                 $95                           apostrophes, and quotation marks.
 Limit:               20
                                                    Instructor:         Julie Jacob
                                                    Fee:                $25                           Lose Weight through Hypnosis
 Contemporary Italian Cinema                                                                          2 Fridays, begins January 29, 6-9 p.m. or
                                                    Limit:              20
 6 Wednesdays, begins March 24, 7-9 p.m.                                                              2 Fridays, begins March 5, 6-9 p.m. or
 Discover, explore and learn Italian culture and                                                      2 Fridays, begins April 30, 6-9 p.m.
                                                    German for Travelers
 contemporary life through film by viewing                                                            Rid yourself of excess holiday and winter
 and discussing such film masterpieces as
                                                    and Conversation
                                                                                                      weight. “How did you lose all that weight?”
 La Vita e Bella, Cinema Paradiso and Pane          Summer                                            Is what your friends will ask after you take
 e Tulipani. Materials will be provided by          2 Mondays and 2 Wednesdays, begins
                                                                                                      this course. Your unconscious mind already
 instructor.                                        June 14, 6-8 p.m.
                                                                                                      knows how you are going to peel away those
                                                    This is a dual course. Students will have an      unwanted pounds. Dr. Stone helps access
 Instructor:          Ralph Annina                  opportunity to speak German and refresh           your unconscious intelligence, knowledge
 Fee:                 $60                           their skills and at the same time learn phrases   and wisdom so you can accelerate your weight
 Limit:               25                            required for travel. This course will allow       loss. If you have said, “I’m too weak to lose
                                                    new students to also learn the basics of          weight” or “I can’t stop myself from eating”
 Italian I                                          German in a relaxed social setting.               enough times, eventually your unconscious
 6 Thursdays, begins April 1, 7-9 p.m.                                                                will accept these negative statements as truth.
                                                    Instructor:         Susan Blust MBA               The cure for negative thinking is positive
 This course familiarizes you with the structure    Fee:                $95                           self-hypnosis. If you “hypnotized” yourself
 of the language, gives you the ability to be       Limit:              10                            to gain weight you can hypnotize yourself
 comfortable with native Italian speakers, and                                                        to lose weight. “In 1983, I lost 50lbs using
 to provide a helpful experience if you plan to                                                       hypnosis,” said Dr. Stone, “and I have not
 travel to Italy.                                                                                     gained any weight back since.”

 Instructor:          Ralph Annina                                                                      Instructor:        Dr. Jay Stone
 Fee:                 $95                                                                                Fee:              $60
 Limit:               20                                                                                 Limit:            18

 A Few Practical Tips to                                                                              Life Makeover Challenge
 Better Writing                                                                                       6 Wednesdays, begins February 3,
 Tuesday, April 6, 7-9 p.m.                         Screenplay Writing                                6:30-8:30 p.m.
 In this one-night class, participants will learn   4 Tuesdays, begins June 15, 7-9 p.m.              This is an intense 6-week course for those
 a few general guidelines — drawn from that                                                           who truly desire change today. Participants
 classic book on good writing, The Elements         This is the class for anyone who has always       will need to come with an open mind, a
 of Style —that will help them write more           wanted to write their own screenplay. You         willingness to explore all areas of their lives,
 clearly and concisely. Topics will include         will learn the basic concepts of storytelling     and a commitment to taking daily action in
 writing in active voice, omitting needless         and the unique aspects of writing for the big     the interest of self-development. This is an
 words, and writing with nouns and verbs.           screen.                                           extremely interactive course designed to
                                                                                                      call you out of your shell and into the light
 Instructor:          Julie Jacob                   Instructor:         Brian Barnes                  of the life you are dying to create. Plan on
 Fee:                 $25                           Fee:                $75                           leaving this course with a new found sense of
 Limit:               20                            Limit:              15                            direction, clarity, and self-acceptance, along
                                                                                                      with an urgency to truly live the life you were
                                                                                                      created for and an action plan that has you on
                                                                                                      your way.

                                                                                                      Instructor:          Jeanette Stevenson,
                                                                                                                           CPCC, ACC
                                                                                                      Fee:                 $95
                                                                                                      Limit:               15

18 - Language, Writing & Civics / Mind & Body (Spring / Summer)                              Keyword: tickets
 Stop Smoking through Hypnosis                     at the Mindful Yoga Studio. For directions        Radical Living
 2 Fridays, begins February 12, 6-9 p.m.           call 262.859.2151 or visit www.yogainmind.        3 Wednesdays, begins March 17, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
 It’s time to put an end to shortness of breath,                                                     Are you tired of always playing it safe? Do you
 smoker’s cough, wasting money, bad breath,        Instructor:         Pamela Grubb ACSW,            find the idea of radical living both intriguing
 and smelly clothes. Quit smoking easily                               MSW, CYI, E-RYT               and daunting? In this interactive workshop,
 through the most effective method. Hypnosis       Location:           Mindful Yoga Studio           you will examine the rules you have created
 will help you relax your body and keep your                           6127 Green Bay Rd.,           for yourself and learn how they serve you or
 focus on healthy, non-smoking thoughts.                               Suite 150                     hold you back. Clarify what you truly need and
 Students will learn self-hypnosis so they can                         Kenosha, WI                   want in order for you to excel in the interest of
 reinforce their stop-smoking suggestions and      Fee:                $65                           discovering the power and freedom of choice.
 find other ways to improve their lives. For       Limit:              15                            Unleash your deeper purpose and live the life
 the soon to be ex-smokers who are concerned                                                         designed by you.
 about gaining weight: if hypnosis helps you
 quit smoking then hypnosis will help you          Couple/Partner Relaxation                         Instructor:         Jeanette Stevenson,
 manage your appetite and weight. As a             Enhancement                                                           CPCC, ACC
 healthier ex-smoker, a happier former smoker      4 Mondays, begins March 1, 7-9 p.m.               Fee:                $60
 and a calmer non-smoker, you will taste,          Bring a friend or intimate to learn the joys of   Limit:              20
 smell and enjoy the world in a much better,       massage. For several nights you will learn
 cleaner, and more natural way.                    a variety of massaging techniques. These          Past Life Regression & Sacred Cycles
                                                   classes shall expand your understanding           2 Fridays, begins March 26, 6-9 p.m.
 Instructor:         Dr. Jay Stone                 of how to touch firmly, and comfortably, to
 Fee:                $60                                                                             Since the moment you were born cycles have
                                                   reduce stiffness, pain and stress; plus the       been influencing your life. There is no way
 Limit:              18                            touch will bolster the immune system. Each        to escape the effects of cycles either. The
                                                   person is to bring a full size pillow and         heartbeat, breath, brain waves, hormonal
 Valentine’s Massage Class                         comforter to class.                               secretion, gastric, renal and immunological
 for Couples                                                                                         regulation all occur in cycles. Of course, every
 Saturday, February 13, 1-4 p.m. or                Instructor:         Mercedes Dzindzeleta          person has to contend with the great cycles of
 Valentine’s Day - Sunday, February 14,            Fee:                $75 each person               nature, namely the lunar cycle, rain cycle, rock
 2-5 p.m.                                          Limit:              18                            cycle, solar cycle and the cycle of the seasons.
 Bring a sweetheart, friend or intimate, to                                                          In this class you will learn about your personal
 share in learning the gift of a loving massage    Healthy Eating and Weight Loss                    cycles, including your cognitive-emotional
 touch. Set someone’s body, mind, and spirit       Thursday, March 4, 6:30-8:30 p.m.                 cycle, the alternating cycle between right and
 free. Ease stiffness, pain and reduce stress.     Weight loss is one of the most popular New        left brain dominance, and your ultradian cycles,
 Learn a massaging touch that is easy and          Year resolutions. This course will help           which are physical and emotional cycles that
 relaxing to give and wonderful to receive.        you design a diet plan and a healthy eating       are less than 24 hours. According to Dr. Stone,
 Each couple is to bring 2- full size pillows      style that works best for you. A review of        the purpose of all these cycles is emotional,
 and a thick comforter/sleeping bag to class.      popular diets will be presented including         intellectual and spiritual development. “If you
                                                   low carbohydrate and low calorie diets,           missed something last time around, because
 Instructor:         Mercedes Dizindzeleta         glycemic index, volumetrics, Mediterranean        everything cycles, you always get a chance to
 Fee:                $70 per couple                diets, commercial programs, formulas and          learn it next time around,”
 Limit:              9 Couples                     supplements. will learn about healthy weight
                                                   and body mass index, setting your weight loss     Instructor:         Dr. Jay Stone
                                                                                                     Fee:                $60
 Beginner Yoga (Yoga 1)                            goals, and developing a plan that will help
                                                   you be successful at weight loss and improve      Limit:              18
 6 Mondays, begins February 15,
 5:30-6:45 p.m. or                                 your health and quality of life.
 6 Mondays, begins February 15, 7-8:15 p.m.        Instructor:         Denise O’Brien,               Technicolor People in our Lives
                                                                       Registered Dietitian          Monday, April 5, 6-9 p.m.
 This class is for those who have never taken      Fee:                $25
 yoga or enjoy the slower mellow pace of a                                                           Learning and reconnecting to those ‘people’
                                                   Limit:              20                            that shaped yesterday and strengthened our
 beginner class. Focus on learning about
 breathing; learning to relax muscles and                                                            tomorrows. There comes a time in all our lives
 improve overall health and well being.                                                              when we wonder who we are and why we are
 Instructions and variations of yoga poses will                                                      here and where we are going. Through visions
 be taught. Focus is given to the back, neck,                                                        of our future self we will appreciate those that
 shoulders, knees, and feet. Diaphragmatic                                                           have been with us all along. With meditation,
 breathing and warm ups with simple yogic                                                            writing and discussion we shall all be renewed
 stretches will be introduced. Students will                                                         by finding “self” again. Bring a journal to
 learn how to move into each pose with                                                               class.
 personalized attention allowing them to learn
 how to release into relaxation. Each class                                                          Instructor:         Mercedes Dzindzeleta
 ends with a quiet relaxation. Please wear                                                           Fee:                $40
 loose, comfortable clothing. Classes are held                                                       Limit:              25 Keyword: tickets                                                                     Mind & Body (Spring / Summer) - 19
 Choices in Childbirth                             Meditation and Transformation
 6 Tuesdays, begins April 6, 7-8 p.m.              3 Wednesdays, begins April 14, 7-9 p.m.
 In this course we will look at modern             “I let go of what I am, to become what I will
 maternity care juxtaposed with traditional        be”—Albert Einstein. Unless we are willing
 midwifery. We will examine the options            to change and become aware of our true Self,
 available to women during pregnancy and           we remain in a cocoon and never emerge
 birth. We will also discuss the importance of     into the butterfly. We will work with the        Continuing Guitar
 informed choice. Birth partner may attend         mind, emotion and Spirit to identify how we      6 Mondays, begins February 22,
 free!                                             create stress, feeling stuck, energy depletion   5:30-6:30 p.m.
                                                   and aging. Then we can recover the inner
 Instructor:         Brandy Brey                   child and connect to our innate innocence,       Continuing guitar is for those who have
 Fee:                $60                           creativity and joy. We will use meditation,      some playing experience and are able to
 Limit:              12                            breath work and emotional release tools to go    readily change chords. Instructions will
                                                   to our next level of healing, wholeness and      consist of tablature, discussion of techniques,
                                                   peace.                                           demonstration and group participation
 Re-Writing the Rules                                                                               through playing. The class will consist of
 3 Wednesdays, begins April 7,                     Instructor:          Doris LaBrasca
                                                   Fee:                 $60                         music theory, scales and improvised playing.
 6:30-8:30 p.m.
                                                   Limit:               15                          The purpose of the class is to prepare the
 We all put restraints on ourselves by what                                                         student to continue to self teach and to
 we think we are expected to do. What would                                                         prepare the student to play by ear with other
 it be like to break that cycle? Empower
                                                   Listening to Your Body                           musicians in jam sessions without being tied
                                                   2 Wednesdays, begins May 5, 7-9 p.m.
 yourself with an unorthodox technique                                                              to a written page. Book: “Accoustic Guitar
 for identifying and redefining the rules by       In this course we will examine the mind/         Primer” by Bert Casey includes CD; available
 which you live. Uncover hidden perceptions,       body connection and learn to tune into the       at UWParkside bookstore.
 unconscious restraints, and deep seated fears     wisdom of our bodies. We will discuss the
 that keep you from breaking free fro the mold     modern medical viewpoint and discuss why         Instructor:         George Lawrence
 of traditions. Look at why you do what you        medication isn’t always necessary. We will       Fee:                $60
 do and if it is working for you. You will leave   learn that our thoughts are an important part    Limit:              10
 this workshop with a new set of rules that will   of our body’s wisdom, and how our beliefs
 allow you to start a fresh and effective way      are key elements of our physical, mental, and    Jam Session
 of living.                                        emotional health.                                6 Mondays, begins February 22, 6:30-8 p.m.

 Instructor:         Jeanette Stevenson,           Instructor:         Brandy Brey                  The jam class is intended to be an enjoyable
                     CPCC, ACC                     Cost:               $45                          way for string instrument players above
 Fee:                $60                           Limit:              12                           the novice status to experience the unique
 Limit:              6                                                                              social aspect of playing music with other
                                                                                                    people. The purpose of the class is to give
                                                                                                    the players an opportunity to improve their
                                                                                                    skills by playing and singing songs (singing
                                                                                                    is voluntary) with other people. Emphasis
                                                                                                    will be placed on understanding what the
                                                                                                    individual player can do (or not do) to best
                                                                                                    support a song in a group of players. This
                                                                                                    is not a time for individual instruction on
                                                                                                    a particular instrument, but it is a time for
                                                                                                    gaining some knowledge and experience as
                                                                                                    to how individual instruments work together
                                                                                                    in a band or jam situation.

                                                                                                    Instructor:         George Lawrence
                                                                                                    Fee:                $85
                                                                                                    Limit:              10

                                                                                                    Continuing Mandolin
                                                                                                    6 Mondays, begins February 22, 8-9 p.m.
                                                                                                    Continuing mandolin is for those who have
                                                                                                    some playing experience and are readily able
                                                                                                    to change chords. The class will consist of
                                                                                                    music theory, scales and improvised playing.
                                                                                                    The purpose of the class is to prepare the
                                                                                                    student to continue to self teach, and to
                                                                                                    prepare the student to play by ear with other
                                                                                                    musicians in jam sessions without being

20 - Mind & Body / Music (Spring / Summer)                                                 Keyword: tickets
 tied to a written page. Book: “Bluegrass        Instructor:          George Lawrence
 Mandolin” by Jack Tottle available at UWP       Fee:                 $60
 bookstore.                                      Limit:               10

 Instructor:        George Lawrence              Flatpicking Guitar (Guitar Level III)
 Fee:               $60                          6 Wednesdays, begins February 24, 7-8 p.m.
 Limit:             10
                                                 Primarily for those with a basic understanding      Everyday Casino Gaming
                                                 of chords and music theory. This style is           Wednesday, February 10, 6:30-9 p.m.
 Beginning Guitar                                used in bluegrass music, old-time country
 6 Tuesdays, begins February 23, 6-7 p.m.                                                            Learn which games to avoid, which bets to
                                                 and fiddle tunes. You’ll learn techniques
 Enjoy an introduction to acoustic guitar        such as back-up playing and improvisation.          make or not make, which casinos to go to
 styles. You’ll learn guitar basics, chording,   Bring your guitar; book required. Book:             and why. You will also learn about money
 and strumming through songs and exercises.      “Teach Yourself Bluegrass Guitar” by Russ           management, mental preparation, and
 No experience required. Bring your guitar to    Barenberg (includes CD) available at UWP            planning for your trip.
 class. Book: “Acoustic Guitar” by Bert Casey    bookstore.
 (includes CD) available at UWP bookstore.                                                           Instructor:          Joe Fox
                                                 Instructor:          George Lawrence                Fee:                 $35
 Instructor:        George Lawrence              Fee:                 $60                            Limit:               25
 Fee:               $60                          Limit:               10
 Limit:             10
                                                 Fiddlin’ for Fun
 Beginning Banjo                                 6 Mondays, begins March 29, 7-8:30 p.m.
 6 Tuesdays, begins February 23, 7-8 p.m.
                                                 Want to learn to play bluegrass fiddle? Irish
 Learn basic roll patterns and chords behind     music? Country fiddle? Your journey starts
 blue grass, along with music theory. Bring      right here. You’ll learn how to play at least one
 your own banjo. Book: “You can Teach            fiddle tune in this class, even if you’ve never
 Yourself Banjo” by Janet Davis (includes        touched a fiddle in your life. All teaching is
 CD) available at UWP bookstore.                 done by ear and with a simple “tab”. You
                                                 do not need to know how to read music for
 Instructor:        George Lawrence              this class. Students will learn to play a major     Fundamental Hunting Skills for
 Fee:               $60                          scale, a shuffle, simple tunes will impress your    Wisconsin Hunters
 Limit:             10                           friends and you’ll learn some embellishments        2 Saturdays, begins March 6, 9-11 a.m.
                                                 to “dress up” your fiddle tunes. Bring your
 Beginning Mandolin                              fiddle and a recording device to class.             Learning the sport of hunting can be a real
 6 Tuesdays, begins February 23, 8-9 p.m.                                                            challenge. Learning to outsmart wild animals
                                                 Instructor:          Bruce Sedloff                  with a better knowledge of their surroundings,
 Beginning mandolin through tuning, chords,      Fee:                 $85                            as well as more highly developed senses than
 and fiddle tunes. Bring your own mandolin.      Limit:               10                             we have, takes practice and study. We will
 Book: “Mandolin Primer” by Bert Casey                                                               discuss how to hunt turkeys, deer, doves,
 (includes CD) available at UWP bookstore.                                                           pheasants, squirrels, etc. in Wisconsin.
                                                 Vocal Crash Course
                                                 Saturday, May 8, 1:30-5:30 p.m.                     Hunting tips and information such as: how
 Instructor:        George Lawrence                                                                  to find a place to hunt, where to get your
 Fee:               $60                          Do you enjoy singing but have a lot of              questions answered, and what the rules and
 Limit:             10                           questions about how to improve your voice?          regulations mean will be discussed in class.
                                                 Covering topics such as improving vocal             Beau Bosovich is a life-time hunter, a certified
 Continuing Banjo                                quality, tone production, breath support,           Wisconsin Hunter Education Instructor and a
 6 Wednesdays, begins February 24, 6-7 p.m.      performance tips and more this class will           certified National Rifle Association firearms
                                                 make you confident with singing either for          instructor.
 Continuing banjo is for those who have          your own enjoyment or for/with others. It is
 good control of the various banjo rolls and     recommended that you bring one song, any            Instructor:          Beau Bosovich
 chord progressions. Instruction will consist    style, with your own play-along CD or song          Fee:                 $45
 of tablature, discussion of techniques,         sheet music with chord symbols to class.            Limit:               20
 demonstration, and group participation          If you’re unsure, just bring yourself and be
 through playing. The purpose of the class       ready for a vocal adventure.
 is to prepare the student to continue to self
 teach, and to prepare the student to play by    Instructor:          Regina Ebinal, prof. singer
 ear with other musicians in jam sessions                             & instructor Germany
 without being tied to a written page. Book:     Fee:                 $45
 “You Can Teach Yourself Banjo” by Janet         Limit:               8
 Davis (includes CD) is available at UWP
 bookstore. Keyword: tickets                                                             Music / Potpourri (Spring / Summer) - 21
 Greening Your Business                             Shop Like an Antique Dealer
 Wednesday, March 10, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
 Learn some attributes and benefits of being a
                                                    Wednesday, April 7, 6:30-9 p.m.
                                                    If you like flea markets, antique malls,          Summer
 green enterprise. We’ll do a brief overview of
 some areas for greening your business. We’ll
 discuss creating an energy management plan.
                                                    auctions, and yard sales and want to know
                                                    more about what to buy, this class is for you!
                                                    Get tips on finding that great deal. This class
 Learn about resources available to partner         is an overview of places to find treasures, and
 with to get your business operating more           how to get the pieces you’re looking for at       Heartsaver Pediatric First
 efficiently. Water efficiency, recycling and       bargain prices.                                   Aid Certification -           Pg. 4
 renewable energy resources will be looked
 at.                                                Instructor:         Joe Fox
                                                    Fee:                $35                           The Heartsaver CPR/AED
 Instructor:          Linda Glass                   Limit:              25                            Certification -               Pg. 4
 Fee:                 $25
 Limit:               20                            Three Balls in the Air:                           Heartsaver First Aid
                                                    Learning How to Juggle                            Certification -               Pg. 4
 Be a Jewelry & Watch Detective                     4 Tuesdays, begins April 8, 6:30-7:30 p.m.
 2 Wednesdays, begins March 10,
 6:30-8:30 p.m.                                     Have three balls lying around the house and       Basic Jewelry Making
                                                    don’t know what to do with them? Learn the        Session 2 -                   Pg. 6
 It’s elementary, my dear Watson. This              ancient art of juggling. Impress your friends,
 class helps any would-be Sherlock solve            amaze your family, and entertain folks in line
 the mysteries in the jewelry/watch world.          at the DMV. Juggling is fun, challenging
                                                                                                      Retirement Planning Today - Pg. 8
 Whether you are an avid jewelry buyer or           and great exercise but don’t be intimidated,
 just curious, this class is designed to provide    juggling is easy. Learn basic three ball          Home Buyer Investment
 practical information. Instructor Joe Fox,         juggling, different juggling techniques,          Education -                   Pg. 8
 owner of Antique Castle Mall, uses his years       routines and methods. Learn to use a variety
 of experience to provide clues that help           of juggling props (clubs, rings, and balls).
 separate the old from the new, the gold from                                                         The Perfect Fitness Class -   Pg. 9
                                                    This class is for anyone, regardless of age,
 the gold plated, diamonds from rhinestones,        who ever wanted to learn how to juggle. It’s
 and the junk from the jewels. The second class     a great family activity.                          Pilates for the Breast
 covers watches and participants can bring in                                                         Cancer Survivor -             Pg. 10
 their treasure for “Joe’s Road Show.”              Instructor:         Andrew Murphy
                                                    Fee:                $45                           Indoor Boot Camp -            Pg. 10
 Instructor:          Joe Fox                       Limit:              25
 Fee:                 $45
 Limit:               25
                                                    Presenting Yourself                               Stability Ball-Ultimate
                                                    Saturday, May 1, 10 a.m.-1 p.m.                   Core Workout -                Pg. 10
 Magic for Adults
                                                    Do you give or want to give presentations or
 6 Thursdays, begins March 25, 7-8 p.m.
                                                    lectures of any kind? Wouldn’t it be good
                                                                                                      Youth Hip Hop -               Pg. 15
 You will learn a wide range of “close up”          to know how you are coming across to your
 magic, from self working tricks to slight of       audience and to feel at ease? With this class     Hip Hop (12-17 yrs.) -        Pg. 15
 hand. You will also learn how to make your         you can discover a new angle to yourself and
 magic more entertaining, and how to group          at the same time learn what others see and
 your tricks into a logical routine. Magic                                                            Polynesian Dance Teens -      Pg. 16
                                                    take in about you. Become aware of what
 will be performed with cards, coins, rubber        other messages you are sending apart from the
 bands and items found in the home and social       obvious, spoken ones. It’s the HOW and not        Hawaiian Dance for
 settings. This is a beginner class, but those of   only the WHAT that counts. Use your voice;        Children Ages 5-10 -          Pg. 16
 any skill level are welcome.                       learn how to work with it to your intention and
                                                    advantage. Discover how you communicate
 Instructor:          Scott Brown                   with your body; learn its language and so
                                                                                                      Monarchs Galore -             Pg. 16
 Fee:                 $60                           much more about yourself. We will work
 Limit:               15                            with feedback, breathing techniques, etc.         Creative Acting for Kids -    Pg. 16
                                                    Bring a few short texts (5 minutes long), be
                                                    open and prepared to discover and use all         Money Matters for Children - Pg. 16
                                                    your potential and abilities.

                                                    Instructor:         Regina Ebinal,                Screenplay Writing -          Pg. 18
                                                                        professional singer, and
                                                                        instructor from Germany       German for Travelers
                                                    Fee:                $40                           and Conversation -            Pg. 18
                                                    Limit:              10

22 - Potpourri / Summer Classes (Spring / Summer)                                            Keyword: tickets
       Important Information
 Registration                                                                                         From Kenosha - Access from 30th Avenue
                                                                                                      (Wood Road), 22nd Avenue, Sheridan Road
 Register online at Keyword:                                                              (Highway 32), or Highway 31.
 tickets. Register early, as class sizes are          Weather Cancellation
 limited. Class limits are listed at the end of                                                       From Racine - Access from Highway 31,
 each course description.                             If there is inclement weather, Mini Courses
                                                      follows the University policy. When UW-         Highway 32, or Meachem Road (Highway
                                                      Parkside classes are cancelled, Mini Course     Y).
 Class Sizes and Waiting Lists                        classes will be cancelled. Please check
 Classes with less than required minimums             our website at or call our          By Local Bus - Kenosha Transit serves the
 may be cancelled at the discretion of the            information line at 262-595-2345. News          campus. For schedules and route information,
 University. A full refund will be made if the        of UW-Parkside closures also will air on        call 262-653-4287.
 University of Wisconsin-Parkside cancels a           television and radio.
 class.                                                                                               Parking
                                                      Where To Find Your Class                       There are two options for parking in UW-P
 Once a class becomes full a waiting list will
 be created. If there are enough students on the      Your registration ticket provides the location lots to make your Mini Course experience the
 waiting another class session may be added.          of your class, however the location can best it can be.
 If a student withdraws from the original class       sometimes change. Please confirm the class
 the first person on the wait list will be notified   location prior to class by calling 262-595- Parking Permits - A parking permit will
 of the opening.                                      2307 or going to keyword: provided for all registered Mini Course
                                                      tickets.                                       patrons. This permit will be sent in the mail
                                                                                                     along with your Mini Course tickets. The
 Classes with Prerequisites                                                                          parking permit will be valid only on the
                                                      Special Note for Food Classes                  date(s) of your class and MUST be displayed
 When classes are offered more than once,
 all dates are listed in the description and          If you have food allergies of any kind and are on your rear view mirror. Permit users are
 separated by the word “or”. Please read              taking classes involving food, we encourage restricted from using meters reserved spots.
 the dates and descriptions carefully when            you to call ahead for the menus.               REMINDER: This parking permit is only for
 registering. For some classes, prerequisites                                                        use in specified lots, it is not valid in Ranger
 are required (e,g,– Spanish 3 & 4 requires           Class Evaluations                              Hall or University Apartment lots.
 the prerequisites of Spanish 1 & 2 or their          We want to hear from you! Your input and
 equivalent before registering). Call if you                                                          Metered Parking - Most parking lots have
                                                      feed back are invaluable to our program.        parking meters available. Bring some extra
 have any questions.                                  Evaluations are now online. In addition to      quarters along just in case. Metered parking
                                                      classroom evaluation given out at the last      is enforced until 6:30 p.m. and has a 2-hour
 Refunds                                              class session we now offer online evaluations   time limit. Permit users are prohibited from
 Course refunds are offered only under select         at keyword: tickets.                parking in metered stalls.
 circumstances. If a class is cancelled due to
 low enrollment, full refunds will be issued by       Special Accommodations to                       Bookstore
 the University. You may choose to cancel your        Attend a Mini Course
 registration at least 5 business days in advance                                                 For classes requiring books, contact the
 of a class for a full refund. No refunds will be     Please notify us at 262.595-2307 or UW-Parkside bookstore at 262-595-2301 or
 provided within 5 business days, after a class       email: prior to visit them online at Keyword:
 has started, or at the conclusion of a class.        registering for the Mini Course if you need bookstore.
 Please read each course description carefully        accommodations.
 and call the Campus Concierge Desk (262-
 595-2307) with any questions on course               Directions to Campus
 design, instructors, curriculum, or structure        From Milwaukee - Interstate 94 south to
 prior to registering.                                Highway E in Kenosha County. East 4 miles.

                                                      From Chicago - I-94 north to Highway E.
                                                      East 4 miles.

                                                      From Madison - I-94 to Milwaukee, I-894
                                                      bypass (Chicago exit), I-94 south to Highway
                                                      E in Kenosha County. East 4 miles. Keyword: tickets                                                    Important Information (Spring / Summer) -23
                                                                                                                                         U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                                         Milwaukee, WI
                  900 Wood Road • P.O. Box 2000                                                                                          Permit No 1071
                  Kenosha, WI 53141-2000
                  128 G16 3070

                                             Advanced Registration Required for all Classes
Name ______________________________________________                                 Course Title(s)                                      Fee

Address ____________________________________________                                _______________________________                      _______________

City _______________________________________________                                _______________________________                    _______________

State _______________ Zip Code _______________________                              _______________________________                    _______________

E-mail _____________________________________________                                _______________________________
                                                                                                               Total                   _______________

Day Phone _________________________________________                                 Payment Method:

Evening Phone ______________________________________                                   Check Payable to UW-Parkside

TO REGISTER                                                                            MC                 Visa                Discover
Online: Keyword: Tickets
                                                                                    Card # _____________________________________________
By Mail : University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Mini Course, Student Center • 900 Wood Road, PO Box 2000
                                                                                    Expiration Date ______________________________________
Kenosha, WI 53141-2000
By Fax: 262-595-2202                                                                Signature ___________________________________________
By Phone: 262-595-2307, Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
                                                                                    FOR INFORMATION ONLY
In Person: Student Center Concierge Desk
                                                                                    For information and suggestions, or to receive a brochure
You must be registered before the first session of the course.
                                                                                    call 262-595-2277.
A full refund will be made if the University of Wisconsin-Parkside cancels a class or if the class is full at the time your registration is received.
Students receive a full refund if withdrawal request is received at least five business days prior to start of class.

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