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         Broadcom MASTERS
         2011 Semifinalists

About Broadcom MASTERS
The Broadcom MASTERS™ (Math, Applied Science, Technology, and Engineering for Rising
Stars), a program of Society for Science & the Public, is a national science, technology,
engineering, and math competition for U.S. 6th, 7th, and 8th graders that inspires and
encourages the nation’s young scientists, engineers and innovators.

About Broadcom Foundation and Broadcom Corporation
Broadcom Foundation was founded to inspire and enable young people throughout
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through partnerships with local schools, colleges, universities and non-profit organizations.
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About Society for Science & the Public
Society for Science & the Public (SSP) is one of the oldest nonprofit organizations in the U.S.
dedicated to public engagement in science and science education. Established in 1921,
SSP is a membership organization dedicated to building understanding and appreciation of
science and the vital role it plays in human advancement.

Through its acclaimed education competitions and its award-winning publications,
Science News and Science News for Kids, SSP is committed to inform, educate, and inspire.
For 70 years, SSP education programs have inspired generations of science enthusiasts,
including Nobel Laureates, National Medal of Science recipients, and nearly 100,000 other
distinguished program alumni. The Society believes that educating and inspiring the young
scientists of tomorrow, whose vision will usher in new solutions to global challenges, is vital to
the common future. Learn more at
Broadcom MASTERS 2011 Semifinalists 2
                           2011 Broadcom MASTERS Semifinalists
Students are listed in order by state, fair, and city of school based on information provided by each student
in their entry. Students listed under the state fair may also have qualified through their regional fair. Students
conducting team projects were eligible, but each student individually entered and was judged based on
the submitted written entry. The grade listed for each student is from Spring 2011 when they qualified at their
science fair.

Northeast Arkansas Regional Science Fair (USAR04)
Jonesboro                Douglas MacArthur Junior High School
                         Sara Jean Sustich (Grade 8)
                         How Sweet It Is?

Central Arkansas Regional Science Fair (USAR05)
Little Rock               LISA Academy West
                          Nimit Rajesh Gandhi (Grade 8)
                          The Effect of Milk Fat on the Growth of Lactobacillus

                               Sarthak Garg (Grade 8)
                               The Effect of Pesticides on the Proteins and Morphology of Brine Shrimp

                               Qingkai Li (Grade 8)
                               How Does Resveratrol Inhibit Myeloma Growth?

                               Ray Li (Grade 8)
                               Cell Phone Radiation

                               Mingjia Wu (Grade 7)
                               Stability of Pigments in Grape Juice

Southern Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Fair (USAZ03)
Tucson                    Academy of Math and Science
                          Nicole Elisabeth Kerrigan (Grade 6)
                          Voltage as a Function of Electrolyte Acid Concentration in a Zinc/Copper/
                          Acetic Acid Battery

                               Casas Christian School
                               Juliana Joy Martinez (Grade 6)
                               What’s the Buzz?

                               Desert Sky Middle School
                               Matthew Edward Hill (Grade 7)
                               Pollution: Is There a Prickly Solution?

                               Doolen Middle School
                               Meagan Alanna Bethel (Grade 8)
                               Caught on Camera: A Longitudinal Study and Regional Comparison of the
                               Wild Cat Population of Southern Arizona and Northern Mexico

                               Shelby Chi Yuan (Grade 8)
                               Got Nitrate? What Setting and Cleaning Method for Vegetables Will Keep
                               their Nitrate Levels the Lowest?
                                                                                            Broadcom MASTERS 2011 Semifinalists 3
Orange County Science and Engineering Fair (USCA01)
Anaheim                 Fairmont Private School Anaheim
                        Sonam Hitesh Patel (Grade 8)
                        Catalytic Conquest: Exploring the Effect of Temperature, Hydrogen
                        Peroxide Concentration, and Alcohol on Catalase Kinetics

Garden Grove                            Orange Crescent School
                                        Aamna Jehan Abbasi (Grade 8)
                                        Let’s Get Drastic with Plastic!

Irvine                                  Ranch San Joaquin Middle School
                                        Hari Garg (Grade 7)
                                        Can Fibronectin in our Body Affect Cell Spread and Stop the
                                        Spread of Cancer?

                                        South Lake Middle School
                                        Rae Jonah Holcomb (Grade 8)
                                        Sweetness and Light

San Juan Capistrano                     St. Margaret’s Episcopal School
                                        David Charles Weaver (Grade 8)
                                        Winds of Change: A Wind Turbine’s Ability to Power a Car’s Electrical
                                        Components and Reduce Its Carbon Footprint

Santa Ana                               Fairmont Private School Edgewood
                                        Nicholas Kim Ida (Grade 7)
                                        The Impact of Lead Contamination from Shooting Ranges on
                                        Surrounding Environment

Woodside                                Woodside Elementary School
                                        Daniel Jorgen Feeny (Grade 8)
                                        Are Waves the Dominant Force Driving Diversity in the Intertidal Zone?

Los Angeles County Science and Engineering Fair (USCA02)
Chatsworth               Sierra Canyon Middle School
                         Nathan Christopher Le (Grade 6)
                         Which Aquatic Plant Will Reduce the Most Amount of Nitrate?

La Canada-Flintridge                    La Canada High School
                                        Alice Ruilin Zhai (Grade 8)
                                        Bad for One, or Bad for All?: A Cancer Genome Anatomy Project

Los Angeles                             Ralph Waldo Emerson Middle School
                                        Ryan J. Eveloff (Grade 6)
                                        Geothermal Cooling: Energy Savings Grounded in Fact

Placerville                             Sky Mountain Charter School
                                        Zachary Patrick Sercel (Grade 6)
                                        Your Morning Cup of Coffee! Solubility of Caffeine in
                                        Various Organic Solvents

Broadcom MASTERS 2011 Semifinalists 4
South Pasadena            South Pasadena Middle School
                          Glenda Chen (Grade 8)
                          “C-ing” the Hot Potato: Using Iodine Titration to Measure the Effect of
                          Different Microwave Settings on Ascorbic Acid Content

Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair (USCA05)
Carlsbad                 Pacific Ridge School
                         Alexandra Nicole Vredenburgh
                         (Grade 8)
                         Adolescent Coping: What Factors Contribute to Teenage Eating Disorders?

San Diego                 Thurgood Marshall Middle School
                          Crystal Rennae Poole (Grade 8)
                          The Melting Point: A Study of Ingredients in Buttercream Icing

                          Wangenheim Middle School
                          Brandon Kekoa Lim (Grade 8)
                          Which Children’s Toys Can Damage a Child’s Hearing?

Synopsys Silicon Valley Science and Technology Championship (USCA07)
Cupertino                  Sam H. Lawson Middle School
                           Maya Varma (Grade 7)
                           BrakeTime: A Smart Traffic Alert and Control System for Manually-Driven
                           and Autonomous Vehicles

San Jose                  Carden Day School of San Jose
                          Benjamin J. Ma (Grade 6)
                          How to Fly a Coconut without the Aid of a Swallow (African or European)

                          Stratford Middle School
                          Priya Choudhary (Grade 7)
                          Biodiesel: How Viable

                          Anish Seshadri (Grade 6)
                          Dye Sensitized Solar Cells and Everyday Foods

                          The Harker School
                          Sneha Shri Bhetanabhotla (Grade 6)
                          A Study of Osmotic Energy

                          Nikash Dev Shankar (Grade 8)
                          Striking a Blow for Alzheimer’s: Role of ApoE Mediated Inflammatory
                          Pathways on Tau Phosphorylation

Sunnyvale                 Challenger School, Sunnyvale
                          Anjini Karthik (Grade 7)
                          Green Gold: Maximizing Algal Biomass Production of Chlorella and
                          Scenedesmus for Use in Biofuel

                          Anin Sayana (Grade 7)
                          Discovery of the 2,4-Diaminopyrimidine as a Novel Therapeutic Solution
                          for c-Fms and TNF Induced Rheumatoid Arthritis

                                                                                Broadcom MASTERS 2011 Semifinalists 5
                                        Peterson Middle School
                                        Shashank H. Dholakia (Grade 6)
                                        What Affects Transpiration the Most: Light or Temperature?

                                        Tanay Tandon (Grade 8)
                                        A System for Removal of Pathogenic Water Borne Microorganisms
                                        Implementing Novel Electrolysis Based Techniques

Contra Costa County Regional Science Fair (USCA08)
Antioch                  Holy Rosary
                         Matthew Charles VanderKlugt (Grade 8)
                         Hot n’ Cold: What Is the Best Roof Material and Color for Efficient Heating
                         and Cooling

Monterey County Science and Engineering Fair (USCA12)
Salinas                 Buena Vista Middle School
                        Kapil Sinha (Grade 7)
                        Bugs-B-Gone: Aphid Control through Homemade (Organic) Remedies

California State Science Fair (USCA50)
Anaheim                    Acaciawood College Preparatory Academy
                           Anna J. Lou (Grade 6)
                           Position or Piece: Computer Simulation and Study of the Strategy Board
                           Game Blokus

Bakersfield                             Valley Oaks Charter School
                                        Samuel Z. Lang (Grade 8)
                                        A Comparison of the Effects of Household Wastes vs. Commercial Bedding
                                        in Vermiculture on E. fetida and L. rubellus

Cupertino                               John F. Kennedy Middle School
                                        Nilay Sanjay Sawant (Grade 6)
                                        The Effect of Microwaving, Heat and Sunlight on Vitamin C

Kentfield                               Adeline E. Kent Middle School
                                        Jeremy Alexander Rafner (Grade 8)
                                        Winglets in Wind Tunnels: What Is the Affect of Winglets on Lift and
                                        Drag of Aircraft Wings?

Oak Park                                Medea Creek Middle School
                                        Shruti Aggarwal (Grade 8)
                                        Is it a Match? Image Resolution and Its Impact on Face Recognition

Palo Alto                               Challenger School, Middlefield
                                        Kriti Lall (Grade 8)
                                        A Study of Mutant Algae for Hydrogen Production

Rancho Palos Verdes                     Saint John Fisher Parish School
                                        Braeden Christopher Benedict (Grade 8)
                                        It’s a Liquid. It’s a Solid. It’s Super Fluid!: Effect of Material Composition on
                                        the Shear Strength Yield Point of Magnetorheological Fluids

Broadcom MASTERS 2011 Semifinalists 6
Riverside                 Earhart Middle School
                          Saumya Ramadugu Keremane (Grade 8)
                          Biochemical Analysis of Color Development in Citrus

                          Woodcrest Christian Middle School
                          Justin Lee Myhre (Grade 7)
                          Fox’s Response to Territorial Markings

San Jose                  Challenger School, Strawberry Park
                          Namrata Ramya Balasingam (Grade 8)
                          The Physics of the Party Balloon: On Laplace’s Law, Nonlinear Elasticity,
                          and Their Uses in Physiology and Medicine

                          Joaquin Miller Middle School
                          Nitya Mani (Grade 8)
                          Can Jatropha Oil Be Converted into a Usable and Cost-Efficient Green
                          Alternative Fuel?

                          The Harker School
                          Sriram Somasundaram (Grade 8)
                          Curry Alleviates Stomach Pain: How Curcumin Inhibits Helicobacter Pylori,
                          Affects Probiotics, and Enhances Iron Absorption

                          Steven Michael Wang (Grade 8)
                          Nanophotothermolysis: Intense Pulsed Light Treatment with Targeted Gold
                          Nanoparticles for Colorectal Cancer Therapy Modeled by Monte Carlo

Santa Cruz                Mission Hill Middle School
                          Hailey Caroline Loehde-Woolard (Grade 8)
                          Saccharification of Cellulose to Produce Cellulosic Ethanol, a Two-Year
                          Study: Pretreatment and Next Generation Enzymes

Stockton                  Elkhorn Middle School
                          Julie Ann Fukunaga (Grade 7)
                          Weedfinder: An Eco-friendly Herbicide Sprayer

Tracy                     Tom Hawkins School
                          Isabelle Dawn de Wood (Grade 7)
                          Under the Sun: Measuring Ultraviolet Irradiance and Determining Sun
                          Protectant Barriers Effectiveness in Reducing UV Exposure

Visalia                   Grace Christian School
                          Steven Sage Higginbotham (Grade 6)
                          All You Can Find Antlers

San Luis Valley Regional Science Fair, Inc. (USCO01)
Salida                     Salida Middle School
                           Kelsey Elayne Lovell Lindbloom (Grade 7)
                           Kitchen Wars

                                                                                Broadcom MASTERS 2011 Semifinalists 7
Pikes Peak Regional Science Fair (USCO04)
Colorado Springs          The Classical Academy
                          Karin Renee Smith (Grade 8)
                          Stealth Missiles? Threat Eliminated!

Roche Colorado Regional Science Fair (USCO09)
Boulder                  Boulder Country Day School
                         Evan Liam Savage (Grade 6)
                         Improving Train Aerodynamics

Denver Metro Regional Science and Engineering Fair (USCO10)
Castle Rock               American Academy
                          Kelcey Lynn Beckman (Grade 8)
                          Visual Abnormalities and the Comparison of Paper Based and Computer
                          Based Testing Using Color as the Variable

Colorado Science and Engineering Fair (USCO50)
Colorado Springs        Challenger Middle School
                        Lily Molly Harris (Grade 8)
                        A Risky Experiment: Does Your Grandpa Know More than
                        You Do about Risk?

                                        North Middle School
                                        Emma C. Frantz (Grade 8)
                                        Viscosity’s Effect on Liquid Mediated Adhesion

                                        The Classical Academy
                                        Kendra Frieden (Grade 7)
                                        Pivotal Decisions in Solar Energy

                                        Aleesa Nicole Muir (Grade 7)
                                        Analyzing the Deteriorating Effects of Acid Precipitation on
                                        Natural Landscaping

Denver                                  Good Shepherd Catholic School
                                        Eleanor (Ellie) Eve Mackintosh (Grade 6)
                                        Save Face

Fort Collins                            Preston Middle School
                                        Ethan Cooper Coldren (Grade 8)
                                        Can You Predict the Weather by Watching Birds?

Connecticut State Science Fair (USCT50)
Danbury                   Saint Joseph School
                          Janine Alysa Kerr (Grade 8)
                          Outbreak! Measuring the Modes and Transmission Rates of a
                          Human Viral Epidemic

Broadcom MASTERS 2011 Semifinalists 8
Madison                   Our Lady of Mercy
                          Andrew Robert Muckle (Grade 8)
                          If Fire Protection Is Your Intention, The Right Alarm Will Help You
                          Avoid Harm

Newtown                   St. Rose of Lima School
                          Haley Morgan Ryan (Grade 8)
                          Improved Process for Bioremediation of Oil Contaminated Seawater

Southington               St. Thomas School
                          Caleigh Marie Waskowicz (Grade 7)
                          Well Depth and Contamination

Thomas Alva Edison Kiwanis Science and Engineering Fair (USFL05)
Boca Grande              Enoch Home Educators
                         Alex David Roman (Grade 8)
                         Why Does the Sun Experience an Eleven Year Solar Cycle?

Fort Myers                Canterbury School
                          Jay Sai Chandar (Grade 6)
                          Do Magnets Make Animal Cells Grow Faster?

Northeast Florida Regional Science and Engineering Fair (USFL10)
Jacksonville               Darnell-Cookman Middle/High School
                           Tiffany Jeanette Hoeckelberg (Grade 8)
                           What Is the Effect of Ammonia on the Amount of
                           Extractable DNA of an Onion?

South Brevard Science and Engineering Fair (USFL13)
Melbourne                Stone Middle School
                         Cleo Savannah Koenig (Grade 8)
                         Improving the Functionality of the Geobot: An Automated Geological
                         Sample Identification System

                          Ivanna Linnette Rocha (Grade 8)
                          A Multigenerational Study on the Effects of Cell Phone Radiation on the
                          Development of the Friut Fly, Drosophila melanogaster

                          Shiloh Sooklal (Grade 8)
                          The Effects of Lavender Oil on the Growth of Fountain Grass
                          Pennisetum setaceum

West Melbourne            Central Middle School
                          Christina Nicole Kidd (Grade 8)
                          Can I Manipulate Particles Emitted from Radioactive Decay?

Brevard Intracoastal Regional Science and Engineering Fair (USFL14)
Satellite Beach           DeLaura Middle School
                          Morgan Jane Havel (Grade 8)
                          Underwater Turbine Blade Texture

                                                                                 Broadcom MASTERS 2011 Semifinalists 9
South Florida Science and Engineering Fair (USFL15)
Miami                     George Washington Carver Middle School
                          Orko Sarkar (Grade 8)
                          Spikes in Spills

Miami Shores                             Saint Rose of Lima Catholic School
                                         Kiara Andria Bodnieks (Grade 8)
                                         Lenz’s Law Eddy Currents

Big Springs Regional Science Fair (USFL16)
The Villages               The Villages Charter Middle School
                           Elizabeth Rose Fairchild (Grade 6)
                           Can Vermicompost Help Florida’s Soil Become Nutrient Rich and
                           Retain Water?

Seminole County Regional Science, Math and Engineering Fair (USFL23)
Sanford                  Sanford Middle School
                         Nikhil Sanjay Patel (Grade 6)
                         DEFROST: Designing an Environmentally Friendly Recycler of the Sun’s
                         Thermal Energy

Martin County Regional Science and Engineering Fair (USFL25)
Stuart                    Stuart Middle School
                          Nathaniel Thomas Dodsworth (Grade 7)
                          Liquid Life: Desalinization for Survival

Capital Regional Science and Engineering Fair (USFL26)
Tallahassee               Maclay College Preparatory School
                          Marielle Ninon Claudette Scheffers (Grade 8)
                          The Effects of Ginger on Yeast

Brevard Mainlands Regional Science and Engineering (USFL28)
Melbourne                Ascension Catholic School
                         Alexander Bakshi (Grade 8)
                         Tsunami Protective Barriers

Palm Beach County Science and Engineering Fair (USFL29)
West Palm Beach         Arthur I. Meyer Jewish Academy
                        Josh Hellerstein (Grade 8)
                        Does a Parabola or a Fresnel Lens Turn a Stirling Engine Faster?

                                         Bak Middle School of the Arts
                                         Jessica Nicole Hamorsky (Grade 8)
                                         Fight with Flight

                                         Conniston Middle School
                                         Preston L.C. Kirschner (Grade 7)
                                         Creating Energy from the Municipal Water Supply

Clay Rotary Regional Science and Engineering Fair (USFL35)
Fleming Island            Thunderbolt Elementary School
                          Alexandra Dorine Jesperson (Grade 6)
                          Heads Up: A Ping Pong Catapult
Broadcom MASTERS 2011 Semifinalists 10
Green Cove Springs       Lake Asbury Junior High School
                         Haley Elise Yacavone (Grade 8)
                         The Effects of Different Fingerprint Lifting Techniques on Textured Surfaces

Orange Park              Lakeside Junior High School
                         Alexander Joseph Negron (Grade 8)
                         Defying Gravity with Electricity

                         Orange Park Junior High School
                         Edmund James Denfeld (Grade 7)
                         Humans vs. Mother Earth

State Science and Engineering Fair of Florida — Ying Scholars (USFL50)
Gainesville              Abraham Lincoln Middle School
                         Ayaz Ahmed Khan (Grade 8)
                         Comparison of Combustion Exotherms for Biodiesel Fuel from Various
                         Vegetable Oil Sources

                         Howard W. Bishop Middle School
                         Meenakshi Bose (Grade 8)
                         Comparative Study of Razadyne and Namenda on Alzheimer’s Precursor
                         Protein 695

                         Millhopper Montessori School
                         Jacqueline Grace Kessler (Grade 8)
                         Do Female Guppies Prefer Unfamiliar Males or Socially-Familiar Females?

Lakeland                 Resurrection Catholic School
                         Andrew Kenneth Noonan (Grade 8)
                         HHO Cell: A Wave Form Study

North Miami Beach        Highland Oaks Middle School
                         Nicole Brooke Odzer (Grade 7)
                         Will Aquatic Habitats Survive Man’s Carelessness? The Effect of
                         Louisiana Crude Oil and Corexit 9500 Chemical Dispersant on
                         Montastrea cavernosa Corals

Ocala                    Osceola Middle School
                         Cassandra Shae Mosley (Grade 8)
                         Left or Right Handed? The Study of Chiral Molecules

                         Jacob Austin Mosley (Grade 6)
                         Plant Pigment Analysis Using Gel Electrophoresis

Palm Beach Gardens       The Weiss School
                         Maria Elena Grimmett (Grade 7)
                         H2Oh No: Pharmaceuticals Are in my Groundwater!
                         Removing Sulfamethazine with Hypercrosslinked Adsorbents

Panama City              Bay Haven Charter Academy
                         Shixuan Justin Li (Grade 7)
                         Feng Shui Generator

                                                                               Broadcom MASTERS 2011 Semifinalists 11
Tallahassee                              Maclay College Preparatory School
                                         Aneesh Rahangdale (Grade 7)
                                         “Steeling” Aluminum By Design

                                         Kendall Marie Schmidt (Grade 8)
                                         Spectral Quality of Light Modulates Behavior in a Songbird

Tampa                                    Adams Middle School
                                         Margaret Katherine Parrish (Grade 7)
                                         The Relationship Between the pH Levels and the Source Regions of
                                         West Central Florida Rainfall

Vero Beach                               Gifford Middle School
                                         Evan Cliff MacKay (Grade 8)
                                         The Effects of Microwaves on Kitchen Sponge Microbes

Rockdale Regional Science and Engineering Fair (USGA12)
Conyers                  Memorial Middle School
                         Carlan Anthony Ivey (Grade 8)
                         Solar Cosmic Rays: How Does Solar Weather Affect Muon Counts in
                         Earth’s Stratosphere?

Georgia State Science and Engineering Fair (USGA50)
Atlanta                  Henderson Middle School
                         Sang-Chan Kim (Grade 8)
                         Analyzing Photon Radiation from Different Colors: What Colored Paper
                         Absorbs and Re-emits the Most Photons Per Second?

Johns Creek                              River Trail Middle School
                                         Vikram Srinivas Varadarajan (Grade 8)
                                         Can We Trust the Label of a Drink Container?

Hawaii District Science and Engineering Fair (USHI05)
Hilo                       Hilo Intermediate School
                           Jordan Roy Kamimura (Grade 8)
                           Added Value...or Added Cost?: Is High Protein Dry Dog Food a More
                           Cost-Effective Food Source than Commercial Grade Fish Food for Tilapia?

Windward District Science and Engineering Fair (USHI06)
Kailua                    Kailua Intermediate School
                          Robert Tanner Heckman (Grade 8)
                          Corals Tumors, Parrotfish Predation and Bacteria

Hawaii State Science and Engineering Fair (USHI50)
Kailua-Kona               Kealakehe Intermediate School
                          Sabrina Lynne Pike (Grade 7)
                          How Does Volcanic Acid Rain Effect Kona Coffee
                          (Coffea arabica) Growth?

Broadcom MASTERS 2011 Semifinalists 12
Kamuela                    Parker School
                           Davy Sam Ragland (Grade 8)
                           Artificial Intelligence: Predator vs. Prey

Wailuku                    Iao Intermediate School
                           Matthew Thomas Sturm (Grade 8)
                           Frictionless Floating Train, Part Two

Eastern Iowa Science and Engineering Fair (USIA01)
Donnellson                Central Lee Middle School
                          Wesley Cail Weirather (Grade 8)
                          Binary Error Correction II

Chicago Public Schools Student Science Fair (USIL01)
Chicago                   Canter Middle School
                          Sebastian Kulakkattolickal Augusthy (Grade 8)
                          Effect of Garcinia cambogia Extract Concentrations on Bacterial Growth

Heart of Illinois Science and Engineering Fair (USIL03)
Dunlap                       Dunlap Valley Middle School
                             Sarah S. Xu (Grade 7)
                             Which Hemisphere Is Dominant for Processing Visual Memory?

Illinois Junior Academy of Science Region V Science and Engineering Fair (USIL06)
Geneva                      St. Peter School
                            Thomas J. Ridge, Jr. (Grade 8)
                            The Cutting Edge

Northeastern Indiana Regional Science and Engineering Fair (USIN04)
Fort Wayne                St. Jude Catholic School
                          Sergio-Steven Matthew Cobos
                          (Grade 8)
                          Gas Chromatography — Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Microalgae
                          Grown in Different Solutions of Treated Effluent Wastewater: In an Effort to
                          Grow the Highest Oil Yielding Microalgae for Use in Biofuel

                           Summit Middle School
                           Nirupama Devanathan (Grade 7)
                           Cancer Genes

Calumet Regional Science Fair (USIN05)
Dyer                     Kahler Middle School
                         Nathan Holden Jackson (Grade 6)
                         The Prism Effect on Solar Energy

Central Indiana Regional Science and Engineering Fair (USIN06)
Fishers                   Eman Schools
                          Mohammed Amir Sankari (Grade 6)
                          Does Harnessing UV Rays using a Funnel Cooker Eliminate
                          Vibrio cholerae?
                                                                                 Broadcom MASTERS 2011 Semifinalists 13
East Central Indiana Regional Science Fair (USIN07)
Kokomo                     Redeemer Lutheran School
                           Carley Danielle Berg (Grade 7)
                           Fiber Optics: Plastic or Glass?

Louisville Regional Science Fair (USKY02)
Goshen                     North Oldham Middle School
                           Caroline Nicole Harrison (Grade 8)
                           Comparative Ballistics of .30 Caliber Projectiles at Extreme Velocities

Louisville                               Saint Francis of Assisi
                                         Jeremy Taylor Borden (Grade 7)
                                         Exploring the Effects of Antibiotics in Wound Healing

Central Kentucky Regional Science and Engineering Fair (USKY05)
Lexington                 Beaumont Middle School
                          Sahil Nair (Grade 8)
                          Up in the Air: How Winglets and Other Wingtip Devices Affect
                          Aircraft Performance

                                         Joanna Holly Slusarewicz (Grade 7)
                                         Objects’ Effects on the Perception of Color

Kentucky Science and Engineering Fair (USKY50)
Louisville              St. Francis of Assisi
                        Katherine Geneva Harris (Grade 8)
                        Investigating Arsenic’s Role as a Carcinogen

Bossier Parish Community College Louisiana Region I Science and Engineering Fair (USLA02)
Shreveport                Caddo Middle Magnet
                          Neil F. Nathan (Grade 8)
                          Cleaning Up The Oil Spill: A New Method

Louisiana Region V Science and Engineering Fair (USLA05)
Lake Charles              Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School
                          Emily Jeanne Hart (Grade 7)
                          A Change of Heart-Investigating the Effects of Human Cardioactive Drugs
                          on the invertebrate, Daphnia magna

Louisiana Region IV Science Fair (USLA07)
Alexandria                Alexandria Country Day School
                          Logan Cade Brown (Grade 8)
                          Cruising with the Temp

Anne Arundel County Regional Science and Engineering Fair (USMD01)
Hanover                 Chesapeake Science Point Public Charter School
                        Jack Thomas Andraka (Grade 8)
                        A Comparative Study of the Toxicity of Nano and Bulk Metal Oxides on
                        Vibrio fischeri and Daphnia magna

Broadcom MASTERS 2011 Semifinalists 14
                          Sandra Sandeep (Grade 7)
                          Light vs. Dark: The Quantum Showdown

Severna Park              St. John the Evangelist School
                          Laura Elizabeth McKernan (Grade 7)
                          Is Using a Hands-free Cell Phone while Driving Safe?

Frederick County Science and Engineering Fair (USMD02)
Herndon, VA              Nysmith School for the Gifted
                         Alexis Nicole Keating (Grade 8)
                         The Shining

Ijamsville                Urbana Middle School
                          Madison Nicole Hively (Grade 7)
                          Carbon Monoxide: Stop The Silent Killer

ScienceMontgomery (USMD03)
Germantown            Roberto Clemente Middle School
                      Siddharth Nayak (Grade 7)
                      Save the World, Use More Bioplastics . . .

                          Frederick H. Xu (Grade 6)
                          Water Quality Study of the Milestone Pond and Stream System

Rockville                 Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School
                          Nina Gabrielle Simpkins (Grade 8)
                          The Dehydration of Sugar: An Alternative Non-Polluting Energy Source

                          Parkland Magnet Middle School for Aerospace Technology
                          Shubham Chattopadhyay (Grade 8)
                          Are Montgomery County Residents Polluting the Night Sky?

Charles County Science Fair (USMD04)
Waldorf                  Theodore G. Davis Middle School
                         Maya Abbas Omais (Grade 6)
                         Aquatic Plants vs. Pesticides

Prince George’s Area Science Fair (USMD05)
Lexington Park            Spring Ridge Middle School
                          Quinn Haley Alsheimer (Grade 7)
                          Can You Hear Me Now?

Massachusetts Region V Science Fair (USMA01)
Brockton                 Plouffe Academy
                         Condrea Deng Zhuang (Grade 8)
                         Paper and Fibers

Dover                     Dover-Sherborn Middle School
                          Kaitlyn Nicole Gallitano (Grade 8)
                          Coloring Your Memory

                                                                                 Broadcom MASTERS 2011 Semifinalists 15
Newton                                   Newton Country Day School of the Sacred Heart
                                         Madeline Eleanor Westover (Grade 8)
                                         The Water Dog

Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair (USMA50)
Allston                   Jackson Mann K–8 School
                          Nathan Han (Grade 6)
                          A Study of Somatic Sensory Receptive Fields in Human Skin

Andover                                  Andover West Middle School
                                         Olinah Hassan (Grade 7)
                                         All Hail to the Greenhouse!

                                         Beatrice Jane Ward (Grade 7)
                                         All Hail to the Greenhouse! A Study of which Method Best Keeps a
                                         Greenhouse Warm

Mansfield                                St. Mary’s Catholic School
                                         Emily Marie Sarkisian (Grade 8)
                                         The Relationship Between Space Weather and GPS Accuracy

Marlborough                              Advanced Math and Science Academy Charter School
                                         Amol Dilip Punjabi (Grade 7)
                                         An in vitro Analysis of Antibiotic Resistance in S. marcescens

Taunton                                  Benjamin A. Friedman Middle School
                                         Amy Elizabeth Santos (Grade 7)
                                         Ibuprofen Investigation: How Does Acidic pH Affect the Dissolution of
                                         Different Types of Non-prescription Ibuprofen Analgesics?

Westborough                              Sarah W. Gibbons Middle School
                                         Vivek Subramaniam (Grade 8)
                                         Wind Turbine Blade Efficiency

                                         Richard Ruicheng Zhu (Grade 7)
                                         Hydrogel: Its Properties and Applications

Science and Engineering Fair of Metro Detroit Inc. (USMI02)
Beverly Hills            Detroit Country Day Middle School
                         Aarush Garg (Grade 8)
                         Probiotics: Friend or Foe?

Warren                                   Immaculate Conception Ukrainian Catholic School
                                         Stephen Walz (Grade 7)
                                         The Human Body and the Law of Laplace

West Bloomfield                          Orchard Lake Middle School
                                         Mark Vulf Kocherovsky (Grade 6)
                                         What Would Make a Difference in Strengths of Different Materials?

Broadcom MASTERS 2011 Semifinalists 16
                           West Hills Middle School
                           Dee Ann Anthony (Grade 8)
                           Concrete Elasticity

Northeast Minnesota Regional Science Fair (USMN02)
Cloquet                  Cloquet Middle School
                         Madison Marie Pallin (Grade 8)
                         The Effect of a Seven Year Old Rain Garden’s Age on the Water Quality
                         of Spring Creek

South Central/Southwest Minnesota Regional Science and Engineering Fair (USMN03)
Gaylord                   Sibley East - Gaylord Junior High School
                          Jonah Z. Butler (Grade 8)
                          Comparing the Percentages of Cellulose, Glucose, and Ethanol Found
                          in Various Agricultural Waste Products that Have Been Converted to
                          Cellulosic Ethanol Using Enzymes

Lakeville                  All Saints Catholic School
                           Duncan MacDonald Ince (Grade 6)
                           Why So Much Lint?

North Mankato              Garfield Elementary School
                           Joseph Jerome Peterson (Grade 6)
                           Aerodynamics: How Does Shape Affect Air Flow?

St. Peter                  John Ireland Catholic School
                           Ryan John Conlon (Grade 6)
                           Oatstanding Fertilizer

Rochester Regional Science Fair (USMN07)
Rochester                Friedell Middle School
                         Michelle Elisabeth Marie Campeau (Grade 8)
                         Honey: The Natural Cure

Western Suburbs Regional Fair (USMN10)
Eden Prairie              Central Middle School
                          Carolyn Kay Jons (Grade 7)
                          The Effect of Soap Bubble Size on the Insulative Ability of Foams

Minnesota Academy of Science State Fair (USMN50)
Duluth                  Holy Rosary School
                        Tim James Renier (Grade 8)
                        Can a Multi-Factor Hand Hygiene Intervention, Delivered Over Time,
                        Improve Effectiveness of Hand Hygiene and Reduce Absentee Rates from
                        Illness in Middle and Elementary School Students?

Rochester                  Friedell Middle School
                           Roshini Shreya Asirvatham (Grade 7)
                           Cross My Heart and Hope to Get Smarter: Cognitive Benefits of a
                           Yogic Exercise

                                                                                Broadcom MASTERS 2011 Semifinalists 17
                                         Lisa X. Fu (Grade 8)
                                         Medicinal Effects of Dandelions

                                         John Adams Middle School
                                         Alanna Megan Bram (Grade 8)
                                         Regulation of Skin Temperature Using Biofeedback

Saint Paul                               Murray Junior High School
                                         Micaela Jayne Yarosh (Grade 8)
                                         The Sound of Music

Winona                                   Winona Middle School
                                         Teva Raya Klages-Mundt (Grade 8)
                                         The Effects of Blade Angle on Water Turbines

Mississippi Region II Science and Engineering Fair (USMS05)
Cleveland                   Margatert Green Junior High School
                            Manuela Jojoa-Portilla (Grade 8)
                            Efficiency of Chemical Control on the Population of the Mosquito
                            Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae)

Lincoln University Regional Science Fair (USMO02)
Tuscumbia                   Miller County R-III School
                            Matthew Aaron Stockwell (Grade 7)
                            Climbing the Vine: A Study of Two Different Food Sources on
                            Monarch Caterpillar Growth and Development

Greater Kansas City Science and Engineering Fair (USMO04)
Gladstone                 Saint Andrew the Apostle Parish School
                          Thomas Andrew Geisinger (Grade 8)
                          Friction Race

Overland Park                            Harmony Middle School
                                         Suruchi A. Ramanujan (Grade 7)
                                         Biofuel Production Using Mushrooms: Effect of pH and Temperature on the
                                         Efficacy of Cellulobiase Enzyme

                                         Overland Trail Middle School
                                         Jai Han Singh (Grade 7)
                                         The Effects of Light/Dark Cycles on the Intensity of Bioluminescence of
                                         Dinoflagellates P. lunula

Prairie Village                          Briar Academy
                                         Zachary Robert Nason (Grade 8)
                                         An Investigation Concerning the Effect of Gamma Radiation on the Rate of
                                         Germination of Radish Seeds

Broadcom MASTERS 2011 Semifinalists 18
Missouri Tri-County Regional Science and Engineering Fair (USMO05)
St. Peters                 Dr. Bernard J. Dubray Middle School
                           James Thomas Clemens (Grade 7)
                           The Effect of the Way Paper Is Folded on the Amount of
                           Weight It Can Support

Mercer Science and Engineering Fair (USNJ03)
Princeton                Chapin School
                         Simran Geetanjana Suri (Grade 7)
                         Does Cocoa Effect the Melting Point of Chocolate?

Central New Mexico Regional Science and Engineering Challenge (USNM01)
Albuquerque             Albuquerque Christian School
                        Alissa Marie Chavez (Grade 8)
                        The Hot Seat: One Child too Many

New Mexico Science and Engineering Fair (USNM50)
Carlsbad                P. R. Leyva Middle School
                        Lilly Felicia Chiou (Grade 8)
                        How Does pH and Temperature Affect Enzyme Activity in Fruits?

Las Cruces                Sierra Middle School
                          Vlad Sevostianov (Grade 8)
                          Changes in Bone Strength due to Decalcination

Los Alamos                Los Alamos Middle School
                          Coleman J. Kendrick (Grade 7)
                          Computer Simulation of Dark Matter Effects on Galaxy Rotation

Long Island Science and Engineering Fair (USNY02)
Commack                   Commack Middle School
                          Jessy Lin (Grade 8)
                          Go Green!: More Efficient Compostable Plastics

Huntington Station        Stimson Middle School
                          Peter Joseph Guastella (Grade 8)
                          The Relationship of Speed to Frequency Change: A Study of the
                          Doppler Effect

Oceanside                 Oceanside Middle School
                          Alan Jonathon Khaykin (Grade 8)
                          Energy Drinks versus Sports Drinks

                          Robert William Stewart (Grade 8)
                          Energy Drinks versus Sports Drinks

Old Westbury              The Wheatley Schoool
                          Zachary Robert Chorost (Grade 8)
                          The Effect of Oxygen on the Efficiency of the Microbial Fuel Cell

                                                                               Broadcom MASTERS 2011 Semifinalists 19
New York State Science & Engineering Fair (USNY50)
Floral Park               Floral Park Memorial High School
                          Mahesh Tiwari (Grade 7)
                          Testing the Antibacterial Effects of Honey

Elko County Science Fair (USNV01)
Spring Creek               Spring Creek Middle School
                           Benjamin A. Braunstadter (Grade 8)

North Carolina State Science Fair (USNC50)
Asheboro                   South Asheboro Middle School
                           Heather L. Malin (Grade 8)
                           Hydrogen Peroxide: A Key to the Next Frontier

Chapel Hill                              Price Creek Independent School
                                         Andrew C. Blonsky (Grade 7)
                                         Algae the Carbon Sponge: Optimum Temperature for
                                         Chlorella Photosynthesis

Charlotte                                Metrolina Regional Scholars’ Academy
                                         Sunny Potharaju (Grade 8)
                                         Accuracy of a JavaScript Program in Predicting Model Rocket Trajectory

Greensboro                               Northern Guilford Middle School
                                         Thomas Ian Martin (Grade 8)
                                         Ice and Rings: Post Dating Ice Storms through Dendrochronology

Hampstead                                Topsail Middle School
                                         Chad Robert Campbell (Grade 6)
                                         The Debate on Your Plate! Are there Antibiotics Present in the
                                         Meat We Purchase from Local Grocery Stores?

Raleigh                                  St. Timothy’s School
                                         Justin Alexander Barber (Grade 7)
                                         Don’t Blow Your Top!

Swanquarter                              Lake Comfort School
                                         Anne Blythe Davis (Grade 7)
                                         How Does Ambient Water Temperature Affect Winter-Calling Aquatic

Winston-Salem                            Hanes Magnet School
                                         Sofia Mariela Pauca (Grade 6)
                                         Autism in Flies

Southeast Central North Dakota Science and Engineering Fair (USND04)
Wishek                    Wishek High School
                          Sean Michael Loken (Grade 7)
                          BEAM Solar Engine Technology
Broadcom MASTERS 2011 Semifinalists 20
Northeastern Ohio Science and Engineering Fair (USOH02)
Lyndhurst                St. Clare Elementary School
                         Claire Anne Chaikin (Grade 7)
                         Sand Deformation

Middleburg Heights       Academy of Saint Bartholomew
                         Kendra Elizabeth Cundiff (Grade 7)
                         Are High School or Grade School Students’ Backpacks Cleaner?

Shaker Heights           Laurel School
                         Leigh Ann Fairley (Grade 8)
                         Investigating the Ideal Solvent for the Extraction of Oil from Seaweed

Miami Valley Science and Engineering Fair (USOH03)
Beavercreek              Ferguson Middle School
                         Vidur Tenali Prasad (Grade 7)
                         How Does a Tuned Mass Damper Help Skyscrapers against High Winds

Springfield              Ridgewood School
                         Harish Puram Sekhar (Grade 7)
                         Bio-Fuels vs. Fossil Fuels

Tipp City                Tippecanoe Middle School
                         Samantha Paige Rowland (Grade 7)
                         The Effect of Light Type and Spectrum on Pine Needle Abscission

Buckeye Science and Engineering Fair (USOH50)
Akron                   National Inventors Hall of Fame School — Center for Science, Technology,
                        Engineering and Mathematics Learning
                        Adam Gil Ben-Porath (Grade 7)
                        To Share or Not to Share: The Effects of Post-Event Information on the
                        Accuracy of Eyewitness Testimony

Austintown               St. Joseph and Immaculate Heart of Mary School
                         Alyssa Pappas Armstrong (Grade 8)
                         Various Limestones Neutralizing Effect on Acid Mine Drainage

Cleveland                Birchwood School
                         Dhweeja Dasarathy (Grade 6)
                         Energy Content for Protein Synthesis in Germinating Seeds Is Derived from
                         Stored Starch and Fat

Columbus                 Saint Agatha School
                         Oliver Stephen Schroeder (Grade 7)
                         The Effect of Donut Magnets on Plant Germination and Plant Growth

Marysville               Bunsold Middle School
                         Morgan Tyler Kessler (Grade 7)
                         Bio Flow or No Go: Does Soy Biodiesel Viscosity Differ from No. 2 Petro
                         Diesel Viscosity at Varying Temperatures?

                                                                              Broadcom MASTERS 2011 Semifinalists 21
Mount Vernon                             Mount Vernon Middle School
                                         Andrew Burns Powell (Grade 8)
                                         The Effects of Cigarette Smoke Constituents on Ciliary Motion in
                                         Tetrahymena pyriformis

Sunbury                                  Big Walnut Middle School
                                         Kyle McKay Davis (Grade 8)
                                         Song Sparrows: As Temperature Decreases Body Size Increases, Always?

Westerville                              Walnut Springs Middle School
                                         Jennifer Ann Markley (Grade 7)
                                         All Cracked Up: Does the Food a Chicken Eats Affect the Protein in the
                                         Eggs Produced?

Southwest District Science & Engineering Expo (USOH78)
Cincinnati                 All Saints School
                           Cassidy Rebecca Zang (Grade 7)
                           The Science of Fire

                                         Our Lady of the Visitation School
                                         Mark Timothy Meier (Grade 8)
                                         Which Type of Light Bulb Is Most Energy Efficient?

Loveland                                 St. Columban School
                                         Olivia Marie Henderson (Grade 7)
                                         The Tsunami Shield

Mason                                    Mason Middle School
                                         Ramya Gutta (Grade 8)
                                         Enhancing Properties of Recycled Paper Pulp Using Chemicals

                                         Mihir Parshionikar (Grade 8)
                                         Head-based Human Computer Interaction

Bartlesville District Science Fair (USOK02)
Bartlesville                  Saint John Catholic School
                              Emily Surdahl (Grade 6)
                              Swim Caps and Drag

Northeastern Oklahoma A&M Science and Engineering Fair (USOK04)
Grove                   Grove Middle School
                        Michelle Lynn Deason (Grade 7)
                        Did You Cross the Boundary?

Beaverton Science Expo (USOR04)
Beaverton                Summa North at Meadow Park Middle School
                         Nicholas Han (Grade 8)
                         Wave Energy: The Power of the Waves

Broadcom MASTERS 2011 Semifinalists 22
                         Lara Isidora Rakocevic (Grade 7)
                         Sympathetic Vibrations

Portland                 Stoller Middle School
                         Mahita Gauri Tovinkere (Grade 6)
                         Earthquake Magnitudes Varying as a Function of Distance from the
                         Epicenter — Simulation using Sound Waves

                         Summa West at Stoller Middle School
                         Prathyoosha Chaya (Grade 6)
                         Parkinson’s Disease — Stance Simulator

Intel Northwest Science Expo (USOR50)
Beaverton                  Rachel Carson Environmental Middle School
                           Kyra Patton (Grade 8)
                           Diet or Die

                         Summa North at Meadow Park
                         Middle School
                         Valerie S. Ding (Grade 8)
                         FP-LMTO PLW Calculations of Electronic Band Structure for LED Materials:
                         GaP, ZnSe, and BN

                         Anirudh Jain (Grade 7)
                         Creating an inexpensive, Reusable and Portable Water Filtration Device
                         Using Silver Nanoparticles

                         Joshua Chun Kam (Grade 8)
                         On Finding the Relationship Between Solar Flares and CMEs

                         Summa South at Whitford Middle School
                         Alan Dehao Cheng (Grade 8)
                         Lamarckian Genetic Algorithms in Robotic Applications

                         Peter Robert Graham (Grade 8)
                         Measuring the Response of Ferrofluids to an Exterior Magnetic Field

                         Maneet Singh Khaira (Grade 8)
                         Alpha Amylase in Germinating Seeds and Its Application in Detergents

                         Victor Alexeivich Kojenov (Grade 8)
                         R-PASS: Rollover Prevention and Suppression System

                         Preeyam Roy (Grade 8)
                         Fuel of the Future: A Journey towards Butanol using a Bioelectrochemical
                         Reactor Cell

                         Sharon J. Zhang (Grade 7)
                         Effectiveness of Hydrocarbonoclastic Microbes on Degradation of
                         Motor Oil

                                                                              Broadcom MASTERS 2011 Semifinalists 23
                                         Valley Catholic Middle School
                                         Peter Henry Seger (Grade 7)
                                         Heavy vs. Light: Which One Is Safer?

Capital Area Science and Engineering Fair (USPA01)
Harrisburg               Londonderry School
                         Izzy Lea Naguski (Grade 7)
                         Hatching Pollution

North Museum Science and Engineering Fair (USPA02)
Landisville             Landisville Middle School
                        Mary Elizabeth Dagny Wentling (Grade 7)
                        Environmental Culpability in the Contamination of the Little Conestoga
                        River (Urban versus Rural) and the Impact on River Contamination

Delaware Valley Science Fair (USPA03)
Abington                 Abington Junior High School
                         Alexander Iavorov Veltchev (Grade 8)
                         The Physics of Granular Materials

Doylestown                               Lenape Middle School
                                         Stephanie Anne Mitchell (Grade 8)
                                         Slap It On, Burn It Off, Excite It Up!: Masking and Anodizing Reactive Metals

Kennett Square                           Charles F. Patton Middle School
                                         Sagar Maheshwari (Grade 6)
                                         Race to the Top

Oxford                                   Sacred Heart School
                                         Benjamin Lourdes Hylak (Grade 8)
                                         Practical Application of a Telepresence Robot

Phoenixville                             Renaissance Academy
                                         Joshua Todd Guevin (Grade 7)
                                         The Effect of Carbon Dioxide and Light Levels on Photosynthetic Rate in
                                         Lettuce (Letuca sativa var. capitata)

Pittsburgh Regional Science and Engineering Fair (USPA04)
Pittsburgh                Dorseyville Middle School
                          Mihir Tejas Garimella (Grade 6)
                          Robo-Mozart: A Robotic Violin Tuner Prototype

San Juan Archdiocesan Regional Science Fair (TEPR07)
San Juan                Academia del Perpetuo Socorro
                        Adriana S. Monzon (Grade 6)
                        An Analysis of Rainfall in Plankton Productivity in an Estuary

Broadcom MASTERS 2011 Semifinalists 24
Amgen Rhode Island Science and Engineering Fair (USRI50)
Portsmouth              Saint Philomena School
                        Morgan Keely Partridge (Grade 7)
                        The Lead and Cadmium Amount in a Variety of Jewelry from
                        China and America

Rumford                    Saint Margaret School
                           Samantha J. Mazza (Grade 8)
                           Predicting the Weather

Sea Island Regional Science Fair (USSC02)
Hilton Head Island        Hilton Head Preparatory School
                          William Henry White (Grade 7)
                          Does Planting with Salicornia Increase Survival of Crop Plants under
                          Salty Conditions?

Northern South Dakota Science & Math Fair (USSD01)
Aberdeen                  Roncalli Elementary School
                          Danielle Rose Hintz (Grade 6)
                          The “POO”fect Paper

Memphis-Shelby County Science and Engineering Fair (USTN05)
Germantown              Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School
                        Mauro Andre Schenone (Grade 6)
                        The Fetal Incubator

Memphis                    White Station Middle School
                           Sairam Gudiseva (Grade 8)
                           Marker Mystery

Beal Bank Dallas Regional Science and Engineering Fair (USTX01)
Plano                     C.M. Rice Middle School
                          Alicia Danielle D’Souza (Grade 8)
                          The Big Kill: Impact of Oil and Dispersant on Algae Population

                           Renner Middle School
                           Michelle Songin Park (Grade 8)
                           Be Attractive: Using Magnetism with Nanoparticles

                           Rice Middle School
                           Justin Y. Du (Grade 8)
                           Garlic Chives: Pest Repelling

Richardson                 Islamic Quranic Academy
                           Junaid Kalair (Grade 8)
                           Thermoelectric Generator: Using Fresnel Lens to Enhance
                           Productivity of TEG

                                                                               Broadcom MASTERS 2011 Semifinalists 25
Fort Worth Regional Science and Engineering Fair (USTX03)
Arlington                 Saint Maria Goretti Catholic School
                          Hannah Grace Gersch (Grade 8)
                          Communication: What’s the Best for Delayed Recall?

Science and Engineering Fair of Houston (USTX05)
Friendswood              Westbrook Intermediate School
                         Kushal Tushar Kadakia (Grade 8)
                         Reverse Osmosis Efficiency

                                         Ashwin Varma (Grade 8)
                                         Amniotic Fluid: A Natural Wound Healer

Seabrook                                 Seabrook Intermediate
                                         Tyler Nicholas Raboin (Grade 7)
                                         Waves vs. Seawalls 2: The Disruptors

Woodlands                                North Houston Academy of Science and Mathematics
                                         Alexander Emerson Whatley (Grade 8)
                                         A Dark Matter Model of the Milky Way Galaxy

Alamo Regional Science and Engineering Fair (USTX11)
Boerne                  Boerne Middle School South
                        Lincoln Abbott (Grade 7)
                        Diminutive Dynamos: Electricity from Microbes

Leakey                                   Leakey Independent School District
                                         Ethan Scott Blackman (Grade 8)
                                         A Quantitative Study of the Effect of Water Consumption of Juniperus ashei
                                         on Native Grasses

San Antonio                              Jose M. Lopez Middle School
                                         Ali Ahsan Kurji (Grade 7)
                                         The Effects of Essential Oils as Antbiotics for Bacteria

                                         Keystone School
                                         Trisha S. Mulamreddy (Grade 8)
                                         Biodegradation of Ammonium Nitrate Using Chlorella pyrenoidosa and
                                         Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Central Texas Science and Engineering Fair (USTX12)
Wortham                   Wortham Middle School
                          Reilly McLeod Jones (Grade 6)
                          Spit, Rover! Spit! (Does Dog Saliva Kill Bacteria?)

Austin Energy Science and Engineering Fair (USTX13)
Austin                    Murchison Middle School
                          Jeff Auster (Grade 8)
                          Good Vibrations: Green Power from Aeroelastic Flutter

                                         Marlee Anica Goodman (Grade 7)
                                         BPA Testing: Finding a Way

Broadcom MASTERS 2011 Semifinalists 26
ExxonMobil Texas Science and Engineering Fair (USTX50)
Argyle                   Liberty Christian School
                         Hunter David Snowden (Grade 8)
                         Video Game Player: Couch Potato or Athlete?

Coppell                   Coppell Middle School West
                          Rohan Sumedh Panaparambil (Grade 8)
                          Bioplastic 2.0

Corpus Christi            School of Science and Technology
                          Lauren Monet Hall (Grade 7)
                          Revealing the Past, Year Two

Frisco                    Pioneer Heritage Middle School
                          Emily Ann Marie Lowry (Grade 7)
                          UV Rays: Stealing the Color

Laredo                    Harmony Science Academy - Laredo
                          Ayeesha Camila Mohammed (Grade 7)
                          Save your Butt: Corrosion Inhibition of Steel in HCl

Plano                     Renner Middle School
                          Ria Chhabra (Grade 8)
                          Organic Food: Buy or Bypass: The Effect of Organic vs. Inorganic Foods on
                          the Health and Growth Parameters of Drosophila melanogaster

                          Rice Middle School
                          Qianqian Yang (Grade 8)
                          The Effect of an Anti-CD40 Antibody on Human B Cell Growth

                          Schimelpfenig Middle School
                          I-Chun Florence Lin (Grade 8)
                          A Study of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Efficiency and Lifespan

San Antonio               Jose M. Lopez Middle School
                          Rhea G. Kamat (Grade 6)
                          Soil Matters

                          Keystone School
                          Serena R. Agrawal (Grade 8)
                          The Effectiveness of Zero Valent Iron Nanoparticles for
                          Remediating Oil in Water

North Davis Area Science and Engineering Fair (USUT01)
Bountiful                 Mueller Park Junior High School
                          Preston Wade Vance (Grade 8)
                          Oh My Aching Head!

Central Utah Science and Engineering Fair (USUT04)
Draper                    Summit Academy Junior High School
                          Olivia Rochelle Dale (Grade 7)
                          Important for People Who. . . Breathe
                                                                                 Broadcom MASTERS 2011 Semifinalists 27
Orem                                     Cherry Hill Elementary School
                                         Mabel Elizabeth Wheeler (Grade 6)
                                         Electric Ants

Riverton                                 Oquirrh Hills Middle School
                                         Emma Nicole Wynn (Grade 8)
                                         Light Refraction

Spanish Fork                             Diamond Fork Junior High School
                                         Tucker John Sandbakken (Grade 8)
                                         RoHS and Tin Whisker Metallurgy

                                         Spanish Fork Junior High School
                                         Kaitlin Alexandra Hallam (Grade 8)
                                         Pig Crazy

Salt Lake Valley Regional Science and Engineering Fair (USUT05)
Salt Lake City             Salt Lake Center for Science Education
                           Ian Lewis Miller (Grade 8)
                           Dimples; They’re Not Just for Golf Balls

Northern Virginia Science and Engineering Fair (USVA01)
Falls Church               Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School
                           Esther Lynne Wisdom (Grade 7)
                           The Shocking Truth

Virginia Piedmont Regional Science Fair (USVA02)
Stafford                  Rodney E. Thompson Middle School
                          Kushi Ranganath (Grade 8)
                          Just Say ‘NO’: Mathematical Modeling of Insulin Stimulated
                          Nitric Oxide Production

Central Virginia Regional Science Fair (USVA05)
Lynchburg                  Paul Laurence Dunbar Middle School for Innovation
                           Thomas McCall Baker (Grade 6)
                           The Solution to Solutions

Tidewater Science Fair (USVA09)
Hampton                    Spratley Gifted Center
                           Esther Carol Huggins (Grade 7)
                           Insulation for Peanuts:The Effects of Expanded Polystyrene on the
                           Thermo-conductivity of Concrete

Newport News                             Ethel M. Gildersleeve Middle School
                                         Rhiannon Maire Edwards (Grade 7)
                                         Homozygous Achondroplasia in the Netherland Dwarf Rabbit

Broadcom MASTERS 2011 Semifinalists 28
Blue Ridge Highlands Regional Science Fair (USVA10)
Christiansburg            Classical Conversations
                          Jared Andrew Mann (Grade 8)
                          The Fridge Guard

Metro Richmond Science Fair (USVA11)
Henrico                 George H. Moody Middle School
                        Anant Girish Kharkar (Grade 8)
                        The Effect of Monosodium Glutamate on the Growth of THP-1
                        Human Monocytes

                         Anthony Nathan Lin (Grade 8)
                         The Effect of Different Styles of Swimming on Lung Function

                         Rohan Mathew (Grade 8)
                         The Effect of House Plants on Indoor CO2 Levels

                         Swapnil Pande (Grade 7)
                         The Effect of Different Filler Materials on the Efficiency of a
                         Solar Water Heater

                         Fizzah Viquar Shaikh (Grade 7)
                         The Effect of Particulate Matter on the Ability of Snomax to Freeze Water

Mechanicsville           Stonewall Jackson Middle School
                         Janak Chand Jaini (Grade 7)
                         The Effect of Salt Water Concentration on Laser Diffraction

Powhatan                 Powhatan Junior High School
                         Karina Sue Kunka (Grade 8)
                         The Effect of Biodiesel on the Gelling Point of a Diesel Mixture

Mid-Columbia Regional Science and Engineering Fair (USWA01)
Odessa                   Odessa School District
                         Thorsen Michael Wehr (Grade 8)
                         Focusing Sound Waves using a Nonlinear Acoustic Lens

Richland                 Carmichael Middle School
                         Shanta Katipamula (Grade 8)
                         They’re Hot ‘N They’re Cold: Using Calorimetry to Determine the
                         Best Hot and Cold Packs

                         Swetha V Shutthanandan (Grade 7)
                         The Nano Effect: Do Nano Particles Have Different Properties than
                         Bulk Materials?

                                                                                  Broadcom MASTERS 2011 Semifinalists 29
Washington State Science and Engineering Fair (USWA50)
Bellevue                 Tillicum Middle School
                         Claire Emma Hillier (Grade 6)
                         Is the Speed of Sound Faster in a Solid or a Gas?

Sequim                                   Sequim Middle School
                                         Jessica Craig (Grade 7)
                                         Tsunami Force

                                         Katherine Grace Landoni (Grade 8)
                                         The Relation of Genetic Variation to Salinity Tolerance in
                                         New Zealand Mudsnails

Shoreline                                The Evergreen School
                                         Suman Kumar Mulumudi (Grade 6)
                                         Solid State Thermoregulator

Broadcom MASTERS 2011 Semifinalists 30
The national science, technology, engineering and math
competition for 6th, 7th and 8th graders, the Broadcom MASTERS™
(Math, Applied Science, Technology and Engineering for Rising
Stars), a program of Society for Science & the Public, inspires
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