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Board of Trustees Meeting
January 20, 2011
Parker Library
Parker, CO

President Dash called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.

The following were present:

TRUSTEES: Barbara Dash, Demetria Heath, Amy Hunt, Bob McLaughlin, Bob Morris, David Starck,
and Mark Weston.

STAFF: Beth Dalton, David Farnan, Sharon Lauchner, Jamie LaRue, Rochelle Logan, Amy Long,
Sharon Nemechek, Cecily North, Erica Olivier, Monique Sendze, Deirdre Van Ry, and Aspen Walker.

Jamie Helgren, University of Denver Library Science student and DCL practicum participant. Helgren
is helping DCL with a higher education survey; the results will be presented in a forthcoming Board


Approved- Minutes, December 9, 2010 (with noted change); Financial Statements, November and
December of 2010. Walker will update the minutes to show that the Foundation donor numbers cited were for
September, 2005-November, 2010.
MOTION 11-01-01: Weston moved and the motion carried unanimously to approve the consent


MOTION 11-01-02: Dash moved and the motion carried to elect Amy Hunt President of the
Douglas County Libraries Board of Trustees for 2011. Hunt abstained.

MOTION 11-01-03: Dash moved and the motion carried to elect Demetria Heath Vice President of
the Douglas County Libraries Board of Trustees for 2011. Heath abstained.

Dash asked if there were any nominations for the post of Secretary. Hearing none, David Starck
volunteered to serve as Secretary for 2011. McLaughlin seconded the nomination.
MOTION 11-01-04: The motion carried to elect David Starck Secretary of the Douglas County
Libraries Board of Trustees for 2011.

MOTION 11-01-05: Morris moved and the motion carried to elect Bob McLaughlin Treasurer of the
Douglas County Libraries Board of Trustees for 2010. McLaughlin abstained.

Committee Review
Dash reported that the Board had reviewed committee responsibilities at the January Board lunch.
She asked if the Trustees had any suggestions or updates to the committee structure.

Buildings and Grounds
McLaughlin recommended that the Buildings and Grounds Committee review the Roxborough and
Castle Pines Library leases in 2011. The Board concurred.

Long Range Planning and Technology Committees
Hunt recommended that the Board establish a committee to monitor and address new technologies.
The Board determined that long range planning should be an ongoing responsibility of the entire
Board, and agreed to disband the Long Range Planning Committee, and establish a Technology
Committee. The Technology Committee will focus on technological infrastructure and planning,
including eBooks and digital collections, as well as Board education in emerging technologies and
trends. Weston noted that collections fall under staff’s operational purview, and that the Board should
focus on collections only in terms of planning. Starck inquired whether this change would require a
change to the Bylaws. Walker confirmed that it would not, and that the Board can form and disband
standing committees at will.

MOTION 11-01-06: Weston moved and the motion passed unanimously to disband the Long Range
Planning Committee, and integrate the Committee’s purpose in the duties of the entire Board.

MOTION 11-01-07: Hunt moved and the motion passed unanimously to form the Technology

Foundation Board
LaRue noted that the Foundation Bylaws allow the Foundation Board to function as a standing
committee of the DCL Board. Weston added that the Foundation report will fall under the standing
committee section of the Board agenda at future meetings.

Committee Membership
Building and Grounds Committee: Mark Weston (Chair), Bob Morris and Amy Hunt.

Bylaws and Policies Committee: Demetria Heath (Chair), David Starck and Amy Hunt.

Finance Committee: Bob McLaughlin (Chair), Bob Morris, Mark Weston and Amy Hunt.

Government Relations Committee: Amy Hunt (Chair), and Barbara Dash.
Personnel Committee: Barbara Dash (Chair), Demetria Heath and Amy Hunt.

Technology Committee: David Starck (Chair), Mark Weston, Bob McLaughlin, and Amy Hunt.
Oversees technological infrastructure and planning, as well as Board education in emerging
technologies and trends.

Move it Storytime
Lauchner introduced Dalton and Van Ry, who lead a popular storytime at the Castle Pines Library
that includes Tai Chi, yoga and Qigong. The multicultural storytime combines kinesthetic movement
with story, play and imagination, in order to engage all learning styles, while improving motor and
literacy skills. Van Ry and Dalton shared a story, and the entire group took part in the fun. Heath
confirmed that the storytime typically attracts children ages 4-8, as well as their parents.

Buildings and Grounds Committee
New railing at Parker Library
LaRue reported that a patron had slipped at the Parker Library, and that a new railing was being
installed in front of the building.

Bylaws and Policies Committee
Red Flag Identity Theft Rules
Hunt reported that Congress had determined that red flag identity theft rules do not apply to
libraries, and that the committee would discuss the removal of DCL’s red flag policy from the Bylaws
and Policies manual. The issue will be brought before the Board later this year. Action: Walker will
work with Heath to schedule a committee meeting regarding DCL’s red flag policy.

Finance Committee
No report.

Government Relations Committee
National Library Legislative Day
Logan provided an overview of the May 8-10 event in Washington D.C. Hunt confirmed that she was
interested in attending. Action: Walker will work with Logan and Hunt to book the event.

Colorado Library Day
Walker noted that the event is March 3 at the State Capitol, and that all Trustees are invited to attend,
or to write letters to legislators. Action: Walker will schedule March 3 meetings with Douglas County
legislators, and share the schedule and talking points with the Board.

Partnership of Douglas County Governments
Hunt reported that DCL is the 2011 Chair of the Partnership, and that the first meeting of the year was
held on January 20. She said the Partnership had set its 2011 agenda and goals, which includes
economic development, a review of the Douglas County Youth and Housing initiatives, governmental
transparency, and coordinated emergency management.
LaRue noted that the Town of Castle Rock had just set aside $5 million for economic development,
while the State of Colorado had set aside $4 million. Hunt reported that she did not know if local
economic development efforts were related to Governor Hickenlooper’s new statewide efforts, but
that she had heard that the State was going to cluster counties into several groups focused on regional
economic development. Dash confirmed that Douglas County has an economic development
department and county-wide committee as well. LaRue noted that Logan and other DCL staff
participate in these county-wide efforts.

Long Range Planning Committee
Starck said that the committee had been dissolved. No report.

Personnel Committee
No report.

December Minutes
Approved- Minutes, December 9, 2010 (with noted change). Walker will update the minutes to show that
the Foundation donor numbers cited were for 2005-November of 2010.

Note: only the 2010 Foundation Board (Starck, Heath and Dash) voted in the following motions.

MOTION 11-01-08: Starck moved and the motion passed unanimously to accept the December 9,
2010 Foundation Board minutes.

Officer Elections
MOTION 11-01-09: Dash moved and the motion carried unanimously to elect Bob Morris President
of the Douglas County Libraries Foundation Board for 2011.

MOTION 11-01-10: Starck moved and the motion carried unanimously to elect Mark Weston Vice
President of the Douglas County Libraries Foundation Board for 2011.

MOTION 11-01-11: Starck moved and the motion carried unanimously to elect Amy Hunt Secretary
of the Douglas County Libraries Foundation Board for 2011.

2011 Foundation Budget
Starck and Heath confirmed that the primary purpose of the Foundation is to benefit the community
and increase awareness about Douglas County Libraries and its mission, not fundraising. Farnan
noted that the signature events that were included in past Foundation budgets are now located in the
DCL budget instead. LaRue said that the 2011 budget was greatly simplified over year’s past, with the
intent to fund a few pilot projects, while raising Foundation funds through book sales and grants.

MOTION 11-01-12: Starck moved and the motion carried unanimously to adopt the 2011
Foundation budget.
LaRue reported that the dominant theme at the ALA midwinter meeting was fear—both in terms of
budget cuts, and the rise of eBooks. LaRue said he volunteered to serve on a national eBook taskforce,
and that he was encouraging the group to take action, rather than sticking to research and discussion.
LaRue distributed a handout that detailed seven eBook-oriented actions DCL could take in 2011:
   1. Make free content available through the catalog, along the lines of the recent eDiscover the
       Classics project DCL launched with the Colorado Library Consortuim (CLiC). LaRue said at
       least 2,000 libraries from 68 countries had taken advantage of the free Project Gutenberg
       MARC records the eDiscover project offered, free of charge. LaRue said DCL is also looking at
       Creative Commons titles that could be made available for download through the library
       catalog. Works licensed under Creative Commons have lessened copyright restrictions, to
       encourage distribution.
   2. Continue to work with library vendors, like Overdrive, who offer eBooks. He noted that
       libraries need to negotiate with the vendors to get eBook titles that are integrated directly into
       the catalog, and available for a fair price. He said the vendors are charging 2-3 times more than
       they do for paper books, and that a library’s volume purchasing should result in a discount.
   3. Offer more eBook training, including online, one-on-one tutoring and formal classes. LaRue
       said Farnan had been working on a study that showed staff spending a good deal of time on
       one-on-one technology training, and that the District could take a more systematic approach to
       technology training, including tutorial videos that could be freely shared with other libraries.
   4. eBook donations: LaRue said he was working with ALA to launch a national campaign that
       would encourage people to give their eBooks to a library. He said this approach could result in
       a legal challenge to, or from, Amazon. The eBook vendor does not currently allow libraries to
       transfer a donated eBook from a Kindle eReader to the library catalog for patron download,
       even though the library would uphold lending tradition and allow only one patron to check
       out the title at a time. LaRue said a lawsuit against Amazon could be the fastest way for
       libraries to assert and establish a library’s right to lend eBooks, just as they have always lent
       paper books. Weston noted that people could also donate their eBooks to the Foundation for
       resale, or even their Mp3 music. LaRue said the donor agreement would stipulate that the
       donor must delete their copy of the work after donating it to the library. McLaughlin asked if
       this would involve DCL or ALA attorneys. LaRue said high profile copyright lawyers could be
       interested in the case. Dash noted that some copyright lawyers may have already gained
       experience in the music field. Hunt said Amazon content is purchased under a license that
       restricts libraries from lending the eBooks. LaRue noted that this was an action item that could
       help libraries proactively respond to, and offer electronic content.
   5. Develop new ways to deliver electronic content, like the digital power wall. Hunt ascertained
       that the power wall prototype would include an application for mobile devices.
   6. Library as publisher: help local authors publish eBooks, and distribute them through the
   7. Resource sharing: find ways to share eBooks among libraries, and set policy.

LaRue concluded that some may turn to eBooks over libraries, or think that libraries are now
unnecessary due to eBooks. He said libraries need to make certain that everyone has access to eBooks,
and remind people that libraries provide equal access to all.
Community Reference & Interview Project
LaRue said the Community Reference Project brings librarians to the community, while answering the
information needs of the community. He noted that the current higher education study is one example
of this work.

In 2011, DCL is also conducting a community interview project, which entails identifying and
interviewing community leaders, evaluating and packaging the information collected into a free
eBook, determining how the library can help the community with identified issues, and use the
identified issues for budget planning. LaRue noted that Leadership Douglas County had conducted a
similar project, but that the DCL project would be much more comprehensive, and provide a county-
wide map of community leaders and issues that would be useful to people throughout the
community. He added this kind of effort is important to both the community and the profession of
librarianship, at an affordable price.

Weston noted that a similar effort was launched in the 1970s, but that the project lacked the benefits
and reach of technology. LaRue and Farnan noted that the right information at the right time can help
new initiatives move forward, and cited the higher education study as an example.

Dash noted that the Board packet included an update on DCL’s insurance coverage.

Weston asked about the cost increase in worker’s compensation insurance. LaRue said that while the
number of incidents had declined, the severity of accidents in 2010 was greater. He noted that safety is
of high priority at DCL.

LaRue confirmed that Traff continues to monitor bank account balances, to determine if DCL needs to
spread its funds to multiple banks, in order to retain balances below FDIC insurance coverage.

LaRue ascertained that he would request more information from Traff about the umbrella policy, life
and disability coverage, and standard limits and adequate amounts for liability coverage; and share
the information with the Board.

Dash confirmed that the Board would learn if the Davidson investments were lucrative when the next
quarterly report is issued. LaRue said the agreement with the investment advisors would end unless
renewed, and that DCL would continue to compare its investments with ColoTrust’s results.

Weston wondered whether the low levels of charitable giving in Douglas County could lower the
Foundation’s ability to secure grants. LaRue and Logan said DCL’s new professional grant writer had
indicated that many grantors are interested in literacy projects, which increases DCL’s chances,
especially given the statistics DCL has collected. LaRue said the Foundation does not chase money
that falls outside DCL’s mission, and that literacy is right on mission.
Event Reports
Weston noted that the Page to Stage report was very clear, and that the event appeared to be taxing on
staff. LaRue said DCL was trying to find the best bang for the buck for all events. Heath noted that
people seemed to like authors they had seen on television, and that the full-day Rick Bayless event, as
opposed to a single evening event, increased ticket sales. LaRue noted that the Foundation was well-
positioned to bring large-scale authors to the people of Douglas County, and that the opportunity was
more important than ticket sales. Farnan said that the event’s success was also found in the coverage
and publicity it brought to DCL and the Foundation, and that while ticket sales are good, they are not
the primary purpose of the event. Morris noted that event publicity could capitalize on event
recognition by listing previous years’ authors.

Board Assessment
Starck reported that the Board’s work on self-assessment was gaining the interest of other governance
boards in the area.

Dash noted the recent shootings in Arizona, and reminded the Board that they should learn more
about convening safely in public places. For this meeting, she asked all to routinely remember to note
the location of exits in public buildings.

2011 Board Meeting Posting Location
MOTION 11-01-13: Weston moved and the motion carried unanimously to designate
the Philip S. Miller Library, at 100 S. Wilcox Street in Castle Rock, the official posting location for
the Board’s public notices.

LaRue noted that public notice is also provided at all DCL branches and at

Staff & Board Service
The Board congratulated Logan on her recent appointment to the PERA Board.

Weston acknowledged the service of outgoing employees, Dorothy Hargrove and Katie Klossner.

Morris thanked the 2010 officers, committee chairs and Board members for their service.

The next meeting of the Douglas County Libraries Board of Trustees will be 7 p.m. on Thursday,
February 17, 2011, at the Lone Tree Library.

The January Board lunch will be held at 11:30 am on Wednesday, February 9, 2011 at Nordstrom’s
President Dash adjourned the meeting at 9:02 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

David Starck, Board Secretary
Minutes prepared by Aspen Walker

Draft Minutes, December 9, 2010
Financial Statements, November and December, 2010
Director’s report with attachments
Attendance sheet

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