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					  Which do you prefer, Huawei E355s Mobile WiFi Modem or Huawei

                                    E369 3G Modem?


Everybody knows that high-tech products are improving the quality of our life and efficience of
our work, from the begin time that we denied them to now we start to accept it and gradually
depend it. Why these devices have such big charmings and make people crazy for it? today ,
according to talk about two pieces of 3g USB modems , maybe you can get clear answer.

Huawei E355s mobile wifi modem and Huawei E369 3g modem are new 3g USB modems from
Huawei. Huawei, a leading telecom device manufacturer in china, depends on new high
technology and user- friendly experience , have poured its mobile devices into the international
market successfully, Huawei E355s is a good example, this is a newest mobile wifi modem in 2012
and it supports up to 21.6 Mbps download speed and 5.76Mbps upload speed, what is different
from other 3g USB modems is that this Huawei E355s mobile wifi modem can be used as a router
for it supports fives users at one time. Have you heard such a 3g USB modem with a mobile
hotspot? this mobile wifi modem is a new trial , but the fact proves that Huawei won and Huawei
E355s mobile wifi hotspot strongly attracts people’s eyes and quickly captured a large global
When it comes to Huawei E369 3g modem, I think many people are familiar with this new
Huawei E369 3g modem, Huawei E369 3g modem is released as hi-mini 3g modem for its body is
only 8mm thinness. secondly, what is impressive to people is its five band global roaming, wide
coverage ensures the use of this Huawei E369 3g modem almost all places in the world . the fact
proves that it has beat many rivals which have same speed. Furthermore, Huawei E369 3g
modem comes with a compact body, magnet cap and eight colors for you to choose to some
people who are fan of mobile device, this is a deadly temptation , that is why Huawei E369 3g
modem attracts many people.
After the above introductions, if you want to buy 3g USB modems, which do you prefer ? To
people who are not familiar with mobile devices such as these 3g USB modems, they may be still
a bit confused, and I am ready to offer further help.Let’s begin with the differences between
these 3g USB modems . Huawei E355S mobile wifi modem is not only a 3g modem but a router ,
it can sever 5 users at one time with its 21Mbps speed, so you and your friend can share this 3g
mobile hotspot in a bar, a club or outside of your house, but to Huawei E369 3g modem, it can
only serve one person at one time, so if you want save your money and share internet accessings
with others , you can choose Huawei E355S mobile wifi modem, for the other hand, Provided
that you are a business man, you have to go the different places even go different countries, I
think Huawei E369 3g modem will be a better option , the slightest body , the wide coverage,
which not only ensures the portability but ensures the effective use.
if you are interested in these two 3g USB modems , welcome to visit modem3g.com online store.

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Description: According to introduce Huawei B970B 3g router, this article mainly shows the features and benefit of unlocked Huawei B683.