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Every job must have Google AdSense risks include playing well there must be risks. Especially for the
Indonesian publisher who put Adsense code to your blog in Indonesian language. Although Google
AdSense is now the Indonesian language and support our fine blog put AdSense code on our
Indonesian, but still we do not know how long we can sustain our Google AdSense account. Still, we
can not predict the future if our account will be banned or not. Although we've tried to play it safe and
not a foul, but Mbah Google is the sometimes unpredictable what he wants. To the Blogger Indonesia
that has been put Google ads on his blog Indonesian like this blog, first you must know that Google
ads in the Indonesian language blog there are risks. But all we can minimize that risk by playing safe
and natural. What are the risks? A. Indonesia most providers use dynamic IP to its customers even
though there are some that use a static IP. As Smartfren provider that I use this use the Dynamic IP.
Dynamic IP means what? IP that is we will always be changing as we connect and disconnect the
internet connection. Try it you connect the internet and then check what your IP internet connection
and then disconnect and connect again, then check your IP will change. With the change of IP will be
vulnerable once got banned. Suppose one day you use the IP and your Google AdSense
login to your dashboard, your IP address is recorded by Google. Because IP is always changing IP someday someone else will digunkan by fellow provider you use. If only other people
that visit your site and click on Google ads on your site then this will be flagged by Google as clicking
your own ads. It is such a possibility is very small but it can happen. 2. For Bloggers who still rely on
Internet cafes to take care of her blog. You have to be careful, do not let you login to the Dashboard
AdSense. IP address of the cafe was at all. Who knew there was other cafe users are visiting your site
and he clicked Google ads on your blog, well it will be marked again by Google as clicking your own
ads. Again this is extremely unlikely. 3. You do not desire to get as many clicks to justify any means.
Remember Google is smarter tablets, unfortunately if your GA account until banned because of your
cheating ways. I've seen the CTR of a blog, from page impression which has got only 78 clicks 11
times. It's very, very unlikely tablets in my opinion, he can click very fortunate that much. Remember
again, yes, more than 10% CTR will be marked by Google. Well not that I suudzon hell. Just a
reminder that you do not cheat. The play to be honest what else could be got banned cheating right?
4. The fourth is not a risk-prone banned, but the risk of leading to revenue. You know my earnings per
click on AdSense to your blog in Indonesian language is the target of the countries Indonesia
visitornya sure exactly small. Different if you blog in English that is the target visitornya Americans or
Europeans. Sure the price per click is larger. So my advice to the publisher Indonesia, in addition to
Google ads on your blog in Indonesian language, you should also have a blog in English that targets
visitornya are outsiders. This is just to increase your earnings GA. Too bad if you have a Google
AdSense account posted on the blog only for the Indonesian language, especially if only one blog. Can
wait until jenggotan PO. Yes, if you can not, you can create more than one blog for Google AdSense
fitted. Maybe it's just that I know of 4. There must risk everything. GA was banned account can not be
predicted. As I said above, the play can honestly got banned. I was also so, if someday my GA
account got banned so what can we do. I own that explains the risk to play Google AdSense Blog
Indonesian, but I myself actually do it. Google AdSense which is master of his enlightenment ask if
there are any words that are issued by a newbie like me. You Might also like:


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