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									How Has Documentation Toolkit Made Life Easier For
Sharepoint Consultants
SharePoint consultants are now relying on Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint,
which helps in automatically documenting all SharePoint farm configurations into a
single and properly structured and formatted Microsoft Word document. It is possible
for outsource SharePoint development team to even view the different farm
configuration settings through the software interface without having to export them to a
particular document. It is possible for them to provide all the essential setting
information in one place rather than collate or assemble information from different

The Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint also allows outsourced sharepoint
development administrators to view and compare farms because it offers support in
terms of tracking changes within a single farm or even when evaluate different farms.
The tracking of the differences help administrators to simplify setting optimization and
also locate the mis-configurations.
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Documentation toolkit is of particular use to SharePoint consultants that are required to
submit documentation for the farm, name of the server, the IPs, SharePoint specific
settings, edition etc. In order to collate and gather all the information, it becomes
tedious for the SharePoint consulting to search through the SharePoint settings and
then write everything down in one single document. This particular approach was not at
all flexible especially if someone else went ahead and reconfigured the farm. In such a
case the information would again need to be updated, which means that the SharePoint
consultants had to reevaluate and enter the updated information.

All these challenges had to be tackled and the best way of tackling them is through the
Documentation Toolkit. Through this specific tool, SharePoint consultants can be rest
assured that the documentation will be ready in few seconds and any kind of
modifications or changes are automatically detected and added as part of the document.
It is now possible for outsourced SharePoint development to easily select the level of
details they want it to be delivered to the client.

That’s not all, if the SharePoint consultants deploy the farm, which is not available on
the Internet and is also not able to access it from outside; there is still a way to access
the farm information. Outsourced SharePoint development professional can still carry
the farm information and load it onto the personal PC for reviewing it later. Hence, it is
not surprising that most SharePoint consultants are extremely happy and content
with this Documentation Toolkit that makes their life easier.

Some of the core benefits that most SharePoint consultants never forget to
highlight include:

      This Documentation Toolkit definitely helps in saving time for creating
       documentation, as it provides a number of ways and options to develop
      Outsourced SharePoint development professionals are also made aware of any
       changes through the notifications they receive
      SharePoint consultants can also easily access, view and monitor different trends
       over a period of time
      This Documentation Toolkit is so powerful that it helps in establishing different
       farms with the same configuration where it can be used for different roles
       including staging, production, departmental deployments etc.
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