July / August 2008 Mushroom Log by HC120720032522


									July/Aug., 2008                                                             Volume 36 Issue 4

                                   Ohio Mushroom Society

                  The Mushroom Log
                                      Wildlife Education Center in        Location: from Rte. 11 and
Miniforay,                            Little Beaver Creek State Park      Rte 30 exit North on Rte 7
                                      near Calcutta. Address is           toward Rogers. Follow Rte 7
Groves Woods,                         12021 Echo Dell Rd., E.             North. Slow down at Beaver
Trumbull Co.                          Liverpool, OH 43920. Besides
                                      the Little Beaver Creek State
                                                                          Local High School on the left.
                                                                          Turn right just past the high
                                      Park, we’ll have the option to      school and before the middle
October 5. Meet at 12:30 PM.          foray in the Beaver Creek           school. You are on Bell School
Foray will begin at 1 PM. Enjoy       Public Hunting Area and             Rd. Turn left onto Echo Dell
roaming over 155 acres of             Beavercreek Farm.                   Rd. The Center is located on
Cleveland Museum of Natural                                               the right past the mobile home
History preserve. Yellow OMS          If mushrooms are fruiting           park but before the Mill and
signs will be posted alongside        abundantly or even if they are      parking lot. There should be a
the road. Primitive restroom.         not we will be collecting in the    Beaver Creek St. Park sign at
                                      largest contiguous woodland in      Rte. 7 at Bell School Rd. and
Directions: From the west,            Northern Ohio. Named for Little     another at Echo Dell Rd.
proceed along OH St. Rte. 87 to       Beaver Creek, a designated          Activities will be centered in the
Girdle Rd., which is the first        wild and scenic river, there are    basement of the building.
intersection after you cross the      approximately 6000 acres of
Geaga/Trumbull Co line. Turn          forest with native and planted      The Schedule
left onto Girdle Road and go ca.      trees offering diverse collecting
2-3 miles north to just opposite      habitats. Northern flora            More Schedule Details will be
9859 Girdle Rd. The Woods             including Canada yew, yellow        announced in the Sept./Oct
are directly across from it. See      and black birch, hemlock and        Log.
p. 42 (top right corner) of the       mountain laurel can be found in
Ohio Atlas & Gazetteer.               the deep stream valleys.            Fri. evening Oct.10, 7:00 pm till
                                      Upland oak-hickory forest,          ?? Board members dinner at
                                      sycamore-elm bottomland,            Pondi’s in Lisbon. Let Walt
Fall Foray- Little                    pine-tulip poplar plantations,      know if you plan to attend, so
Beaver Creek                          and beech-maple areas are all
                                      present. In addition the
                                                                          he can make reservations.

State Park                            presence of the horseman’s          Saturday Oct. 11 9:00 am.
                                      campground and horse trails         Registration, orientation, and
                                      offers another interesting          refreshments.
                                      What to bring: Collecting           10:00 & 10:30 Collecting forays
By Walt Sturgeon                      basket, wax bags or wax wrap,       depart.
                                      peck basket, knife, mushroom
                                      book, notebook, and a pencil.       Collecting can also be done “on
9 am. Sat. Oct. 11 till Noon
                                      Wear clothes for hiking and the     your own”. Sorting,
Sun. Oct. 12.                         weather conditions.                 identification, and display will be
                                                                          ongoing as soon as collections
The fall foray this year will be                                          are brought in.
held at the Little Beaver Creek
2 The Mushroom Log
                                                                   Amanita virosa, A. flavoconia,
1:00pm Lunch (bring a          There is also camping on site at    Russula krombholzii, and
covered dish to share and      the Beaver Creek Primitive          Pleurotus ostreatus. Lots of
tableware.                     Campground. Phone 1-                others were collected, but
2:00pm Afternoon forays        866/644-6727.                       before a more complete list
depart.                                                            could be compiled, Mother
                                                                   Nature intervened with an
4:30pm Table Walk, and         Mini-Foray at                       impromptu downpour, which
beginner’s slide program on
common edible and toxic
                               Mt. Gilead St.                      sent people running for their
mushrooms.                     Park
5:30pm Review Collections.
                               17 hardy souls convened at the
6:30pm Dinner at a local       Park, Saturday morning, July
restaurant, tba.               12. Neither names of the
                               members nor of many of the
Sunday Oct. 12                 mushrooms were catalogued.
                               Some anxious members started
9:30 am Slide program on wax   collecting on their own before
caps. If collecting is good,   Dick Grimm took a group
more foraying.                 around the parking lot area and     Dick with Amanita virosa and
                               Hugh Urban led a group around       Hugh with Boletus bicolor. At
12:30 pm, Clean up.            the lake and by the river.          least that’s what my eyes tell
                                                                   me at this distance.

East Liverpool area                                                Summer Foray
Hotels                                                             at Dawes
Comfort Inn
15860 St. Clair Ave.                                               By Dave Miller
E. Liverpool
(330) 386-3800                                                     Our summer foray this year was
                                                                   very warm, rather humid,
East Liverpool Motor Lodge                                         somewhat buggy and yielded a
2340 Dresden Avenue                                                good number of species, but
East Liverpool                                                     not the vast array that the
(330) 386-5858                                                     previously wet season might
                                                                   have spawned. Forty folks

For Camping, the two closest                                       Things got going Sat am with
campgrounds are Lock 30 and                                        Dick Doyle giving an
Terrace Lakes:                 Dick Grimm and Hugh Urban
                               and others organize the display     introduction about Dawes and
                               table with their haul.              the day ahead and Jerry talking
Lock 30 Woodlands                                                  about collecting. At 10 am most
45529 Middle Beaver Road                                           folks searched the Dawes
Lisbon, OH 44432               A partial list of those specimens
                               includes Cantharellus cibarius,     property for specimens while I
(330) 424-9197
                               C. lateritus, Boletus bicolor, B.   joined an exclusive group (only
Toll Free 1-877-856-2530
                               nobilis B. pallidus, B. variipes,   10 people were allowed to
                               Leccinum insigne, Tylopilus         collect there) that went to Flint
Terrace Lakes Campground
                               plumbeoviolaceus, T.                Ridge. Despite a well sign-
6157 State Rte. 7
                               rubrobrunneus, Laetiporus           posted, wide trail, we couldn’t
New Waterford, OH 44445
                               sulphureus, Lactarius volemus,      resist what appeared to be a
(330) 227-9606
                               Tremellodendron schweinitzii,       trail but quickly degenerated
3 The Mushroom Log
into a deer path. But in our        when she erupted in gales of         transfer the disease from the
defense, I’m sure we found          laughter, her concerned friends      crabapple to the juniper.
more mushrooms by taking that       decided she should be seen by
little detour. And to keep any      medics. As they were loading         Other types of spores will carry
rumors getting started, I want it   her into their car, she was          the disease from the eastern
on the record that I was a          heard to murmur, “If this is what    red cedar back to the
follower, not a leader of the       mushroom poisoning is like,          crabapple. Art noted that this
pack.                               then I’m all for it!” My students,   particular crabapple, in close
                                    no strangers to hallucinations       proximity to the cedar, was
Lunch was the usually tasty         and inappropriate laughter,          heavily infected with the rust
selection of pot-luck dishes.       used to really enjoy this story,     disease, while another
Walt gave a great talk with his     which David Arora, in his            crabapple tree, further away
extensive collection of slides on   “Mushrooms Demystified”, also        from the cedar and with several
“Wood Munching Agarics.”            relates.                             other trees between it and the
                                                                         cedar, was much less infected.
Amongst the long list of            By the time Walt finished, the       Joe Christian lamented that he
mushrooms Walt discussed,           heat outside led me to decide to     has a lot of trouble with this rust
three deserve special mention.      spend the rest of the afternoon      disease infecting his crabapple
First was Phyllotopsis nidulans.    helping Walt, Jerry, John            trees. To Be Cont’d next Log.
Of particular interest was          Plishcke III, and others identify
pinning down an apt description     and organize the specimens
of its foul odor (my favorite is    into their respective Dawes and      New Mushroom
“like sewer gas”). Interestingly,   Flint Ridge piles. (Species lists    Magazine
Dick Doyle noted that Charles       will follow in the next Log.) The
McIlvaine describes it as having    more intrepid among us went          By Carol Deptolla
a “pleasant, mild” taste. And he    back out to both sites for
says that it is “edible but not     another foray.                       Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, May
desirable. Must be chopped                                               I5, 2008
fine and cooked well.” He does      One discovery that got me
not mention the odor. We also       outside was John Plishcke’s          Mushrooms are popping up,
discussed the fact that Dick        entreaty to “come see this great     and so is a new magazine all
Doyle had delved into its           looking diseased tree”. Not far      about them.
chemistry and isolated an odd       from the Education Center was
amino acid from it Japanese         a variety of ornamental              Fungi, based in Richfield,
workers found the same amino        Hawthorn (Crataegus sp.)             [Wisc.] celebrated its launch in
acid in Tricholomopsis rutilans     which was almost covered in          conjunction with two five course
and T. decora. Most amino           bright orange, infected lesions.     mushroom dinners: at Heaven
acids get incorporated into the     See photo at bottom right            City in Mukwonago on Sunday,
proteins of the organism which      corner of page 7. Art Trese,         and at Sanford in Milwaukee on
produces them, but this one         who teaches Plant Pathology at       Tuesday.
does not. Second,                   Ohio University in Athens,
Schizophyllum commune, the          explained the pathogen was           Britt Bunyard of Richfield-who
small grayish-white “split gill”    Gymnosporangium                      holds a doctorate in mycology,
has been found growing on the       clavarioforme, a rust fungus         the study of mushrooms-is the
toe nails of patients with          which infects both hawthorn          publisher and editor-in-chief of
                                                                         the new, full-color magazine,
suppressed immune systems.          crabapple (Crataegus) and the
                                                                         called Fungi.
The third mushroom of interest      eastern red cedar (Juniperus) at
was Gymnopilus spectabilis, the     different stages of its complex
                                                                         Fungi made its debut this
“Laughing Big Jim” . Walt           life cycle. The orange horn-like
                                                                         month, and will publish five
related the anecdote of the         projections emerging from the
                                                                         times a year: four seasonal
Ohio woman, who ate some of         crabapples and some leaves
                                                                         issues and one special themed
one (how she got past its bitter    are the aecial stage of the          issue. This year's special issue,
taste is a mystery, perhaps she     fungus, each of which gives rise     due in early fall, will be
was not a “taster”). She            to thousands of orange               dedicated to truffles, including
reported seeing vivid colors and    aeciospores, which in turn           those found in such unexpected
4 The Mushroom Log
places as the desert and              really dirt, it's humus. At least,    by bacteria that favor an airless
Oregon, Bunyard said.                 it will be when they're done with     environment.
                                      it. Then the humus will be
The magazine is aimed at              bagged, ready to be spread on         As long as there is enough air
amateur and professional              gardens, orchards, and                and moisture, though, and the
mycologists alike, and its            vineyards across the state.           temperature is kept at least 131
offerings will include how-to                                               degrees Fahrenheit to kill weed
articles on topics such as            Not to be confused with the           seeds and pathogens, the good
cultivating mushrooms, as well        contents of your pita wrap,           bacteria and fungi grow like
as peer-reviewed technical            humus is a soil amendment that        crazy. All that's needed to
papers.                               results when wood chips and           maintain the high temperature
                                      other organic waste are               is the activity of the bacteria,
Articles in the inaugural issue       composted. Humus is stable,           which creates heat, and the
include "Mushroom Love,               meaning that decomposition is         plastic bag to keep it in.
Morels: Seasonality,                  complete. It's chock-full of
Meditation, Celebration,"             critters that are beneficial to       After seven to 10 days in the
complete with recipes, and a          plant life. And, in this case, it's   bag, the humus is moved by
mouthful of a different sort, the     approved for use in organic           front-end loader into a power
scientifically oriented "Myxo-        agriculture by the Organic            screener, a kind of truck-size
mycete Plasmodia and Fruiting         Materials Review Institute, a         sieve. Pieces a half-inch in
Bodies: Unusual Occurrences           Eugene based nonprofit.               diameter or smaller are ready
and User-friendly Study                                                     for shipment to area farmers, or
Techniques." For more                 The main work of creating the         in bags to retailers. The larger
information, see                      humus takes place in 1O-by-           pieces are returned to inoculate
www.fungimag.com.                     200 foot green plastic Ag-Bags,       the next row.
                                      which lie side by side, looking
Ed. Note:                             like giant caterpillars or, as        Cindy Salter, an agronomist
Reprinted from the June, 2008         Pacific Land Clearing manager         who consults on the operation,
issue of Spore Prints, the Bulletin   Glenn Zimmerman puts it,              says that there are hundreds of
of the Puget Sound Mycological        sausages. The process of              thousands of tiny species in
Society. Britt has been editing the   loading the Ag-Bags,                  healthy humus, and there can
NAMA Newsletter and has now           Zimmerman says, is "kind of           be billions of bacteria per gram
struck out on his own with this new   like a sausage machine, except        of soil.
periodical. Do check it out.
                                      the machine moves away and
                                      the sausage stays put."               "Each type serves a different
Wood Chips,                                                                 function in the soil
Food Scraps,                          Inside the bags is a mix of 30 or     environment," she says, adding
                                      40 parts carbon (wood chips) to       that the microorganisms help
Bacteria, and                         one part nitrogen (fruits and         buffer the soil against radical
Fungi=Humus                           vegetables). Nature's Needs           fluctuations in temperature and
                                      buys the material from                pH, which can be bad for
By Eric Gold                          businesses, including AGG             plants.
Pamplin Media Group,                  Enterprises, a waste hauler and
Feb. 12, 2008                         distributor, and Organically          The bacteria and fungi live in a
                                      Grown, a wholesale organic            kind of symbiotic relationship
On a 66-acre lot in North Plains,     produce distributor, and from         with plants, digesting sugars
Oregon, just off U. S. Highway        individuals.                          excreted by the roots and
26, a few billion workers toil on                                           returning nitrogen and other
a steaming pile of dirt. They         The material is shredded and          minerals from the soil to the
don't mind the cramped and            loaded into the bags, which           plants. "The organisms are
filthy conditions, though: they're    have perforated hoses running         essentially the stomach of the
bacteria.                             through them, blowing air. If         plant," she says, even though
                                      there isn't enough air,               they are independent
Bacteria, fungi, and related          Zimmerman says, the nitrogen          organisms and live outside the
microorganisms, that is. And          gets converted to smelly gases        plant's body.
the pile they're working on isn't
5 The Mushroom Log
Salter says that using humus is                                            Clearly a further experiment,
more efficient than adding            But Hofmann, as often hap-           carefully documented as it hap-
nitrogen in the form of               pens, reserved the greatest af-      pened, was in order.
fertilizers, since up to 70           fection for what he referred to in
percent of that can leach out         a remarkable 1980 memoir as          On April 19, 1943, he deliber-
into groundwater.                     his "problem child": lysergic        ately took a quarter-milligram of
                                      acid diethylamide.                   LSD. Generations of acid-heads
"Conventional agriculture is                                               have gotten a belly laugh out of
always taking, taking; taking"        LSD-25, as it was known when.        Hofmann's expectation that he
nutrients out of the soil, she        Hofmann first synthesized it in      could take coherent notes after
says. "We haven't really been         1938, was originally just one in     absorbing such a massive hit.
putting back in everything that       a long series of ergot-derived       The part of his "trip report" writ-
we take out. Compost makes it         compounds that he considered         ten under the influence is 13
a sustainable loop."                  promising. He hoped it would         words long: "Beginning dizzi-
                                      turn out to be an effective          ness, feeling of anxiety, visual
Reprinted from the March, 2007        "circulatory and respiratory         distortions, symptoms of paraly-
Spore Prints, Bulletin of the Puget   stimulant." In animal tests, a       sis, desire to laugh." Even this
Sound Mycological Society.            modest clinical effect was           much was scrawled, he later
                                      noted, but mostly the subjects       said, "only with great effort."
                                      just became "restless." The          Nursed through a three-hour
Thoughts on Albert                    batch was discarded. Ergot was       trip by a bemused neighbour
Hofmann                               expensive, war was                   and a country doctor, Hofmann
By Colby Cosh                         approaching, and Hofmann's           was surprised to find that he felt
                                      employer, Sandoz, was tight-         well, even refreshed, and that
                                      fisted. No one could have imag-      he could remember his
The Swiss chemist Albert
                                      ined that humans would ever          experience in fine detail.
Hofmann, who died on Tuesday
                                      again synthesize LSD-25.
at the age of 102, assembled a
                                                                           From that day forward the so-
remarkable track record as an
                                      But Hofmann had had a                ber, reserved scientist began to
investigator - one that stretched
                                      "peculiar presentiment," and         live a double life. The psychiat-
back to the wild-west days of
                                      five years later, on April 16,       ric profession embraced LSD,
chemistry and pharmacy, when
                                      1943, he made more, hardly           and in the '50s its power to im-
ventilated fume hoods were
                                      knowing what he would do with        pose the cosmic perspective
considered an expensive
                                      it. The new batch amounted to        and distort the ego showed
affectation, occasional self-
                                      a speck of a few centigrams. As      promise in treating psychosis.
experimentation was not only
                                      he was finishing up, he was, in      While acting as chief consultant
permitted but expected, and a
                                      the words of the lab report he       to this research program,
lone individual was involved in
                                      later scribbled, "interrupted" by    Hofmann became a confidant
every stage of drug discovery
                                      a feeling of dizziness that          and friend to non-academic
from conceptualization to
                                      obliged him to abandon his           experimenters like Aldous
fabricating the pills. As a
                                      desk and go home, where he           Huxley (whose last words on
graduate student Hofmann
                                      lay down and was regaled with        earth were a request for an
revealed the structure of insect
                                      "an uninterrupted stream of          intramuscular jab of LSD). In
chitin; later he would master the
                                      fantastic pictures, extraordinary    later years, he "also had to calm
complex chemical world found
                                      shapes with intense,                 freaked-out youths who occa-
within ergot [Claviceps
                                      kaleidoscopic play of colors."       sionally turned up at his office
purpurea], a cereal fungus
                                                                           or his home, explaining to one
disease with a fantastical range
                                      On recovery, it seemed clear to      young American girl that her
of effects on the human
                                      him that he had accidentally         plan to secretly dose President
nervous system. His ergot-
                                      ingested a microscopic amount        Lyndon Johnson probably
derived "children," as he called
                                      of something toxic-something         wasn't very practical.
them, would include drugs that
                                      with a hallucinatory strength per
remain in the pharmacopoeia to
                                      gram far transcending that of        Before long the genie escaped
this day: methergine to prevent
                                      any known substance. He              the bottle. This was largely
obstetrical bleeding, the anti-
                                      had been working with LSD, so        owing to Harvard lecturer
dementia vasodilator hydergine,
                                      it was the obvious candidate.        Timothy Leary, whose
dihydergot for migraine.
6 The Mushroom Log
experiments with psychedelics,      The Straits Times, Singapore,           they are quite expensive and
which began in 1960, gradually      January 14, 2008 via                    difficult to buy in many parts of
strayed further and further         http://health.asiaone.com               the world. Therefore, the
outside the lab. By 1963,                                                   cultivated forms of the fungus
Hofmann reflected ruefully,         Ed. Note: Cordyceps keeps turning       are the most popular and widely
                                    up in various guises. Perhaps you
"The experiments had turned         recall Dan Winkler’s articles on the
into LSD parties," and Leary        cottage industry in Tibet, collecting
had become a messiah of LSD.        and selling it to the Chinese. This     Cultivated Cordyceps, produced
Meanwhile, amateur chemists         was published in two Logs,              here in Singapore by AP Nu-
had mastered the intricacies of     March/Apr. and May/June of 2005.        tripharm, are what is used in the
its production, and its influence                                           feed for the chickens that lay
outside the controlled setting      Many people try to limit or even        Cordyceps eggs.
was proving ambivalent, though      avoid eggs in their diet because
surely never quite so evil as       of the high cholesterol                 The idea came about when
hysterical newspaper critics        concentrated in the yolk. But           both companies were seeking
made out.                           eggs aren't about to go out of          an alternative to antibiotics in
                                    style yet, as researchers               animal feeds.
Hofmann and Leary had only          suggest that eating them
one genuine conversation            increases both "good" and               "There have been concerns all
sharing lunch at a train station    "bad" cholesterol.                      over the world about the use of
in Lausanne in 1971 after                                                   antibiotics to reduce disease
Leary's escape from a               And then there are egg                  and boost growth in livestock,"
California prison. Hofmann lec-     producers like Chew's                   said Dr. Mark Xu, managing
tured the American about his        Agriculture, right here in              director and chief executive
publicity-seeking and his           Singapore, that work to make            officer of AP Nutripharm.
dangerous habit of giving LSD       the goodness of eggs even
to the young. Leary replied, with   better. Chew's Agriculture, in          "Antibiotic resistance by
customary asininity, that doing     collaboration with AP                   microorganisms that cause
so was perfectly safe "because      Nutripharm, has come up with            disease in humans and animals
teenagers in the United States,     what it says is a world first-the       has risen sharply and there's
with regard to information and      Cordyceps egg.                          evidence that this resistance is
life experience, were                                                       promoted by the antibiotics
comparable to adult                 Cordyceps sinensis belongs to           given to animals."
Europeans." Hofmann left the        a family of parasitic fungi that
station more confident than         attack a species of caterpillar in      The chickens were actually fed
ever that Leary was a menace-       winter. When the caterpillar is         with NuV Cordyceps sinensis
the man who had led his             hibernating, this fungus slowly         mycelium, to boost their weight.
"problem child" astray. He was      eats away at it and, by the end         And though there was consider-
to die awaiting the day that        of winter, the process is               able weight gain in the
proper research into its healing    complete, and the caterpillar           chickens, the amount of fungus
potential could resume.             now looks like a plant. A literal       needed for this was far too
                                    translation of the Chinese term         expensive. But the experiment
1 May 2008.                         for Cordyceps is "winter worm,          showed that cordycepin (an
nationalpost.com.                   summer plant."                          active Cordyceps compound)
                                                                            did find its way into the eggs,
From the May, 2008 The Spore        The Chinese discovered the              said Dr Xu.
Print, The Journal of the Los       health benefits of Cordyceps
Angeles Mycological Society,        sinensis centuries ago when             After several experiments with
Inc.                                they noticed that sheep which           various amounts of Cordyceps
                                    grazed on it were stronger and          in the feed, the lab came up
ONE-OF-A-KIND                       healthier. Traditional herbalists       with the minimum that, though it
                                    then began using the fungus for         wouldn't result in much larger
EGG                                 curing several diseases.                chickens, would allow them to
By Josephine Huang
                                                                            lay eggs containing cordycepin
                                    Although wild Cordyceps are
                                    said to be the most powerful,
7 The Mushroom Log
"Cordycepin has proven to           per serving, they have fewer          By Dave Miller
contain anticancer and disease-     calories than a rice cake.
resistant properties," said Dr                                            A recent issue of the Maine
Xu. "As for the Cordyceps eggs,     2. Flavor: Mushrooms have um-         Mycological Association’s
they have only been launched        ami - the fifth taste. They add       Newsletter reviewed a
last month. So their benefits are   savory flavor when paired with        fascinating account of Tom
yet to be appreciated.              other foods.                          Volk’s April Mushroom of the
                                                                          Month, Profolias downhoki, a
"However, this is not a drug. It    3. Vitamin D: an average              fungus isolated from a
is a food and we are not out to     serving of mushrooms contains         kangaroo pouch. Even more
prove that it has curative          4 percent of the daily value of       striking was its ability to turn
powers.”                            vitamin D. No other fresh             green in the light because it
                                    vegetable or fruit has vitamin D.     contained chloroplasts. DNA
"Apart from the cordycepin                                                analysis revealed its chloroplast
nutrients, the eggs are 30%         4. Good for you: Mushrooms'           DNA was related to that of
lower than ordinary eggs in         antioxidant capacity is               mosses. They cultured it on
cholesterol and have a              comparable to that of brightly        kangaroo dextrose agar (KDA).
dramatically improved texture       colored vegetables such as            Intrigued, and always on the
with a smooth, 'bouncier' white     tomatoes, zucchini, carrots, red      lookout for “cutting edge”
and sweeter yolk."                  peppers and broccoli.                 science for Log fodder, I clicked
                                                                          on Tom’s “references” and
That might explain why they are     5. Hold the burger: Data              found the whole thing to be an
pricier. Chew's Cordyceps           suggest if men substituted a 4-       elaborate April Fool’s joke. I
Eggs, available at Shop n Save,     ounce grilled portabella              took solace that quite a few
Prime, Cold Storage, NTUC           mushroom for a 4-ounce grilled        others had been duped.
Fairprice and some organic          hamburger over the course of a        Despite this bit of tomfoolery
shops, retail at $3.95 for a pack   year, and didn't change               (Groan!), I highly recommend
of six (Ed. Note: that’s            anything else, they could save        you consult his website
Singapore Dollars!). That's         more than 18,000 calories and         TomVolkFungi.net Just be
about twice the price you would     nearly 3,000 grams of fat.            wary of April’s Fungus of the
usually pay for 10 eggs.            That's the equivalent of 5.3          Month.
                                    pounds, or 30 sticks of butter.
From the March, 2008 issue of       28 April 2008. Mushroomcoun-
Spore Prints, the Bulletin of the   cil.com.
Puget Sound Mycological Society.
                                    From the May, 2008 issue of The
                                    Spore Print, The Journal of the Los
Five Things You                     Angeles Mycological Society.

Didn't Know
                                    Articles for the next newsletter
About Mushrooms
                                    Deadline –Sept. 25                    Close-up of leaves and
Margo Kraus, a registered dieti-                                          crabapples of Crataegus,
tian and consultant for The         David Miller                          infected by cedar-apple rust.
Mushroom Council, advises:          352 W. College St.                    The fungus grows into long
                                    Oberlin, OH 44074                     finger-like projections emerging
                                    David.H.Miller@oberlin.edu            from the fruit. These release
1. 20 calories: Just a handful of
mushrooms may be nature's                                                 thousands of orange spores,
hidden treasure for healthier                                             the accumulation of which can
meals. Mushrooms have               The Saga of                           be seen on the leaves below
essential nutrients that are good                                         the crabapples.
                                    Profolias downhoki
for heart health and help boost
immunity. With just 20 calories
8 The Mushroom Log

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                                   Oct. 5 (Sun.) Mini-Foray—      State Park, at the Nature
your most recent issue of
                                   Grove’s Woods, Trumbull        Center, 5 hour mushroom
the Mushroom Log for
                                   Co., Pete & Pauline Munk.      workshop, conducted by
event updates and for
                                   (440) 236-9222. See page 1     Walt Sturgeon. Registration
more detailed information.
                                   for details                    and Fee, contact the Nature
Please plan to join us. All
                                                                  Center or Park Office.(330)
mini-and morel forays are           Email Jerry as instructed     385-3091.
subject to cancellation.           above.
Call first to confirm.                                            Sept. 20 (Sat.)—Western PA
Please bring a whistle and                                                           th
                                                                  Mushroom Club’s 7 Annual
compass and RSVP the               Oct. 11-12 Fall Foray,         Gary Lincoff Mid-Atlantic
host so they have                  Little Beaver Creek Nature     Mushroom Foray, North Park
cancellation flexibility.          Center at Beaver Creek         PA. $25 for WPMC members,
                                   State Park, near Calcutta      $50 non-members.See their
                                   OH. Details on page 1.         website
Other impromptu mini forays,                                      Questions? John Stuart,
                                   Sat. Nov.15th. Annual Dick     Pres. of WPMC
as follows:
                                   Grimm Banquet. Buckeye         jstuart@nauticom.net
                                   Lake Yacht Club. Details
An open invitation to anyone
who wants to mushroom
hunt in Fredericktown. Call                                       National & More
Dick Grimm (740) 694-0782,         Ohio & Regional
and if he’s available and
there are mushrooms in the                                        September 18-21---2008
woods, he will go.                                                NAMA Foray in McCall, ID .
                                   Aug. 10th(S ) Scenic Vista     See their website,
                                   Park, Wayne Bridge Rd., just   www.namyco.org, for
                                   west of Lisbon, 2:00-4:00.     details

                                   Membership Application for the Ohio
                               Mushroom Society
9 The Mushroom Log


CITY                                                  STATE          ZIP

TELEPHONE                                             FAX


Enclosed please find check or money order: $10.00 (family) annual _____       $125 life ______________
enrolling me in the Ohio Mushroom Society. My interests are:

Mushroom Eating/Cookery            Photography                Nature Study

Mushroom ID                        Cultivation                        Other (specify)

Would you like to be an OMS volunteer? In what way?

How did you hear about our group?_________________________________________________


May OMS provide your name to other mushroom related businesses?      Yes____No

Return form and money to: Ohio Mushroom Society, c/o Jerry Pepera, P. O. Box 1075, Chardon, OH 44024

Reminders: Please send your E-mail and mailing address changes to Jerry Pepera at the above address.
10 The Mushroom Log

         2008 Ohio Mushroom Society Volunteers
Chairman                 Newsletter Editor            Program Planners            Hospitality Co-chairs
Walt Sturgeon            Dave Miller                  Walt Sturgeon               Janet & Jack Sweigart
(330) 426-9833           (440) 774-8143               (330) 426-9833              (419) 634-7216
mycowalt@comcast.net     David.H.Miller@oberlin.edu   sturgwr@earthlink.net       jsweigart@wcoil.com

Treasurer/Membership/    All-round Special Person     Daphne Vasconcelos          Sharon Greenberg
Circulation              Dick Grimm                   (614) 475-4144              (330) 457-2345
Jerry Pepera             (740) 694-0782               vasconcelosD@battelle.org   d.greenberg@worldnet.att.
(440) 354-4774           dickiephyls@yahoo.com                                    ne
g_pepera@sbcglobal.net                                Pete & Pauline Munk
                         Cleveland Metroparks         (440) 236-9222
Jack-of-All-Trades       Liason                       pjgmunk1@peoplepc.com
Dick Doyle               Debra Shankland
(740) 587-0019           (440) 526-1012               Lake MetroParks Liaison
doyle@denison.edu        dks@clevelandmetroparks.     Jennifer Harvey
                         com                          (440) 256-2106
Corresponding Sec’y                                   jmcanlis@lakemetroparks.c
Joe Christian                                         om
(419) 757-4493
      11 The Mushroom Log

         Ohio Mushroom Society
           The Mushroom Log

           Circulation and Membership
                  Jerry Pepera,
                 P. O. Box 1075
               Chardon, OH 44024

                   Dave Miller
                352 W. College St.
                Oberlin, OH 44074


The Mushroom Log, the official newsletter of the
Ohio Mushroom Society, is published bi-monthly
throughout the year.

Contributions of articles and ideas for columns are
always welcome. Articles may be edited for length
and content.

Non-copyrighted articles may be reprinted without
permission in other mushroom club publications,                    DATED MATERIAL
provided that The Mushroom Log is credited. We        Address service requested. Return postage guaranteed.
appreciate receiving a copy of the publication.

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