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									                Cromwell High School Transition Program

The transition program at Cromwell High School provides students the opportunity to explore a variety
of careers and employment prospects in the community. This program helps students identify strengths,
interests and skills necessary to transition from school to work, postsecondary education and/or training.

The components of the transition program include the following:

      Career Assessments – students are given a variety of interest inventories to help them determine
       their career interest.

      Learning Style Inventory – students are given a learning style inventory so they have a better
       understanding of their personal learning strength.

      Job Shadow – students learn about a career by shadowing at professional area businesses


      Internship – students participate in a job shadow internship at a community business for an
       extended period of time. The internship helps students develop career awareness and gives the
       students an opportunity to gain skills needed in the work environment.

      College Tours – students are provided the opportunity to visit local colleges, technical schools
       and training centers to help them identify appropriate postsecondary goals.

      Guest Speakers- speakers are invited to Cromwell High School to help students understand the
       various aspects of a specific career and the education that is required.

      Portfolios – students develop a portfolio of transition related activities. Some of the items
       included in the portfolio are career assessments, job shadows, transcripts, and resumes.


Questions regarding Cromwell High School Transition Program can be directed to:
        Karen Ireland, Transition Facilitator  at

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