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									                                 Portable Vacuum Cleaners

 When one wants to buy a portable vacuum cleaner there are many things that need to be taken
into consideration. A vacuum cleaner which is portable can be any kind of a cleaner which not
upright. If one needs the vacuum to clean delicate appliances and equipments like computer and
the printer and keyboards, they should buy a lightweight portable vacuum cleaner. People can use
a portable vacuum cleaner for performing a variety of functions like cleaning stairs, mini blinds,
interior of a car etc.

Some people need a handheld vacuum cleaner as they mean that they want something which
they can carry around easily and convert it into a vacuum and sometimes to a blower so that they
can use the function that they want to as per their needs. Even in a portable unit people prefer to
have attachments like a telescopic wand etc which makes the vacuum cleaner very useful for
them. Portable vacuum cleaners also come with a shoulder strap so that they do not have to carry
it everywhere in the house while cleaning it which will make it very tiring and cumbersome.

There are many efficient vacuum cleaners which have very string filters which are perfect for any
cleaning any kind of dust and clean the air thus avoiding risks of allergies and respiratory
problems. These are also efficient to clean the pet dander as these have the HEPA system which
stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air filter system. These clean the dust up to 99.97%.

Other kind of vacuum cleaners are ones which have a retractable cord and these can be very
helpful for many people. There are many additional features that are available in vacuum cleaners
and one should buy the one which suits their needs.

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