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                                                               • 25% of invoices are paid late, leading to late charges
                                                                 and legal actions
                                                               • 10% of invoices processed require exception handling,
                                                                 requiring the retrieval of supporting documentation,
                                                                 which can take days or weeks
Benefit from quick ROI!
Achieve faster document processing!                            TiS’ eFLOW for Financial Capture perfectly meets the
                                                               specific challenges of automated processing for financial
Improve vendor relationships!                                  functions and ensures benefits to the organization on all

                                                               Benefits of
The Challenge Today                                            eFLOW for Financial Capture
Today, organizations are compelled more than ever to           • Typical ROI in 12 months or less
invest in software solutions that cut costs, increase          • Increased throughput and faster processing of semi-
efficiency, improve customer service and supplier relations,     structured documents (e.g., invoices, cheques, payment
and help maintain a competitive advantage across all parts       slips, remittance forms) and their attachments
of their business.
                                                               • Achieve increased revenue and faster payment by
Traditionally some paper documents are difficult and             practically eliminating processing errors
costly to process. These semi-structured documents include     • The ability to handle exception documents, combined
supplier invoices, remittance forms, cheques, payment            with improved data accuracy, deliver enormous savings
slips, and their attachments (e.g., reports, memos, delivery     to the organization
notes and other documents). The manual processing of
these documents is time consuming, labor intensive,            • Minimal human intervention enables reduced labor
expensive and increases the probability of data inaccuracy.      costs
This leads many organizations to recognize costly and          • Faster document processing means that vendors will
inefficient financial operations, late settlement of bills,      be paid on time, enabling improved discount earnings
and dissatisfied vendors.                                        on preferred vendor pricing, and resulting in enhanced
                                                                 customer service and vendor relationships
The current challenges of data capture include:                • Scalable architecture enables you to
• Large organizations process numerous invoices each             easily expand your system
  day, 96% of which involve keying data from paper               as your needs grow

• The total cost to process a single invoice can vary
  from $10-$50

                                                                                                                 ABOUT TiS
                                                                                                         Top Image Systems Ltd.
                                                                                                         (TiS) is a leading innovator
                                                                                                         of data capture solutions
                                                     masks (such as DD/MM/YY) in order to                that improve enterprises’
                                                     ensure accurate delivery of data to your target     business processes by

                                                     back-office systems.                                integrating information of
Technology                                                                                               different types and from
                                                     Using a multitude of powerful recognition           multiple sources into
Using only one platform and one application,         engines, and applying a sophisticated voting        corporate information
TIS’ eFLOW for Financial Capture is the              algorithm on the whole document, eFLOW              systems. Whether
only solution capable of capturing,                  for Financial Capture minimizes errors and          originating from mobile,
recognizing and integrating information from         produces unparalleled data accuracy.                electronic, paper or other
various sources such as paper, fax, telex,                                                               s o u r c e s , Ti S s o l u t i o n s
email, internet, or mobile devices, and              Key Features of                                     deliver the content to
processing from multiple formats such as             eFLOW for Financial Capture                         applications that drive the
structured, semi-structured and unstructured.
 Once you invest in eFLOW for Financial              • Simple point-and-click tools cut                  TIS has developed eFLOW,
Capture, you can solve any data capture                customization efforts by up to 90%                the Unified Content
problems within the organization by simply                                                               Platform. eFLOW digitally
                                                     • The innovative, state-of-the-art learning
adding incremental modules.                                                                              captures and manages the
                                                       mechanism enables the system to learn
                                                                                                         enterprise's content from
                                                       from past performance, resulting in
eFLOW for Financial Capture, based on                  automatic recognition of new, previously
                                                                                                         s o u r c e t o E R P, C R M ,
artificial intelligence technology, identifies                                                           financial or other
                                                       unseen documents by the system                    information systems.
the document design, captures the relevant
data, while avoiding the repetitive form             • Sharp accuracy in character recognition
template. This gives the platform a significant        and error detection using the latest OCR          Founded in 1991, TiS is
advantage in processing semi-structured                and ICR technology                                publicly traded on NASDAQ
documents, which always contain repeated                                                                 (TISA). TiS markets its
                                                     • Field recognition anywhere on a page using        products in more than 30
information.                                           keywords, rules, and databases                    countries through a
                                                     • Unique connecting agents seamlessly               network of Distributors,
eFLOW for Financial Capture automatically                                                                System Integrators and
identifies these semi-structured documents             deliver accurate data to your SAP, Oracle,
                                                       Documentum, Filenet, IBM Content                  Value Added Resellers, as
without the need to predefine the structure                                                              well as Strategic Partners.
of each document and create a template at              Manager and other ERP, CRM, ECM or
start-up. This is achieved using a unique              financial systems
learning mechanism, which improves in                • Reliable, high speed processing of complex        Tel Aviv, Israel
                                                                                                         Tel: +972 3 767-9100
proportion to the amount of documents the              semi-structured documents, including              Fax:+972 3 648-6664
system processes. This results in automatic            those with complex tables and line items,
recognition of new, previously unseen                  and their attachments                             TiS America Inc.
documents by the system, significantly                                                                   Escondido, CA USA
                                                     • Reduces network traffic by sending only           Tel: +1 866 254-5105
reducing implementation time, and
                                                       variable data, not the repetitive form            Fax:+1 760 739-8921
increasing throughput.                                                                         
                                                                                                         TiS Latin America
eFLOW for Financial Capture efficiently              • Provides support for distributed                  Hallandale, FL USA
                                                       environments with remote scanning,                Tel: +1 954 455-7336
processes documents and attachments,                                                                     Fax: +1 954 455-8227
including those with complex tables and line           processing and completion requirements  

items, in single or multi-page format by                                                                 TiS Germany
learning from past recognition performance.                                                              Köln, Germany
                                                                                                         Tel: + 49 (0) 221 554052 23
                                                      Function                  Type of document         Fax: +49 (0) 221 554054 5
eFLOW for Financial Capture uses human                Accounts Payable          Invoices
logic and goes beyond identifying keywords                                      Attached documents       TiS United Kingdom
                                                                                Memos                    Uxbridge, Middlesex UK
and key terms. It uses graphical symbols              Accounts Receivable       Invoices                 Tel: +44 (0) 208 610 6034
(e.g., lines and boxes specific to field), logical                              Sales order processing   Fax:+44 (0) 208 610 6084
mathematical rules (e.g., Total= Subtotal +                                     Attached documents
Tax), topographical rules (such as proximity          Electronic Transactions   Electronic invoices
to keywords or graphic symbols) and field             Payments                  Cheques
                                                                                Payment slips
                                                                                Remittance forms

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