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                          Contract for Services

I, ______________________________________________________, agree to
provide the following services, as requested by A Stepping Stone
to Excellence LLC, in a manner consistent with this Contract for
Services. This contract shall be considered effective and binding
as of the date of signature and shall continue in full force and
effect for one year from that date. Any provisions of this
Contract to the contrary notwithstanding, either party may
terminate this contract without cause by providing the other
party at least two weeks prior written notice to the addresses
indicated herein. A Stepping Stone to Excellence, LLC Program
Administration may terminate this contract without notice if it is
determined that the independent contractor is performing
services in a manner that may be considered inappropriate or
detrimental to A Stepping Stone to Excellence, LLC.

Services to be provided by the contractor (Tutor):

       1.     Attend and complete initial orientation and training
              provided by ASSE to be administered in your district.
       2.     Forward all required paperwork to address indicated
       3.     Administer pretest, posttest, bi-weekly assessments,
              generate monthly progress reports and or review
              student’s standardized test subtest scores and assists
              devising a Student Learning Plan for each individual
              student prior to initiating tutoring session.

A Stepping Stone to Excellence
July 2009 Revised                                                       1
            3. Provide tutoring services to eligible students, and
               ensure that all required documentation i.e. slp’s,
               progress reports, and daily attendance logs are signed
               and turned in to the lead tutor in a timely manner.

            4. Ensure that all progress reports and slp’s are
               correlated so that ASSE’s program is run efficiently
               and with fidelity.

       6.     Participate in professional development and support
              training provided by ASSE in your district.


       1.     The person named above will receive $25.00
              for attending orientation and initial training.
       2.     The subcontractor must submit attendance logs,
              progress reports, and all other necessary paperwork
              in order to receive payment.
       3.     Confidentiality of Client Information
              The subcontractor shall not use or disclose any
              information concerning a recipient of services under
              this contract for any purpose prohibited by state or
              federal law or regulations (except with the written
              consent of a person legally authorized to give that
              consent or when authorized by law).
       4.     The tutor has entered into this Contract as an
              independent contractor, as such, is not an employee
              of ASSE. The tutor understands and agrees: (i) that
              ASSE will not withhold on behalf of tutor sums for
              income tax, unemployment insurance, social security,
              or any other withholding otherwise applicable to those
              who are employees; (ii) that tutor is not eligible for
              health insurance or any benefit afforded to employees
              of A Stepping Stone to Excellence, LLC. (iii) that all
              such withholdings are the sole responsibility of Tutor;
              and (iv) that Tutor will indemnify and hold A Stepping
              Stone to Excellence, LLC (and its entities) harmless

A Stepping Stone to Excellence
July 2009 Revised                                                       2
              from any and all loss or liability arising with respect to
              any such withholdings and benefits. The parties
              further agree that if the Internal Revenue Service
              questions or challenges Tutor’s independent
              contractor’s status, A Stepping Stone to Excellence,
              LLC shall have the right to participate in any
              discussions or negotiations with the Internal Revenue
       6.     This instrument is intended by the parties as a final
              expression of their agreement and as a complete
              statement of the terms thereof, and shall supersede
              all previous understandings and agreements. The
              parties shall not be bound by any representation,
              promise, or inducement made by either party or agent
              of either party that is not set forth in this contract. If
              the terms and conditions contained in any exhibit or
              attachment to this contract or any other document
              incorporated by reference is in conflict with the terms
              and conditions set forth in the body of this contract,
              the terms and conditions in this contract shall control.
              Any applicable provisions required by federal, state, or
              local law, are hereby incorporated by reference.

Program Director:
                                 Robert L. Wilson
                                 327 Office Plaza Drive Suite 209
                                 Tallahassee, Fl 32301
                                 (850) 877-0758 Office
                                 (850) 877-2051 Fax

A Stepping Stone to Excellence
July 2009 Revised                                                          3

              1. Satisfactory finger-printed background

              2. Verification of Education, and all other licenses
                 required to perform the duties described herein.
              3. Current Resume
              4. Copy of Valid government issued picture ID
              5. Completion of Affidavit of Good Moral Character
              6. Completion of W-9
              7. Completion of Contractor’s Contract

___________________________           ____________________________________
Authorized Representative             *Provider of Services (Print Name)
                                      *Signature and Date

                                      *Street Address

                                      *City, State, Zip

                                      *Provider Tele: #

                                      *Provider SS#

                                      *Email Address

*All areas marked must be completed prior to execution of said contract

A Stepping Stone to Excellence
July 2009 Revised                                                                   4

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