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AL ALLEN AND THE SKYSCRAPERS: arrow 101—anything you wanna [vocal/instr] vg+ wol 8 mf sax-guitar r&roll
THE AMES BROTHERS: epic 9630dj—washington square/knees up!... vg+ wol 4.50 Bubbled Under
CASEY ANDERSON: atco 6377dj—say yes/blues is a woman gone m- 8 ms soul +girls backing/slow
LEE ANDREWS [group]: u. a. 162dj—just suppose/boom vg 6 ballad/mid r&roll with, I assume, the Hearts
ANNETTE: disneyland 102dj—how will I know my love/don’t jump… vg+ 8
MARIE APPLEBEE: jubilee 5570dj—dear mrs. applebee/come and be my true love m- 8 mid. teeners
ARBOGAST & ROSS: liberty 55197dj—chaos, parts i/ii vg+ 7 GREAT NOVELTY SPOOF of top 40 radio
THE ASSEMBLY: atlantic 2587dj—walk on out of my mind/that stranger used to be my girl m- xol 7 mid. soulrock/mf redo Trade Martin
ASYLUM CHOIR: smash mercury 2204—isicle [sic] star tree/indian style m- coh 8 midslow PSYCHISH, girl group?
THE BACHELORS: smash 1723dj—day I met you/hey little girl vg+ 10 harmony ballad/midtempo Instr.
**      london 20051dj—punky’s dilemma/it’s a beautiful day m- 3 mid/ms

GENE BARGE: checker 1110dj—the “in” crowd/fine twine m- 7 mid. soul instr’s
THE BARONS: demon 1520—the fight/gravel gert vg 5 good Group, mid-mf r&rolls
        spartan 400—I’ve been hurt/willow weep for me m- 8 ms to mid GROUP, transitional ballads
MARTI BARRIS: wilco 7 dj—the handsomest boy in town/who’s gonna… m- 8 slow/ms teeners
BATAAN: epic 50089dj—whe3n you’re down (funky mambo)/the bottle (la…) m- 5 ms soul (also see: NAATAB)
THE BEACH BOYS: capitol 2765dj—cottonfields/the nearest faraway place m- 6.50
THE BEATLES: [ENGLAND] parlophone 5160—a hard day’s night/things we said today vg+ 6
DENNIS BELL: imperial 5808dj—I just couldn’t look anymore/the girl who lives… vg+ 8 fast/mid teeners
DENNY BELLINE…DWELLERS: rca 8665dj—it happens that way/little…m- wol 6 midtempos, A-side soulish
“BELL RECORDS’: #1 (seems out of sequence…?) [45 rpm]—whatever will be, will be/my prayer vg 3
        #1049 [7 inch 78rpm]—I understand just how you feel/joey vg+ 3 [Bell Ringers both sides]
        #1065 [45rpm]----rain, rain, rain/toy or treasure vg+ wol 3.50 [Larry Clinton both sides]
ANDY BELVIN: gee kay 2001----hello my lover/clean monkey m- 6 mid. 60s, Soul with girls/r&b
BOYD BENNETT: king 5738—teenage years/hear me talking vg+ 8 mid. Teener/mf talk-rocker
DOUG BENNETT: [CANADA][M- PS] A&M distr. 108dj—it’s got to be monday/same m- 6.50 mf ’86 rock
BROOK BENTON & DINAH WASHINGTON: [**STEREO**] mercury 10032—a rockin’ good way/ vg 6.50
JAN BERRY: ode 66120—sing sang a song/[instr] vg+ 7 mid surfish with girls
BIG BLACK: uni 55051—come on and get it, baby (if you want it)/the snakecharmer vg+ 7 mid/ms I’s, flip Psychish
BIG BROTHER & THE HOLDING COMPANY: columbia 45502dj—nu boogaloo jam/black widow…m- 5 mid. heavy/slow
THE BIG TOWN BOYS: bell 629dj—it was I/paul at the pass vg+ 7 mid. redo skip and flip/mf gui.-horns r&r instr
BIRDS OF A FEATHER: page one 21028dj—blacksmith blues/sing my song and play m- 7 60s girls, ms/professional mf
ELVIN BISHOP GROUP: fillmore 7002dj—so fine/so fine m- #ol 4 ms soul rock
        7003dj—don’t fight it (feel it)/same m- 5 mf funk rock
FLIP BLACK: jubilee 5499dj—every time I hold your hand/down our street vg+ 7 mid. ballad/midfast +girls r&roll
PINKY BLACK…EXCESSIVES: [M- PS] real gone 001—givin’ it up to daddy/64 dances m- 6 fast/mf r&rolls, Nebr. 1982
DICK BLAKE: blake 001 [vg- PS]—the robbie/[instr] vg+ 6 mid r&roll, vocal/instr versions
BLOOP GROOP: liberty 56032dj—gotta have you/oh why m- 8 mid northern soul/midslow soul
THE BLUE JAYS: map city 307dj—freedom (where have you gone)/same m- 6 mid. souldisco 1973-4? era
THE BOBBETTES: gallant 1006—I cried/oh my pappa vg #ol 6 mf r&roll/midslow ballad
CHRISTY BOGART: atco 6456dj—not a word of it was true/sweet and tender boy m- 6.50 ms/slow
LUTHER BOND AND THE EMERALDS: showboat 1501—gold will never do/jitterbug…vg+ wol 8 transitional ballad/fast r&r grp
WILLIAM BONNY: mercury 72525dj—you won’t find that kind in me/my revenge m- 9 mid. wall-of-sound/mf 60s r&r
JAMES BRADLEY: manco 1022—lonesome for you/your love, my… m- 5 mid teeners, Girls in FLIP [dish warp NAP]
NEIL BRIAN: 20 c. fox 6686dj—barefoot girl/runnin’ scared m- 6 mid/ms, flip redo orbison, Sixties
BROKEN ENGLISH: intense 4502 [m- PS]—in love with me/heartbreak m- 8.50 rare fast/mid Chicago 1982
THE BROOD: dot 17394dj—ride the bus/hey lover m- 5 light girls, midtempo 1970 era??
THE BROTHERS LOVE: candid 713—start to live/watch what happens m- 5 light mid., 1970 era? looks like a WI. label?
BUCKINGHAM IV: imperial 66124dj----endless sleep/your lovin’ is really tough m- 8 slow redo like Newbeats??/slow
SOLOMON BURKE: mala 420-----I’m not afraid/this little ring m- 8 ballad/midslow, flip sam cooke type
FRANCES BURNETT: decca 30571dj—spin the wheel/a promise made…vg+ sol 10 mid/sl pop, but seen listed high $$?
JERRY BUTLER: mercury 72798dj-----never give you up/beside you m- 9 ONLY DJ COPY of this release I’VE EVER SEEN???
BUZZ & AL: abc 10107—jeannie marie/tomorrows that may never come vg+ 4.50 mid r&roll/slow
CANNED HEAT: atlantic 3236dj—the harder they come/same m- 4.50 1974 rock
EDDIE CARR: glad-hamp 2015—dance with the one you love/what will tomorrow bring vg+ 6 mid. r&rollish/ballad
BERNADETTE CARROLL: julia 1106—my heart stood still/sweet sugar sweet vg+ wol 7 teeners, mid/ms
THE CASUALS: monument 905dj—promise her anything (but give her love)/walk m- 7 midslow harmony/mid, 60s
SAM CAUSEY AND THE SOUTHLANDERS: scottie 1308—robert E. lee/I ran all the way vg 8 flip mid. R&roll with sax break
THE CHALLENGERS: chess 1957—don’t you just know it/tossin’ and turnin’ vg+ coh 5 midfast group r&rolls
THE CHARTBUSTERS: mutual 511—you’re breakin’ my heart/can’t you hear…vg+ xol 7 mid/mf 60s garageish
BOBBY CHEEVERS: dot 17273dj—up and down/leavin’ cleveland m- 6 mid. “polished” 60s, male-female group
THE CHOSEN FEW: co-op 511—summer’s love [vocal/instr.] m- 8 soulish ballad A-side
RUTH CHRISTIE: liberty 55225dj—my mother’s eyes/let me love you vg+ wol 5 ms/mid
SANFORD CLARK: [ENGLAND] london 9095—pledging my love/go on home vg 6
THE CLEFTONES: gee 1079dj---lover come back to me/there she goes m- xol 10 mid/ms group
JIMMY CLIFF: mango 7500—the harder they come/you can really get it…m- 6 reggae 1973 mf/mid
BUDDY CLINTON: time 1016—across the street from your house/how my prayers…vg+ 8 good mf teeners, doowopish
LEONARD COHEN: w. b. 8527dj—iodine/true love leaves…m- 5.50 Phil Spector prod., mid/ms
NAT KING COLE: capitol “HONOR AWARD” “MILLIONAIRE CLUB” gold label –answer me, my love vg- 3 RARE press!!
THE COLLECTION: bazooka 093—mexico woman/changes vg+ 7 midtempo 60s
COLORADO: uni 55280dj—country comfort/my babe m- 8 mid. rock, flip good CCR type
COLUMBIA RECORD CLUB: OLD OFFER (small catalog) “come and get it” lists 77 LPs, 1960? AND “free treasure…” 36 LP’s m- $3
BOBBY COMSTOCK: lawn 202—I want to do it [BLANK FLIP] m- 8 mf r&roll
EARL CONNELLY: maycon 100—I don’t know why/come a runnin’ vg- 3 slow/mid, Black late 50s
THE CONSERVATIVES: tribe 8327dj----miami/you’ve got another think coming m- 8 ms/mf 60s
“COPS IN CONCERT”: [M- PS] criminal 83 01—leader of the pack/I fought the law m- 7 mid/fast rock redo songs ‘83
THE CORUS-CATES: modern 1009dj—night spot 66, parts i/ii vg+ 5 mid. instru.
CORVETTES: dot 17283dj—beware of time/level with your senses m- 8 midtempo 60s
JOHNNY COUGAR: mca 40634dj—american dream/same m- 5.50 mf rock, his debut? certainly before hits
COUNT POPEYE: kent 423—come on youngun/nosey rosey vg 6 mid. black r&rolls
PAPA JOHN CREACH: grunt 0508dj—filthy funky, parts i/ii m- 6 mid. funkish rock instr.
CUDDLY TOYS: fresh 7, ENGLAND [m- PS]—madman/join the girls m- 8 mid hardrocks, 1980
THE DAGOES: [M- PS] greasy pop 006, AUSTRALIA—vatican stomp/I can do…m- 8 [GREEN WAX] mf/mid rock-punk ‘90
JEFF DAHL GROUP: [AUSTRALIA, M- PS] dog meat 008—I’m in love with the GTO’s/signed D.C. m-6 fast powerpop ‘89
THE DALKAPS: corvette 1003—come back/who is the one vg 6 mid/slow group ballads, late 50s
JIM DANDY’S BLACK OAK ARKANSAS: hacienda 722—ready as hell/the liberty rebellion…m- 6 mf rock/mid.
JAMES DARREN: colpix 655dj-hail to the conquering hero/too young… m- 8 mf teen r&roll
HARLEY DAVIS & THE TEEN-AIRES: wildcat 0064—my definition of you/mad lover vg+ 9 mid group ballad///
DAYJOBBERS: TMP-ting 819T 116—times I’ve had/hoochie coochie man m- 9 mid. 60s, flip redo fifties song
THE Db’s: [ENGLAND] [m- PS] albion 1024—amplifier/ask for jill +2 m- 8.50 ms to mf rocks, 1981
HARRY DEAL & THE GALAXIES: atlantic 2761dj—this love I have/walrus m- 8 ms/mid rocks, 1972 era
BILLY DEE AND THE EDSEL BAND: TJ 1021—(i) who have nothing/never vg+ 4 slow/mf, modern harmony doowops
DEUCES WILD: corby 211—keep on/(sing-a-long) vg+ 8 mf horns-drums 60s, vocal/instr
MARK DEVLIN: sure-shot 101 [label BECAME double shot] dj—right around midnight/midnight vg+ #ol 8 soulish/Instr.
TRACEY DEY: amy 894—here comes the boy/teddy’s… vg+ tol 8 A-side great midfast “fake” PHIL SPECTOR sound
DOBYNE & JONES: atco 6848dj—shotgun wedding/suddenly there’s…m- 6 mf/mid souls, 1971
VIC DONNA: tiger 106 – dance marie/I won’t be me any more m- 6 ms/mid r&rolls, 1965 era
THE DOVELLS: mgm 13628dj--love is everywhere/there’s a girl m- [WARP, 4 GRAMS TO PLAY] 3 mid. northern soul
        mgm verve 10701—sometimes/far away m- 6 ms/mid
EDDIE DOWNS: pompeii 66698dj—whatever happened to me/whatever’s fair m- 4 ms/slow
THE DROPSCIENCE: happy couples never last 023 [m- clear plastic PS]—freedom from saturn/ m- 4 newer mf Gui. I’s
GEORGE DUKE: BASF/MPS 15761dj—chariot/chariot m- 5 mf guitar soulish rock
DUKE AND THE RIO BRAVOS: roast beef 0000—scratch my back/let there be…vg+ xol 3 mid. c&w-ish 70s TX redo
THE DUPREES: coed 593dj—so many have told me/unbelievable vg+ wol 7 mid. group ballad
BOB DYLAN: columbia 10805dj—baby stop crying (4:17 and 5:17 versions) m- 4.50
        [GERMANY, M- PS] cbs 5512—wigwam/copper kettle vg+ 6
BOB DYLAN///[remix]MARK RONSON: legacy #??? dj [M- PS]—most likely you’ll… (orig. & remixed) Mint 6.50 [2007]
        so, why in the hell do modern labels make numbers IMPOSSIBLE to read? Far worse than my paper list!
THE ELECTRIC BLUEBIRDS: [ENGLAND, M- PS] ergot 1—rockin and rollin with grandmaw/ m- 8 mf rockabilly/ (’81)
THE ELLINGTONS: rca 10528dj—spider/spider m- 5 mid. funk-disco girl group
THE EMOTIONS: 20 century fox 430—a story untold/one life, one love, one you vg+ 7 group, mid/ballad
JOHN ERIC: stax 0184dj—drinkin’ wine spoo-dee-o-dee/same m- 8 mf soulish r&roll
ESSENTIAL LOGIC: [ENGLAND] rough trade 050 [m- PS]—eugene/…neighbours m- 8 mid punkish ‘80
BILLY EUSTIS: R 506dj—the rope/I’m sorry you’re gone m- 7 mid. storysong/midslow, late 50s
THE EVERLY BROTHERS: warner-seven 7192—it’s my time/empty boxes m- 5
EXPLODING PARAKEET: UA 1179--mail order bride/autumn-gone m- 9 flip midtempo 60s, Sioux Falls SD label
THE FIDELITY’S: baton 252—the things I love/hold on to…vg+ 8 nice Fifties group, scarce Hot 100
FIREFLIES: ribbon 6901—you were mine/stella…vg+ 8 scarce orange label, plain block logo – west coast?
JOHN FISHER: atlantic 2910dj—handle with care/hello love m- 4.50 ms pop soul
THE FIVE KEYS: capitol F3597dj—wisdom of a fool/now don’t that prove I love you vg+ 8
        F3660—let there be you/tiger lily vg+ 8      F3710—tiger lily/four walls m- 12 fast/slow group
ROBERTA FLACK: atlantic 2665dj—compared to what/hey, that’s no way…m- wol 8 ms/slow, DEBUT?, lbls. reversed
THE FLAMINGOS: end 1068—nobody loves me like you/you, me and…m- 9 mid NORTHERN SOUL/slow group
DARROW FLETCHER: congress 6011dj—sitting there that night/I think I’m… vg- 2.50 slow/mid souls
CHUCK FOOTE: roulette 4474dj--…sloppy sweater, dirty sneakers…/I’ve got… vg+ wol 7.50 mid teener r&rs
RAY FOSTER: PJ 1370—pledging my love/in the dark m- xol 5.50 ms r&b with light group, 1963
THE FOUR ESCORTS: skyla 1113—don’t you remember/my special girl vg+ 5 ballad/mid
HAL FRAZIER: reprise 0593dj—juliet jones/lovers are…same m- 7 midtempos, soulish flip
FULL FLAVOR: london 186dj—take me to my lady/same m- 5.50 mid. lightly-soulish rock
BOB GADDY: old town 1085—could I/don’t tell her vg+ 5 mf/mid, r&b solo
FRANCE GALL: fontana 1568dj—bonsoir john-john/la rose des vents m- 5 female ms/mid, 1966-67
PATRICK GAMMON: mr. pleasure 101—party hardy (what I like to do)/driving… m- wol 7 mid. heavy disco/
JERRY GARCIA: w. b. 7551dj-deal/the wheel m- 6 midtempo, grateful dead style
DON GARDNER & DEE DEE FORD: KC 106—glory of love/deed I do m- 7 group sound, mf r&roll/ms ballad
LINDA GAYLE & THE DUKE OF COVENTRY: columbia 43854dj—where have you been/twist and shout vg+ 7 ms soulish/fast R&R
G. B. ROCKERS: [ENGLAND, M- PS] runaway 502—sheree, sheree/you m- 7 mid/ms rocks, 1982
JONNIE GEE: bil-lou 1010—carpet bag [vocal/instr] vg+ 7 mf soulish 60s r&roll, flip is “voiced” instr.
THE GEERS: sss int’l. 760dj—I need you/I need you mid. garageish
GENESIS: atco 7050dj—entangled/ripples m- 8 midslow, early
        atlantic 3511dj—go west young man (in the motherlode)/same m- 6
DADDYO GIBSON: checker 848—behind the sun/night train vg 6 mid/slow instr’s
GO NUTS WALNUT BAND: appaloosa 53—diesel motors/seat belt m- 6 mid. soulish rock +synth, 1976
ROOSEVELT GRIER: A 110—smoky morning/moonlight in vermont vg+ 8 early midslow black pop, Fifties
        mgm 13698—slow drag/yesterday vg 6 ms Nor./slow soul
JERRY GUNTER…SENTURY: cole 173—tricky dick/isn’t it a pity [not Harrison] vg 4 mid/ms country rocks 70s. W. Va.
JOANIE HALL: hacienda 009—blue/close the door gently vg+ 8 ms ballad/mid countryish, texas late 50s
JOHNNY HALLYDAY: philips 40014—hold back the dawn/shake the hand of a fool vg+ 7
THE HAMPTONS: legrand 1007dj—I know why dreamers cry/once in a lifetime m- #ol 8 mid, ballad/light r&r
BILLY HANCOCK: ripsaw 211—rootie tootie/I can’t be satisfied m- 3.50 late 70s rockabilly
HAPPY FEELING: [CANADA] barry 3523—lord come/sacroiliac boop m- 5 slow/rock midtempo, early 70s??
RALPH HARRINGTON: colonial 7014—without you/let’s try again m- wol 6 sl/mid, with light Group
THURSTON HARRIS: reprise 0255—dance on, little girl/dancing silhouettes vg+ 8 mf r&roll/midslow
SAM HAWKINS: shell 1003—run to me/bring it to me vg 9 midslow with girls/mid, early northern soul
HEART: emi 4008dj—lovemaker/lovemaker m- 6 mf male-female group, Sweet type early 70s
THE HEARTBEATS: rama 231—everybody’s somebody’s fool/ I want to know vg- 7 “45 rpm” both sides
THE HEARTS: tuff 370—dear abby/[vocal/instr] vg+ wol 5.50         great mid. girl group
THE HEAT: hot stuff 1—high school sweater/instant love vg+ 8 ’78 NY mf rocks
DON HINES: hi 2056—stormy monday blues/please accept my love vg 5 slow blues/mid R&B group-backed flip
JOE HINTON: back beat 535dj—the girl in my life/come on baby vg 5.50 mf soul/fast soul screamer!
SEAN HOFF & THE SHOTGUNS: [ENGLAND] pepper 303—way down yonder in new orleans/H.H. blues m- 8
        mid. Bay City Rollers type redo F. Cannon/mid. voiced instr. with synth etc.
THE HOLIDAYS: track no # dj—patty ann/big brown eyes vg+ wol 7 mid. group r&rollish, 1963 date wol
STEVIE HOLLAND: atco 6578dj—four wheels/fell by the wayside m- 5.50 mf solos, ’68 era
THE HOLLYWOOD FLAMES: atco 6155dj—every day, every way (I’ll…)/if I thought…vg- wol 4 Group, mid/ballad
CHRISTINE HOLMES: mercury 72379dj—goodbye, boys, goodbye/is it love? m- #ol 5.50 midfast
JOHNNY HOLMES: strand 25036dj—light a candle/so mean m- 8 slow/r&roll mid.
HOOKFOOT: a&m 1300dj—don’t let it bring you down/coombe gallows m- 4.50 1972-3 mid. rocks
THE HOWLERS: liveside 02—captain iodine/I’m cryin’ m- 8 mid/mf rocks, flip redo animals, early 80s?
GENE HUGHES AND THE CASINOS: u.a. 50313dj—leavin’ makes the rain come down/nobody’s child m- 8 ms/slow
JANIS IAN: capitol 3107dj—he’s a rainbow/here in spain m- 3 slow/mf, 1971 era
DICK JACOBS: coral 61653—the golden baton/te amo vg sol 5 great mid. popcorn instru.
JADE & PEPPER: avalanche XW185—jig a jube jube/deborah m- 5 mid. light rocks, female ‘73
JAN & DEAN: liberty 55641dj—drag city/schlock rod (part 1) vg+ wol 7 scarce on promo!
LITTLE JONNA JAYE: jolar 1066-put up or shut up/oh joey vg+ 9 teeners
JOE JEFFREY: wand 11213—hey hey woman/the chance of loving you m- 8 midfast soulish rocks
JERRY AND REGGIE: m.o.c. 656—dream baby/shoo shoo vg 9 mf r&r Instr, flip GREAT guitar work
SYLVIA JO: lucky eleven 351—I’m living with what I could live without/come hell…vg+ 3 Michigan country mid/slow
JOEY AND THE AMBERS: bigtop 3052dj—the treasure in my heart/sweet sweet memory vg 7 ballads, DREAMY FLIP
JOHNY AND THE HURRICANES: big top 3056 [G PS] 3056—you are my sunshine/molly-o vg+ 8 mf/fast r&roll instr’s
SWEETPEA JOHNSON: liberty 55315dj—the crawdad scene/how come my dog don’t…m- 7 black, fast r&r/novelty
THE JOLLY JACKS: landa 707dj—there’s something on your mind/rock the house vg+ 8 great soulish Group Ballad///
JOE JONAS: hill 101—the hustler/mojo backfire vg+ 7 mid., blues/blues soul late 60s era
DERYK JONES PARTY: bang 583dj—don’t shut me out/she’s gone m- 6 mid. 60s rock
PAUL JONES: bell 805dj—it’s getting better/not before time m- 7 mid, different vocal/instr. tunes
JONJO: [ENGLAND] bumble 119—nine years old/flash in the pan m- 8 mid song about kid/mid ska rock ‘72
DANNY JORDAN: leader 811—just couldn’t resist her…transistor/leave her alone, joe m- 9 mf teener/ms
THE JOYRIDE: world pacific 77888dj—land of rypap papyr/his blues m- 8 mid, sunshine pop/psych, 60s
JIMMY JUSTICE: [ENGLAND?/rare DJ copy] pye 7N.15558—you’re gonna need my lovin’/since…vg+ 7 mf r&r with girl grp
JUST US GIRLS: epic cleveland 50733dj—time warp/same m- 7 cool mf girls NEW WAVE redo Rocky Horror song!!
KALB [RADIO STATION]: PAMS no #--ALEXANDRIA my home town (vocal/instr) vg 7
KISN [RADIO STATION]: Pams prod. 5873—“91-derful presents” the song of the city (vocal/instr) vg 8 [my home town]
GARY KANE: amy 878—not enough girls/the things…say m- 9 mf r&roll/midslow teener talker
TYLER KARR: crest 1082dj—all your life long/please don’t hurt him m- 7 mf/mid
NAT KENDRICK & THE SWANS: dade 1812—slowdown/hot chile vg 7 slow/mf r&r instr’s
KENNY & THE ACCENT REVUE: TRX 5012dj—the dark end of the street/you better…m- 9 mf soulish/mid funkish
SAM KIMBLE ORCH: TOF 728—henry’s in, parts i/ii vg+ 8 mf jazz r&roll, sax-guitar Instr (Hartford CT early 60s)
THE KIN FOLKS///THE ROSALETTS: revis 1012—recipe/do you wanna dance m- 4.50 mid. r&r I’s, vocalized flip
AL KING: sahara 114—everybody ain’t your friend/this thing called love m- 8 good midslow blues
        modern 1051dj—get lost/without a warning m- 7 mid blues, 60s
MORGANA KING: verve 10615—only know I loved you/I know how it feels to be lonely m- 4 black?, slow
GERSHON KINGSLEY ON THE MOOG: audio fid. 154dj—hey hey/twinkle twinkle vg+ 8 mf/fast EARLY synth instr’s
THE KINKS: reprise 0409—see my friends/never met a girl like you before m- 7 mid/fast, early non-hit
ROBERT KNIGHT: elf 90030dj—smokey/if I had my way m- 3.50 midslow
KOKOMO: [M- PS] felsted 8622—theme from a silent movie/humorous m- 5
LAURA LANE: corvette 1001—soon I’ll wed my love/glory of love vg+ 3.50 ballad/midslow redo
DAVE LARRY: B’n KC 102—only a dream/my confession to you vg+ 8 mid with group (teener)/ballad, Calif.
THE LAST WORD: atco 6498—can’t stop loving you/don’t… m- coh 5 great midfast heavybeat 60s, catchy!/
ROD LAUREN: rca 7720 (m- PS, x on sleeve)—listen my love/this I know vg+ 8 dreamy ballad
JOY LAYNE: mercury 71080—after school/you gave me wings to fly m- 4.50 mid/slow
LECTRIC WOODS: apt abc 26005dj—time of the season/A.L.L. (apollo lunar landing) m- 8 ms/mf synth Instr’s
DICKEY LEE: smash 1871dj—mother nature/to the aisle vg+ 8 mid/slow teeners
THE LEGENDS: key 1002—lariat/gail vg 8 Instr’s, fast r&roll/ms teener, Milwaukee early 60s
JAKE LEROLE: verve 10142—lion killer/kwela jake m- 7 mf/mid South African flute instr’s
ESTELLE LEVITT: metromedia 237dj—(I’m gonna love you) ‘til the flavor is gone/same m- 5 mf soulish
JERRY LEE LEWIS: smash 1930—high heel sneakers/you went back…vg+ wol coh 6 mf/fast r&rolls
                 2103dj—it’s a hang up baby/holdin’ on vg+ 8 mf r&roll/ballad, neither side country
RAMSEY LEWIS : cadet 5684—he ain’t heavy he’s my brother/up in yonder vg+ 3 ms/mid soul jazz I’s
        columbia 45766—kufanya mapenzi (making love)/what it is! vg+ 3 mf/mid Instr.
RAMSEY LEWIS & CO.: cadet 5674—them changes/unsilent minority m- #ol 4 mid. souljazz instr.
THE LIFE CYCLE: TRX 5026dj—my karma/I wanna live m- #ol 4 ms/mid Instr’s, 1969 era
GORDON LIGHTFOOT: w.b. 8518dj—the circle is small (I can see it in your eyes)/same m- 3 midtempo nonhit ‘78
LITTLE BONES: prann 5001—what I say/ya ya vg+ 3.50 mf/mid SOUL R&ROLLS with high “chipmunks” voice, huh??
LITTLE EDDIE: big beat 1276—I don’t want nobody digging…field/listen baby,… vg+ 5 blues, mid I./ms vocal, ’70 era?
LITTLE FEAT: w.b. 8091—down the road/spanish moon m- 4.50 mid rock
LITTLE HERBIE: in-sound 412dj—beach ball/I want my beach ball m- 8 mf voiced r&r instr.
LITTLE MILTON: checker 1012—satisfied/someone to love vg+ coh 7 mf/mid blues
LITTLE OSCAR: supreme blues 1022—I tried/the message m- 13 INSTR, mid. blues/midfast [listed] northern soul
LITTLE RICHARD: atlantic 2181—hole in the wall/crying in the chapel m- 8 light gospel group/nice slow redo
        reprise 1005—shake a hand (if you can)/somebody saw you m- 6 ms/mf funk-souls
LITTLE TONY: london 1988—24 mila baci/bella maria m- 7 fast pop teenerish 1962-3 era
THE LOST SOULS: bang 509dj—the girl I love/simple to say vg+ 8 mid/ms 60s
WENDY LOVE: palette 5076dj—wayward boy/bye bye allen m- 8 ms pop, flip teenerish ’61 era
MATT LUCAS: smash 1840—ooby dooby/no one like you vg+ 8 fast redo, Little Richard influence type/slow
LUCIFER: invictus 9094—old mother nature/what I am m- 4 ms/mid soulish
                   9108—we gotta go/don’t you (think…) m- 5 mid/slow soulish
JUDY LYNN: kip 226dj—a year and a day/count up to ten little heart m- wol 8 midslow/teener mid.
VICKI LYNN: indigo 118—crybaby heart/I stole… m- 8 mid. crossover teener/
GLORIA LYNNE: seeco 6037dj—little boy blues/way beyond the hills vg+ 4 ms ballads, A-side has GROUP in it
        everest 20008—I know love/it just happened to me m- 8 midslow soul flip
        [JUKEBOX EP] fontana 751 [VG+ COVER]—“love and a woman” six cuts vg+ 4.50
BARBARA LYONS: abc 10153—dear buddy/little boy vg+ wol 8 teener ballad/mf r&roll
JOHNNY MADARA: landa 687dj—heavenly/save it vg wol 8 1961-type, mid. solo/mf group r&roll
THE MAGPIES: abc 10893dj—maisy/the ballad of samuel…m- xol 7 mid/mf 60s
MAHOGANY RUSH: 20 century 2111dj—a new rock and roll/child of the novelty m- 7 fast/ms rocks
THE MAJESTICS: mgm 13488dj—love has forgotten me/smile through my tears vg 3.50 ms/mid 60s
MAN: columbia 44806dj [M- PS]—sister salvation/same m- 5 midfast 19709 era rock
JOHNNY MANJELLI: highland 1024—five foot two/what I feel vg+ 7 mf/mid r&rolls
BEVERLY MARCELL: gone 5145dj—bevy’s got a boyfriend/the monkey dance vg+ wol 5 midfast male-fem group r&r
MARC IV: underground sound 1001—poorpete/marc IV vg+ 4.50 mf piano instr’s, soulish, 1967
GAIL MARIE: fabor 111—if you really love me take me home/I’ll get over you m- 8 midslow teener flip
THE MARK 4’S: [M- PS] bonus 7041—black boots/bonneville m- 89 mid r&r INSTR’s, plinky gui. +revs/horn-gui-revs
ZACHARY MARKS: reel 102—daddy-o/lonesome blues vg 5 mf jiver with sax break/
DODI MARSHALL: pulse 1012 (DJ?)—long hair short hair/give me a little bit…vg 11 fast/mf r&r solos, listed as NS
ERIC MARSHALL AND THE CHYMES: sire 4101dj—the countess/I can’t love you anymore m- 6 ms/mid 60s (1969?)
WAYNE MARSHALL: josie 937dj—tell me who/her final letter vg 7 midslow soul/group ballad
MIMI MARTEL: [RED WAX] tops 317—cry/be my life’s companion vg+ scarce budget label from 1951
DEAN MARTIN: reprise 20194—corrine corrina/my…m- 7 um…um…midtempo redo WITH GUITAR BREAK! What?
JIMMY McCRACKLIN: art-tone 827—shame, shame, shame/I’m the one vg+ 6 ms r&b-soul
ROSS McMANUS…BLUE BEATS: [UK] his master’s voice 1279—patsy girl/ m- 7 mf blue beat GREAT, E. Costello’s dad??!!
CLYDE McPHATTER: atlantic 1170—no love like her love/that’s enough for me vg+ 8 scarce one…
M C SQUARED: reprise 0783dj—I know you (your nature is like mine)/everybody’s talkin’ m- 6 girls, ms/mid psychish
BILL MEDLEY: moonglow 221—gotta tell you how I feel/if you’re lying,… vg+ 9 fast soul r&roll/mid bluesish r&r
MEMPHIS SLIM: w. b. 7500dj—boogie woogie 1-9-7-0/chicago seven m- 6 mf/mid blues
MERCEY BROTHERS: [CANADA] RCR 0001 dj [PROMO INSERTS]—hell bent for mexico/same m- 4 ms, “MYSTERY artist” item!
LEE MEZA: happy tiger 575dj—I’ll be your baby tonight/rolling stone m- 6 mf/mid girl, soulish, A-side redo Dylan
NICK MICHIGAN: gregory 102—coyote call/high and…m- 6.50 mid. r&rollish instr guitar-organ/
MILAN: 20      fox 487dj—I am what I am/over and over again vg+ 9 mid. teener
JUDI MILLER: bev-mar 418—wait, johnny for me/do you know…vg+ 8 slow/mf teeners, pittsburgh 60s
CATHY MILLS: tin pan alley 437—divine love called mother love/I gotta one kiss m- 3 ms/mf
SHAWN MILLS: decca 32651dj--let the little girl dance/jivin’ m- 9 mf soul r&roll/mid Instr. r&r
SAL MINEO: epic 9345dj—the words that I whisper/I’ll never be…vg+ wol 7 ballad/mf teener
CORINA MINETE///T. THOMAS: abc 10097—he’ll have to stay [Answer song]/young at cha cha cha m- 4.50 ballad/mid I.
JIM MINOR: u.a. 253dj—how can I be best man/reveille m- 4 ms ballad/mf story song
MISSISSIPPI RAIN: jackson sound 1006—baton rouge/living here lonely vg+ 9 mf soulish rock/ms, early 70s
MOBY DICK…WHALERS: forest 2009—you’ve got a bull by the horns/deep blue eyes vg- 7 mid, northern beat/teener
THE MOMENTS: era 3104dj—the big round wheel/homework m- 8 ms/mid r&rolls group
THE MONARCHS: sound stage 2516dj—look homeward angel/what made…vg+ wol 7 GREAT, dreamy group ballad/
THE MOON: imperial 66415dj—pirate/not to know m- 4 ms/mid *matthew moore*
BILLY MOON: fraternity 854—ginny darlin’/love of yesterday vg 9 ms teeners early 60s
DAVID MOORE: lynn 501—please acept my love/crazy dream vg 4.50 ms swamp/slow, 60s
JOEY MORANT: sss int. 795—chicken talk/swamp rat vg 3 mid/mf horn instr., soulish, late 60s
ELLA MAE MORSE: capitol F2882—money honey/I love you, yes I do vg 5 mid. jiver redo Drifters, with group/
MOTT THE HOOPLE: atlantic 2749dj—rock and roll queen/same m- 8 early and scarce
THE MOVE: a&m 884dj—flowers in the rain/…the lemon tree m- wol 6
THE MURMAIDS: chattahoochee 636—heartbreak ahead/he’s good to me vg+ 6 mid. girl group ‘64
THE MUSTANG: ascot 2231dj—why/here there and everywhere vg wol 6 mf 60s/midslow redo beatles
THE MYSTICS: laurie 3058dj—white cliffs of dover/blue star vg+ early 60s pressing 6
THE NASHVILLE TEENS: mgm 13357—the little bird/what you gonna do vg+ wol 6 mid. 60s/mf garage
TEDDY NEELEY:    2159dj—one more tear/autumn afternoon vg+ 6 slow soul pop/mid
TEDDY NEELEY FIVE: capitol 5781dj—you must believe me/love her vg+ wol 4 ms light group
CLARENCE NELSON: mgm 13725dj—super soul/good times vg 3.50 mid. soulish/fast instr.
RICK NELSON…CANYON BAND: decca 32980dj—garden party 3:45 and 3:25 versions m- 6
THE NEPTUNES: payson 101—if you care/she went that-a-way g [5% label tear] 3
THE NERVE: the nerve 101—over the mountain/God gave me you vg- 6 Wisconsin? 60s girl grp. ballads
NEW WORLD CONGREGATION: atco 6667dj—day tripper/my world is empty without you m- 8 mid/slow rock redo’s
THE NEW YORKERS: decca 32569—I guess the lord must be in new york city/do wah diddy m- 9 mid/mf redo, grt. flip
CLEVE NICKERSON: savoy 1626dj—big bob/be still m- 2.50 fast/slow I’s
RALPH NIELSEN &…: [M- PS] crypt 1—never not again/little demon/scream m- 8 reissue, over-the-top r&r craziness
THE NINCHUKS: bryan 1008dj—bruce lee’s return of the dragon/same m- 5 mid. disco instr +gongs, shouts, etc.
9 CREATION: hilltak 7901—let’s dance/shucks, you’re fine m- 5 fast heavy rock/mid disco
M R B Q” Kama sutra 586—mona/get that gasoline blues       m- 6 great early 70s r&roll
        red rooster 1001dj—ridin’ in my car/do the bump m- 5 mid r&roll-rocks
        red rooster/rounder 4521—hot biscuits and sweet marie/don’t she look good m- 7 mid r&r, flip piano rocker
                 4522—get that gasoline/wacky tobacky m- 5.50 mf/mid r&rolls, 1979
JOHNNY OCTOBER: first 106—first time/you’re my girl vg+ [SLIGHT RIM CRACK PLAY OK] 10 mid/ms teeners rare
THE OLYMPICS: arvee 6501dj—big boy pete ‘65/stay away from joe vg+ wol 8 r&rolls
RICKY PAGE: dot 15823—toy telephone/never like this vg 6 mid/mf teeners
MICHAEL PAGLIARO: columbia 10205dj—what the hell I got/same m- 3 Canadian midfast solo
JOEY PAIGE: tollie 9045dj—‘cause I’m in love with you/yeah, yeah, yeah m- 6 mid. 60s r&rolls
GLORIA PARKER: LLP 104dj—if you’ve ever loved someone/hello baby--…vg+ wol 9 slow soul/midfast NS
THE PASTEL SIX: chattahoochee 696—I can’t dance/red river…vg 7 mr r&roll, different vocal/instr, 1965
THE PATTERNS: chattahoochee 662—will I have/late show m- 8 ms groupish/mf r&r
JIMMY PAYNE: epic 10222dj—what does it take (to keep a woman…)/woman, woman m- 9 mid. teener/midslow redo
PAYOLAS: [CANADA] a & m 545 [M- PS]—I’m sorry (I only did…money)/you can’t walk away m- 8 midfasts 1981
PEARLS BEFORE SWINE: reprise 0949dj—the jeweler/rocket man/         m- 5 ms light psych
PENNY CANDY MACHINE: strobe 352—lollipop/ode to midnight m- 6 girl group, mid. redo Chordetes/slow
THE PENTANGLE: reprise 0843dj—once I had a sweetheart/I saw an angel m- 9 mid psych
CARL PERKINS: [PS M-] america smash 884 760--the birth or rock and roll/ vg+ 5 GREAT mentions Elvis, etc!!
PETER’S PIPERS: philips 40518dj—airplane/I didn’t believe her m- 9 mid/fast 60s
        40568—I don’t know what you’re waiting for/themagic book m- 8 ms soulish harmony/mid 60s
THE PETITES: ascot 2166--is thirteen too young to fall in love/I’m gonna love…vg 8 mid girl group, A-side spectorish
PHIL PHILLIPS: mercury 71657—come back my darling/nobody knows…vg+ coh 7 mid/ms
        71817—betray/sweet affection vg+ 14 ballad/mid
TRAVIS PHILLIPS…BOYS: [FIRST LABEL, RARE] jox 039—do the everything/that’s alright m- 28
THE LEE PICKENS GROUP: capitol 3531dj--hold on to me/you’d better stop m- 6 ms/mid Progressive
PIC NIC: [MEXICO] gamma 813—callate nina/ vg 5 midslow TEENER ballad!! “hush little baby” tune
THE PIN KOOSHIONS: janus 163—this town/milk and molasses m- 6 mid. GUY/mf GIRL GROUP
THE PJ’S: audio fidelity 1258dj—did you give the world…, babe?/barefoot boy vg+ sol 6 mid/mf girls
PLUM RUN: avco embassy 4511dj—little miss inside/my boy lollipop—lollipop m- 5 fast/mf bubblegum
THE POOR LITTLE RICH KIDS: HIP 102dj—she’s the best girl in town/stop – quit it vg+ 8 mid. garage
THE POP!: back door man 5001—down on the boulevard/I need you/easy action m- 9 mid to fast rock ‘77
ELLIE POP: mainstream 686dj—seven north frederick/can’t be love m- 7 light 60s, ms/Gui-Break mid rock
IGGY POP: [ENGLAND, WITH M- PS] arista 407—sea of love/bang bang m- 6 slow redo/fast rock, 1981
        …/JAMES WILLIAMSON: siamese 001—gimme some skin/I got…m- 8 scarce FAST PUNK screamer ‘77
THE POTS AND PANS: dore 773—a voyage…brain/slauson,…vg tol 6 mid r&r Instr’s, A-side the cool “swoosh” one
DONNA POWERS: midco 2200-so long, so long/loving you vg+ (label rip 5%) 8 Black, ms/r&b midfast, 60s NYC
LLOYD PRICE: abc 10372—happy birthday, mama/under your spell again m- 7 mid., with group backing
PRITCHARD: camille 115—green bananas, parts i/ii m- 5 cool mf Calypso voiced instr., 60s (NY label?)
ALDO PROVAZANDO: crosley 217dj—I haven’t anybody to love/the…vg+ sol 9 A-side mf teener, girls in it///
TERRELL PRUDE: tangerine 965dj—princess/sheila m- 8 mid/mf jazz instr. [£20 “lat”]
PUFF: mgm 14040dj—looking in my window/rainy day m- 4 mf light, 1969 era
PYLON: db 61—“m-train”/crazy m- 3 mid. new waves early 80s
THE QUESTION MARKS: money 105—ain’t that kinda sad/doin’ the thing G 8 group, sl soul/mf Northern (£45)
THE RACKET SQUAD: jubilee 5591dj—hung up/higher than high m- 7 mid to mf soulish 60s
BONNIE RAITT: w.b. 7645dj—too long at the fair/under the falling sky m- wol 6
THE RAMADAS: philips 40097dj—teenage dream/my angel eyes vg 6 slow/mid teener
RANDY AND THE HOLIDAYS: hickory 1465—paul revere 250/living doll m- 9 good midfast, 60s/r&roll
THE RAVIN’ BLUE: monument 1034—colors/in my sorrow vg 7 good mf guitar garage
LOU RAWLS: candix 305—in my little red book/just thought you’d like to know vg+ 7 mf r&r/slow
DIANE RAY: mercury 72248—no arms can ever hold you/tied up…         vg coh 5.50 mid. redo/fast teener
REVEL RAY: roulette 7000—sallisaw squaw/I misunderstood vg+ 5 LAS VEGAS NV, mid/slow pop, 1953-4 era?
EDWARD REDDING: apex 7753—devoted to debbie/come on home vg+ 8 FIRST LABEL, BEFORE CHESS
TERRY REDMAN: mgm 12735—lonely/come on back vg- 8 mid teener/mf RAB, 1958
RED OKTOBER: [M- PS] satillite [sic] RO A—“warn the people”/guard with angels m- 8 midfast punks 1986
IRENE REED: laurel 1002—nobody’s gonna hurt you/take me back again vg+ xol 6 mid/slow
THE REFLECTIONS: golden world 19—shabby little hut/yo’re my baby (and…) vg+ 9 ms/mid
        22dj—deborah ann/wheelin’ & dealin’ m- 8 r&rolls, ms/mid
        24—june bride/out of the picture vg+ 9 mid. soulish group///
MATTHEW REID: philips 40634dj—hey there sweet sue/outward bound m- 5 midtempo
BOBBY RELF: dot 15510—little fool/I’m not afraid m- 7 [CRACK “straight through” – slight pop] Kreiter “$40” group
THE RENEGADES: dorset 5007—stolen angel/keep laughin’ vg label much staining 5 GROUP, mid./r&roll midfast
REPARATA: world artists 1057—he’s the greatest/a summer thought m- 3.50 mid/doowopish mf
THE RESIDENTS: PRE 009 [M- PS]—amber/red rider/picnic boy/when we were young +4 m- 7 short & twisted songs!! “Commercial Single”
THE RESULTS: philips 40402dj—funky/need your love vg+ 8 mf/ms 60s
RICKY REYNOLDS: mohawk 201—let’s leave it that way/get the message vg wol 8 slow/mid teeners
CHARLIE RICH: phillips 3560—school days/gonna be waitin’ m- 8 ballad/mf r&roll ] flip like Lonely Weekends
        3584—there’s another place I can’t go/I need your love m- 8 midtempos
CLIFF RICHARD: abc 10093—don’t be mad at me/a voice in…vg 7 mid. teener with Hollyish guitar///
GWENN RICHARD: unical 3002dj—have you ever (met…)/my silent love vg 6 mf r&roll girls/teener ballad
THE RICHARD SISTERS: laurie 3111—all I have to do is dream/kissin’ just…m- 9 midtempos, redo everlys/teener
THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS: moonglow 223—my babe/fee-fi-… m- 8 good mid. r&b-r&roll
BILLY LEE RILEY: atlantic 2525dj—sittin’ and a waitin’/happy man vg+ 6.50 midtempos, flip soulish
BILLY LEE RILEY: mojo 3610—midnite hour/southern soul vg+ wol 9 midtempos, 60s/r&roll
THE ROCK-A-FELLAS: abc 9923dj—don’t torment me/red lips vg 9 mid/mf r&r grp. [rare error, “1923” to “9923” wol]
THE ROCKETS: [ENGLAND] UK 32—I’m HENERY the eighth, I am/shortnin’ bread vg wol 9 mf Instr’s, flip gui-pia r&r
THE ROCKY FELLERS: scepter 1258—hey little donkey/shing-a-ling baby vg coh #ol 3 Latin-flavor r&rolls
        w. b. 5440—(everybody wants to be a) tiger/jeanie…m- 6 mf r&rollish/mid, kids group
JIMMIE RODGERS: a&m 1355—the windmills of your mind/L. A. break down (and take me in) m- 4.50 Bubbled Under
THE ROLLING STONES: rolling stones 21301dj—going to a go-go/same vg+ 4
B. ROMANO [et. al.]: premonition prod. 53079—wind of miracles/pyramid…vg+ 7 AUTOGRAPH, mid. Calif. 70s hardrok
RON AND THE T-BOXES: AVI 169dj—some other time/never get tired (of…) m- 5.50 ms souls, mostly I.
RONNY AND PEGGY: limelight 3032dj—I gotta know/I will never…vg+ 7 midtempos, r&rollish/teener
THE ROONEY BROTHERS: columbia 44393dj—geordie/just a friend m- 8 mid, 60s/garageish
        44526 dj [VG+ PS]—I’m left to wonder/I’m wondering vg+ 9 ms/mid 60s, soulish flip
THE ROSEBUDS: gee 1033—unconditional surrender/dearest darling vg 9 mid. r&roll/group ballad
BEVERLY ROSS: columbia 41270—stop laughing at me/headlights m- 7 mid. teener/ballad
ROTARY CONNECTION: cadet concept 7021dj-love me now/may our amens be true m- 8 mid. 60s/midslow Psych
ROUND ROBIN: domain 1422dj—little people/sit and dance vg wol 6 mid BIG PRODUCTION/mf r&roll Instr.
THE ROYALETTES: chancellor 1140dj—willie the wolf/blue summer vg wol 8 mid r&roll/midslow ballad
        mgm 13507—it’s a bit mistake/it’s better not to know vg+ 5.50 midslows, flip much like their hit
                 13588—when summer’s gone/love without an end m- coh 8 mid/ms big production, good
THE ROYAL JACKS: 20 fox 100—the big ring/I’m in love again vg- 7 rare mid/fast group r&rolls, START of label!!
BOBBY RUSSELL: felsted 8559—dum diddle/perhaps vg+ xol 7 mid. light TEENER
HARVEY RUSSELL & THE ROGUES: roulette 4697dj—shake sherry/I’m still In love…m- xol 9 mf r&r/slow, 60s
LEON RUSSELL: shelter 7305—a hard rain’s a gonna fall/me and baby jane m- 8 early, rare (but see C.J. Russell!)
THE SAD SACKS: imperial 5517—sack dresses/guard… vg- 3
DICK ST. JOHN: liberty 55380dj—sha-ta/’gonna stick by you m- 8 midtempos, ballad/r&roll
SAM & DAVE: roulette 4445—no more pain/my love belongs to you vg 8 mid. soul-r&b/slow
TOMMY SANDS: capitol F3743—let me be loved/…foolish m- 7 tough to find “mint”
THE SANTELLS: courier 115—so fine/these…vg+ 9 redo Fiestas, midfast girls r&roll/ (Ohio 60s label)
JIMMY SAUNDERS: companion 101dj—open your heart/one too many times vg wol 8 mf doowop/mid Dion type r&r
RONNIE SAVOY: candelo 381—once and only once/challenge m- 7 ms/slow ballads, very early
        mgm 13001—it’s gotta be love/bewitched m- 7 mid teenerish/mf, 1961
BOBBY SCOTT: mercury 72150dj—she’s mine/it’s real m- 3.50 slow/ms
CHRISTOPHER SCOTT: decca 734673dj [VG+ PS, RARE]—do you…jose?/what’s new pussycat m- 5 mid/mf synth I’s
JACK SCOTT: guaranteed 209dj—what am I living for/indiana waltz vg+ wol 6
JERRY SCOTT: dearborn 627—rich man/temptation vg+ 4.50 mid ballad, girls backing, Jack’s brother
LINDA SCOTT; [EP, NO COVER] congress 3001dj—I wonder, I wonder, I wonder/goody, goody +2 vg+ wol 6
SEA DOG: happy tiger 581dj—show me the river/don’t forget it m- 5.50 mid/mf rock group ’71 era
BOB SEGER: palladium 1205dj—get out of denver/same m- 5 mf 1974 rock & roll, guitar break
THE BOB SEGER SYSTEM: 2576dj—noah/lennie johnson m- 8
TED SELF: savoy 3022—come rock me to sleep/walk her down…[vg+ xol 8, choose Stock or dj] midfast rockers
THE SENSATIONAL EPICS: cameo 450dj—I’ve been hurt/it’s a gass vg+ wol 7 FAST, 60s hornrock/Instr. (diff. song)
THE SHADOWS: [ENGLAND, VG+ COVER] EP, columbia 8286—shindig/it’s been a blue day +2 vg+ 7 large centre, 2 R&R I’s.
TERRI SHARP: ventural 725—a love that will last/I’m young vg+ 8 mf/ms, Texas 60s label
RAY SHARPE: garex 203—hey, little girl!/the day…vg+ [2% label tear] 6 fast/midtempo, A-side Phil Spector co-wrote
GEORGIE SHAW: arlen 738—find a little happiness/…your happiness vg+ 8 ms teener
SHEP AND THE LIMELITES: hull 742—ready for your love/you’ll be sorry vg+ 8 more cool group ballads
THE SHERWOODS: johnson 121—shades of summer/sneakin’ around m- #ol 8 mf guitar instr/mid gui. instr.
SIDE THREE: mohawk 701dj—sunshine sunday/every now and then m- 6 mid/ms 60s
NINA SIMONE: [**STEREO**] bethlehem 11021—porgy/love me… m- 10 HOT 100 RARE ORIG. (I loves you porgy)
        philips 40194—I loves you, porgy/old jim crow    m- coh 5.50 great, reissue/protest
THE SISTERS: [ENGLAND] mercury 6007 172—secrets/all of a sudden m- 8 mid. girls rock/ms ‘78
THE SIX O’CLOCK NEWS: adell 8055dj—train ride down jasper way/working on the road m- 6 mid. ’70? rock group
SIX PAK: gordo 701—tombstone shadow/vuela…m- 7 mid. soul rock/mf Latino rock, East L.A.
BOBBY SKEL: uni 55071—sheila ann/three candles m- 5 mid/ms
SKID-ROWE: skidmore 674—double take/see the little old lady…vg- 4 mid. soulish
THE SKYLINERS: tortoise int. 11312 [M- PS] dj-the love bug (done bit me again)/same m- 4.50
GRACE SLICK: grunt 0183dj-¿come again? toucan/theme from the movie “manhole” m- 6 mid. 1974
BILL SMITH COMBO///JAMES BRADLEY: chess 1773—heartbreak hotel/lonely vg+ 5.50 ms sax instr///slow vocal +girls
HUEY P. SMITH & THE CLOWNS: ace 8002—talk to me baby/if it ain’t…m- 9 mid/ms r&rolls 1962
PAUL SMITH: outstanding 0010—storybook ball/therry m- 4 VANITY RECORDING, fast/mf piano instr’s
SMITH AND WARREN: outstanding 0009—el cumbanchero/malaguena m- 3.50 VANITY RELEASE, mf piano Instr’s
SNOOPY & THE OTHERS: hickory 1432—sweet thang/you better…vg+ 4 mid to mf 60s
THE SOLAR WIND: abc probe 451dj—moonshot: the fantastic voyage/four days out m- 5 fast fem. pop, Hair/Aqu. infl.
THE SOLID GOLD BAND: bell 45151dj—all you gotta do/same m- 4 ms female rock 1971-2 era
SOUTH: silver fox 7dj—barefoot in the woods/same m- 7 mid. girl group
SPACE WALRUS: athena 5019dj—searchin’/grazin’ in the grass vg+ 8 mid synth-voice redo/mf instr.
THE SPANIELS: veejay 246—everyone’s laughing/I.O.U. vg wol 8
LUCILLE SPANN: torrid 5000—country girl returns, parts i/ii vg+ 5 ms blues
RANDY SPARKS: verve 10066—once they were young/bright moon, bright star m- 5 slow/mf
        10141—down thunder road/the hangman m- 7 fast/slow
        10177--cracker jack ring/make her mine m- 9 mid teenerish
THE SPATS: abc 10585—gator tails and monkey ribs/the roach vg+ xol 7
MICHAEL SPEARS BAND: [M- PS] rich & famous 41048—steal my heart/no news m- 6 rocks from Napa, Calif. ‘77
RONNIE SPECTOR AND THE RONETTES: buddah 384dj—lover lover/same m- 9 mid.
SPOOKY TOOTH: island 004dj—hell or high water/the mirror m- 4.50 good mid. rock
BRIAN STACY: atco 6418—high school days/I tried m- coh sol 5 ballad/mid, I think I was told this is T.G. Sheppard?
JOHNNY STARR & THE ALASKANS: alaska 1411—move over rover/when the ice worms…vg+ 7 mid, r&b’ish/pop novelty, 50s
THE STATUS CYMBAL: rca 9344dj—takin’ my time/blang-dang (yesterday…) m- 6 mid. 60s
MARC STEWART: columbia “33rpm” 3 41750—a boy and a girl in love/let me…m- “djsol” 7 ballad/mid. teener
ROBERT STODDARD BAND: [M- PS, RED WAX] the prisoner 32582—sweet jane/alvarado…m- 8 mf redo Reed/mid ’80?
SIMON STOKES: [M- PS] casablanca 0007dj—captain howdy/same m- 5
JESSE STONE: poplar 109dj—tall and short/the stash vg+ 7 mf/mid Instr.
THE STRANGELOVES: sire 4102—honey do/I wanna do it m- 6 good mid. rock ‘69
STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK: uni 55241dj—girl from the city/three m- 8 mid/mf 60s
STREET CORNER SYMPHONY: bang 719dj—earth angel/same m- 7 great doowop ballad, 1975 “revival” group
SUGAR: da-wal 848—happy birthday (parts i/ii) m- 4.50 mid. female disco
THE SUICIDE COMMANDOS: suicide… 6123-3265—monster au-go-go/emission…vg+ 7 midfast punk, 1976!
THE SUNLINERS: hercules 183—hit it/the islander vg+ 9 A-side midfast horn-piano r&r Instr [DETROIT]
SUPERCHARGE: [ENGLAND, M- PS] virgin 1001—times/I’ll give anything/celebrate +1 m- 8 mid to mf rock +disco ‘76
SUZY AND THE RED STRIPES: epic 50043—seaside woman/B-side to seaside m- 5.50 McCartney prod., scarce flip!
MARY SWAN: unart 2019—crying in the chapel/dancin’ vg+ (2% label rip) 4 ballad redo/mid jiver, late 50s
JIMMY SWEENEY: buckley 1101—she wears my ring/what’cha…vg+ 8 black, ballad/mid r&roll
SWEET THURSDAY: tetragrammeton 1512dj—getting it together/mary on…m- wol 8 mid/mf 60s
THE SWINGING LAURELS: [ENGLAND, M- PS] albion 1020—peace of mind/swing the cat m- 11 midfast rocks ‘81
TONY LEE SYBERT: metromedia 212dj—hot pants/same m- 8 mf soul, girls backing
THE SYMBOLS: laurie 3401dj—bye bye baby/the things you do to me m- 7 both sides GOOD mid. 4 Seasons type
THE TABLE: [ENGLAND, VG+ PS] chiswick 31—sex cells/the road of lyfe vg+ 9 fast 1978 punks
TARHEEL SLIM AND LITTLE ANN: fire 1021—forever I’ll be yours/anything…vg+ wol 7 mid r&b, flip swampish ‘60
JERRY TAWNEY: bell 45242dj—it’s over/it’s over m- 4 slow
KO KO TAYLOR: checker 1092—I got what it takes/what kind of… vg 6 ms/mid blues (manship lists “r&b”)
R. DEAN TAYLOR: rare earth 5030dj—candy apple red/same m- 4 midslow ballad, canadian artist
THE T-BIRDS: gone 5141dj—wild stomp/soft smoke vg+ 8 mf sax-gui-drums r&r I. on A-side
THE TEARDROPS: josie 856—al chiar di luna/we won’t tell vg+ 7 mid, ballad/r&rollish
THE TECHNIQUES: roulette 4097—moon tan/the wisest man you know vg+ 8 mf doowop/ballad
THE TEEN QUEENS: RPM 500—two loves & two lives/I miss you vg+ sol 5.50 slow/ms ballads, R&B 50s
THE TELSTARS: [SWEDEN, M- PS, BLUE WAX] nashville 818—maryland/al capone m- 8 mf brass I./mid. r&rollish organ-horn I.
THE TEMPOS: fairmount 611—oh play that thing/monkey doo vg+ 7 mid r&r instr’s
TEN WHEEL DRIVE WITH GENYA RAVAN: polydor 14024dj—eye of the needle/I am a want ad m- wol 5.50 mid soulrock/mf screamer
TEN YEARS AFTER: deram 85027dj—the sounds/portable people vg+ 6 ms rock/mid
THE TERRIFICS: demon 1516dj—bump ti dee ump bump/I don’t care…vg+ sol 7 mf/fast, r&r flip late 50s
THEE PROPHETS: kapp 997dj—some kind-a wonderful/they call her sorrow m- 5 Bubbled Under item
THE THREE CHUCKLES: cloud 507dj—you lied/runaround vg+ 7 mf r&rollish/ballad
THE THUNDERBIRDS: ivanhoe 50000—cindy, oh cindy/before it’s…vg+ 6 mid, r&rollish flip early 60s NYC
TIDAL WAVES: hbr 482—farmer john/she left me all alone vg+ 4.50 good mf/mid garage, 1966
TIM: [M- PS, RED WAX] fowl no #--letters from erin/no mas miercoles m- 7 ms rockish I./slow DARK psych
RHON TOMAS…: [M- PS] RT 125—honky tonkin’ baby doll/free…m- 7 good 1978 mf rock—r&roll, scarce Calif.
THE TOP NOTES: atlantic 2066—walkin’ with love/wonderful time vg- 7 ms/mf Northern, per book
THE TOWERS: era 3106dj—friday night date/alone in the big town vg+ wol 4 mf r&rollish/slow, instru’s
TOYAH: [ENGLAND? PICTURE DISC] safari 28—ieya/helium song (spaced walking) m- 8 mf/mid new wave
NORMA TRACEY…KIDS: day dell 1005—leroy/ m- 7 mid Novelty, cute TEENER-kids
TRACEY & TROY: roulette 4509dj—the buffalo walk/donna-do m- 16 group sound, mid r&roll/ms doowopish
THE TRAIN SPOTTERS: [ENGLAND, VG+ PS] arista 290—high rise/rock ‘n’ roll hall of fame m- 8 punk/tribute
TRASH BRATS: [M- PS] force majeure no #--someday’s too late/don’t wanna dance m- 7 detroit 1990 mf female punk
THE TRILONS: tag 449dj—I’m the one/forever vg 8 girl group, mf r&r/ms ballad
THE TROGGS: page one 21032dj—lover/come now m- 6 mid/ms rocks
TROJANS: airtown 70971—talk to me/…thousand miles away/what’s your name/ vg+ 9 Grp doowop medley ballads
ORLIE TRUJILLO: del fi 4171dj—let’s dance the corrido/don’t mess…vg 5.50 mf r&rollish
THE TRUTH: cadet 5627—a day like today/I can m- wol 8        mid. 60s, good
THE TUDORS: [ENGLAND, M- PS] stiff 172—tied up with lou cool/cry baby cry m- 8 mf tex mex & Dylan hints/mid ‘83
THE TURKS: knight 2005—I’m a fool/it can’t be true vg #ol 6 midslow group r&b
JEAN TURNER: imperial 5684dj—don’t cry baby/how will I know? vg+ 4 ballads
JOE TURNER: atlantic 2034dj—love oh careless love/got you on my mind vg+ #ol 9 mf r&roll/mid r&b
RICHARD TWICE: philips 40677—generation ‘70/my love bathes in silence m- 4 mid. solos
TWO BROTHERS: imperial 5810dj—blue monday/never again vg+ #ol 6 mid duets, flip teenerish
THE TWO MORROWS: tri ess 1002—tweedie birdie/fun song vg 3.50 girls, cute midtempo TEENER kid-song
TWO PEOPLE: liberty 55841—knock on wood/the two of us vg+ 3.50 mid r&roll (not a redo)/mid northern soul type
TWO’S COMPANY: rca 9613dj—am I ever on your mind?/somewhere in the country m- #ol 4 midslow
UNCLE SOUND: warner seven 7197dj—beverly hills/I’m gonna ask him m- 6 midslow rock/mid
THE UNION: radel 108—I sit and cry/thinking of you vg+ 9 mf 60s +harmony/mid Garage, Texas
UNKNOWN ARTISTS: [unknown label small centre] glorium/gut [“songs everyone loves vol. one”] m- GREY WAX 3 mf punk vocal/I.
URIAH HEEP: w. b. 8132dj--prima donna/same m- wol 4.50 fast rock
THE VALENTINOS: jubilee 5650dj--two lovers history/you’ve got the kind…vg much wol 6 ms soul/mid funk
TIM VALOR: rca 8038—the tenth of may/walk out gently vg+ 9 ms teener DEATH SONG a-side
JOHNNY VAN DEN BOS: decca 32369dj—where are they now?/you’re closer…vg 3 midslow “recorded in england”
THE VANGUARDS: ensign 1753dj—she saw me crying/rear view mirror vg wol 6 group ballad/mid r&r teener
VANILLA FUDGE: atco 6728dj—lord in the country/the windmills of your mind m- 7 ms/slow rocks
RICKY VEE: sunglow 1002—how to make a little girl cry/linda lou vg 8 tex-mex, soul ballad/mid r&r, 60s
CAROL VEGA: constellation 121—sugar over you/I need you around vg+ 8 slow/mf
THE VELVETS: event 4285—I/at last vg+ wol 5 now-rare reissue of Red Robin record, but why on this label???
THE VENTURES: dolton 32—ram-bunk-shush/lonely heart vg+ 5.50
        liberty 56007—on the road/mirrors and shadows vg+ 5
        u. a. 50872—joy/cherries jubilee vg+ 4
        u.a. 50903dj—beethoven’s sonata/peter and the wolf m- 6
        u. a. XW277—skylab (passport to the future)/little people m- xol 7 mf r&r I’s
                 XW333-also sprach zarathustra/the cisco kid m- 6 mf/mid I’s
STEVE VERDUGO: gordo 731—my lady/hollywood m- 7 midtempo, rare # (never saw before?)
THE VICTORIANS: liberty 55574—what makes little girls cry/climb…vg 7 A-side midfast girl grp r&r one of best!!
VIGRASS: rca 47 9702dj—a new man/curly m- #ol 4.50 midtempo
THE VILLAGERS: atco 6568dj—thank you baby/a shot of rhythm and blues m- 5.50 60s, fast soulish with horns/mid
GENE VINCENT: capitol F4105dj--say mama/be bop boogie boy vg- wol 8 more greatness…
        [EP, NO COVER] kama sutra 19 dj—“gene vincent” LP sampler, slow times comin/sunshine/geese vg+ wol 8
BOBBY VINTON AND HIS ORCH: epic 9417dj—tornado/posin vg+ 4 instr/vocal, mid orch. “pop 50s” sound RARE
BOBBY VINTON///PAUL WILLIAMS: what’s it all about? 3048—[FIVE MINUTE radio shows, interview/music] m- 6
VITO AND VITTORIO: goldisc 3022—sleepy eyes/twilight m- 7 ms instr’s
WJBK [RADIO STATION—DETROIT]—detroit, my home town (vocal/inst) vg+ 9 “recorded by PAMS of Dallas”
        NOTE: I am a VERY serious collector of these “my home town” records – anybody have unusual ones??
BUDDY WALKER: sandy 1036—it’s you/I want you vg 4 ballad/mf r&roll, girls backing
BILLY WARD AND HIS DOMINOES: federal 12178—I’m gonna move to the outskirts of town/tootsie roll g 7
IVAN WARD…SWINGSTERS: savoy 1607—the clique/baby sitter vg+ 8 Instr, mid/sax-guitar midfast
WARLORDS: night owl 6861—sad song/my girl vg+ 7 mid/sl light garage, REDO Redding/temptations songs
WARM SOUNDS: deram 85007dj—birds and bees/doo dah m- 5 mid/ms 60s
ALABAMA WATSON: bluestown 704dj—cost time/my baby left me m- xol 7 ms/slow blues, 60s Vee Jay distr.
ELLEN WAYNE: tin pan alley 259—I overheard your dream/you are the one m- 5 slow/mf pop 50s VANITY
THE WAYWARD BUS: rca 9484dj—the prophet (vocal/instr) vg+ wol 6.50 mid Psych, late 60s
ALFY WEATHERBEE: roulette 4005dj—49 juke boxes/why am I crying vg sol 5 mid jiver/ballad, 1957, rare??
THE WEATHERMEN: u.a. 50768dj—it’s the same old song/same m- 4.50 mid. redo 4 Tops, white bubblegum
CHASE WEBSTER: dot 16367—I can’t walk away/handful of friends m- 5.50 ballad/mid
LENNY WELCH: cadence 1422—congratulations, baby/ebb tide vg+ 5 GROUP BALLADS, 1964 era
THE WELLINGTONS: ascot 2217dj—go ahead and cry/take my hand vg+ wol 7 A-side mid. big production redo///
THE WHEELERS: accent 1050—ridin’ along/verada vg wol 3 mid. pop instr, Calif. (rare, early 60s)
JOSH WHITE, JR.: u.a. 50325dj—leaving on a jet plane/the world I used…vg- 2.50 slows
WHITE LIGHTNIN’: [VG PS] pun no #--(every day’s) Christmas in vegas/call me nick m- 6 fast rocker/mid, 1989
PERCY WIGGINS: atco 6479—can’t find nobody (to take your place)/book of… vg+ sol 4 (crack first 10 seconds) Nor.
THE WILD AFFAIR: mgm 13552—baby, baby/so much in love m- 9 mf, “polished” 60s/redo Tymes
TIM WILDE: tower 353dj—popcorn double feature/too many questions m- 5.50 midtempo
WILDERNESS ROAD: [M- COVER, designed like prophylactic wrapper!]—reprise pro 556dj—reno +2 M- 4 good folkies
THE WILDWEEDS: cadet 5586—it was fun (while it lasted)/sorrow’s anthem      vg coh 3.50 midfast soulish 60s///
JOE WILLIAMS: savoy 1165—blow mr. low/time for moving vg+ 8 mid/ms R&B vocals, 1954 era
        rca 8775dj—lonely man/I’ll belong to you vg 9 mid. A-side, listed NS
JOHNNY WILLIAMS AND THE JOKERS: pic 1 #105—long black veil/won’t you forgive vg+ 4 midslow, 60s, texas
OTIS WILLIAMS: scepter 12376dj—(here lies…) nellie jones/when you turn on the love m- 3.50 slow/mid
CHUCK WILLIS: okeh 7015—you’re still my baby/what’s your name? vg 6 slow/fast, 50s R&B solos pre-Atlantic
        7062—search my heart/ring-ding-doo vg- 6 mid, r&b mid fifties
BILL WILSON: brooke 122dj—one/poor little johnny m- 9 slow/teener mid.
WINGS: capitol 4145dj—letting go/letting go m- 8
THE WINNERS: mercury 73810dj—dance line, part I/disco version m- 4 fast soul-disco
JOHNNY WINTER: GRT 9dj—gangster of love/road runner vg+ 7 mid. blues/mf soul, rockin’ redo’s of older R&B
WISHBONE ASH: decca 33004dj—no easy road/blowin’ free m- 7 mid. rock
THE WONDERS: colpix 699—marilyn/say there m- 8 mid. r&rolls +girl group, 4 Seasons sound
KENNI WOODS: philips 40112—that guy is mine/can’t he take a hint vg- coh 7 mf/ms, NS
ROZALIN WOODS: a&m 2156dj—whatcha’ gonna do about it/same m- 4 mf female disco
WORLD OF OZ: deram 85034dj—king croesus/jack vg+ 3.50 slow/mid rocks, late 60s
DEBBY WORTH: titanic 5011—poor little boy/johnny answer me vg+ xol 7 mid/ms teeners
GAIL WYNTERS: hickory 1453—snap your fingers/find myself a new love vg+ 5 midtempos, redo Joe H./soulish
X-25: NWI 2693—cold, cold world/you wouldn’t know her vg 9 mf/slow 60s, Portland OR
BARRY YOUNG: DeVille 110—we’ll never have a heartbreak/come on pretty baby m- xol 6 flip mf with girls,Gui.break
JOHNNY YOUNG: arhoolie 515—slam hammer/wild, wild women vg+ 9 fast instr/mid vocal, blues
SONNY YOUNG: s.p.q.r. 3320dj--she tore my castles down/judy vg 3 midfasts
THE YOUNG GENERATION: red bird 10-065dj—the hideaway/hymn of love vg 6 good mid/slow girls
TIMI YURO & JOHNNIE RAY: liberty 55400—I believe/a mother’s love vg+ 6 she’s on lead, both sides slow blue-eyed soul
ZIP & THE ZIPPERS: pageant 607dj—where you goin’, little boy?/gig vg+ xol 7 mf r&rolls, flip soul instr.

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