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									              CBC of Central Florida
                  ITN# 2011-01
          Post Adoption Support Services

       Prospective Applicant’s Conference
               February 23, 2011
             10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Question #1:
   In one of the transition meetings with Glen Casel he stated we are
   looking at one person to staff this program. In planning for our
   proposals is CBCCF looking for only one staff to man the program?
Answer #1:
   Family Services of Metro Orlando had one staff position allocated to
   serve these types of referrals and clients. A submitted proposal
   should take this information into consideration with the knowledge
   that Seminole County historically has a lesser number of adoptions
   and currently does not have an FTE allocated only for this service.

Question #2:
   If one staff position is being considered are we looking at one staff
   person to be the only person on-call for these types referrals?
Answer #2:
   On-call referrals and needs will be/can be routed through our Intake
   and Placement units and if not an emergency the information will be
   collected and then delivered to the Post Adoptions Support Staff on
   the next business day. For emergency after hours phone calls a
   process can be developed through the lead agency. This should be
   considered when developing a proposal.
Question #3:
 If only one staff position is allocated for the program will that person
 cover the tri-county area?

Answer #3:

Question #4:
 How many clients is it expected that the program serve.

Answer #4
 Approximately 376 children and families were being served in Orange
 and Osceola in FY 2009/2010. Seminole County serves, on average, 20
 calls a month. These calls include anywhere from a simple question
 and answer phone discussion to referrals for assistance, medicaid
 assistance, etc.
Question #5:
 Will the program cover both pre and post adoptions services.

Answer #5:
 Yes, the Post Adoption Services staff person(s) may work in
 coordination with the case management and adoption specialist staff
 who manage the pre-adoption phase up to finalization in order to be
 knowledgeable of the upcoming adoption. The extent of the pre-
 adoption involvement may expand overtime and or remain limited. The
 main focus will be for post adoption services. Please be creative and
 informed about all the services the position may or can offer.

Question #6:
 Is it higher than or equivalent to a regular DCM position?

Answer #6
 It would be considered higher than a traditional DCM position i.e. a
 specialist position.

Question #7:
 The ITN states “to be familiar with the current System of Care”. Does
 that mean the tri-county System of Care?

Answer #7:
 Yes, Tri-County System of Care.

Question #8:
 On the CBCCF Provider Application is asks to list licensed staff. Does
 that mean all licensed staff for an entire agency as that could include a
 large number of staff?

Answer #8:
 Please include any licensed staff that has experience in their program
 area. If the list is abundant please list most experienced and staff and
 that an entire listing of licensed personnel can be provided upon

Question #9:
 Where will staff be located?

Answer #9:
 Location of staff is currently uncertain but will either be located at the
 Administrative Services Center with designated office space in each
 county or will have a designated office space at one of the county
 locations/service centers.

Question #10:
 In Section 6 of the Provider Application please clarify do you want that
 section answered agency wide or program specific to referral process.

Answer #10:
 For the purpose of this ITN Section 6 may be left blank.

Question #11:
 When will contract begin?

Answer #11:
 Estimated target date will be April 01, 2011 and/or no later than May 01,
Question #12:
 When is application due?

Answer #12:
    At time proposal is submitted - no later than March 7, 2011 at 3:00

Question #13:
    What will funding amount be?

Answer #13:
 Average funding for a specialist position is $85,000.00 for one full time
 position. But, consideration will also be given to the services being

Question #14:
 When writing the proposal should it be written to address Issues A
 through D?

Answer #14:
    Yes. If proposed applicant wants to include additional information it
    is welcome but the Issues outlined should be the main focus of the

Question #15:
    Is it required that a budget be included in the proposal submission?

Answer #15:
    A budget is not specifically requested in the ITN but proposed
    applicants are encouraged include an estimated budget for operation
    of the program they are proposing. Whether a budget is or is not
    included in the proposal will not be included in the scoring criteria of
    the review and evaluation process.

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