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                              JOB DESCRIPTION

Progress Ranch Treatment Services, is a 6-bed group home for boys located in the college
town of Davis, California, in the central valley, midway between the San Francisco Bay
Area and Lake Tahoe. Our program provides residential treatment services for emotionally-
troubled boys, ages 6-12 within a supportive community. Progress Ranch is a nonprofit
public benefit 501(c)(3) agency licensed by the Department of Social Services. Children are
placed by social service caseworkers from Yolo and other regional counties.
Our Director of 30 years is retiring and we are looking for a dedicated, experienced, and
energetic Director who will guide the facility through a time of changing state funding and

START DATE: October 1, 2012

Responsible for overall management of agency. Oversees all operations, fiscal and
personnel management. In charge of Board and community relations. Assists the Board in
marketing and fund raising ventures. Directs and develops residential programs. Supports
and supervises care staff in the residential program.


1. Operations
    a. Direct residential programs and ensure implementation is in accordance with agency
       philosophy and values.
    b. Develop and implement components of the program as appropriate.
    c. Develop long-range plan for the agency in concert with the Board and implement
       strategies to accomplish goals.
    d. Oversee all programs ensuring quality service delivery and a high standard of care.
    e. Procure services as needed (i.e., tutoring, counseling, activities, etc.).
    f. Ensure that programs and services adhere to licensing standards.
    g. Ensure all regulatory requirements are met.
    h. Conduct program evaluations.
    i. Negotiate contracts for service delivery.
2. Data Analyses
    a. Ability to complete basic statistical computations
    b. Ability to gather, document, analyze, and interpret information
    c. Proficiency with computers, computer software (MS Office applications,
       QuickBooks), and database programs
3. Fiscal Management
    a. Develop annual budget in concert with the Board.
    b. Be accountable for all revenues and expenditures.
    c. Ensure programs and services are within budgetary guidelines.
4. Board Relations
    a. Encourage and facilitate useful Board involvement.
    b. Provide regular written and oral reports to the Board.
    c. Inform Board of local, regional, or national developments affecting Progress Ranch

5. Community Relations
    a. Develop and maintain good relations with referral sources.
    b. Represent the agency in the community as appropriate.
    c. Participate in community groups and activities that benefit Progress Ranch’s
    c. Advocate locally, regionally, and nationally as appropriate for child welfare policies
       that will improve services for the population served.
6. Marketing and Fund raising
    a. Develop marketing plan in conjunction with the Board and implement strategies.
    b. Assist the Board with fund raising endeavors.
7. Personnel Management
    a. Develop personnel policies in conjunction with the Board.
    b. Define, clarify, and hold staff accountable to standards of care and behavior.
    c. Ensure personnel policies are properly implemented.
    d. Ensure personnel records are maintained.
    e. Directly recruit, orient, supervise and provide for the professional development of
       administrative staff and auxiliary staff.
    f. Oversee the management of employee benefits.
    g. Provide ongoing consultation and support to staff as needed.
    h. Intervene with residents in the milieu as needed.
    i. Serve as a model for staff and residents.
    j. Pursue professional growth by making use of supervision and other professional
       development opportunities that would enhance the program of Progress Ranch.

SUPERVISOR: Board of Directors

1. Masters Degree in the Social or Behavioral Sciences preferred
2. California license requirement: LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) or
   LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) or equivalent experience
3. Five years of direct practice in child welfare, with a minimum of two years as
   administrative staff of a residential program

1. Knowledge of child development and mental disorders
2. Knowledge of children’s residential care
3. Ability to
   a. evaluate and design residential programs
   b. perform administrative duties
   c. supervise staff

Salary range: $45,000 – $65,000 commensurate with experience (plus a benefit package)
Send as attachments via e-mail: 1) resume, and 2) cover letter to Barbara Sommer, Board
Application deadline: May 31, 2012

Progress Ranch is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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