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									Our Lady Queen of Heaven R.C. Primary
We are part of the West Sussex LEA          Contact details:
Age Range: 5-11 years of age.               Tel: 01293 526057
Number of Pupils: 350                       Our Lady Queen of Heaven Catholic
Head Teacher: Mr Vincent Burke              Primary School, Crawley
Chair of Governors: Mr Roy Jennings         Hare Lane
                                            Langley Green
                                            RH11 7PZ
                                            Web: http://www.olqoh.com

What is special about our school?
We offer a distinctively Catholic Education to the local community of Langley Green,
Ifield, Gossops Green, Bewbush, Broadfield and West Green. Our curriculum is
designed to ensure that the children learn about the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ
across the curriculum.

We benefit from a lovely school site with dedicated facilites for each age range, two
playgrounds and a large field. A long established staff help us to ensure that we offer
a familiar and stable environment.

We have a good standard of behaviour and have spent much time in 2004 working as
a whole school on creating a good friendly school where bullying is not accepted. We
work with our families and recognise parents as the principal educator of the child.
We have strong vision for the future of Our Lady's School and look forward to
working with the school community to achieving a wonderful learning environment
for all community members.

                                                How have our pupils been
Do pupils achieve the
                                                progressing between ages 7
expected level at age 11?
                                                and 11?
This chart shows Key Stage 2       Our         This chart shows the Key Stage 1 to Key
results for 2003. It indicates                 Stage 2 Value Added measure. It indicates the
the percentage of pupils          School       progress made by pupils aged 11 since
eligible for KS2 tests (usually                national tests at age 7. Scores of over 100
11 year olds) who achieved or       Local      represent above average progress. A score of
exceeded the expected level                    101 means that each pupil has made an extra
(level 4). Comparisons are        Schools      term's progress on average compared to
shown with national and                        similar pupils nationally.
Local Education Authority          All

How have our results for 11 year olds changed over

This chart shows year on year achievements at Key Stage 2. It shows the total
percentages of pupils achieving the expected level (level 4+) in national tests in
English, Maths and Science at age 11. Comparisons are shown with national and
Local Education Authority results.

        Our School
        Local Schools
        All Schools

What do pupils learn about?
In the Reception Classes the children follow the Foundation Stage curriculum which
centres on 6 key areas of learning. From Years 1 to 6 we teach the National
Curriculum subjects. We use the National RE programme Here I Am for work in
Religious Education. Education for Personal Relationships is taught in all year groups
following the Diocesan framework. We link with the West Sussex music service to
provide specialist tuition in music and St. Wilfrid's School for french teaching in
Years 5 and 6. From September 2005 we hope to have specialist teaching in Music,
French and Physical education.

More details can be found online at www.olqoh.com/curriculum.html
How do we teach our pupils?
The children are taught in classes, small groups and individually. We have 15 teachers
and 10 support staff working with pupils. We use the schemes of work from the QCA
(www.qca.org.uk) for planning lesson materials. We plan for a range of needs, some
children have Individual Education Plans to support thier learning needs. In Key
Stage 2 we teach the children in mixed age classes and ability sets for Maths and
English. The day is structured into lessons of equal length with Literacy and
Numeracy being taught in the morning. We have a number of activity weeks
throughout the year, D&T week, book week and science week all feature this year.

How do our absence rates compare with other

This chart shows the percentage of half days missed through authorised and
unauthorised absence by all pupils at the school. Information is given for the school,
for schools within the Local Education Authority and for all schools nationally.

        Our School
        Local Schools
        All Schools

How do we care for our pupils?
We don't just welcome a child to Our Lady's, we welcome the family. The Gosepel
message teaches us to love one another, to forgive, to forge strong friendships, to
show respect and compassion towards others. Each class teacher has a responsibility
to the pupils in their class. We praise and recognise the achievements of our pupils
each and every day. We have an excellent special educational needs department for
those children with exceptional learning needs. Mrs Topping co-ordinates our Gifted
and Talented programme. From January 2005 Mrs Nickie Merson provides learning
mentorship to the school community. Through circle time, friendship support,
counselling, behaviour mangement, coaching and peer and family mediation she will
help children to reach both high self esteem and their full academic potential. The
Senior Management Team provide wider pastoral care to those few children with
greater behavioural needs, linking where required to other agencies for specialist

How do we work with parents and the community?
We are pleased to work closely with parents and the local community. At admission
there are several opportunities for the family to visit the school and for the child to be
inducted into class routines and meet new friends. We encourage parents to volunteer
with reading and assist on our many school trips. We have open sessions each term
where parents can come and meet with class teachers, although teachers are always
willing to meet with parents to provide feedback at other times of the year. Our
Partners in Education (PiE) group enables parents to come together and support each
other and the school. Parents can now access information online via our new website.
We link with many local and national agencies in order to enrich and broaden the
curriculum that we offer. We currently partner with Webplay, Microsoft, NESTA,
local theatres and local schools through sports fixtures and other events.

What are our plans for the future?
Over the coming year we will see a lovely new front building offering us facilites for
breakfast club and music tuition. We will have a much larger computer suite with the
latest computers and internet access. Our new staff centre will enable our staff to have
space for study, a new resource library and much needed toilets. Our new entrance
features disabled access, visitor toilets, a better waiting area and enhanced security.
We have been improving our transport policy and will benefit from a new bus layby
and pupil entrance from Ifield Avenue.
From September we hope to offer specialist teaching in Music, PE and French to all
pupils in years 1 to 6. We never rest on our laurels and over the coming year we hope
to target specific groups of pupils more carefully. We will be using our data to
provide extensive information to staff and parents so that we can have a clearer
understanding of pupil achievement.

Ofsted's view of our school
This is an improving school. The school has endured a considerable period of
uncertainty, with low staff morale and unsatisfactory leadership. This period is now
behind us and the acting headteacher has achieved significant and measurable
improvements both in morale and in the strategic management of the school in the
short time she has been confirmed in the post. All staff work as an effective team,
although senior management posts are vacant and, consequently, delegation of
responsibility is a serious concern for the school to address. Standards in the core
subjects of English, Mathematics and Science have improved and are now average.
Pupils’ achievement is good, particularly in English and Science. Teaching and
learning have improved since the last inspection. They are sound overall and are good
in the Foundation Stage 2 and much of Key Stage 2. In the light of the clear
improvements that have been made, the school provides satisfactory value for money.

Date of last inspection: 11 July 2001
What we have done in response
As you can see, OfSTED last visited the school back in July 2001. Since then the
Governing Body and leadership team have changed. The school went through a
period of uncertainty whilst a previous Head Teacher was in sick leave prior to
retirement. Mr. Burke, the current Head Teacher took up post in September 2002.
Senior Mangement posts have been filled and the school has a strong and stable staff.

The Governing Body have successfully met all of the targets set by OfSTED in their
action plan, most related to leadership and information technology.

The school has recently managed a successful bid to the Diocese for a new front to the
school building, this will accomodate our new computer centre and provide additional
space elsewhere for a wonderful school library.

We are pleased to be part of the School Profile pilot across England. We are now a
self evaluating school, continuing questioning and challenging our working practices
to improve Our Lady's even further.

More information
We are required to publish information on the arrangements for the admission of
pupils with disabilities, the steps to prevent disabled pupils being treated less
favourably than other pupils, the facilities to assist access to the school by pupils with
disabilities and future policies for increasing access by those with disabilities to the
school. For more information about any of our policies, including Special Educational
Needs, disability, admissions, finance and our complaints procedure, you can:

Email us at: office@ourladyqueenheaven.w-sussex.sch.uk | Phone us on: 01293
526057 | Visit our website: http://www.olqoh.com

This Profile was last updated on 11/01/2005

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