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How to Experiment Using Hair Extensions


									How to Experiment Using Hair
By: Elena Golescu

                                                 Hair extensions are used for more than just adding
                                                 length to hair. They can be used to create a specific style
                                                 or to accentuate other qualities in the hair. Clip on hair
                                                 extensions are a great way to create the appearance of
                                                 having highlights or lowlights without permanently
                                                 dyeing one's hair. A girl who wants to experiment with
                                                 light streaks can simply affix some clip in human hair
                                                 extensions to her natural hair. Since the extensions can
                                                 be easily taken out or moved, there is no risk of having to
                                                 endure a bad dye job. Small clip on extensions are
                                                 available for this exact purpose. Fake highlights can be
                                                 purchased at nearly any beauty supply store or salon.
                                                 These extensions are constructed out of small amounts
                                                 of hair that are attached to a clip. They can be placed
                                                 into the hair at even intervals for a striking striped look
                                                 or they can be dispersed at random for a more natural

If a girl is unable to find clip in hair extensions that are exactly to her liking, she can make her own hair
extensions. To do this, she should visit a beauty supply store or salon and purchase loose hair that is
intended for use in hair extensions. She can dye them whatever color she would like, although the best
highlights are usually no more than two or three shades lighter than the natural hair color. This makes
the color look natural and prevents other people from seeing the separation between the real hair and
the hair extension. Thin strands of this newly dyed hair can be attached to clips within minutes. These
clips can then be interspersed throughout the hair, allowing one to see what it is like to have lighter hair.
If she does not like the results, she can simply remove the clips.

Lowlights can be created in much the same manner. Lowlights allow for a bit more creativity than
highlights do. Lowlights are not expected to look entirely natural, so one can be bold and try wearing
very dark brown or black hair extensions. They can be constructed out of strands or they can be made
using barrettes or combs. Lowlights are placed under the bulk of the natural hair, so the method of
attachment will not be seen. Lengths of fake hair can be fixed to a larger instrument, which will save
time and create a smooth expanse of darker hair.
The ombre style is very popular right now. Ombre hair is light at the bottom and gradually gets darker as
it rises, finally reaching the natural hair color at the roots. Many celebrities such as Jessica Biel and
Rachel Bilson have worn this style with great results. It is popular for several reasons. It is a way of
lightening the hair that does not require frequent touch-ups to lighten new growth. It mimics the way
the sun bleaches the ends of the hair during the summer, making it a perfect style for girls who enjoy
spending time at the beach. It is a low-maintenance hairstyle that fits in with the casual beauty of girls
who dress in the bohemian style. Ombre hair can be achieved with the creative use of human hair

To wear the ombre style using hair extensions, one must make sure that the clip on extensions are
longer than her natural hair. The color needs to be able to extend beyond the bottom of the natural hair
growth. Small strands can be placed near the crown to gradually ease into the different color. Most
ombre hairstyles feature a smooth transition into lighter hair, but any color can be worn this way. Some
girls go darker near the ends. Some even like to use blue, green or bright red dyes. Hair extensions are
perfect for girls who want unconventionally colored hair but cannot commit to a permanent change.

Girls who enjoy vibrant social lives have always struggled with striking a balance between having fun and
managing their adult responsibilities. It is difficult to indulge in one's passion for clothing and hairstyling
when job concerns get in the way. Many businesses do not permit their employees to dye their hair
unnatural colors. A commitment to fashion may wane with age as one realizes her career aspirations.
Fortunately, clip in human hair extensions make it possible for girls to wear fashionable hairstyles
without getting in trouble at work.

Trends change faster than any one person's real hair can be grown or dyed to match. More than one
hairstyle is popular at any given time. This means that girls sometimes have to choose between several
different hairstyles that they would like to try. Clip on extensions make it possible to try out every single
popular hair style without having to waste time and money in salons. Full weaves or permanent hair
extensions can cause long-term damage to the real hair that sometimes extends into the follicles. This
damage results in growth that is unhealthy as well. Clip in human hair extensions can be taken out every
night, which means that the hair will not develop the telltale matted or dirty look that often
accompanies permanent extensions. The hair can still be washed, dried and styled normally. A girl can
take a few days off from wearing her clip on extensions so as to not weaken her hair or irritate her scalp.

Clip in human hair extensions are a great middle ground for girls who want to make permanent changes
but are not sure about which changes to make. They can try different colors and lengths until they find
the looks that best suit them. This prevents the damage that is caused when one dislikes a dye job and
has to strip and redye her hair to correct it. She may even decide to commit to permanent extensions if
she decides that she enjoys the length that her clip in hair extensions provide. Hair extensions are a fun
way to instantly change one's appearance.

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