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Hair Extensions: Are They Right For You?


									Hair Extensions: Are They Right For You?
By: Elena Golescu

                                       Hair extensions have come a long way since the '80s. Now they are
                                       so much less expensive with super high quality. They had a rough
                                       patch of no use until recently, and celebrities are bringing back the
                                       use of hair extensions to achieve serious length. Basically, they are
                                       groups of around 30 pieces of hair attached or woven into the
                                       natural hair or scalp for long term use. The hair can by synthetic or
                                       actual human hair; human hair looks more realistic and natural
                                       with the correct color tones, but it is more expensive. Synthetic
                                       hair has a different texture than real hair and will not appear as

                                       Hair stylists can pre-highlight, pre-color, or pre-perm hair
                                       extensions to match a person's hair before adding them to hair.
                                       Permanent extensions can last for 4 months when well taken care
                                       of, though reattachment may be necessary a few times since hair
                                       will grow during that time. Reattachment keeps the extensions
looking fresh and clean while still adding appropriate length and thickness to hair. Some are clipped in,
and these are easier to reattach than those woven into the hair. However, no chemicals are used in a
woven extension, so people with sensitive scalps will benefit from this method most.

Clip On Hair Extensions: Easy, Simple, Sexy!

Clip on hair extensions are definitely simple and easy to use. They can be made of synthetic or real hair
like all other extensions, and the strips of clip in extensions are sized perfectly to fit the head. They work
by pressure sensitivity; they are clipped into hair in rows between sections and are well hidden under
natural hair to rouse no suspicion. They remain very secure due to the tight hold on hair, so there is no
need for consumers to worry about the clip on extensions falling or showing.

To use hair extensions on ones own, a consumer should have hair that is at least shoulder length with a
thick texture. Thin, fine, and short hair require professional attention and are best done in a salon. Hair
should first be washed, conditioned, and dried, plus ironed or curled for specific looks. Hair needs to be
clipped up with about an inch of hair left against the neck, and a small amount of hair spray can be
applied to keep the hair in place. After a comb through, the extensions can be applied in an even line
across the top of the hair on the neck.
Should Consumers Trust Human Hair Extensions?

Ever wonder where the real human hair in human hair extensions comes from? As a consumer, people
have a right to know where the product's materials come from. The answer lies in the specialists who
gather the hair. Trained professionals select quality virgin hair, which is hair without any chemical
coloration or permanent styling, from people who donate their hair. This is called raw hair, and the raw
hairs are selected and sorted into groups according to color and style in a multi-step process. A normal
hair extension will take around 10 days to completely undergo the selection and manufacturing process.
Of course not all colors make it into the spectrum of hair extensions. Hair extensions often need slight
hair coloration changes to fit a consumer's hair color. Some consumers do not mind the coloration being
slightly off, though this small difference can make the extensions much more noticeable. The quality of
the hair depends on the specific standards an extension company places on the professionals who
gather the hair. The more virgin the hair is, the healthier it will be and the longer it will last.

Hair Extensions: Hair Care

Hair extensions are just like naturally grown hair. They often need even more care and attention than
natural hair; hair extensions need to be kept clean and untangled with quality shampoo and conditioner.
Extensions should be washed in a downward motion with the rest of hair, especially after extraneous
activities such as exercise and swimming. Soft bristle brushes should be used with gentle pressure on
extensions, and too much brushing or heat from curling irons and flat irons can cause damage to the
hair, especially if the extensions are not expensive. If hair can be left to dry naturally, it should be.
Wearing a cap during swimming and exercise keeps the extensions away from chlorine and harsh
chemicals as well as sweat and filth build up. Hair with extensions looks best when slept on dry in a
loose wrap; when wet hair is slept on, the hair follicles swell from the long term water intake. Leave in
conditioner also keeps the extensions soft, but too much can also wear out the extensions. Products
with alcohol dry the hair out, so they should be avoided if possible. Allowing stylists to take care of
coloring and treating extensions also ensures the most natural look.

A Hair Extension Accessory For Everyone

Hair extension accessories are less permanent and more playful. Often they are brightly colored or
decorated and do not look realistic or natural. Some are beaded, colored, and bedazzled, but the latest
fashion is feather hair extensions. Feathers have been seen all over the streets in big cities, up and down
fashion forward malls, and even in business offices. Feather hair extensions are normally clip on
extensions and are very easy to attach and reattach. They come in a wild variety of colors, from the
bright shades of the rainbow to dark sensual tones.

Beaded and colored extensions are still popular. They are often more popular with teenage consumers
and fit with a young, happy style. The shine of the jewels make them more noticeable in the sun or the
classroom, and they accentuate hair with a stylish flair. Colored extensions look best with hair tones that
match their exact color. Pink and purple extensions look sweet in blonde hair, while orange and blue
look awesome in brunette hair. Black hair looks bold with red extensions and classy with white

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