Visit Pradhan Mercantile this JFW-IFF at Booth F-098 by elanpr


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									Visit Pradhan Mercantile this JFW-IFF at Booth F-098

Pradhan Mercantile Pvt Ltd (PMPL) will feature prominently at the JFW
International Fashion Fair from July 18 – 20, in Tokyo, Japan.

Bangalore, India, July 18th, 2012 -- Pradhan Mercantile Pvt Ltd (PMPL) ( ) will feature prominently at the JFW
International Fashion Fair from July 18 – 20, in Tokyo, Japan.

Connect with PMPL this JFW-IFF at Booth F-098.

About PMPL:
PMPL ( ) is a leading Indian manufacturer of
quality readymade apparel, with a focus on manufacturing Children’s Wear.
Located in Bangalore, India, PMPL has 4 state-of-the-art facilities that
houses 1,000 machines with an installed capacity of 4 million pieces per

PMPL has a reliable supply and delivery record, and has forged many
strong partnerships with prominent international retail chains. The
company’s largest customer is based in France.

PMPL ( ) balances volume with detail, provides a
wide product range, and is counted among those suppliers that deliver
mixed sets and stories. Their products include woven and knitted garments
for babies and children, and woven shirts for men. These products are
worked from a large range of fabrics including poplin, voil, cambric,
corduroy, twill, jersey and rib in dyed, yarn dyed and printed.

PMPL guarantees quality with state-of-the-art technology and an adherence
to the highest industry standards. Skilled manpower combines with
superior technology to focus on detail, and deliver on time.

A customer of PMPL says:
“Your company is very professional. You understand our needs and always
do your best to give us the best quality and respect the shipment dates.
Over the years, you have been able to improve your work to set up a real
partnership between us. I am very confident working with you.”

From a supplier:
“Our company has dealt with M/s. Pradhan Mercantile Pvt. Ltd., for over
16 years. They are young entrepreneurs: hard-working, enthusiastic and
enterprising, committed to serious business and growth.”

An agent’s view:
“From the beginning they have built a very serious and professional
organisation based on European standards. Their garment manufacturing,
washing skills, and their Quality Control process guarantees a great
level of service. They always try to improve their logistics and customer
support using the latest technology. They are the perfect contact for a
long-term partnership.”

About JFW-IFF:
The JFW International Fashion Fair is Japan’s largest fashion trade show,
and a Japan Fashion Week Initiative. Exhibitors from around the world
display their collections and network with other industry movers to
expand their businesses. About 750 companies will exhibit their products
at this trade show, and it is estimated that about 27,000 people will
attend. This fair is not open to students or the general public.

Press & Media Contact:
Mr. Jamal Pradhan
Pradhan Mercantile Pvt Ltd (PMPL)
Bangalore, India
Mobile (Japan): +818044570592
Mobile (India): +919844310045

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technology, washing skills

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