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									Vol. XXX, No. 1 JANUARY 2012                                                                                                

Aquino briefs McCain group on
the ‘hot thing’ in the news
By Christine O. Avendaño Philippine Daily                                                                                              Philippine Sea (or what China calls
Inquirer, Thursday, January 19th, 2012                                                                                                 South China Sea), Lacierda told
           It was the “hot thing” in the                                                                                               reporters.
news, hence President Benigno                                                                                                                   Lacierda also reported that
Aquino III took the time to brief a                                                                                                    McCain “lauded” President Aquino for
visiting group of US lawmakers about                                                                                                   his high approval rating. Lieberman,
the ongoing impeachment trial of Chief                                                                                                 on the other hand, said he was
Justice Renato Corona.                                                                                                                 “impressed with the way the President
           Presidential   spokesperson                                                                                                 was running the country with his
Edwin Lacierda yesterday said Mr.                                                                                                      efforts on good governance,” the
Aquino had a “good discussion”                                                                                                         Palace spokesperson recalled.
Tuesday night in Malacañang with the                                                                                                   See Page 3 for more news about Chief
American dignitaries led by US                                                                                                         Justice Corona’s impeachment
Senators John McCain and Joe
Lieberman, covering both bilateral
concerns and issues internal to the
Philippines, like the historic Corona
trial at the Senate.
           “Because that’s the hot thing
going on right now,” Lacierda simply
said to explain why the President
brought up the trial in the meeting.
           But Lacierda said not much of      President Aquino welcomes to Malacañang on Tuesday four prominent American senators—
an exchange happened between the                                                                                                       See Page 2 - Online piracy and copyright
                                              Joe Lieberman (left), John McCain, Sheldon Whitehouse and Kelly Ayotte. McCain ran
President and the US senators on that         against President Barack Obama in the 2008 US presidential election. Lieberman was Al
topic. “They were just briefed. Of            Gore’s running mate in the 2000 White House race. GRIG C. MONTEGRANDE
course, as what (US) Secretary of             Aquino had openly sought the removal                  Tuesday’s meeting, which was
State (Hilary) Clinton (had) mentioned,       of the Chief Justice, whom he had            also attended by Foreign Secretary
they will not be involved in the internal     accused of being biased in several           Albert del Rosario and Defense
events in the Philippines,” he stressed.      high court rulings favoring former           Secretary Voltaire Gazmin, centered
           In the weeks leading to            President    and    now     detained         on issues of mutual concern to the
Corona’s impeachment at the House             Pampanga Representative Gloria               Philippines and the US, such as the
and trial at the Senate, President            Macapagal-Arroyo.                            security situation in the West

MPs urged to give up ‘platinum-                                                                                                        See Page 14   - Sunken cruise ship

plated' pensions
           The Canadian Taxpayers              taxpayers contribute $5. But the CTF                 "This outrageous rate means
 Federation says MPs have the best             says in reality, taxpayers pay closer to    they've basically got the best
 pension fund "on the planet" and it's         $23. That figure takes into account the     performing pension over 10 years on
 time for them to lead by example and          guaranteed 10.4 per cent interest rate      the planet," said Thomas, adding that
 shut it down.                                 on the fund, which Thomas says              it has outperformed the Canada
           "This is a ripoff on a massive      means that taxpayers are on the hook        Pension Plan by 60 per cent over the
 scale," CTF federal director Gregory          for more than they realize.                 last 10 years.
 Thomas said at a news conference on                    The 10.4 per cent interest rate             The CTF says that the interest
 Parliament Hill.                              is guaranteed in law and because the        rate return means taxpayers are
           The advocacy group says             fund is not invested in the markets, it's   paying an additional $248,668 into the
 that officially, for every dollar that MPs    not subject to the same fluctuations                                                   See Page 21 - Youngest MP elected who
 pay into their own pension fund,              as most Canadians' pensions.                See Page 4                Pensions         can retire at age 25

2                                                                   The North American Filipino Star                                                            JANUARY 2012

                         Editorial                                                      US Congress postpones anti-piracy bills
                                                                                                   Senate Democratic leader Harry
                                                                                        Reid said he would postpone a critical vote
                                                                                                                                           concerns about the legislation cannot be
                                                                                                                                           resolved. He offered no new date for the
Will long overdue changes to                                                            that had been scheduled for Jan. 24 "in            vote.
                                                                                        light of recent events."                                      Reid's action comes a day after a
pensions of MPs be ever made?                                                                      U.S. lawmakers stopped anti-            senior Democratic aide, speaking on the
                                                                                        piracy legislation in its tracks on Friday,        condition of anonymity, said the measure
          It is amazing how MPs             payout for life. Starting at 55, a          delivering a stunning win for Internet             lacked the 60 votes needed to clear a
pensions have become so overly              guaranteed index payoff, many of            companies that staged an unprecedented             procedural hurdle in the 100-member
generous. Since when has this been          them in the multi-million of dollars,"      online protest this week to kill the               Senate.
a secret from the electorate? Will this     Thomas said.                                previously fast-moving bills.                      Swift reaction
awareness of the issue help achieve a                Perhaps the reason for this                   Senate Democratic leader Harry                     The indefinite postponement of
more equitable pension system?              generous pension, they say, is to           Reid said he would postpone a critical vote        the bills drew quick praise from the Internet
          Reading and hearing about         attract the best qualified people to go     that had been scheduled for Jan. 24 "in            community, and ire from Hollywood.
                                                                                        light of recent events."                                      "We appreciate that lawmakers
the outrageous benefits that seem to        into politics. But there are also other
                                                                                                   Lamar Smith, the Republican             have listened to our community's
be so grossly exaggerated for a             professionals, such as doctors,                                                                concerns, and we stand ready to work with
                                                                                        chairman of the House of Representatives
special class such as MPs and               nurses, teachers, who devote their life     Judiciary Committee, followed suit, saying         them on solutions to piracy and
Senators can really make people see         to serve humanity but they are not so       his panel would delay action on similar            copyright infringement that will not chill
red. It is obviously unfair to anyone       amply rewarded with generous                legislation until there is wider agreement         free expression or threaten the
who had to work for 35 years before         pension benefits as much as MPs             on the issue.                                      economic growth and innovation the
receiving a very modest pension. It is      whose only requirement is to be a                      "I have heard from the critics and      Internet provides," a Facebook
not only the amount of one’s salary         politician and stay at least 6 years in     I take seriously their concerns regarding
                                                                                                                                           spokesman said.
but also the contributions made to a        office before qualifying for a pension.     proposed legislation to address the
                                                                                        problem of online piracy. It is clear that we
                                                                                                                                                   Chris Dodd, chief executive of
pension fund that determines an                      The inequality in the system                                                          the Motion Picture Association of
ordinary worker’s pension. In the           can no longer be justified.             A   need to revisit the approach on how best
                                                                                        to address the problem of foreign thieves          America and a former Democratic
case of MPs and senators, there             government critic pointed this out:                                                            senator, said the stalling of legislation
                                                                                        that steal and sell American inventions and
appears to be only the requirement of                “Originally, there was a need      products," Smith said in a statement.              is a boost for criminals.
having been an MP for at least 6 years      to balance the economic uncertainty                    The bills, known as PIPA                        "As a consequence of failing to
and his pension is guaranteed for life      of being an MP and to ensure good           (PROTECT IP Act) in the Senate and SOPA            act, there will continue to be a safe
and he does not have to wait to reach       candidates. However, with the salary        (Stop Online Piracy Act) in the House, are         haven for foreign thieves," Dodd said.
age 60 nor 65 years old. This really        plus benefits, and since an MP is in a      aimed at curbing access to overseas                Way forward?
sounds unbelievable. It is not even         position to make maximum RRSP               websites that traffic in pirated content and
proportional to the contributions           contributions, there is no longer any       counterfeit products, such as movies and                    Lawmakers,          technology
made. For every $1 contributed to           justification for an MP to have a           music.                                             companies and the entertainment
their pension, they automatically           special pension plan that is richer                    The legislation has been a priority     industry pledged to find a way to
                                                                                        for entertainment companies, publishers,           combat online piracy and copyright
make taxpayers contribute $23. As if        than one any other employee with
                                                                                        pharmaceutical companies and other                 infringement.
this is not enough, it has been             similar income would have. “                industry groups who say it is critical to
revealed that there is a guaranteed                  Now that everyone has been                                                           , a vocal leader in
                                                                                        curbing online piracy, which they believe          the protests and among the sites to go
interest of 10.4% that their pension        made more aware of the issue of the         costs them billions of dollars a year.
fund earns automatically every year.        unfair pension system, it is difficult to                                                      dark on Wednesday, said it was
                                                                                                   But technology companies are
Everyone else’s pension fund is             say whether or not changes will be          concerned the laws would undermine
                                                                                                                                           pleased the protests were able to slow
affected by the downturn of the             made, and how fast they will be done.       Internet freedoms, be difficult to enforce         things down, but said piracy needs to
economy, but this special privileged        Gleaning from the remarks of the            and encourage frivolous lawsuits.                  be addressed.
group is protected by having such a         Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the                     Public sentiment on the bills                    "We really need people at the
high interest guaranteed by law. The        government plans to look at this issue      shifted in recent weeks after Internet             table who have the technical expertise
                                                                                        players ramped up their lobbying.                  about these issues who can ensure
think tank, CD Howe Institute, cited        but did not set any timeline. The
                                                                                                   White House officials weighed in        that whatever bills are drafted have
the fact that if the MPs pension fund is    Finance Minister Jim Flaherty admits        on Saturday, saying in a blog post that
not supported by any asset, there will      there is a need to make reasonable                                                             airtight, technically sound language,
                                                                                        they had concerns about legislation that           definitions and frameworks," the
be a serious short fall in the very near    changes but to know what is                 could make businesses on the Internet
future by approximately $1 billion.         reasonable he said is not easy and it                                                          company's general manager Erik
                                                                                        vulnerable to litigation and harm legal
          More      aggravating     facts   is not only determined by one person.       activity and free speech.
                                                                                                                                           Martin told Reuters.
revealed by the Canadian Taxpayers                   The Green Party of Canada is                  Then on Wednesday, protests                      Reid expressed hope on
Federation headed by Gregory                in full agreement that reform is            blanketed the Internet, turning Wikipedia          Friday      that   Senate       Judiciary
Thomas make us wonder if MPs and            needed for Member of Parliament             and other popular websites dark for 24             Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy,
Senators could ever be moved to do          pension plans. “Examining how best          hours. Google , Facebook, Twitter and              who has been shepherding the bill
                                                                                        others protested the proposed legislation          through Congress, could help resolve
something about such a ridiculous           to reform pensions of MPs is
                                                                                        but did not shut down.                             differences in the legislation.
situation. According to the CTF, while      completely in line with what I’ve been                 The protest had quick results:
backbench MPs earn $157,731 a year,         calling for in terms of greater financial                                                               "I am optimistic that we can
                                                                                        several sponsors of the legislation,               reach a compromise in the coming
an additional $248,000 is added to          accountability from our elected             including senators Roy Blunt,Chuck
each of their pensions every year by        representatives,” said Green Leader                                                            weeks," Reid said.
                                                                                        Grassley, Orrin Hatch, John Boozman and
taxpayers, while they may contribute        Elizabeth May.                              Marco Rubio, have withdrawn their
                                                                                                                                                    Leahy slammed the Senate
as little as $10,990.                                While we realize that there is a   support.
          Soon, 39 MPs who were first       big opportunity for politicians to show                In a brief statement on Friday,
                                                                                        Reid said there was no reason why
                                                                                                                                           See Page 6        Anti-Piracy Bills
elected in 2006 will pass the 6-year        a good example and leadership, by
threshold to qualify for their              introducing a private member’s bill to
parliamentary pension. They will enter      introduce reforms to the pension
"the promised land" in the words of         system, it may not be as quickly as we
Thomas. Together, the 39 MPs are set        want the government to move. The
to collect $30.9 million in lifetime        CTF suggested to shut down the
payouts, according to the federation.       current pension scheme, and join the
          Younger MPs such as 33-           new Pooled Registered Pension Plan                                                               Tel.: 514-485-7861
year-old Conservative MP Chris              (PRPP). They also want to see                 5320-A Queen Mary Road
                                                                                          Montreal, Quebec H4C 1T7                           E-Mail:
Warkentin and 38-year-old Industry          taxpayer contributions capped at a                                                               Published by: Filcan Publications, Inc.
Minister Christian Paradis will have to     dollar-to-dollar level. As well, they                                        Zenaida Ferry Kharroubi
wait until they are 55 years of age to      want to ensure that convicted                                                   Chief Editor & Publisher             Hilda T. Veloso
collect. But even if they don't run         fraudsters are barred from collecting                  Al Abdon                                                      W.G. Quiambao
                                                                                                                                    Sam Kevin
again, the Federation said Warkentin        parliamentary pension benefits.                      Jerry Estrada                                                    Community News
                                                                                                                                News & Layout Editor
and Paradis will still receive an annual             In the face of all the glaring          Alberto Baens Santos
pension for the rest of their lives worth   examples of inequities, will the people                  Columnists                                              Bernardo Sarmiento
                                                                                                                                   Bert Abiera
at least $46,049 and $61,581                be more assertive of their rights to                                                         Founder                 Opinion Editorial
respectively.                               better treatment by their government?
                                                                                           The opinions expressed by the writers and columnists do not necessarily reflect that
          "People are walking away          Will our MPs listen to the people?             of the management of the North American Filipino Star nor its editors.
after six years on the job with a big                Zenaida Ferry Kharroubi
JANUARY 2012                                                       The North American Filipino Star                                                                            3

 Corona subpoena denied                                                                Corona impeachment raps
        MANILA, JANUARY 17, 2012           reservation,” he said.
(INQUIRER)         By Maila Ager                    Cayetano explained that some       cover ill-gotten wealth' 2:42 pm | Tuesday,            of the properties discovered by the
January 17th, 2012 —The Senate             prosecution team were allegedly in the                               The sub paragraphs stated other
acting as an impeachment court threw       names of Corona’s wife and children.        Posted at 01/21/2012 5:21 PM | Updated        allegations, including non-declaration of
out on Tuesday an appeal by a              And under Republic Act 1379 on              as of 01/21/2012 11:25 PM                     certain properties in his SALN, and that the
senator-judge against the issuance of      forfeiture of ill-gotten wealth, Cayetano             MANILA, Philippines (UDPATE) –      properties might have been acquired
subpoena against Supreme Court             pointed out that property unlawfully        The impeachment complaint against Chief       through ill-gotten wealth.
chief Justice Renato Corona’s wife and     acquired by the respondent but its          Justice Renato Corona covers the issue of              Corona, in his reply, branded the
other family members.                      ownerships concealed by its being           ill-gotten wealth since the respondent        other allegations as "conjectural and
                                                                                       himself acknowledged the charge, a law        speculative" and said they "do not amount
        Fourteen senators voted to         recorded in the name of, or held by the

                                                                                                                 Corona’s SALN submitted to the Senate
                                                                                       expert said Saturday.                         to a concrete statement of fact that might
                                                                                                 This week's proceedings saw require a denial." Nonetheless, he denied
                                                                                       defense lawyers posing continuous the allegations "flatly," saying he acquired
                                                                                       objection to prosecutors' presentation of his assets from legitimate sources of
                                                                                       evidence on Corona's alleged illegal income, mostly from his "professional
                                                                                       wealth, a charge they claimed was not toils."
                                                                                       made properly in Article 2 of the                       Aside from Corona's lawyers,
                                                                                       impeachment complaint.                        senator-judges Alan Peter Cayetano and
                                                                                                 But Amado Valdez, dean of the Francis Escudero expressed misgivings
                                                                                       University of the East College of Law, said on Article 2 of the complaint, with the latter
                                                                                       that Article 2 is "already sufficiently saying that each article "must accuse the
                                                                                       informative as far as what the accusation respondent of a singular, separate act."
                                                                                       is," and Corona's reply to it only made it              Due to confusion on whether or
                                                                                       valid.                                        not Article 2 covers ill-gotten wealth,
                                                                                                 "If you read their answer to the Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, the
                                                                                       complaint, they said that he's also charged court's presiding judge, asked both the
                                                                                       with ill-gotten wealth, therefore, he has prosecution and defense panels to submit
                                                                                       been properly informed of the accusation memoranda on the matter.
                                                                                       against him," Valdez told ANC Dateline Prosecution scores point
                                                                                       Philippines on Saturday.                                Meanwhile, Valdez said the first
                     Chief Justice Renato Corona and his wife                                                                        week of the trial was a good week for the
                                                                                       Article 2 accuses Corona of betraying prosecution despite reported misses and
sustain Senate President Juan Ponce-       respondent’s spouse, ascendants,            public trust and violating the Constitution
Enrile’s ruling to deny a request to       descendants, relatives or any other         for failing to disclose his statement of       See Page 7      Corona impeachment
subpoena Corona, wife Cristina, and        person was characterized as “not            assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN).
two children– Clara and Francis– while     among         legitimately     acquired
only six voted in favor of Senate          properties.”
Minority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano’s               Cayetano said the court
appeal to reconsider the ruling with       should not shortcut the process by
regards to the wife and other family       denying the subpoena against other
members.                                   family members “because we can’t
         While he agreed to the            predict if and when the daughter will in
Senate’s decision to deny the              fact manifest or claim the privilege or
issuance of subpoena against the           the    husband       will   claim   the
Chief Justice, Cayetano expressed his      disqualification against the wife.”
reservation against the denial to                   “The proper procedure is for
subpoena the wife and other family         us to issue the subpoena and for the
members.                                   defence or witnesses to be the ones to
         “I agree with the ruling in so    claim the privilege later on,” he
far as the Chief of Justice is concerned   pointed out. a
but as to the wife, the children and the
son-in-law, may I put on record my

4                                                                        The North American Filipino Star                                                         JANUARY 2012
                                               taxpayers currently give to the fund for
From Page 1                 Pensions           every     MP-contributed        dollar   is
                                                                                             MPs’ pension plan faces $1 billion
fund, per MP on top of the dollar
                ,                              "outrageous" and "it can't be defended
                                               by anyone."
                                                                                             shortfall, report finds
                                                                                             Kenyon Wallace Toronto Star                    almost every other defined-benefit plan in
$102 million to MP pensions each year          Harper says MP pensions will be
                                                                                                   Pension troubles in store for retired    Canada has more liabilities than assets,
         When you combine the dollar           looked at                                     workers as plans across Canada face            the institute found.
contribution and the guaranteed                         The CTF says that as the             deficits
interest     rate   return,   taxpayers        government looks for savings, it                     Defeated MPs turn to gold-plated        “This is just accounting, it’s just on paper,”
contribute a total of $102 million to the      shouldn't even think of tampering with        pensions                                       Laurin said. “There are no real assets.”
fund every year, while MPs hand over           the pension plan for public servants          On paper, the pension plan for MPs and
about $4.5 million, according to the           unless it is willing to look at its own.      senators is gold-plated and financially        The institute recommends MPs start
CTF's calculations.                            "There's no way they can do anything          sound. In reality, however, the benefits       saving for their retirements in a properly
         MPs are eligible for the              about pensions unless they start in their     promised to our elected representatives        funded pooled registered plan, and
pension after serving at least six years       own backyard," said Thomas.                   are underfunded by close to $1 billion,        suggests increasing MPs’ wages in
in the House of Commons and can start                   In an interview earlier this week    according to a new report.                     exchange for more modest retirement
collecting it when they turn 55.               with the CBC's Peter Mansbridge,                        The C.D. Howe Institute, a           benefits.
                                                                                             Toronto-based non-profit think-tank, says
Thirty-nine MPs who were elected in            Harper was asked about the
                                                                                             taxpayers are on the hook for that amount      Gregory Thomas, federal director of the
2006 will become eligible for the MP           government's plans for pensions.              because the current parliamentary              Canadian Taxpayers Federation — which
pension plan on Monday, and the CTF            P.O.V.                                        pension plan has set aside no assets to        this week issued a call to parliamentarians
                                                                                             pay for the future benefits.                   to adopt a more realistic pension plan —
                                                                                             Unlike other pension plans, such as the        said the biggest scandal was the fact that
                                                                                             Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, in which       MPs ignored a request by the chief actuary
                                                                                             contributions from members are invested        two years ago. That request urged them to
                                                                                             in the market to fund future benefits, the     halve the annualized 10.4 per cent “rate of
                                                                                             Pension Plan for Members of Parliament         return” — a rate set by the government —
                                                                                             guarantees retirement incomes that aren’t      that the plan has been getting over the last
                                                                                             pegged to investment returns.                  10 years.
                                                                                                       “These MP pensions are basically
                                                                                             unfunded,” said Alex Laurin, associate         After losing his seat in last year’s election,
                                                                                             director of research at the C.D. Howe          former Bloc Québécois leader Gilles
                                                                                             Institute. “That means they’ll be paid out     Duceppe, 63, walked away with a
                                                                                             by taxpayers through general government        $140,765 annual pension. Prime Minister
                                                                                             funds when they are due.”                      Stephen Harper, who currently makes
                                                                                                                                            $315,000 a year, will be eligible by 2015 to
                                                                                             The institute found that if ordinary           collect a yearly pension of $223,500,
                                                                                             Canadians wanted to secure a retirement        according to the federation.
                                                                                             income equivalent to an MP’s pension,
The Canadian Taxpayers Federation has an ongoing campaign about the MP pension fund and      they would have to save 50 per cent of         “Every MP needs to answer the question,
said Wednesday that MPs have their snouts in the pension trough. (Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian   their income every year. But the Income        why in the middle of the biggest economic
Press)                                                                                       Tax Act stipulates that Canadians — most       meltdown in our generation did you insist
                                                                                             of whom have no pensions at all — can          on a 10.4 per cent annual return on your
says they will be eligible for a collective              Should Ottawa shut down MPs'        contribute only 18 per cent of their annual    pension fund?” Thomas said.
                                                                                             incomes to their own RRSPs.                             “It’s a phony return on an
$1.9 million in annual pensions starting       pension fund?
                                                                                                                                            imaginary investment. MPs cannot lead if
in 2015.                                                 Harper said his government
                                                                                             The report also takes aim at the federal       they don’t lead by example. This pension
         Thomas said Prime Minister            has already made changes to bring the         chief actuary’s assessment last year that      they’ve been taking all the way through
Stephen Harper and his government              public service pension system more in         found an “excess” of $176 million in the       this   economic      downturn     —   it’s
have some tough decisions to make in           line with private sector plans and that       plan — an unlikely scenario at a time when     scandalous.”
the coming months in order to keep its         while it is looking at the pension issue,
promise of balancing the budget in the         "we haven't taken any final decisions."
years ahead.                                             "As you know, it also raises the
                                                                                               John Ivison: Public                          out” of the government pension plan when
                                                                                                                                            they came to Ottawa in 1993, but opted
Cashing in                                     issue of pensions of parliamentarians,        pensions a fat target                          back in when then-prime minister Jean
         According to the CTF's                and that issue will have to be looked at                                                     Chrétien gave them the chance in 2000.
calculations: Prime Minister Stephen           at the same time," he said.
                                                                                             for Conservatives                                        The formula that determines MPs’
                                                                                                       Prime Minister knows that he         pensions has been reduced since then but
Harper can collect a pension of at least                 Finance Minister Jim Flaherty
                                                                                             cannot ask public servants and Canadian        remains extremely prodigal. The latest
$223,500 per year by 2015                      said Wednesday that he expects the
                                                                                             seniors to suffer austerity measures while     numbers show that taxpayers pay $5.50
         Interim Liberal Leader Bob            discussion around MP pensions to              MPs benefit from one of the most lavish
Rae, if he stays on as leader, can collect     continue.                                                                                    for every $1 that MPs and senators
                                                                                             pension plans in the country. Possible         contributed to their pension plan. Most
a pension of at least $71,400 per year                   "I think we have to be              reforms to the MPs’ scheme could include       private schemes call on the employer to
by 2015                                        reasonable in all of our remuneration         raising the minimum retirement age             contribute $1 for every $1 added by the
         NDP MP Pierre-Luc Dusseault,          schemes, including salary, benefits and       (currently 55) to lengthening the period of    member. The parliamentary pension
elected last year at age 19, can collect       pensions, and that applies to all of us       time it takes to qualify for a pension         scheme paid out $48.8-million in the
a pension of $40,000 per year if he            who are in the world of public service,       (currently just six years).                    2009/2010 fiscal year to 503 former MPs
retires at 27                                  whether we're politicians or employed                   Senior sources said that a           and senators collecting pension benefits.
         20 MPs will be able to collect        by the government of Canada as public         decision on public service pensions has        The report said 117 of them received more
more than $100,000 a year if they retire       servants or elsewhere," he said.              not yet been made, largely because of          than $70,000 a year, with the average for
or lose after the next election in 2015                  Flaherty said, however, that it's   legal and legislative barriers to unilateral   senators being $56,512 and for MPs
                                                                                             changes. But the source confirmed the          $53,586.
         "There's no way the prime             not up to him to decide what is
                                                                                             government could still move on MPs’                      Since then, 113 more MPs were
minister and these MPs can do what             "reasonable."
                                                                                             pensions, even if it holds off on reforms      defeated at the last election and will
they need to do to balance the budget                    "I'm sure that we will have         covering the bureaucracy. He said all three
and control spending if they've got their      different views expressed about what is                                                      receive millions more in pensions and
                                                                                             strands of pension policy are linked as        severance payments. There was an outcry
own snouts in the pension trough. They         reasonable and what isn't," he said. "It's    part of the government’s plan to make          last May when it emerged that defeated
need to lead by example," said                 not for me as a single member of              sure there is sustainability and fairness in   Bloc Québécois leader, Gilles Duceppe is
Thomas. "They need to put Canada               Parliament to make that determination."       the system.                                    in line to receive $140,000 a year from
ahead of their own personal bank                         Those comments gave the                       Ian Lee, a professor at Sprott       taxpayers, despite devoting his career to
balance."                                      CTF some encouragement, and                   Business School, said the government           breaking up the country.
         The CTF, which released a             Thomas said the group is hopeful it will      would be smart to address what he called       Handout
report Wednesday detailing the                 see progress with its campaign.               “the profound unfairness of MPs’               MP Pierre-Luc Dusseault can aim for
pensions that current MPs will be                                                            pensions” before it moves on broader           Freedom 25.
entitled to, wants Parliament to put an                                                      reforms.                                                 MPs are eligible for a pension
end to the fund completely. Thomas             Learn French the fast                                   “The government cannot ask           after serving in the House for six years,
                                                                                             ordinary Canadians to put their shoulder
said the "platinum-plated" pension fund            and easy way.                             to the wheel and carry to the burden of
                                                                                                                                            and pensions are calculated on the best
should be shut down.                                                                                                                        five earnings years. On a current salary of
         Instead, they could set up an
                                                      Enroll at                              austerity – if the elites are not sharing in   $157,000 a year, MPs qualify for an
                                                                                             the pain,” he said.                            indexed lifetime pension of $27,000 when
optional dollar-for-dollar matching               Gilmore College                                      MPs’ pensions have long been a       they reach 55. That means a six-year MP
defined contribution plan.                       Call 514-485-7861                           lightning rod for criticism. Preston
         But he says the $23 that                                                            Manning and his Reform Party MPs “opted        See Page 21                  Pensions
JANUARY 2012                                                           The North American Filipino Star                                                                          5
                                                                                                                                        young Filipina spouses married to
Heirs and inheritance                                                                      Notes:                                       elderly Japanese admitted).
                                                                                                                                                   Japan-Philippine       relations
If your spouse dies intestate (without a last will), who will                              [1] These articles do not apply if your      surrounding overseas migration also
inherit under the New Philippine Civil Code?                                               marriage has been declared void, or          evolved. The bilateral relationship
                                                                                           you are the offending spouse in case of      became economic, resulting in an
Compiled by Budz Sarmiento                   entitled to inherit. If the illegitimate      legal separation.                            economic partnership agreement that
                                             children died before your spouse,                                                          has, among its terms, deploying
Situation A: You and your deceased           then you and the illegitimate                 [2] Steps in computing the inheritance:      Filipino nurses to Japan. Only two of
spouse have children.                        children’s descendants (by right of           •        You     must    liquidate    the    over-200 deployed nurses passed the
                                             representation) will inherit.                 community property (Articles 102 to          Nihongo-laced          nurses    licensure
[1] Only you and your children are                                                         104 of the Family Code) or the conjugal      examination in Japan, and currently
entitled to inherit under Article 996 of     [3] If your deceased spouse has               partnership (Articles 129 to 33 of the       the nurses deployment provision of the
the New Civil Code of the Philippines.       illegitimate children and “ascendants”        Family Code).                                Japan-Philippines               Economic
Your deceased spouse’s siblings,             (parents, grandparents, or great-             •        The remaining portion will then     Partnership Agreement is being
parents,     or    grandparents      are     grandparents),       then   you,   the        be divided among the heirs.                  evaluated.
excluded.                                    illegitimate     children,   and   the        For example, you and your spouse                        While distant from a matter
                                             ascendants will inherit under Article         have four children, and your spouse          that concerns Filipinos’ migration to
Art. 996. If a widow or widower and          1000 of the New Civil Code of the             died leaving one million pesos in            Japan, the relationship between the
legitimate children or descendants are       Philippines.                                  property.                                    two countries is beyond overseas
left, the surviving spouse has in the                                                      1.       Your share in the community         migration.
succession the same share as that of         Art. 1000. If legitimate ascendants, the      property or conjugal partnership                        Japan      is    among       the
each of the children.                        surviving spouse, and illegitimate            property is 50% or five hundred              Philippines’ major source countries of
If any or some of your children died         children are left, the ascendants shall       thousand pesos.                              official development assistance, in
before your spouse, their legitimate         be entitled to one-half of the                2.       The remaining five hundred          which civil society groups hope that
children will be entitled to inherit by      inheritance, and the other half shall be      thousand pesos will be divided among         such development aid undergo
right of representation.                     divided between the surviving spouse          the children, with you counted as one        transparent         and       accountable
                                             and the illegitimate children so that         child.                                       processes. Nevertheless, the aid from
[2] If your deceased spouse has              such widow or widower shall have              3.       Five hundred thousand pesos         Japan led to bridges, light railway
illegitimate children, they are entitled     one-fourth of the estate, and the             divided by five: you and the children will   transit systems, and even emergency
to inherit under Article 176 of the          illegitimate children the other fourth.       receive one hundred thousand pesos           relief for people in Mindanao.
Family Code. Please read “Special                                                          each as inheritance.                                    Japan-Philippine economic
Rule Under the Philippine Civil Code if      In simpler terms, you will get 25% of         (With files posted by Atty. Gerry T.         relations will not be complete without
Legitimate and Illegitimate Children         the inheritance; your spouse’s                Galacio on a blog site called Legal          the Japanese companies heading to
Survived Together, With or Without the       illegitimate children will also get 25%;      Updates)                                     the country —from vehicles to
Surviving Spouse”                            and the ascendants will get 50%.                                                           electronic equipment, some of which
                                                                                           Japan-Philippines                            became household names among
Situation B: You and your deceased           Your spouse’s siblings, if any, are not       Partnership                                  Filipinos (e.g. Toyota, Sony, among
spouse have no children.                     entitled to inherit.                                                                       others).
                                                                                           By Carmelita G. Nuqui and Jeremaiah
                                                                                           M. Opiniano                                             The relationship between the
[1] If your deceased spouse’s parents        [4] If your deceased spouse has no                                                         two nations even led to the reverse, i.e.
(either father or mother, or both) are       ascendants (parents, grandparents,                     JAPAN offers lots of memories       of developing country Philippines
still alive, then you and the parents will   or great-grandparents) or illegitimate        —good and bad— to Filipinos, not just        helping Japan.
inherit under Article 997 of the New         children, but has siblings, then you          its rising sun that is an economic                      Images of the waves that
Civil Code of the Philippines.               and the siblings will inherit under           magnet for Filipinos to go there.            splashed eastern Japan given an 8.9-
                                             Article 1001 of the New Civil Code of                  There’s former overseas             magnitude earthquake and tsunami
Art. 997. When the widow or widower          the Philippines.                              performing artist Maricris Sioson who,       last March simply touched Filipinos’
survives with legitimate parents or                                                        exactly 20 years ago, was mysteriously       hearts to help (for example, the
ascendants, the surviving spouse             Art. 1001. Should brothers and sisters        killed by alleged Yakuza elements five       Philippines-Japan NGO Partnership, a
shall be entitled to one-half of the         or their children survive with the            months after arriving in Tokyo.              group of non-government groups here
estate, and the legitimate parents or        widow or widower, the latter shall be                  Sioson’s mysterious death           that has a partner NGO network in
ascendants to the other half.                entitled to one-half of the inheritance       never stopped a wave of migration by         Japan, donated some money to
                                             and the brothers and sisters or their         Filipinas doing the same kind of work        Japanese NGOs providing disaster
If your spouse’s parents are already         children to the other half.                   which, to advocates for migrant              relief in tsunami-struck areas in Japan).
dead but other “ascendants” (like                                                          workers, is tantamount to trafficking                   Even Filipinos affected by the
grandparents or great-grandparents)          In simpler terms, you will get 50% of         and to putting these women’s                 quake and tsunami had to be helped.
are still alive, Article 997 will also       the inheritance while the brothers and        homeland into shame. That kind of            There are stories of cause-oriented
apply. Your spouse’s siblings, if any,       sisters will divide among themselves          migrant worker deployment even had           groups coursing their donations to the
are not entitled to inherit.                 the other 50%.                                processes and documents to be                Philippine embassy in Tokyo and to
                                                                                           acquired, as well as a large-scale           some Japanese NGOs directed at the
[2] If your deceased spouse has              The law does not distinguish between          recruitment business which the               Filipino families victimized by the
illegitimate children, then you and the      siblings of the full or half blood. If your   Philippine government regulated. The         quake and tsunami.
illegitimate children will inherit under     deceased spouse’s father or mother            tide changed in 2005, when Japanese                     Still, Japanese maintained
Article 998 of the New Civil Code of         had illegitimate children, these              immigration law changed and                  their resolve even in the midst of
the Philippines.                             children cannot inherit from your             tightened the entry requirements of          tragedy, and Filipinos learned from it.
                                             spouse because of the “iron barrier”          those wanting to work as OPAs. The           Says a Japanese taxi driver to a
Art. 998. If a widow or widower              between the legitimate and illegitimate       amendment included provisions that           Filipino broadcast journalist who
survives with illegitimate children,         sides of the family.                          anyone seeking such a visa must              wondered why Japanese are patiently
such widow or widower shall be                                                             prove that he or she has education or        waiting a long line in Sendai to siphon
entitled to one-half of the inheritance,     If any of the siblings died before your       experience as an entertainer.                fuel from vehicles wrecked by the
and the illegitimate children or their       spouse, then that sibling's legitimate                 Certification from another          tsunami: “If we do that, I wanted no
descendants, whether legitimate or           children (meaning, your spouse’s              government is no longer enough.              part of it since he did not want to join
illegitimate, to the other half.             nephews or nieces) will inherit by right      This resulted in a steep drop in the         us in hell.”
                                             of representation. These children will        number of entertainers being sent by                    But Filipinos, thanks to the
In simpler terms, you will get 50% of        divide among themselves the share             the Philippines from about 80,000 in         opportunity of being in Japan for work,
the inheritance while the illegitimate       that should have gone to their parent         2004 to about 38,000 in 2005. In 2010,       study and permanent residency,
children will divide among themselves        (the deceased sibling).                       the number of Filipino women                 extend themselves to help the
the other 50%.                                                                             deployed to Japan as entertainers was        Philippines through philanthropy.
                                             [5] If your deceased spouse has no            only about a thousand.                       Filipino groups of all sorts in Japan—
Article 998 applies even if your             illegitimate children, siblings, or                    There is now an increase in         scholars in Japan, Filipinos based in
deceased spouse, at the time of              ascendants (parents, grandparents,            the number Filipinas marrying                Japanese communities, migrants’
death, had parents or siblings. Only         or great-grandparents), then you              Japanese, that being a means to
you and the illegitimate children are        inherit everything.                           escape poverty (as some departing See Page 14                 Japan-Philippines
6                                                                            The North American Filipino Star                                                          JANUARY 2012

                                                  landscaping. It also posts guidelines                    Historically, Native Americans        underscored the importance of
                                                  for energy-efficient designing and             relied on the root of Echinacea to numb         psychological factors in fighting illness
                                                                                                 toothache pain and treat dyspepsia as           and did not say that Echinacea isn’t
                                                                                                 well as snake, insect and spider bites.         effective.
                                                           You should also check the             While some modern day folks rely on
                                                  filters on heating and cooling                                                                          Given the lack of FDA
                                                                                                 Echinacea just based on this anecdotal
                                                  equipment to see if they need to be            evidence, scientific studies have verified
                                                                                                                                                 oversight    of    herbs,       different
                                                  changed so as to keep your furnace             that the herb can be effective. To wit, a       formulations may contain vastly
                                                  and air conditioners functioning at            2008 University of Connecticut review of        different amounts of Echinacea. A
         Dear EarthTalk: There are a              maximum efficiency. And if these or            14 different clinical trials of Echinacea use   2004 evaluation of 19 different
number of companies out there now                 other appliances over 15 years old
doing “energy audits” for the home,               consider replacing them with newer
after which they try to sell you attic            models that meet federal EnergyStar
insulation and other products and                 efficiency criteria. Also, swapping out
services. Is this just a scam or would it         older incandescent bulbs in light
be wise for me to look into this?                 fixtures with higher efficiency compact
          - Bill Richards., New York, NY          fluorescent or LED bulbs will save
         For the most part, companies             money and energy.
offering energy audits are reputable              A professional energy auditor with
and legitimate and will help you both             dedicated assessment tools and the
save money and reduce your carbon                 knowledge of how to use them will in all
                                                  likelihood     carry   out    a    more
footprint if you follow their advice in
                                                  comprehensive assessment than you can
regard to upgrading things like                   do yourself. “Thorough assessments often
insulation, windows and appliances. “A            use equipment such as blower doors,
home energy assessment, also known                which measure the extent of leaks in the
as a home energy audit, is the first step         building envelope, and infrared cameras,
                                                                                                 Echinacea has gained popularity in recent years as a remedy for the common cold. But
                                                                                                 because it is not regulated as a medical drug by the FDA -- and given the variation between
                                                                                                 dosages and formulations available to consumers -- it is difficult to get definitive answers
                                                                                                 as to its effectiveness. Credit: iStock

                                                                                                 found that taking the supplement reduced        Echinacea brands by the non-profit
                                                                                                 the chances of getting a cold by 31             Consumers Union and published in
                                                                                                 percent, and helped people get over             Consumer Reports found that the
                                                                                                 cold and flu symptoms a day and a               amount of Echinacea actually present
                                                                                                 half earlier than those who didn’t take         in supplements varied considerably
                                                                                                 it.                                             from brand to brand—and even in
                                                                                                           Researchers initially thought         some cases from bottle to bottle of the
                                                                                                 Echinacea’s effectiveness was due to            same       brand.    The    magazine
                                                                                                 its immune-boosting traits, but they            recommended a few brands as “best
                                                                                                 now believe instead that the herb               picks,” including Spring Valley, Origin
                                                                                                 works more as an anti-inflammatory              and Sundown, all which featured high
                                                                                                 agent. A 2009 University of British             concentrations of Echinacea and
                                                                                                 Columbia study found that typical               reliable dosage amounts from pill to
    Companies offering energy audits are generally reputable and legitimate and will help you    commercially available Echinacea                pill.
    both save money and reduce your carbon footprint if you follow their advice. Pictured: A                                                              Before taking the Echinacea
                                                                                                 preparations are effective in reducing
    home energy auditor inspects a hot water heater. Credit: USDA
                                                                                                 the body’s production of inflammatory           plunge, beware that the herb can
to assess how much energy your                    which reveal hard-to-detect areas of air       proteins in human bronchial cells. In           cause allergic reactions in some
home consumes and to evaluate what                infiltration and missing insulation.”          layman’s terms, this means that                 people and may interact negatively
measures you can take to make your                           If you are concerned about          Echinacea can help lessen the                   with some common medications.
home more energy efficient,” reports              enlisting a for-profit firm that upsells its   annoying symptoms of common                     Researchers warn that anyone with
                                                  own energy efficiency upgrade services         colds, the flu and other respiratory            autoimmune disease or a handful of
the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).
                                                  based on a “free” energy audit, check with     ailments. Furthermore, the study                other illnesses should not take
“An assessment will show you                      your utility to see whether it offers
problems that may, when corrected,                                                               found that Echinacea is just as effective in    Echinacea without first consulting with
                                                  unbiased, independent energy audit
save you significant amounts of money                                                            reducing bronchial inflammation                 their doctor.
                                                  services (which it may do for free or for a
over time.”                                                                                      whether it is consumed before or after          CONTACTS: FDA,;
                                                  nominal cost). The assessor from your
          “During the assessment, you             utility may be able to recommend window        a viral infection sets in, indicating that      Consumers                       Union,
can pinpoint where your house is                  and door replacement companies,                taking moderate doses on a regular    
losing energy,” adds DOE. “Energy                 heating and cooling specialists and other      basis during cold season can help               EarthTalk® is written and edited by
assessments also determine the                    vendors nearby that do reputable work to       prevent some bronchial irritation if and        Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss and is
efficiency of your home’s heating and             make your home is not only energy              when cold symptoms begin.                       a registered trademark of E - The
                                                  efficient but warmer in the winter and                                                         Environmental               Magazine
cooling systems [and] may also show                                                                        Interestingly, though, a 2010
                                                  cooler in the summer.                                                                          (             Send
you ways to conserve hot water and                           CONTACTS:        DOE       Energy
                                                                                                 study of 719 participants in Wisconsin
electricity.”                                                                                    focusing on illness duration and                questions                            to:
                                                  Savers,  ;
          You can conduct your own                                                               severity found that the duration of the
energy audit if you know where to look                                                           common cold could be shortened by               S u b s c r i b e :
                                                             Dear EarthTalk: What’s the story
for air leaks (drafts), water waste and           with Echinacea? Many herb teas contain         taking a pill of some sort, whether    Free
other key areas of a home’s                       it, and many people swear by it as a cold      Echinacea or a placebo with no active           Trial Issue:
inefficiencies.        The       DOE’s            remedy. But I’ve also seen headlines           ingredients. But this study merely         website     has          saying that the herb has no medicinal
                                                  value whatsoever. Can you set the record                                                       in the House.
guidelines to help homeowners                                                                    From Page 2        Anti-Piracy Bills                      Issa said SOPA and PIPA lacked
                                                  straight? -- Arlene Hixson, Portland, ME
conduct their own do-it-yourself home                                                                                                            a fundamental understanding of how
                                                             Echinacea, also known as purple     derailment of the anti-piracy legislation as
energy assessments. For instance,                 coneflower, has gained popularity in                                                           Internet      technologies     work.   The
                                                                                                 a "knee-jerk reaction to a monumental
DOE recommends that homeowners                    recent years as a nutritional supplement                                                       technology sector has shown more
                                                                                                 problem" but said he is committed to
make a list of obvious air leaks, such            that proponents believe is helpful in          getting a bill signed into law this year.       optimism about prospects for Issa and
as through gaps along baseboards or               staving off the common cold and                          There are already alternatives in     Wyden's alternative bill, called the OPEN
at the edges of flooring and at wall and          shortening its duration. But given the         the works.                                      Act.
ceiling junctures. The potential energy           variation      between     dosages       and             Senator Ron Wyden introduced                    "It's a great starting point for
savings from reducing drafts in a home            formulations—such herbs are not                a bill last month that he said "meets the       discussion, and we're definitely very open
can be as high as 30 percent per year,            regulated as medical drugs by the U.S                                                          to that," said Tiffiniy Cheng, co-founder of
                                                                                                 same publicly stated goals as SOPA or
reports DOE. (The DOE website also                Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and                                                         Fight for the Future, a nonprofit that
                                                                                                 Protect IP without causing massive
                                                  so makers have little incentive to                                                             helped organize the Internet protests
provides information on other ways to                                                            damage to the Internet."
                                                  standardize—it’s hard to get definitive                                                        against SOPA and PIPA.(Reuters)
save money and resources through                                                                           Representative Darrel Issa on
                                                  answers as to Echinacea's effectiveness.
less obvious things such as outdoor                                                              Wednesday introduced a companion bill
JANUARY 2012                                                              The North American Filipino Star                                                                                 7
                                                                                              much. Everything is happening all at             protein produced by a specific gene with

 Philippine Embassy                                                                           once. We feel like we are on the edge of
                                                                                              a cliff."
                                                                                                        Herrera        and    Parizeault
                                                                                                                                               cancer-causing potential. Even if Roche
                                                                                                                                               offered a discount, it is still too expensive
                                                                                                                                               for them to afford the treatment. . The

 Bulletin Board                                                                               approached Outremont MP Thomas
                                                                                              Mulcair to have the processing of their
                                                                                              application for sponsorship expedited on
                                                                                                                                               Philippine Foundation of Montreal
                                                                                                                                               donated $300.00 plus groceries.
                                                                                                                                                         "The money she received is
 Consular Outreach Mission in                                                                 humanitarian ground. But to their                managed by Hope & Cope for her
                                                                                              chagrin, they were told to wait. They            chemotherapy," said Caring Tabunar, co-
 Montreal on February 17, 2012                                                                contacted other foundations and                  founder of the PFM. "They need money
                                                NOTICE FROM            THE     PHILIPPINE     organizations but they were given a run-         for daily living like rent and food."
         The Philippine Embassy in
                                                EMBASSY                                       around and told that Herrera could not be                  Herrera said that she would
Ottawa will hold a Consular Outreach
                                                                                              offered any financial assistance because         have chemotherapy every three weeks
Mission in Montreal on Friday, February
                                                Embassy will be closed on Monday              she was not a Canadian citizen yet.              for about nine months. She added that it
17, 4-9 PM and Saturday, February 18,
                                                January     23rd    –   Chinese   New                   Herrera was at her wit's end           costs $3,000 minimum per shot of the
9 AM until 6 PM
                                                Year/Philippine declared holiday.             when while having a chemotherapy at the          chemotherapy. The entire treatment will
Philippine Community Centre (FAMAS
                                                                                              Jewish General Hospital last October,            cost from $40,000 to $50,000. And there
                                                 (For very urgent matters/emergencies,        she met Stacey Charon, a teacher and             is another $12,000 to $20,000 for
4708 Van Home Avenue
                                                please call the duty Officer at               also a patient with terminal breast cancer.      radiotherapy.
Montreal, Quebec H3W 1H7
                                                                                              Feeling sorry for Herrera, Charon                          She also clarified that any extra
                                                (613-614-2846)                                contacted the hospital staff, the Gazette        money after her treatment will be spent to
Tel: -514-341-7477
                                                Save the Date – 7th Ambassadors,              and CTV to tell Herrera' plight. Charon          help other cancer patients.
                                                Consuls General, and Tourism Directors        paid the cost of the first chemotherapy                    Meanwhile, she just received a
Philippine Embassy – Closed on January
                                                Tour to the Philippines on July 11-15,        treatment and a Filipina friend paid the         letter from the immigration before New
23, 2012
                                                                                              second treatment. Herrera and Parizeault         Year informing her that her application for
January 12, 2012
                                                                                              paid the rest of the treatment with              sponsorship is being processed and she
                                                                                              whatever money they had.                         will be notified of further requirements.
                                                                                                        More outpouring of support                       "All I can do is hope and pray
COMMUNITY NEWS                                                                                from the community came in when Jelly's
                                                                                              story was published in the Gazette and
                                                                                                                                               that everything will be ok this 2012,"
                                                                                                                                               saidHerrera , who has two children, age
                                                                                              televised on Channel 11. An anonymous            19 and 21, in the Philippines.
 Friendship and Fellowship Youth                                                              person donated $15,000 which is being
                                                                                              handled by Hope & Cope. Roche
                                                                                                                                                           Pinay is holding a fundraising
                                                                                                                                               dinner to support Herrera. Details will be
 Centre holds meeting February 4                                                              Canada, a pharmaceutical firm, gave
                                                                                              them a 25% discount on the cost of
                                                                                                                                               announced soon. Name of donors and
                                                                                                                                               amount of donations will be published.
          The Friendship and Fellowship        1. It requests all concerned to help recruit   Herciptin, an anti-antibody designed to
Youth Centre is pleased to announce its        volunteers to assist Ms. Amy Anam              target and block the function of HER2, a
following schedule on Feb. 4, Saturday:        Manon-og
4 pm - Consultative Members -                                                                                                                  was able to elicit from Supreme Court
composed of all representatives of             2. It invites leaders of Filipino youth          From Page 3        Corona Impeachment
                                               organizations to attend its meetings                                                            Clerk of Court Enriqueta Vidal that she
Filipino Associations of Montreal &                                                                                                            has in her possession Corona’s SALN.
Suburbs and media                                                                              blunders.
                                               3. It needs immediate resource persons                    "It's a point for the prosecution,"              But Valdez said the senator-
5 pm - Youth Parents Fellowshiip meeting                                                                                                       judges were merely practicing their right
6:15 - Questions and Answers                   who are bilingual in both official              he said. "As far as I'm concerned, what
                                               languages, English & French                     the prosecution must do was done. It            to ask the witnesses, the prosecutors
(refreshments)                                                                                                                                 and the defense.
          In this connection, please help                                                      was not as fast as the public anticipated
                                               For more information, call (450) 466-8711       it to be, but for lawyers who have                         “They are answerable to the
the FFYC inform the Filipino community                                                                                                         highest political authority in the country:
of this important meeting.                                                                     experience in court proceedings, this is
                                                                                               quite the normal pace."                         the people. They have to be sensitive to
                                                                                                         He said Enrile was also "a big        the perception of the people that they
                                                                                                                                               are unfair of administering injustice to
Positive outlook in life helps                                                                 winner" as the proceedings showed a
                                                                                               vote for his leadership and his ability to      Chief Justice Corona,” said Valdez.
Herrera, a breast cancer victim,                                                               make sound decisions.                           'Liberal' rules
                                                                                                                                                          Valdez said he expects the next
                                                                                                         "It's also a victory for the
cope with her adversity                                                                        process because you have a presiding            hearings to be more "liberal" in the rules,
                                                                                                                                               noting that the impeachment court is
                                                                                               officer who knows his law, he has strong
W. G. Quiambao                                 January 2011. She was shocked and               leadership to get the case going."              more interested in the truth than the
          Whenever Jelly Herrera meets         downhearted when she found out that             'No bias'                                       technicalities.
friends, she greets them with a bright         she had a Stage 2 breast cancer. She had                  Valdez said that the senator-                    "Next week, I expect the
smile. Although she is battling a breast       a surgery to remove the tumour and              judges, for their part, have been               presiding judge will start to be liberal in
cancer and facing financial snag, she still    affected lymph nodes and had                    impartial so far.                               his rulings because he already proven
manages to have a positive outlook in life.    chemotherapy in May. There were six                       “The bias is not really that          he knows the rules. The rules can be
There is no indication of the problems         more therapy sessions when her health           telling or crucial at this point of time        relaxed so the truth can be brought
she is facing.                                 coverage       expired   in    September.       because the primary consideration here          forward."
          "I've to be strong," said Herrera,   Immediately, she had her temporary              is the truth brought out,” he said.                        "During the time that the
a resident of Cote-des-Neiges. "I'm a          medicare renewed but she was told that                    Several senators, particularly        prosecution will be presenting its case, it
fighter. A survivor. "                         she could not do it anymore because her         Sen. Franklin Drilon, were accused of           will be less stressful for the lawyers
          Herrera arrived in Calgary in        status had changed from refugee to              showing bias towards the prosecutors            because the demand to really strictly
2006 as a tourist to take care of her sister   sponsorship. When her refugee status            for getting responses from the witnesses        follow the rules of evidence will be less
who had an ovarian cancer. When her            was approved in 2008, she was granted a         that the prosecution failed to obtain.          arduous on their part," he added.Valdez
sister's condition improved, Herrera was       temporary medical permit by the Régie                     Drilon, on the trial’s third day,     said the trial may end in two to three
invited to visit her relative in Montreal.     de l'Assurance Maladie du Quebec under                                                          months at the pace it is going.
She did not want to go back to the             the Immigration and Refugee Protection
Philippines because of her ex-husband          Act. But now, she is not entitled for
who mentally and physically abused her.        Medicare since her sponsorship is still
She applied for a refugee visa in              being processed.
Montreal.                                                Added to Herrera's woes was
          While waiting for her refugee        the bad news that Parizeault       lost his
status claim to be approved, she met           permanent job. He used to be a press
Patrick Parizeault on the internet in 2007.    printer in a printing company and
They fell in love and got married in           because of a lack of work in that area, he
November of 2010. Because of a poor            changed trade of work. He went back to
advice of an immigration consultant, she       school and became a semi- remorque
withdrew her refugee status which was          truck operator class 1. As his hope for a
already granted in 2008 and she applied        better life grew for him and Herrera, he.
for sponsorship. That's when her               lost his permanent job in November.
problems began.                                          "I work once or twice a month, 7
          Her hope for a better future         hours a day," says Parizeault, an on-call
dashed when she had a mammogram in             truck driver. "My mom could help only that
8                                                                      The North American Filipino Star                                                    JANUARY 2012

                                                                                                    Sa kasawiang palad, hindi          organization that is existing only on
                                                                                            nagtagal     ang     pansamantalang        artificial respiration. However, Dick

                            Any Which Way ...
                                                                                            katahimikan dahil hindi naglaon at         Dahiroc would most likely assert
                                                                                            bumalik na si Parading mula sa             himself, too. Sigurado ako na hinding-
                                                                                            kanyang pakikipaglibing sa Pilipinas       hindi      palalamang      si   Ginoong
                                                                                            sa kanyang kapatid na namatay dulot        Dimakainglis kay Parading. That would
                                                                                            ng mabagsik na kanser. May mga             inevitably cause friction between the
                                                                                            nagtanong pa nga kung bakit iyon           two egotists, and Manuel would be
                                                                                            pang kapatid ang pumanaw na para           caught in the middle of two colliding
                                                                                            bagang meron silang iba na ninanais        boulders. They would then need a
                                  Bernardo “Budz” Sarmiento                                 nilang mamatay. Pagkabalik na              fetial priest to patch things up for their
                                                      pagkabalik daw ni Parading, muling         common survival. That priest couldn’t
                                                                                            nabulabog at naligalig ang matiwasay       possibly be Salvador Cabugao
The more Magallanes explains,                                                               na sanang komunidad, lalung-lalo na
                                                                                            nang napabalita na patatalsikin daw si
                                                                                                                                       because he has his own self-interest
                                                                                                                                       and egotistic tendency to satisfy.
the more stupid he appears                                                                  Au Osdon ng diumano’y mala-Mafiang
                                                                                            “sindikato” ni Cesar Manuel para
                                                                                                                                       Besides, he has an account to settle
                                                                                                                                       with both Parading and Magallanes. A
          I wish that the Filipino Forum     life.” It sounds awkward, doesn’t it? It’s     umupo ang makulit nilang lider bilang      few years ago, Cabugi’s office in Cote
had an online version like this              because the noun “contempt” cannot             presidente ng FAMAS. Sabihin pa, si        des Neiges area was raided by the
newspaper has, but I understand that         function as a verb. However, “scorn”           Parading ang pinaghinalaan na may          RCMP and the Parading/Magallanes
the Forum’s publisher/editor-in-chief        can, but just like with “disdain,” you         pakana ng kumalat na black                 tandem was reported to be the one
isn’t solvent enough to afford one. His      can’t say “I don’t scorn for his station       propaganda.         Knowing       how      responsible for the raid since they were
false claim of journalistic success and      in life.” It has to be either “I don’t scorn   treacherously the Woman of the Year        the ones who snitched on him. Not
having more than 100 advertisers is          his station in life” or “I don’t have scorn    and Maawaka Awardee works behind           only that, it was the same tandem that
nothing more than a symptom of his           for his station in life.” Scorn is a verb in   the scene, people’s suspicion is           had a hand in Cabugi’s ouster as
affliction. Remember narcissistic            the first sentence and a noun in the           probably justified. Mayroon na kasi        honorary consul. As if the injury they
personality disorder (NPD)? He has to        second.                                        s’yang mahabang kasaysayan ng              inflicted on the former diplomat wasn’t
tell outright lies to satisfy his delusion   Even his example sentence (Most                panlalait at panggugulo kaya s’ya          enough, the evil duo even allegedly
of grandeur. His penchant for                pupils feel scorn or contempt for those        kaagad        ang       unang-unang        spread out the rumor that Cabugi had
denigrating people who deign to              who cheat.), while grammatically               napapagbintangan na pasimuno.              a torrid affair with someone whose
expose his outrageous ways is                correct, is not only inappropriate but                         *******                    surname begins with “R” and who
another symptom of that disorder.            also misleading because it isn’t in the        PARADING: MORE A SHILL THAN                looked like his wife who was still in the
There are many other symptoms and            same category as the sentence in               SUPPORTER - I’m not at all surprised       Philippines at the time.
he meets all of them. If his illness were    question “I don’t disdain for his station      that even up to now, after more than                 It makes me wonder why after
cancer, it would be Stage 4.                 in life” is. If the sentence was “I don’t      four months have elapsed since the         being badly maligned by Parading and
          Anyway, I was able to read the     feel disdain (or scorn or contempt) for        last FAMAS election, Parading is still     Magallanes, Cabugi can still bring
latest issue of the Forum, particularly      his station in life,” the presence of “for”    desperately shilling for Cesar Manuel,     himself to associate with those two.
the parts where my name was                  in the contested sentence is fine and          especially that James de la Paz got the    Someday, he might be qualified for
mentioned and my reputation                  within the rules.                              position she was covetous about.           beatification      for   his   apparent
mangled (again!) by its incorrigible            The funny thing is the more he              James’ election to the chairmanship of     martyrdom, but not in the foreseeable
author. Thanks to the kindness of my         explains, the more he exposes his              the FAMAS Board of Trustees has            future. It took more than 500 years
reliable sources, I’m not too far behind     ignorance and stupidity. Grammar               effectively dashed her hope of ever        before Pedro Calungsad of Cebu
current events in Montreal.                  101? Tell me more about it, Fraud, and         taking a firm hold of FAMAS through        became eligible for sainthood.
                  *******                    expose your ignorance further. I can’t         Manuel and the BOT. In view of their                 They may be friends now, or
HE NEEDS REFRESHER COURSE                    help thinking about my use of the              mutual enmity, James’ chairmanship is      appear to be, but theirs is a friendship
IN GRAMMAR 101 MORE THAN                     possessive apostrophe in the article           particularly       unpalatable       for   of convenience, and that kind of
THIS COLUMNIST DOES – If we take             that I wrote about the last UPS                megalomaniac Parading to swallow.          friendship is superficial and usually
pretending-to-be      UP      graduate’s     election. Fraud tried to embarrass me          Now that the BOT chairmanship is no        doesn’t last very long. That’s why I’m
explanation concerning his use of            by publicly questioning my knowledge           longer available to Parading for the       adamant that FAMAS is much better off
“disdain” without reference – repeat,        of the English grammar, but he was the         next four years, Manuel remains her        with Au Osdon as president and the
without reference – to what he wrote in      one who ended up embarrassed.                  only ticket to keeping herself in power    present Executive Board, the executive
the November 2011 issue of his                                  *******                     or anything else that resembles it.        board. They were in the first place the
there’s-nothing-like-it Forum, he’s          WALA NA ANG 2011, MAWALA NA                    Kung makakaupo nga naman si                ones officially inducted into said
correct and I’m wrong. However, my           RIN SANA ANG MGA BALASUBAS                     Manuel bilang presidente, controlling      offices. With Au at the helm, FAMAS is
“(sic)” comment that appeared in the         AT MAY NPD — Narito ako ngayon sa              and hubristic Parading would be the        in a much, much more stable and
December 2011 edition of this column         Pilipinas at masayang nagbaba-                 power behind the throne, and FAMAS         healthier condition.
hinged on his original sentence that         kasyon. Bagama’t mahigit na 13,100             would become virtually hers dahil                        Parading and Ms. Osdon
says “I don’t disdain for his station in     kilometro ang layo ko sa Montreal,             didiktahan n’ya nang didiktahan ang        view FAMAS from totally divergent
life.” Since there’s “don’t” before          walang kapanapanabik na balita at              pobre kung anu-ano ang dapat gawin         perspectives. From Parading’s point of
“disdain,” it is safe and logical to         nakakaintrigang bulung-bulongan ang            na tulad ng ginagawa n’ya sa               view, FAMAS is a cash cow and vehicle
assume that “disdain” in that sentence       nakakalampas sa aking pandinig at              presidente ng Federation na ngayon
is used as a verb. Thus, the                 kaalaman.     Maraming salamat sa              ay isa nang mistulang ghost                See page 11       Any Which Way
preposition “for” doesn’t have any           aking mga mapapagkatiwalaang
business being there. If he wanted to
use “for,” he should have used
“disdain” as a noun and then put
                                             tagapagbalita at hindi ako gaanong
                                             naiiwanan ng mga pinakahuling
                                             kaganapan at kuwentong kutsero na
                                                                                                       Need Money?
“have” after “don’t.” The sentence will      panakanakang        lumulutang        at
then read as follows: “I don’t have
disdain for his station in life.” Another
                                             kumakalat sa Montreal at mga karatig
                                             na bayan.
                                                                                                  Do you have a full time job?
way of making the sentence                           Noong nakalipas na ilang
grammatically correct is to take out         linggo, nagkaroon ng biru-biruan sa                   If yes, call (514) 344-1499
“for.“ The sentence will then read “I        Montreal na medyo tumahimik daw at
don’t disdain his station in life.           naging     payapa      ang     Filipino
Obviously, he is confused between            community sa nasabing siyudad dahil
“disdain,” the verb and “disdain,” the
noun. UP alumnus, he is not!
                                             wala roon si Parading na awtomatiko
                                             nang        pinaghihinalaan          na                    AND GET CASH NOW!
         He even took great pain in          pinagsisimulan ng gulo at sigalot sa
citing “contempt” and “scorn” as the         nasabing komunidad. Paminsan-
meanings of “disdain” as if I didn’t         minsan ay napagdidiskitahan din ang
know. OK, fine! Now, let me make a
point by replacing “disdain” with
                                             inyong lingkod, lalung-lalo na ng mga
                                             taong nasasagasaan ng aking mga
                                                                                                 Good & Bad Credit Accepted
“contempt.” The sentence will now            maaanghang nguni’t prangkang kuru-
read “I don’t contempt for his station in    kuro.
JANUARY 2012                                                           The North American Filipino Star                                                                      9
                                                                                         bayaang linangin ng taong masipag,         mamatay ay siyang pagkakagupiling!
                                                                                         lupa'y asarolin at kahuya’y ikalat.
                                                                                                                                    Lalo nating pagyamanin ang mga aral at
                                                                                                                                    kagitingan ni hinirang na bayani ang isulat
                                                                                         Ang mga buto ko ay bago matunaw,           ng isang batikang Rizalista, si Rafael
                                                                                         mauwi sa wala at kusang maparam,           Palma, ika-apat na Pangulo nga
                                                                                         alabok na iyong latag ay bayaang           Pamantasan ng Pilipinas sa talambuhay ni
                                                                                         siya ang babalang doo'y makipisan.         Dr. Rizal, na normal ang pulso ng ating
                                                                                                                                    magiting na bayani bago siya barilin.
          Nang ipinid ang taong 2011 ay       na maitina sa iyong liwayway,              Kung magkagayon ma'y, alintanahin
ipinagdiwang      ang     ika-115     taong   dugo ko'y isaboy at siyang ikikinang       na ako sa limot iyong ihabilin,                             *****
kamatayan ng ating Bayaning Pambansa.         ng kislap ng iyong maningning na ilaw.     pagka't himpapawid at ang panganorin,
Si Dr. Jose P Rizal ay binaril sa                                                        mga lansangan mo'y aking lilibutin.
Bagumbayan noong Disyembre 30, 1896.          Ang aking adhika sapul magkaisip
                                                                                                                                     NyuYir Resolusyon nina
Nag-iwan siya ng pamamaalam na tulang         noong kasalukuyang bata pang maliit,       Matining na tunog ako sa dinig mo,             Pechay at Pichu
sinulat niyang “Mi Ultimo Adios” na itinago   ay ang tanghaling ka at minsang masilip    ilaw, mga kulay, masamyong pabango,
sa lamparang gamit niya sa selda.             sa dagat Silangan hiyas na marikit.        ang ugong at awit, paghibik ko sa iyo,     Pechay: Manigong Bagong Taon, Kuya
Naibulong niya ito sa kaniyang maybahay                                                  pag-asang dalisay ng pananalig ko.         Pichu!
na si Josephine Bracken at siyang             Natuyo ang luhang sa mata'y nunukal,
nagbigay-pahintulot kay Andres Bonifacio      taas na ang noo't walang kapootan,         Bayang iniirog, sakit niyaring hirap,      Pichu: Lalim naman kaagad ng Tagalog
na isalin ito sa Tagalog upang lalong         walang bakas kunot ng kapighatian          Katagalugan kong pinakaliliyag,            mo. Hapinyuyir lang puwede na
maunawaan ng nakararami. Sa ngayon, ay        gabahid man dungis niyong kahihiyan.       dinggin mo ang aking pagpapahimakas;              sabi ng Lelong natin.
mahigit na sa 100 ang salin sa iba't-ibang                                               diya'y iiwan ko sa iyo ang lahat.
lengguwahe sa buong mundo ng                  Sa kabuhayan ko ang laging gunita                                                     Pechay: Ikaw ha! Nang-aasar ka na
napakagandang tula na taglay ang walang       maningas na aking ninanasa-nasa            Ako'y patutungo sa walang busabos,         naman. Ano ba ang Nyu Yir Resolusyon
kamatayang mensahe. Ating basahin at          ay guminhawa ka ang hiyas ng diwa          walang umiinis at berdugong hayop;         mo?
isaloob ang damdamin at kahulugan ng          paghingang papanaw ngayong biglang-        pananalig doo'y di nakasasalot,
nilalaman nito.                               bigla.                                     si Bathala lamang doo’y haring lubos.      Pichu: Aba! Para OK na OK ako sa lahat
                                                                                                                                    hinding-hindi ako magsisinungaling. At
"Mi Ultimo Adios" (Sa Tagalog)                Ikaw'y guminhawa laking kagandahang        Paalam, magulang at mga kapatid            ikaw?
PAHIMAKAS ni Dr. Jose Rizal                   ako'y malugmok, at ikaw ay matanghal,      kapilas ng aking kaluluwa't dibdib
Sa salin ni Andres Bonifacio                  hininga'y malagot, mabuhay ka lamang       mga kaibigan, bata pang maliit,            Pechay: Lalong OK ako sa lahat dahil
                                              bangkay ko'y maisilong sa iyong            sa aking tahanan di na masisilip.          hinding-hindi ko na dudumihan ang
                                              Kalangitan.                                                                           lampin ko.
                                                                                         Pag-papasalamat at napahinga rin,
                                              Kung sa libingan ko'y tumubong             paalam estranherang kasuyo ko't aliw,      Pichu: Sinungaling!
                                              mamalas                                    paalam sa inyo, mga ginigiliw;
                                              sa malagong damo mahinhing bulaklak,                                                                   *****
                                              sa mga labi mo'y mangyayaring ilapat,
                                              sa kaluluwa ko halik ay igawad.

                                              At sa aking noo nawa'y iparamdam,
                                              sa lamig ng lupa ng aking libingan,
                                              ang init ng iyong paghingang dalisay
                                              at simoy ng iyong paggiliw na tunay.

                                              Bayaang ang buwan sa aki'y ititig
                                              ang liwanag niyang lamlam at tahimik,
                                              liwayway bayaang sa aki'y ihatid
                                              magalaw na sinag at hanging hagibis.

                                              Kung sakasakaling bumabang
                                              sa krus ko'y dumapo kahit isang ibon,
                                              doon ay bayaan humuning hinahon
                                              at dalitin niya payapang panahon.

                                              Bayaan ang ningas ng sikat ng araw
                                              ula'y pasingawin noong kainitan,
Huling Paalam                                 magbalik sa langit ng buong dalisay
                                              kalakip ng aking pagdaing na hiyaw.

Pinipintuho kong Bayan ay paalam,             Bayaang sino man sa katotong giliw
Lupang iniirog ng sikat ng araw,              tangisang maagang sa buhay pagkitil;                    "Kuya Pichu, tiyak mo bang hindi tayo sasabog?"
mutyang mahalaga sa dagat Silangan,           kung tungkol sa akin ay may manalangin
kaluwalhatiang sa ami'y pumanaw.              idalangin, Bayan, yaring pagkahimbing.

Masayang sa iyo'y aking idudulot              Idalanging lahat yaong nangamatay,
ang lanta kong buhay na lubhang               Nangag-tiis hirap na walang kapantay;       Death Anniversary of Dr. Jose P. Rizal
                                              mga ina naming walang kapalaran
                                              na inihihibik ay kapighatian.
                                                                                          Commemorated in Ottawa and Montreal
maging maringal man at labis ang
alindog                                                                                  by Bert Santos                             consulate. Commander Sir Rey L.
sa kagalingan mo ay akin ding handog.         Ang mga balo't pinapangulila,                       To commemorate the 115th          Balansi, Order of the Knights of Rizal,
                                              ang mga bilanggong nagsisipagdusa;                                                    Montreal Chapter dabbed into
                                                                                         death anniversary of Dr. Jose P Rizal, a
Sa pakikidigma at pamimiyapis                 dalanginin namang kanilang makita                                                     knighthood Consul General Sir Neil
                                              ang kalayaan mong ikagiginhawa.            wreath laying ceremony was held at
ang alay ng iba'y ang buhay na kipkip,                                                   Gatineau City Hall last December 30.       Frank Ferrer, Consul Sir Eric Tamayo,
walang agam-agam, maluwag sa dibdib,                                                                                                Consul Sir Porfirio Mayo, Jr., Messrs.
                                              At kung ang madilim na gabing              Cautious driving slowed down the
matamis sa puso at di ikahahapis.                                                                                                   Miguel Luis Moreno and Albert Jerome
                                              mapanglaw                                  Knights of Rizal from Montreal to reach
                                              ay lumaganap na doon sa libinga't          the event but were on time to hear Mr.     Ilagan.
Saan man mautas ay di kailangan,
                                              tanging mga patay ang nangaglalamay,       Leslie B. Gatan, the new Philippine                Induction of the ladies to the
cipres o laurel, lirio ma'y patungan
pakikipaghamok, at ang bibitayan,             huwag bagabagin ang katahimikan.           Ambassador to Canada welcomed              Kababaihang Rizalista, Inc. was
yaon ay gayon din kung hiling ng Bayan.                                                  them to the Tahanang Rizal in Ottawa       presided over by Lady Esphie Manaog
                                              Ang kanyang hiwaga’y huwag gambalain;      and then treated them to a native          Balansi, Vice-President of the Montreal
Ako'y mamamatay, ngayong namamalas            kaipala'y marinig doon ang taginting,                                                 Chapter. Ladies who took the oath of
                                                                                         Filipino breakfast.
na sa Silanganan ay namamanaag                tunog ng gitara't salterio'y magsaliw,                                                allegiance were led by Mrs. Lydia
                                              ako, Bayan yao't kita'y aawitan.                    The official residence of the
yaong maligayang araw na sisikat                                                         ambassador was the site of the
sa likod ng luksang nagtabing na ulap.
                                              Kung ang libingan ko'y limot na ng lahat   knighting and induction rites of three
                                                                                                                                    See Page 11       Dr. Jose Rizal
Ang kulay na pula kung kinakailangan          at wala ng kurus at batong mabakas,        consuls and two staff members of the
10                                                       The North American Filipino Star                                          JANUARY 2012

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JANUARY 2012                                                                The North American Filipino Star                                                                                  11
                                                 kinabukasan ng mga nabibiktima ng               From Page 9          Dr. Jose Rizal               Linden took turns in announcing the
From Page 8          Any Which Way               illegal drugs kapalit ng pera. Sa mata          Debbie Mijares Gatan, wife of the                 Chapter's activities for the coming
for her megalomania and love for                 ng mundo, anong klaseng lahi tayo?              ambassador, followed by Ladies                    months which includes the official
publicity; from Ms. Osdon’s, it is an            No wonder why my benighted native               Bernardita Ladrica, Merlita Halili,               selection of a Maria Clara.
effective tool to serve the community            country is in deep sugar-honey-iced-            Emmie Fairweather, Nora Arriola,                           Dr. Gene Santander is the first
responsibly and unselfishly, and                 tea. By the way, that 35-year-old guy is        Myrna Rosales, and Mary Joyce                     President of the Kababaihang
without consciously seeking publicity            the fourth Filipino to be executed in           Tamayo.                                           Rizalista, Inc. designated by Lina and
for    her    accomplishments        and         China in 2011 while the Chinese                           A viewing of film depicting             Tony Fernandez, its organizers.
charitable deeds.                                inmates are the umpteenth Chinese               the life of Dr, Jose P Rizal followed.
                                                                                                                       .                                    Dr. Santander delivered a brief
                 *******                         allowed to run off a Philippine jail. At        Soon after, luncheon was served                   inspirational talk. She pointed out that
ONLI IN DA PILIPINS – Last                       saka agrabiyado tayo ng Tsina dahil             before the knights from Montreal                  the organization pioneered with four
December,        Chinese      authorities        merong death penalty roon, sa                   hurried back home for their own rites             ladies.
executed a 35-year-old Filipino man in           Pilipinas ay wala.                              held at the FAMAS Center assisted by                       About 50 people attended the
southern China after he was convicted                            *******                         the Kababaihang Rizalista, Inc.                   event.
                                                 HINDI NA NAMAN N’YA SINAGOT
of drug trafficking. That in spite of the                                                        headed by Lady Merle Valiente.
                                                 ANG TANONG KO – Hindi n’yo ba
entreaty made personally to the                                                                            Sirs Rey Balansi and John
                                                 napansin na hindi na naman sinagot ni
Chinese government by Philippines
                                                 Fraud ang tanong ko kung UP
Vice-Pres. Jejomar Binay on the
                                                 graduate nga ba s’yang talaga o hindi?
behest of Pres. Noynoy Aquino. Not
                                                 Sinagot n’ya ang buong kolum ko
too long after that, three Chinese
                                                 maliban ‘yung tungkol sa kanyang
locked up in a Paranaque City jail for
                                                 pagiging o hindi pagiging graduate ng
illegal drug-related offenses escaped
                                                 University of the Philippines, kung ano
with … listen to this … the help of the
                                                 ang tinapos n’yang kurso at kung
guards who were supposed to keep
                                                 anong taon s’ya nagtapos. Hinamon
them incarcerated in the first place.
                                                 ko rin s’ya na ilathala n’ya sa Forum
Thus, the joke in the Philippines now is
                                                 ang kanyang UP diploma. Hindi n’ya
that a Filipino who committed a major
                                                 ginawa. Ilang beses na rin n’yang
crime in China is convicted and
                                                 denedma ang mga tanong ko.
eventually executed while a Chinese
                                                         Ano nga kaya’t pumunta ako
who is jailed in the Philippines for
                                                 sa UP sa Diliman at ipasaliksik ko ang
similar crime is soon allowed to go
                                                 record ni Fraud sa Office of the
scot-free by the people who are
                                                 Registrar? Posible naman siguro iyon
supposed to guard him.
                                                 nang hindi lalabag sa batas. Puwede
         Magpapakawala ng mga
                                                 rin siguro akong magtanong sa
dayuhang drug ring members alang-
                                                 National Statistic Office (NSO).
alang sa pera samantalang may mga
kababayan tayong binibitay ng ibang
bansa dahil sa katulad na kaso.                                                                   L-R the new Knights of Rizal in kneeling position: Sir A. J. Ilagan, Sir M. L. Moreno, Consul Sir
Paano at bakit nangyayari ito? Pera-                        Advertise in the                     P. Mayo, Jr., Consul Sir E. Tamayo and Consul General Sir N. F. Ferrer, (Photo taken in Ottawa).
perang usapan. Nakakahiya tayo at                       North American                           (Courtesy: Bert Santos)
nakakaawa rin. Kinalimutan na ng ilan
nating kababayan ang pagiging                           Filipino Star
Filipino at ibinenta na pati ang                        Call 514-485-7861

                                                                                                  Standing (L-R) Sir John Linden, and Commander Sir Rey Balansi. (Photo taken in Montreal
                                                                                                 at the FAMAS Center). Courtesy: Bert Santos

Photo-op of members of OKOR (Order of the Knights of Rizal) - L-R: Sir Rey Balansi, Chapter
Commander, Sir Flor Rillo, Sir Fred Villarino, Sir Dario Boco, Sir Ed Valdez, and Sir Ed de la

Sir Ambassador Leslie Gatan placing the Ladies of Rizal medal on Lady Debbie                     Lady Merle Valiente delivering a brief message before performing the wreath laying
Gatan during the induction of new members in Ottawa, December 30, 2011.                          ceremony to commemorate Dr. Jose Rizal’s 115th death anniversary. (Montreal, Dec. 30/11)

12                                                                 The North American Filipino Star                                     JANUARY 2012

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                        and other occasions.                                                                5320-A Queen Mary
                     Available at Marché Coop                                                              (between Decarie & Coolbrook)
                                                                                                                Montreal, QC H3X 1T7
                                                                                                              Tel.: 514-485-7861 ext. 228

Note to members: Please advise us of                  Business Hours
your change of telephone number and           Mon.-Fri.      2:00 - 7:00 P.M.
address to update our records.                Sat. & Sun.   12:00 - 5:00 PM
If you are not yet a member, sign up
now and participate in the new                 Telephone orders for pickup and
members raffle to have a chance to win              delivery are accepted.
a $100 gift certificate. Two prizes will be        or shop by appointment.
drawn from 50 new members’ names.
       Saint Valentine’s Party jointly organized by
      Gilmore students and Marché Coop members
                   on Sunday, February 19, 2012
                    5:00-10:00 P.M.
                     to be held at
               5320-A Queen Mary Road
                                                                                  Inside view of the new location of Marché Coop under the same roof
           (between Decarie & Coolbrook)
             Call 514-485-7861 for details                                        as Gilmore College International on 5320-A Queen Mary Road where
            Join us for fun and fellowship!                                       there are many other businesses - banks, restaurants, fruit stores, etc.

JANUARY 2012                                                            The North American Filipino Star                                                                            13

                                        KNIGHTS OF RIZAL
    Commemoration of Dr. Jose Rizal’s 115th death anniversary,
                         December 30, 2011 in Ottawa & Montreal
                                                                                                                                      Photos: Courtesy of Alberto Baens Santos

      Start of the initiation ceremony led by Sir Rey L. Balansi, Chapter Commander        Oath taking of new members of the Order of the Knights of Rizal led by Sir Dario Boco.

           Commander Sir Rey Balansi dubbing the sword to the new member                              Photo-op after the ceremony with Sir Ambassador Leslie Gatan

 Souvenir photo of Sir Ambassador Leslie Gatan and his wife with the Chapter Commander
                        Sir Rey Balansi and other OKOR members.                                         Photo-op of the new members of the Kababaihang Rizalista

                           Photo taken during the Invocation                                Sir John Linden calling the members of OKOR and Kababaihang Rizalista for plicture
                                                                                                          taking at the FAMAS Hall, Montreal, December 30, 2011.
14                                                                   The North American Filipino Star                                                      JANUARY 2012

                                                                                         musical/comedy, also performed with           important to know all the work it takes
 PERSONALITY OF THE MONTH                                                                Teesri Duniya Theatre which gave her
                                                                                         a breakthrough role when she was
                                                                                                                                       to put a show on the stage."
                                                                                                                                                 According to Veluz, theatre
Emilee is a Filipina                                                                     casted as Twinkle in the Montreal             and film are two very different forms of
                                                                                         production of Miss Orient(ed). She            art. Theatre is live in front of an
making a name for                                                                        was voted as Second Best Actress of           audience and as an actor you always
herself in Canadian                                                                      Montreal for her role as Twinkle, a           have to be "in the moment". If there is
                                                                                         beauty contestant and the play was            a technical glitch, for example, you as
theater scene                                                                            voted as Best Play in 2005 by                 that character in the play have to deal
by W.G.Quiambao                                                                          Montreal Mirror's poll.                       with that situation at that very moment
    If New York has Lea Salonga in Miss                                                           Veluz's effusive style and           and try to incorporate it in the story;
Saigon, Montreal has Emilee Veluz in                                                     charming sense of humour won her              without losing focus.
Miss Orient(ed). But what do they have                                                   attention and slew of new fans. She                     Veluz, who has taught drama
in common? There are both Filipina                                                       recalls a fan who kept staring at her         in elementary and high schools
actresses. Both won accolades and                                                        after the show. She asked, "Did you           around Montreal, is currently working
recognition for their respective roles.                                                  like the play?" The little girl answered,     at Teesri Duniya Theatre as Artistic
Salonga received the Toni Award for                                                      "I just want to be Twinkle when I grow        Associate and Assistant General
Best Actress and Veluz won for the                                                       up.”                                          Manager. She will be the Artistic
Montreal Mirror's Best of Montreal                                                                Veluz finds it very competitive      Director of a new project called The
                                                          Emilee Veluz
2005 Second Best Local Actress.                                                          in the entertainment business. "Role          Neighborhood Theatre, which is a
          Veluz knew that she wanted to      actress, she then studied in the            models for female Filipinos are               project in partnership with Concordia
be a stage actress when her parents          Professional Theatre Program at             scarce," said Veluz. "Because you're          University and local communities in
gave her a record of the broadway            Dawson College where she was an             Asian, you are usually typed casted.          Montreal.
version of Grease. "I would listen to it     honor student.                              Basically, if you're a visible minority,                Meanwhile, she is finishing
all the time," said Veluz who was born                After graduation, she was          forget about T.V. There's really nothing      her first play called “Oui Non, We
here. "Since then, I knew I had a            hired by Geordie Productions in a play      for you. At least in theatre, you've got      Know”, a comedy about a Filipino and
passion for performing. I'd always           titled, “A Promise is a Promise”. In        the freedom as an artist to write your        French Canadian newly engaged
wanted to entertain. Growing up, I took      addition, she was later hired to join the   own material and present it and that's        couple, whose parents are meeting
singing and ballet lessons and joined        cast of other tour titled, “The Paperbag    exactly what the playwrights of Miss          for the first time.
the Drama Club when I was attending          Princess and other stories by Robert        Orient(ed) did. "                                       Teesri Duniya Theatre is
Villa Maria High School. I did               Munsch” which toured Eastern                         She added this, "If you want         always looking for fresh new talent.
everything I could to educate myself         Canada and U.S. Other credits include       to pursue a career in theatre, go out         For more information visit their
on how to become a professional              Pixcom's production L'Odysee (A             there and watch as much live theatre          website, or you
performer".                                  Species Odyssey) and Into the Waves         as you can. Get the proper theatre            can contact them by email at
          Through the recommendation         for Baddies in Bad Times Theatre in         training that you need. And not only is
of a teacher who saw her talent and          Toronto.                                    it important to know how to perform
potential to be a successful stage                    Veluz, who likes drama and         on the stage, but it is equally

                                             Filipinos, may be the next steps.
From Page 5      Japan-Philippines                    But for both countries,
                                             Japanese and Filipino vigilance to
                                                                                          Sunken cruise ship ‘may
rights associations, and many more—
have been noted to be helping social
                                             collaborate and help address the
                                             welfare of Filipinos in Japan and in the
                                                                                          still hold survivors'
development causes in the homeland.                                                      Emergency crews have been working             charge of dealing with the fuel says the
                                             Philippines is a logical next step. This
         Of some P2.5 billion of                                                         through the night around the wreck of         tanks are intact and there's no risk of a
                                             is where, for example, the Philippines-
donations coursed through the
                                             Japan NGO Partnership (PJP) is
Lingkod sa Kapwa Pilipino (LinKaPil)
                                             working with the Japan-Philippines
program of the Commission on
                                             NGO Network (JPN, a network of
Filipinos Overseas (CFO), some
                                             Japanese NGOs with projects in the
P33.65 million came from Filipino and
                                             Philippines) is doing something about
non-Filipino donors based in Japan.
                                             it. Or Philippine rural communities
         These are on top of the
                                             welcoming Japanese citizens and
remittances that Filipinos in Japan
                                             enjoying their company and friendship
send back home: From 2001 to 2010,
                                             in areas with visible concentrations of
the US$5.349 billion is way, way ahead
of Japanese development aid and
                                                      The       migration       story
foreign direct investment coming from
                                             concerning Filipinos heading to Japan
Japan. Even in the last three years
                                             is evolving, with development
when the world faced a global
                                             outcomes affecting both countries and
economic crisis, Filipinos in Japan
                                             their citizens. Opportunities abound
sent record-high amounts.
                                             from this evolution, and these can
         With        these       episodes
                                             excite the Filipinos in Japan and the
surrounding            Philippines-Japan
                                             compatriots at home who are
relations and the Filipino migration to                                                  the Costa Concordia, but fears are            leak at the moment.
                                             concerned about their welfare and of a
Japan that went with it, what future is in                                               growing for the people still missing.                  The missing are thought to
                                             homeland’s hopes for a better future.
store?                                                                                                                                 include four crew members, as well as
                                                        Carmelita G. Nuqui and
         Japan       might     need     to                                                        Eleven people are known to           passengers from America, Germany,
                                             Jeremaiah M. Opiniano are executive
continually depend on foreign labor                                                      have died after the Costa Concordia           France and Italy.
                                             directors of the Development Action for
given their declining birth rates. It                                                    crashed into rocks off Italy's west coast              The ship's captain, Francesco
                                             Women Network (DAWN) and the
might      also     compel      Japanese                                                 on Friday night.                              Schettino, has been arrested and a
                                             Institute     for     Migration     and
authorities to be more open to the                                                                But local coastguard Marco           judge is due to decide if he should still
                                             Development          Issues      (IMDI),
contributions of foreigners and, if                                                      Brusco said there was still a "glimmer        be held.
                                             respectively. Both migrant-oriented
possible, respect foreigners’ (and                                                       of hope" that survivors could be found.                Captain Schettino said he'd
                                             nonprofits are members of the
Filipinos’) rights.                                                                               The ship's owners blame the          done nothing wrong, saying the rocks
                                             Philippines-Japan NGO Partnership.
         For the Philippines, under a                                                    captain, saying he changed the ship's         the ship hit were not marked on his
new chapter of citizens emigrating to                                                    course.                                       nautical charts.
Japan, it might mean that the episodes        Advertise your business in                          Because the ship was right at                 The ship, carrying 4,300
of forced migration to Japan —a la
Sioson— should be over. Probably,
                                                 the North American                      the start of its voyage, its fuel tanks are   passengers and crew, was on the first
                                                                                         almost full - and people are worried          night of a cruise when it ran aground in
helping more Filipinos in Japan and                  Filipino Star                       about the fuel leaking out into the sea,      calm conditions.
decrepit compatriots in the Philippines,          Call 514-485-7861                      causing environmental damage.                 breakfast?
as well as fostering better mutual                                                                But the company that's in
relations between Japanese and
JANUARY 2012                                                                                 The North American Filipino Star                                                                          15

       Philippine Cuisine                                                                                          summer weather but most specially
                                                                                                                   during cold spells of the winter
                                                                                                                   season.      The following are the
                                                                                                                                                              - 1 quartered onion
                                                                                                                                                              - 2 or 3 tbsp. curry powder
                                                                                                                                                              - salt and pepper
                                                                                                                   ingredients for this dish:                 - 1 fresh red bell pepper
               and                                                                                                 1Tablespoon Oil (instead of 2)
                                                                                                                   1 1/2 Tablespoon finely minced garlic
                                                                                                                                                              - 1 fresh green bell pepper
                                                                                                                                                              - 1 cup of water
                                                                                                                   1/4 cup finely minced onion                - 1 pc sliced carrot
         Favorite Food                                                                                             1 tablespoon peeled and minced
                                                                                                                   ginger root (I added more than this)
                                                                                                                                                              - 1 cup coconut milk or evaporated
        Compiled by Zenaida Ferry Kharroubi                                                                        2 lbs bone less, skin less chicken         - 1 tbsp patis/fish sauce
                                                                                                                   breasts (trimmed of fat and cut to bite
                                                                                                                   size pieces). Although chicken wings       Procedures:
                                                                                                                   or legs can be used, it is healthier to
                                                                                                                   use chicken breasts for health             - Fry potatoes using hot cooking oil.
                Philippine Dishes for a                                                                            reasons.                                   When done, set aside first and place
                                                                                                                   1 tsp salt (already reduced from 1         them in a bowl.
                 Healthier Life Style                                                                              tbsp)                                      - Then, fry chicken pieces using the
         With the New Year, it’s time to                                                                           ground black pepper                        same oil until it become brownish in
make changes and adopt healthier                                                                                   2 Tablespoon patis or salt Low Sodium      color.
and wiser choices, not only in                                                                                     Dish!                                      - Add the garlic and onion together.
managing one’s finances but also in                                                                                3 Cups Water or 49 oz of low sodium        Let it sauté for few minutes until
the way we prepare our meals. After                                                                                canned chicken broth                       soften.
all, we are what we eat. This column                                                                               2 cups cubed green papaya                  - Pour the patis/fish sauce. Put salt
will not only offer you appetizing                                                                                 2 small Cheyote Squash, cubed              and pepper with the curry powder. Stir
dishes but also some guidelines in                                                                                 2 cups spinach leaves                      it until properly mixed.
making them healthier. Is there such a                                                                                                                        - Add 1 cup of water. Cover the pan
thing as a healthy Filipino dish? Some                                                                             Directions                                 and let it to boil. Adjust the heat into
people are skeptical about the idea                                                                                                                           low level; add the red and green sliced
since most dishes are loaded with oil,                                                                               Saute the onion, garlic and ginger in    bell peppers together. Also with the
salt and sugar. But if we make an                    Tinola (Chicken with                                          the oil over medium-low heat for about     fried potatoes and sliced carrots.
attempt to reduce these ingredients in                                                                             1 - 2 mins until onions are translucent    Simmer for at least 3 minutes.
our dishes, they will still be delicious.
                                                         vegetables)                                               and garlic is golden brown.                - Add milk and stir occasionally. Note:
Our palate will get used to the taste of            chosen because of the variety of                                    Add chicken pieces and stir well      Be careful when using evaporated
healthier food.                                     dishes possible to be made from it.                            until chicken is partly cooked.            milk to avoid it from becoming curled
         I found the following dishes               Tinola (a kind of soup made from                                  Season with salt, pepper or patis.      with the liquids. Just cook it for 7
that are more appropriate to the                    chicken mixed with vegetables) is a                               Add the broth/water.                    minutes or less.
reduction of oil and salt.                          very common dish in the Philippines.                             Cover and let simmer over moderate       - Serve it while still hot!
         Chicken, being the most                    It is characterized by the taste of                            heat until chicken is tender (approx.      Ingredients:
popular among all cultures, has been                ginger and hot broth which makes any                           30 - 45 mins)
                                                    meal quite satisfying even during                                 Uncover pot and add the Cheyote,
                                                                                                                   for for another 15 - 20 mins, until the
                                                    BUSINESS HOURS
                                                                                                                   veggies are tender.
                          Mon. Tue. Wed.                         8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.                                 Turn off heat and add the spinach
                          Thu. Fri.                              8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.                             leaves.
                          Saturday                               8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.                                      Most Filipinos love to eat
                          Sunday                                 Closed
    Pork loin                                 Beef                                     Picnic ham
   Approximately                           Blade steak                                 (with bone)
      15 lbs

     2   .09   lb                        3      .99lb                              1.49lb                                                                             Filipino Fruit Salad

                                                                                            Pork Head
                                    Front quarter of                                    $12.00 each
    Half or Whole                  beef Approximately                                                                                                              2 (30 ounce) cans fruit cocktail ,
         pork                           200 lbs                                                                                                               drained
   Cut & Wrapped                                                                    Home smoked                                                                  1 (12 ounce) can pineapple chunks
                                          2     .99    lb                              meat                                                                   , drained
                                                                                                                                                                 1 (12 ounce) can mandarin oranges
        1.45lb                              Beef
                                          short ribs                                 7.99lb                                   Chicken Curry                   , drained
                                                                                                                                                                 2 bananas , sliced

      Fresh Belly                        3.49lb                                    Regular smoked
                                                                                                                   chicken dishes especially the curry.
                                                                                                                   The chicken curry is very popular dish
                                                                                                                   during birthdays, wedding receptions,
                                                                                                                                                                 1 apple , diced small
                                                                                                                                                                 1 pear , diced small
                                                                                                                                                                 1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese
       with skin
                                                                                                                   town fiestas, and other special            at room temperature (may substitute
                                       Pork Spare Ribs
                                                                                      3.99lb                       occasions. But why wait for these          neufatchel cheese)

                                                                                                                   occasions to happen instead we can                1 (14 ounce) can sweetened

                                          1.69lb         Frozen
                                                                                      Ground Pork                  serve this special dish anytime we
                                                                                                                   want to. The cooking procedure of
                                                                                                                                                              condensed milk (nestle is best)
                                                                                                                                                                  1 cup coconut (optional) or 1 cup
                                                                                   Special 1.89/lb                 chicken curry is very simple and their     chopped nuts (optional)
                                                                                                                   ingredients are also less expensive.       Directions:
                      St.Chrysostome St. Remi St. Edouard                                                                  The Filipino-style chicken                  1. Beat cream cheese until
   Fresh pork blood                                                                                                curry recipe is almost the same to any     softened and add condensed milk in
   Fresh bacon                                  Sherrington                                                        curries in the world. It’s their           small     quantities      until    desired
   Fresh liver                   203                             219                  202          Lacolle         spices/seasonings probably which           consistency to coat the fruit is
   Pork skin                                   Hemmingford
                                          n Road
                                                                                                     Exit No.6
                                                                                                                   make this curry tasty and special to       achieved. Make sure all fruit is well
Goat                                                                   Canada      Parc                            every pinoy.                               drained and fold each fruit into cream
Available                                                    219                   Safari    Class        15
                                           Covey Hill Road                                                                                                    cheese and milk mixture until well
on order                                   Boucherie Viau Inc.          U. S. A.
                                                                                                                   Ingredients:                               incorporated.
                                                         Moders                        Champlain                                                                       2. Chill in the refrigerator for at
                                                                                                                   -   2   or 3 tbsp. cooking oil             least 1 hour before serving.
              83 Covey Hill, Hemmingford QC J0L 1H0                                                                -   3   pcs. peeled potatoes                        3. Add nuts and/or coconut
        Tel.: (450) 247- 2130 or (450) 247- 3561                                                                   -   1   lb chicken, cut it into servings   shortly before serving
                                                                                                                   -   3   minced garlic cloves
16                                                                   The North American Filipino Star                                                       JANUARY 2012

      FILIPINO STAR                                                                       It's Hollywood or bust for
                                                                                          Sam Milby
 SHOWBIZ GOSSIP                                                                                                                         Apparently, as Milby himself would
                                                                                                                                        reveal, nothing is concrete as yet in
                                                                                                                                        relation to an actual project.
                                                                                                                                             “But still, the fact that the station
Ruffa: 'I'm single and happy!'                                                                                                          really liked it [the audition], it's really a
                                                                                                                                        big thing na din,” he pointed out.
                                                                                                                                             "I'm not expecting, but I'm very, very
                                                                                                                                        hopeful. Ayokong iniisip ng mga tao,
                                                                                                                                        'Anong project ang gagawin ni Sam sa
                                                                                                                                        States, e, wala pa naman.'
                                                                                                                                             Pero I just pray that I will get a
                                                                                                                                        project,” he added.
                                                                                                                                             First thing, though, is that he has to
                                                                                                         Sam Milby                      find a talent agent to represent him.
                                                                                               Sam Milby admits that he is                   "Yeah, one of the hardest things is
                                                                                          apprehensive about his plan to move to        finding an agency,” he mulled aloud.
                                                                                          New York next month in order to pursue             When compared with actor Jericho
                                                                                          a career in Hollywood.                        Rosales, who, last year, successfully
                                                                                               A big reason is that he dreads that      penetrated the international film market
                                                                                          his fans here might forget about him in       via the indie, “Subject: I Love You,” Milby
                                                                                          his absence.                                  was more than cordial.
                                                                                               "Siyempre, nandun yung kaba," said            "Expected naman ‘yun,” he said.
                                                                                          he in a report on PEP       .    "Napaka-     "He's [Jericho] actually ahead of me kasi
                                                                                          importante talaga na nakikita ka ng tao       may nagawa na siyang Hollywood
                                                                                          sa TV. So, it's something that you do         movie, so that's a big thing already. I'm
                                                                                          fear.”                                        very, very happy for him and I hope that
                                                                                               Despite his trepidation, Milby knows     things will work out for him too.
                                                                                          that the chance to shine in the                    "Pero ayoko ng comparison. No
                                                                                          international stage is something he can’t     matter who makes it to another country,
                                                                                          afford to pass up.                            that's our success, the Philippines, para
                                                                                               “Opportunities like this don't come      yun sa buong Pilipinas."
                                                                                          for anyone," he acknowledged.                      Milby's New York stint will last for
                                                                                               But as to what that “opportunity”        three months. a
                                                                                          actually is, Milby is keeping mum,
                                                                                          admitting only to having done an
     Poised for another busy year is         brouhaha.                                    “audition” that was “liked” by a “station.”
Ruffa Gutierrez.                                  Asked about the foreigner-
     The Kapatid TV host-actress spent
Christmas and the New Year with her
                                             businessman she has been dating,
                                             Ruffa revealed: “He’s leaving eh. The
                                                                                          Regine and Ogie's son's star-
family in Los Angeles and New York
where she took time to unwind and get
                                             problem with expats that live here [in
                                             the Philippines], at the end of the day,
                                                                                          studded christening
energized for upcoming projects.             their contract expires and they leave.                                                     reported on “Showbiz Central,” Jan.
     “My daughters (Lorin and Venice)        Eh I’m not ready to leave the country                                                      22.
requested to see snow because it’s           anytime soon because I have                                                                     “Very,         very         cute.
been a long time since they last saw         contracts. My annulment is not finished                                                    Congratulations. May Nate be very
snow in Istanbul. So I really looked for     yet. I’m not allowed to start a new life                                                   blessed with good health and
[a place where there is] snow because        with anyone yet. You know, you just                                                        happiness,” Mr. Duavit said in a short
it’s difficult especially in California to   have to use your brain. How do you
find snow. The girls had their first ski     continue naman with someone who’s
                                                                                                                                             Kris assured that “bilang ninang
lessons,” Ruffa intimated to Bulletin        leaving na?”
Entertainment and some members of                 Nonetheless, Ruffa said that she’s
                                                                                                                                        niya, ngayon gusto ko lang siyang i-
the press in a recent interview in Cebu      patient enough to wait for someone                                                         assure na for the rest of his life
City.                                        whom she might end up with for life.                                                       puwede niya akong maasahan. I’m
                                                  “My peg has changed. What’s             Among the ninongs and ninangs sighted         just so grateful kay Ogie at kay
Certified single                             important is a God fearing individual.       in the baptism were Judy Ann Santos,          Regine that they chose me to be a
                                             We live in a fallen world and for you to     Kris Aquino, Sen. Bong Revilla & Rep.         part of this very special occasion.”
      In the same interview, the             really last in a relationship, you have to   Lani Mercado, Manny Pacquiao, Dindong              “Nagpapasalamat ako at isa ako
“Paparazzi” host was asked what              have God in your life, the same value        Dantes, Gilberto Duavit, and Cacai            sa napiling ninong. Of course sa
makes her bloom these days.                  you use, same beliefs. Kasi if you don’t     Velasquez.                                    ating bagong baby, welcome to the
      “I’m single! And happy! Walang         pray together and you don’t have the             The christening of Regine                 Christian world,” Bong said.
sakit sa ulo,” Ruffa declared.               same values, mawawala din yan kasi           Velasquez and Ogie Alcasid’s son,                  Judy Ann believes that “ang
      Being in a relationship is not a       there’s temptation. And it’s hard these      Nathan James was, to say the least,           daming taong nagmamahal sa
priority for Ruffa. Not that she doesn’t     days,” she remarked citing Maricel           a very star-studded event.                    kanya, panigurado ‘yan.”
go out on dates. She said she’s waiting      Pangilinan’s family as her ideal family.         Held at Don Bosco Church in                    Ogie called the baptism “a
for the right timing to find the perfect                                                  Makati, Nathan James Alcasid’s                blessing.”
“lifetime partner.”                          Sole provider
                                                                                          godfathers were Senator Bong                       “Tulad ng sinabi ni Father, from
      “I’m so happy being single talaga.
                                                                                          Revilla, Jr., Cong. Manny Pacquiao,           this day on my pledge that we will be
When I listen to my girlfriends and they          Being a single working mom for
talk about their bad experiences in a        her daughters, Ruffa said that it’s quite    GMA president and CEO Jimmy                   good         example       to      our
relationship, ay naku, I’m just so happy     difficult because “I’m their mom and         Duavit, Dingdong Dantes, Raul Mitra           baby…nakakatuwa naman ‘yung
that I’m alone. It’s a choice,” she          dad at the same time.”                       and Ben Chan, while his godmothers            mga ninong at ninang ni Nate dahil
explained.                                        Ruffa revealed they don’t get any       were Kris Aquino, Judy Ann Santos,            kumbaga, I could see na talagang
      Ruffa’s prayer for 2012 is that        financial support from Yilmaz, leaving       Cacai Velasquez, Ai Ai delas Alas,            sineseryoso nila ‘yung role na
“sana huwag akong ma-distract.”              her as her family’s sole provider.           and Michelle Van Eimeren Murrow.              binigay namin sa kanila. We’re very
      “What happened last year was                She said her girls, Lorin, 8, and           “Isa sa mga unang dumating ay             thankful to them dahil nagpunta
blown out of proportion. Akala ng mga        Venice, 7, already know why their            ang parents ni Regine, sumunod si             sila.”
tao ang laki-laking problem na,” she         parents separated. a                         Cong. Manny Pacquiao, Cong. Lani                   Regine was very happy that
said, referring to her involvement with                                                   Mercado,       Juday   and    Ryan            “Kristiyano na ‘yung anak namin.”.a
the John Lloyd Cruz-Shaina Magdayao                                                       Agoncillo,” Rufa Mae Quinto

JANUARY 2012                                                           The North American Filipino Star                                                               17

Enchong     Dee                                         the                next Claudine makes it up with fans;
recording star?                                                                             Solenn a hit among Cebuanos
                                              bitter part, mayroong funny part...
                                              Kumbaga, kumpleto kami,” explained
                                              Dee. “Napagdadaanan na namin ang
                                                   In the same way that his onscreen
                                              love team has been "colorful," Dee’s off
                                              cam love life could very well be
                                              described as equally vibrant. In his
                                              previous interviews, Dee’s been
                                              forthright in admitting his admiration for
                                              actress Julia Montes. As a matter of
                                              fact, there were even rumors that
                                              they’re already an official couple but
                                              they’ve been keeping it under wraps—
                                              something they neither confirm nor
                                                   Now that Montes is being paired
                                              with multi-awarded actor Coco Martin
                                              in the new Kapamilya soap “Walang
                                              Hanggan,” Dee was asked by PEP if
                                              he’s jealous of their budding tandem.
              Enchong Dee
     On top of being a prolific young
actor and occasional dancer, Enchong
Dee hopes to unleash his inner
“Karaoke King” in the near future.
     "Gusto kung sa gusto. Naunahan
lang ako ni Anne [Curtis], eh,” the 22-
year-old star told PEP in jest about
being a singer                                                                                                             Claudine Barretto
     "Kahit naman sinong Filipino,                                                              Making Up: Claudine Barretto         based on the negative publicity
bigyan mo ng videoke diyan, uubusin
                                                                                            sure knows how to make up with           that she has been getting of late.
‘yung limang piso sa wallet nila para
                                              Enchong maintains that he’s not jealous       her public.                              Claudine had not been well prior to
lang makakanta nang makakanta.
                                              of Julia-Coco tandem.                             On Day Two of GMA Network’s          the GMA show. That same day, her
      "At isa ako dun!" he confessed.
     Enchong revealed that he’s been                                                        Sinulog-inspired free shows in           flight from Manila had been
                                                   "Selos? No, I'm really happy for         Cebu (Jan. 13 and 14) held at the        delayed by five hours.
wanting to flex his singing muscles for
                                              them,” said Dee.
the longest time. Fortunately, the “Maria                                                   parking lot of SM Cebu, the                   While dressing up for the show,
                                                   He even added that Martin is like
la del Barrio” star’s next movie project                                                    controversial actress exerted extra      she was stressed furthermore
                                              an “older brother,” which somehow
will not only require him to act but to hit                                                 effort to reach out to fans long after   when her dress burst as she tried
                                              renders the idea of being jealous
some notes as well, which would
                                              "invalid."                                    the show had finished.                   to zip it up.
enable him to tap on this “hidden
talent” of his.
                                                   "Magkaibigan kami ni Coco,                                                             Claudine performed the last
                                              nagkatrabaho kami sa ‘Sa 'Yo Lamang.'                                                  and the only one backed by a set
     Meanwhile, Dee confessed that—
                                                   "Sabi niya sa akin, 'Kung may gusto                                               of local dancers among the GMA
as blind items noted—he and onscreen
                                              kang gawing indie, tanungin mo lang                                                    artists present.
partner Erich Gonzales often encounter
                                              ako. Tutulungan kita. Bibigyan kita ng
sporadic “tampuhans” on the set of                                                                                                        Solenn’s A Hit: The biggest hit
                                              advice kung okay ba, kung anong
their series. However, amid this issue,                                                                                              in the GMA Sinulog show was
                                              kuwento,”' recounted Dee.
Dee underscored that these are only                                                                                                  “Legacy” star Solenn Heussaff,
                                                   If there’s anything that Dee feels for
minor disagreements that “add spice”                                                                                                 who effortlessly won the crowd
                                              Montes' and Martin’s pairing, it’s
to their love team.
                                              “happiness” because their project will                                                 with her sexy looks and with-it
     "Kumbaga, kahit naman siguro
                                              allow Montes to finally take on a mature                                               presence. She connected well with
magkakapatid,        nagkakaroon        ng
                                              role; while Martin will get the chance to                                              the audience and impressed them
                                              do a love story, something he has been                                                 with her singing. It helped that in
     "And I can say na magiging mas
                                              hoping to do for some time now. a
makulay 'yung relationship namin ni                                                                                                  that evening’s line-up, she was the
Erich. Kasi nga, may sweet part, may                                                                                                 only one who could claim to being
                                                                                                                                     a singer having launched a maiden
                                                                                                                                     album in 2011.
                                                                                                                                          The GMA free show also
                                                                                                                                     featured       performances       by
                                                                                                                                     “Survivor” castaways Stef Prescott,
                                                                                                       Solenn Heussaff               Chuckie Dreyfus, John Odulio,
                                                                                                                                     Mara Yokohama, Betong Sumaya
                                                                                                Claudine gamely did the              and Maey Bautista; “Kung Aagawin
                                                                                            rounds of the gallery, shook hands       Mo Ang Langit’s” Michelle
                                                                                            with men, women and children             Madrigal; “Kokak’s” TJ Trinidad,
                                                                                            while posing with others for             and Kapuso artists Ehra Madrigal
                                                                                            pictures. During the show, she           and Bubbles Paraiso.
                                                                                            thanked her fans, whom she called             Joining them as event host is
                                                                                            Claudinians for standing by her          “Party Pilipinas’” Isabelle Daza.
                                                                                            through thick and thin.                       Claudine, Ehra, Michelle and
                                                                                                Still a bit overweight though,       Bubbles also joined the Kapuso
                                                                                            the actress seemed determined to         float in the Grand Sinulog Parade
                                                                                            woo back the public who may have         the following day. a
                                                                                            had different impressions of her

                                                                                                         More Showbiz Gossip on page 18
18                                                                    The North American Filipino Star                                                  JANUARY 2012

Showbiz Gossip                             Continued from p.17                            taon na. Kalimutan na natin ‘yung          detailed the events of the night of
                                                                                          mga nakaraang pagsubok at mga              their breakup in a YES! Magazine
Luis Manzano, Patrick                                                Garcia               samaan ng loob,” she said.
                                                                                              With this development, Dennis
                                                                                                                                     feature, confirming rumors that
                                                                                                                                     they parted ways after a petty fight
willing to work together                                                                  hopes to be friends again with his         escalated to violence.
                                                                                          ex-girlfriend.                                 Now, Jennylyn is in a
                                             Camille Prats, Kaye Abad, and Carlo              “Sana naman, oo. Kasi                  relationship with ABS-CBN actor-
                                             Aquino, among others.
                                                                                          matagal na ‘yun eh, ‘di ba? Dapat          host Luis Manzano. On the other
                                                   Taking the cue from there,
                                             Manzano asked: “Nakita ka ng mga             nga ‘di na pinag-uusapan ‘yun eh           hand, Dennis is persistently being
                                             manonood na bata ka pa lang, ‘eh,            kasi matagal na ‘yun eh,” said he.         linked to leading lady Bianca King.
                                             nandito ka na sa ABS-CBN, nag-                   Dennis and Jennylyn’s almost           a

                                             showbiz ka na. Given a chance,               one year-relationship ended in
                                             papayagan mo ba si Jazz na mag-              March last year. In May, Jennylyn
                                                   "Kung anong gusto niya, siya           Typhoon Sendong brings Cristalle
                                             siguro magdedesisyon. Siguro kung
                                             gusto niyang mag-artista," replied           Bello & Hayden Kho together
Patrick (L) is the father of Jennylyn              Manzano pressed on by asking                                                      Iligan City. Below: Derek Ramsay gets
Mercado's son, Alex Jazz, while Luis (R)     why there was “no hesitation at all”                                                    a hug from a Sendong victim.]
is her current boyfriend                     seeing that showbiz is “not exactly the                                                      Upon     arriving    at   Echavez
                                             nicest environment.”                                                                    Elementary School in CDO, the group
     Given the chance, the current and
                                                   "Siguro kasi pag inaway nila si                                                   was met by the 300 families evacuated
former sweethearts of actress Jennylyn
                                             Jazz, si Jen ang makakalaban nila,                                                      there. It turned out that because of
Mercado - Luis Manzano and Patrick
                                             lagot sila kay Jen. Siyempre                                                            their inaccessibility the refugees had
Garcia, respectively - would like to work
                                             poprotektahan ni Jen 'yung anak 'ko.                                                    not eaten for three days. Most of the
together, and even with the actress
                                             Pero siguro kung ano talaga 'yung                                                       families were from Lambaguhon. They
                                             gusto ng anak 'ko," said Garcia.                                                        lost their homes in the flash floods
     Manzano and Garcia said so
                                                   Patrick’s love life                    Cristalle Belo with children evacuees in   caused by the illegal logging in the
during their first ever one-on-one
                                                   In a previous Bulletin Entertainment                                              area.
interview aired on “Entertainment Live,”                                                  Iligan City
                                             report, Mercado nonchalantly revealed                                                        The medical group, headed by
Jan. 14.                                                                                      Misery does love company.
                                             that Garcia already has a non-showbiz                                                   Hayden, immediately went to work on
     Manzano asked Garcia, "Kung                                                              Look at Hayden Kho Jr. and
                                             girlfriend whom he brings whenever he
saka-sakali       lang,    bigyan     ng                                                  Cristalle Belo, daughter of Hayden’s
                                             visits their son in her home.
pagkakataon na tawagin nating neutral                                                     beloved Dr. Vicki Belo.
                                                   Garcia confirmed this himself in a
ang lahat, papayag ka ba na gumawa                                                            Despite their differences, on Dec.
                                             past “KrisTV” guesting. However,
ng isang proyekto kasama ako at si                                                        22 last year, they went to Iligan City
                                             shortly after that interview, news broke
Jennylyn?"                                                                                together to lend a helping hand to the
                                             out that Garcia has already broken up
     With a laugh, the father of                                                          Sendong victims. Derek Ramsay, a
                                             with the girlfriend before the episode
Mercado’s son, Alex Jazz, quipped,
                                             was aired.                                   Belo endorser, volunteered to go with
"Depende sa 'yo?"
                                                   Asked about it, Garcia's curt reply    them. Other members of the group
     To which Luis replied, "Sa akin,
                                             was "hindi 'ko alam."                        were business woman Nelly Sy (owner
okay lang, kaya 'kong magsulat ng                                                                                                    Derek Ramsay gets a hug from a
                                                   Manzano needled, "'Ah, nasa grey       of Pink Box), Belo doctors Grace
script."                                                                                                                             Sendong victim.
                                             area pa?"                                    Purificacion and Nina Cesa, UST
     Garcia answered in the affirmative
                                                   "Yes, nasa grey area pa."              pediatrician Dr. Dennis Flores, and De
and the conversation on the possible                                                                                                 evacuees with big open wounds,
                                                   After the interview, PEP reported      La Salle orthopedic surgeon Dr. Mike
project ended with Manzano saying,                                                                                                   giving tetanus shots, curing coughs
                                             that Garcia noted the encounter as           Muñoz .
"Yes, [that would be] a very, very good                                                                                              and colds, and administering to
                                             “okay naman.”                                    The group was organized by
project."                                                                                                                            pregnant women and their children.
                                                   "I know Luis quite some time           Hayden who has been devoting most
     On Alex dabbling in showbiz                                                                                                          The lay group headed by Cristalle
                                             naman, we were together before. And          of his efforts to charity. “I might not
     Garcia started his showbiz career                                                                                               handed out food items, blankets,
                                             there's no tension or whatsoever             have my medical license but I still have
as child star in the '90s Kapamilya gag-                                                                                             soaps, sleeping mats, sardines, and
                                             between Luis and I, so there's no            the heart of a doctor to help,” said
variety show, “Ang TV.” His batchmates                                                                                               cooking and eating utensils. Hundreds
                                             problem," explained Garcia. a                Hayden who was spotted at the UST
were Angelica Panganiban, John Prats,                                                                                                of new clothe from Maldita were
                                                                                          pediatrics charity ward, giving children
Dennis, Jennylyn move on from                                                             money for tickets to go home to spend
                                                                                          Christmas with their families.
                                                                                                                                          Of course, the Derek Ramsay
                                                                                                                                     magic worked wonders. The evacuees
messy breakup                                                                                                                        forgot their hunger, homelessness and
                                                                                                                                     other problems as Derek entertained
                                             Apparently, that had been the first
                                             time they did so after their                                                                 “Derek         was       extremely
                                             separation early last year.                                                             accommodating even as people
                                                 Although he did not disclose                                                        pinched him, making gigil and
                                             details of their meeting, Dennis                                                        dragged him here and there for the
                                             said that he made the “first move”                                                      unending picture-taking,” added the
                                             in order to ease the tension                                                            Belo staffer. “He never showed the
                                             between them.                                                                           pain he was feeling as people kept
                                                                                          Hayden Kho Jr. attends to a patient at     touching and tugging at his arm where
                                                 “N’ung time na ‘yun, magpa-              the evacuation center in Iligan City.      the fresh surgical wound from his
                                             Pasko, so siyempre gusto ko rin
                                                                                                                                     recent surgery was throbbing.”
                                             na maging mapayapa lahat at                      Philippine Airlines was kind
                                                                                                                                     Hayden and Cristalle led the games
                                             panatag ‘yung loob ng mga tao.               enough to support the cause and did
Dennis Trillo wants to be friends with ex                                                                                            that filled the evacuation center with
                                             Mahirap ‘yung may kasamaan ka                not charge them for 600-kg excess
Jennylyn Mercado                                                                                                                     laughter. The group stayed for two
                                             ng loob,” he related.                                                                   days; they plan to go back with more
    Estranged couple Dennis Trillo                                                            “Since most of the help was
                                                 Jennylyn earlier confirmed this                                                     medical help, food and supplies.
and Jennylyn Mercado are now                                                              concentrated in Cagayan de Oro, the
                                             on the New Year episode of                                                                   While Cristalle and Hayden were
ready to let bygones be bygones.                                                          team together with the Red Cross,
                                             “Showbiz Central,” which she co-                                                        civil towards each other, there was still
                                                                                          decided to go to Iligan City, two hours
    Citing Dennis, “Unang Hirit”             hosts.                                                                                  an obvious coolness between them,
                                                                                          away from CDO,” said a Belo
reported on Jan. 12 that the two                                                                                                     observed an eyewitness. In spite of
                                                 “Okay na. Ibig sabihin                   Essentials staffer.
                                                                                                                                     this, it’s heart-warming to see how two
“Party Pilipinas” mainstays have             parang… siyempre, kahit papa’no                  [PHOTO - Hayden Kho Jr. attends
already spoken to one another on                                                                                                     people who could put personal issues
                                             ‘di ba, Christmas na at bagong               to a patient at the evacuation center in
                                                                                                                                     aside to help those in need. a
the set of said show last month.
JANUARY 2012                                                        The North American Filipino Star                                                                     19

Regine Velasquez marks return to concert scene Lovi plays it cool,
with Valentine show                            not seeing Ronald
     Fans have known all along that         Velasquez and Alcasid’s son will be        something would happen to the both
singer and new mom Regine                   baptized on Sunday.                        of us, kampante kami na may mag-
Velasquez wouldn’t be out of                    “Sampung pares ng ninong at            aalaga [kay Baby Nate]...may second
commission for a long time. And even
Velasquez is fired up with nervous
excitement over her return to the
concert scene, via a Valentine show
with husband Ogie Alcasid on Feb. 14.
     “Aminado ang songbird na
kabado siya sa muling pagbabalik
niya sa entablado. Matapos ang
kanyang pagbubuntis, ito na raw ang
opisyal niyang pagbabalik sa
showbiz,” Nelson Canlas reported on
“24 Oras,” Jan. 18.
     “Na-miss kong sobrang kumanta,
mag-perform coz’ I wanted to perform
                                                                                                                                                     Lovi Poe
with him kasi minsan kasi hindi din
kami nagkikita, eh, that’s why I’m also                                                                                                     Lovi Incommunicado: We spoke
excited kasi alam ko sa show na ito,                                                                                                  on a Friday, the eve of her boyfriend,
I’m gonna be with him all the time.                                                                                                   former Ilocos Sur Congressman
Kaka-miss din ‘yung gano’n, eh,                                                                                                       Ronald Singson’s arrival after 18
na…kasi lately hindi naman kami                                                                                                       months of detention in a Hong Kong
nagko-concert. Ako, hindi ako nagso-                                                                                                  jail.
show,” Velasquez said in a video clip.                                                                                                      Lovi Poe said she was aware of
     Velasquez was sidelined giving                                                                                                   the date after having corrected us.
birth to Nathaniel James or Baby Nate                                                                                                 We had mistaken he was scheduled
more than two months ago.                                                                                                             to arrive that same afternoon that we
     “Bakas ang kasiyahan sa mukha                                                                                                    were sipping coffee in a Cebu
ni Regine sa pagiging mommy. Mas                                                                                                      restaurant, awaiting her cue to
priority niya nga raw ang pagbe-                                                                                                      perform at a GMA Network Sinulog-
breastfeed kay Baby Nate kaysa sa                                                                                                     inspired free show at the Ayala
tutukan ang pagpapapayat. Hands on
                                                                                                                                      Terraces mall in the city.
nga daw siya sa pag-aalaga sa               ninang ang dadalo na pawang                set of parents,” Velasquez said.
                                                                                                                                            While admitting that she was
kanilang two month-old baby. Kita nga       malalapit na kaibigan nila sa loob at          “We got family members and
                                                                                                                                      aware of the latest news concerning
sa daily tweets ng Songbird ang daily       labas ng showbiz. Kabilang sa mga          close friends. But we also got people
routine nilang mag-ina, mula sa             ninong sina GMA President and CEO          we admire and we look up to,” Alcasid
                                                                                                                                      his newly regained freedom mainly
pagpapaligo kay Baby Nate hanggang          Gilberto Duavit, Jr., Cong. Manny          added.                                         through what she gets in the news,
sa minsan ay late-night breastfeeding       Pacquiao, senator Ramon ‘Bong’                 Although she can very well buckle          the singer-actress said she had no
session. Araw-araw daw siyang may           Revilla, Jr., fashion mogul Bench Chan     down to work, Velasquez feels she can          plans of meeting him at the airport.
natutunan sa pagiging mommy,”               at Dingdong Dantes. Kabilang naman         only entertain offers to host and to           She added that they have not
Canlas reported.                            sa mga ninang sina Kris Aquino at          sing.                                          communicated in a long time but
     “When I was pregnant people            Judy Ann Santos.”                              “Mukhang tatanggi muna siya sa             maintained an open stance. Yes, she
would always tell me na, ‘Naku, it will         The singer explained their choice      paggawa       ng     teleserye   para          said, she will remain as his friend but
change your life. Iba talaga ‘yung          of godparents for their son.               magkaroon siya ng sapat na oras sa             refused to elaborate.
buhay’. I have no idea. Parang doon             “‘Yung mga kinuha namin,               lumalaki nilang baby,” Canlas                        Singson was jailed for drug
sa ine-expect ko mas sobra pa doon.         although they’re in the business, kasi     reported. a                                    possession in Hong Kong in 2010.
But it’s wonderful. Iba, iba talaga,” she   ito naman ‘yung world namin, ito                                                          His family has said he will focus on
mused aloud.                                naman ang mundo namin…pero                                                                family businesses and quit politics
     The “24 Oras” report said that         ‘yung pinili namin, ‘yung ‘bang in case                                                   altogether upon his return. a

Marvin Agustin opts to spend 33rd birthday doing charity work
                                            gusto      ko,     ako    naman     ang    culinary school, finishing formal              that last year, Futuretainment Inc
                                            magregalo,” he said in a recent            schooling, taking up singing and               produced a barrage of successful
                                            interview.                                 acting lessons, and the like.                  concerts including those by top acts
                                                 Some of the kids that will join the        Speaking of singing lessons,              Miley Cyrus, Black Eyed Peas, and
                                            excursion on Jan. 28 are ones whose        Marvin was teased by the media                 Bruno Mars.
                                            harelip Marvin has had treated last        about talk that he has plans of going              As restaurateur, Marvin will have
                                            year via Operation Smile. He also          into recording. Apparently, his new            had 20 plus restaurants (owned and
                                            plans to bring along his six-year-old      manager, Annabelle Regalado-Borja,             franchised) by years end with two
                                            twins, Santiago and Sebastian, to          who was a top exec of Star Records             abroad (Shanghai and Los Angeles).
                                            further impress on them that blessings     for the longest time, encourages him           Some of his existing restaurants are
                                            are meant to be shared with others.        to do so.                                      Sumo Sam, Robotosan Japanese Grill
                                                 Aside from doing charity work on           “Hindi, para lang sa mga out-of-          and Shabu-Shabu, John and Yoko,
                                            his birthday, Marvin marks his 15th        town gigs kaya gusto ko magimprove             Mr. Korosawa, Johny Chow, Komrad,
                                            year in show business by launching         sa pagkanta. Symepre minsan                    Oyster Boy and Marciano’s.
                                            “Life-Changing Gifts: Marvin at 15.”       kelangan natin kumanta sa mga                      Marvin is currently shooting a
Marvin Agustin shares his blessings with    According to a release, the project is     shows so nakakahiya naman kung di              movie tentatively titled “Moron 5 &
the less fortunate, but in ways that go     about Marvin sharing his blessings         ka prepared,” Marvin said.                     The Crying Lady” with co-stars John
beyond merely giving people things          with the less fortunate, but in ways            Although he can’t disclose                Lapus,     Kean    Cipriano,      Mark
     Actor and businessman Marvin           that go beyond merely giving people        specifics at this stage, Marvin has lots       Escudero, Luis Manzano and Billy
Agustin "pays it forward" on his 33rd       things.                                    of plans in 2012. As concert promoter,         Crawford. There are also plans for him
birthday on Jan. 29 by bringing some             That is, Marvin will identify 15      he targets for his Futuretainment Inc.         to have a solo movie soon.
40 kids with harelip to Enchanted           recipients and share with them gifts       to bring their first international artist to       What is the secret of his success?
Kingdom for a day of fun.                   that reflect his interests and things he   Manila by April. Rumor has it that it              “Maturity and patience, driven by
     "I've been so blessed. This time,      dreamed of doing but wasn’t able to        could be Madonna or U2 but Marvin              passion,” he was quoted as saying. a
                                            accomplish , such as enrolling in          has his lips sealed on the matter. Note
                                                                                                                                         More Showbiz Gossip on page 20
20                                                                   The North American Filipino Star                                                   JANUARY 2012

Showbiz Gossip                            Continued from p.19                           KC gets Sharon's thumbs up
                                                                                        for sexy mag cover
Piolo denies                                   rivalry                   with

Piolo Pascual (left) maintains he is a good friends with Jericho Rosales (right)

     Actor Piolo Pascual has denied              According        to     Pascual,
reports of a brewing rivalry between        comparisons are inevitable in the
him and Jericho Rosales, his co-star        entertainment industry.
in the upcoming ABS-CBN television               However, he said he finds this
series “Padre de Pamilya.”                  practice unnecessary.
     In    an      interview     with            He said: “I don’t see any point of, Pascual stressed that          doing that. Hindi naman na kami
they are good friends and are just          bata para magtagisan ‘di ba?”
glad to have another chance of                   Pascual also said there is
working alongside each other.               basically no basis for comparison          In Rogue Magazine Feb 2012 Issue KC wears a white one-piece high-cut swimsuit
     The two actors can be seen in          since their style of acting are totally         Netizens have been praising KC          said that the cover was “nicely done!!”
"ASAP Rocks" and were also part of          different.                                 Concepcion’s “daring” cover photo on               It also turned out that some netizens
the defunct sitcom, "Bora." "Padre de            “As far as I’m concerned,             Rogue Magazine’s January-February            have been decoding symbolisms
Pamilya" is their first teleserye           magkaiba naman kami ng atake.              issue, and among them is her very own        allegedly found on the cover.
                                                                                       mother, Sharon Cuneta.                             User @thysz observed, “KC as
together.                                   Magkaiba kami ng pinanggalingan
                                                                                            Sought for comment on the matter        Medusa. That severed head looks like
     “We’ve always wanted to work           at mataas ang respeto ko sa kanya          by one of her Twitter followers, the         Pi... nevermind.”
with each other, not to compete with        bilang artista dahil alam ko ang           Megastar posted on Jan. 24, “She stole             Artist JP Cuison went as far as
each other, but to really hang-out          pagmamahal niya sa craft niya, alam        my pose but I think she's beautiful!         specifying certain elements as seen in a
and not naman to challenge each             ko yung passion niya sa acting at di       Hahahaha!”                                   photo posted on his Facebook account,
other. We’re just so excited because        ko matatawaran yun.” a                          On Wednesday last week, Sharon          such as the snake which supposedly
we were given the chance to work                                                       addressed KC also on Twitter, saying,        meant “a reptilian representation of
together,” Pascual said.                                                               “tutti! I'm nervous about rogue! Did u       treachery and deceit”; and the word
                                                                                       stay your decent self or steal my future     “roué,” which was originally the
Gladys Guevarra’s father dies in                                                       daring pose?!!”
                                                                                            KC’s reply read, “I'm nervous too!
                                                                                                                                    magazine title but KC’s head covered
                                                                                                                                    the letter G, which meant “a dissolute
motorcycle accident                                                                    Kasi I did the future daring pose. Hahaha
                                                                                       don't look na! :)”
                                                                                                                                    man in a fashionable society.”
                                                                                                                                          For her part, KC found JP’s
                                            investigations show it could be due             In white one-piece swimsuit-like        interpretation “quite interesting.”
                                            to heart attack.                           garb and with her recently-cut hair                Renowned photographer Mark
                                                “Sumemplang ang kanyang                brushed up, the actress-host posed with      Nicdao, who shot KC for Rogue,
                                            motor dahilan para mabagok ang             her back to the camera while looking         explained via Twitter on Monday that the
                                            kanyang ulo,” reported “Chika              over her shoulder. Props included were a     cover “is open for interpretation. Up to
                                            Minute” host Pia Guanio, adding that       wooden bust of a man by her feet, and        you what you want to see.” However, he
                                            though he was rushed to the                KC’s pet ball python named Coco              said that Cuison's interpretation was
                                                                                       wrapped around her left wrist.               "astig."
                                            hospital, Roberto was pronounced
                                                                                            Reactions from netizens have                  In other tweets, he shared, “During
                                            dead on arrival.                           mostly been on the positive side.            the shoot I saw genuine happiness and
                                                Gladys was in Cebu when her                 “Smokin' HOT!!! I've been waiting       contentment from Kc. she's moved on:-)
                                            father died. She is set to return to       sooo long for KC to be the cover girl of     one of our bravest shoot.:-)” and “The
                                            Manila today for the wake and              #Rogue..MUST HAVE MAG for ds yr :))”         photos inside you'll see the new and
Gladys is set to return to Manila today     funeral.                                   user @aelohomora17 tweeted on                improved stronger Kc:-) a new year
for her father's wake and funeral               “Nasa Cebu ako for sinulog, last       Monday.                                      indeed. The article is a Must Read.”
                                            night the news was bad. My father               “Danggg! #RogueJanFeb2012 Ms.                 In a tweet posted also on
    The father of TV host-actress           died, ang hirap,” said she via Twitter.    @kc_concepcion Way to start Rogue's          Wednesday last week, KC explained
Gladys Guevarra passed away Jan.                                                       New Year, talk about Man Slayer-literally!   what her Rogue issue is about: “Women
                                                She addressed those who have
15 while he was driving a motorcycle                                                   #WomenEmpowerment,” @dnsd4lyf                have a strength they might not always
                                            condoled with her "nababasa ko po          said.                                        believe they have...” and "is all about
in Manila.                                  ang mga messages ninyo sa akin.
    According to "24 Oras," the                                                             Director Yam Laranaz tweeted, “love     trusting in the truth & finding ur strength.
                                            bawal lang daw po magpasalamat.            KC's cover! Very very sexy cool :-)” while   :)". a
cause of death of Roberto Guevarra          Peace po!” a                               TV personality-model Bianca Gonzales
is still undetermined although initial
                                                                                                                                    More Showbiz Gossip on page 22
JANUARY 2012                                                        The North American Filipino Star                                                                         21

Simple Wine Resolutions for 2012                                                        30 minutes. If you're drinking a white
                                                                                                                                    From Page 4                 Pensions
                                                                                        wine, pull it out of the fridge about 25-
                                           school that's affiliated with the London-    30 minutes before you're going to           who reaches the age of 80 could receive
                                           based Wine & Spirit Education Trust.         drink it. Just remember that while it's     a minimum of $675,000.The absurd
                                           For good reason, it's recognized             easy to warm up a wine that's served        munificence of the scheme is apparent
                                           across the world.                            too cold (just wait longer), it's nearly    from just one example: Pierre-Luc
                                                                                        impossible to chill a wine that's served    Dusseault, who became Canada’s
                                           2. Be adventurous.                                                                       youngest ever MP when he was elected
                                                                                        too warm.
                                                    If you like red wines, you're                                                   as a member of the NDP in Sherbrooke,
                                           probably drinking lots of Cabernet           The list of resolutions could easily go
                                           Sauvignon. If you prefer whites, you're      on.
                                           probably drinking Chardonnay or                       If you're interested in seeing
                                           Sauvignon Blanc. Either way, most of         the wine-making process and meeting
                                           it's probably coming from California. In     with vintners, it's hard to beat a wine
                                           2012, resolve to explore the unfamiliar      trip -- whether it's a day at two local
                                           by trying unusual grapes from unusual        vineyards or a weekend getaway to
                                           regions.                                     wine country. If you're serious about
                                                    If you like Chardonnay,             wine appreciation, then you should
                                           consider Virginia Viognier or South          keep a diary -- it's the best way to
By David White
                                           African Chenin Blanc. If you like            keep track of your discoveries and
         Early January is the perfect
                                           Sauvignon Blanc, try Torrontes, from         remember which wines you've
time to reflect on the previous year
                                           Argentinia, or Albarino, from Portugal.      enjoyed. And everyone should
and make resolutions for the new
                                           If you're a red wine drinker, consider       resolve to drink more sparkling wine -          Pierre Luc Dusseault, MP
one. For those of us who take wine
                                           ordering Argentinian Malbec or               - it matches any number of dishes, so
seriously -- or at least want to -- it's
                                           Chilean Carmenere. And don't be
smart to include wine in our New                                                        shouldn't      be      relegated      to
                                           afraid to drink Merlot - even if it's from   celebrations.                               will qualify for his pension before his 26th
Year's resolutions. So here are three                                                                                               birthday, if he is re-elected.
                                           California. It's become cool to bash the              The world of wine offers
simple resolutions that'll heighten                                                                                                            As Sprott’s Mr. Lee put it:
                                           grape, but it's often as rich as             endless possibilities. So regardless of
your wine appreciation in 2012.                                                                                                     “Presently there are three classes of
                                           Cabernet Sauvignon and more                  which resolutions you make - and            Canadians concerning pensions: First-
                                           approachable when young.                     which resolutions you keep - just
1. Learn!                                                                                                                           class Canadians who receive MPs
         There are countless ways to                                                    make sure wine is a part of your life in    pensions; government-class Canadians,
                                           3. Serve wine at the right temperature.      2012!                                       who get public service pensions, with
learn about wine. Books are great, as
                                                    Most people - and even most                                                     retirement at 50 or 55; and cattle-class
you can move at your own pace. If
                                           restaurants - serve red wines too warm       David White, a wine writer, is the          Canadians, who collect OAS at 65. Or, as
you're a budding oenophile, pick up a
                                           and white wines too cold. When red           founder and editor of       Orwell said: ‘All animals are equal, but
copy of Kevin Zraly's "Windows on
                                           wine is served at "room temperature" -       His columns are housed at                   some animals are more equal than
the World Complete Wine Course." If                                                                                                 others’.”
                                           which tends to hover at around 72  , the fastest growing wine
you're already somewhat advanced,                                                                                                   National Post
                                           degrees - it can taste rough and             portal on the Internet.
make sure you have a copy of "The                                                                                                   • Email:
                                           alcoholic. When white wine comes
Oxford Companion to Wine" on your
                                           straight out of the refrigerator, it's
bookshelf. Edited by celebrated
                                           refreshing - but can be tasteless. This                         Saint Valentine’s Party
British wine writer Jancis Robinson,
it's considered the world's most
                                           is unfortunate. If you're spending                      jointly organized by Gilmore students
                                           money on wine, you deserve to enjoy
comprehensive wine encyclopedia.
                                           its aromas and flavors.
                                                                                                        and Marché Coop Members
         Wine courses are also a                                                           Potluck supper on Sunday, February 19, 2012 at 5 pm
                                                    Fortunately, you don't need a
great way to learn - and they're
                                           fancy thermometer to serve wine at its                         5320-A Queen Mary Road
typically lots of fun. There are plenty
                                           optimal temperature. If you're drinking
of excellent options across the
country, but if possible, look for a
                                           a red wine, pop it in the fridge for 25-               Call 514-485-7861 for more details

 The North American Filipino Star Classified Ads
    ADVERTISING                                COURSES                                          DRIVING                                FOR RENT
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                                           business. If you have accounting                Complete driving course, 24 hrs           CDN Very clean. 514-735-4942
   send text to:
   for price quotes or call 514-485-7861     knowledge, you can work for                theory & 15 hrs road practice, $25/h.
                                           others or for your own business.                      Exam car available.
                                                                                              Jason 514-691-1816.                             LAWYER
 ARTICLES FOR SALE                                   Find out more.
                                                                                                                                    LAWYER IN DIVORCE SEPARATION
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22                                                                    The North American Filipino Star                                               JANUARY 2012

Showbiz Gossip               Manny ready to 'make history'
                                         Continued from p.21

Dingdong sets new targets in with Floyd
                                Manny Pacquiao has turned his parties who will guarantee his
2012                         game face on and assured boxing purse.”
                                                                                           fans that his much-awaited fight            “Until he finds an angel, there is
                                                                                           with Floyd Mayweather, Jr. will         no fight. It’s all posturing,” he
                                                                                           happen when the latter agrees to        added.
                                                                                           the proposed 50 percent split of            On a lighter note, the
                                                                                           shares between them.                    Pacquiaos celebrated the birthday
                                                                                               “Siya na [lang] ang dapat mag-      of Jinkee and her twin Janet a day
                                                                                           oo...     marami      kasi    siyang    earlier on Jan. 11, GMA News TV’s
                                                                                           kinakausap, marami siyang mga           “News To Go” and “Balitanghali”
                                                                                           representatives… Tanggapin niya
                                                                                           ‘yung 50 percent na share niya at
                                                                                           tuloy na ‘yung laban,” the boxer-
                                                                                           congressman told “TV Patrol” on
                                                                                           Jan. 11.
                                                                                               In        monetary         terms,
                                                                                           Mayweather’s share could amount
                                                                                           to $50 to $60 million, Pacman
                                                                                               The ever-flashy Mayweather,
                                                                                           who will serve a three-month
                                                                                           sentence for domestic violence in
                                                                                           June, challenged Pacquiao anew
                                                                                           via Twitter on Wednesday to push
                                                                                           through with a May 5 fight “and
                                                                                           give the world what they want to
                                                                                               “Step up Punk,” he further
                                                                                               The American boxer also
                                                                                           posted an aerial shot of himself            It’s game on for Manny Pacquiao
                                                                                           seated beside his boxing belt,
                        Dingdong Dantes: big plans for 2012                                bearing the caption, “I'm ready to      reported on Jan. 12. An intimate
      Broadening Dingdong: At 31,            something new to say but are also             put my belt up. What about you          party attended by their closest
Dingdong Dantes has come to that point       capable of making money.
                                                                                           Manny Pacquiao? Let's make              family and friends, it was held at
in an artist’s career when he wants to
initiate steps to broaden his range. He      International Scene: Dingdong doesn’t         history.”                               the Pacquiao mansion in General
speaks of a yearning for challenges,         hide the fact that like every actor worth         Top Rank head honcho Bob            Santos.
facing them head-on, confident that          his salt, he dreams of making it in the       Arum, who’s currently in the                 Footage on “Balitanghali”
every challenge hurdled entails a lot of     international scene. While he’s not           country to discuss fight plans with     showed the now 33-year-old
lessons learned.                             exerting extra effort to reach this dream –   the Sarangani representative,           Jinkee performing a romantic duet
      As we speak at the coffee shop of a    such as going to casting calls and
                                                                                           deemed that the Pacquiao-               with her better half. Her birthday
hotel in Iloilo City moments before he       auditions – he maintains that doing well
was to face a big crowd of Dinagyang         in one’s profession and loving your work      Mayweather match “could happen          wish?
celebrators Jan. 20, the actor               in general can spread one’s reputation        very, very easily.”                          “Lakas ng katawan tsaka
underscored the need for creating more       around.                                           “It could happen either at the      peace sa family, peace of mind,”
projects that would make a greater                 Dingdong has quietly also gone          end of May, which would give us         she said.
impact on the public.                        back to school. Armed with several            enough time to build the outdoor             The Pacquiao couple is set to
      He said he was proud and lucky to      semesters’ worth of units in International    arena that the fight so badly needs.    visit their beach resort in Maasin,
have been a part of “Segunda Mano,”          Studies at the Ateneo de Manila
where his participation was not limited to   University, he has decided to pick up
                                                                                           Or even better it could go on June      Sarangani on Thursday aboard
being an actor but also that of a co-        where he left off by enrolling in a long-     9,” he said on “24 Oras.”               their P25-million yacht.
producer. Dingdong says he, too, had a       distance degree program in business               The said arena in Las Vegas,             Although he’s got a fight and
hand in the film’s creative growth, a        management at West Negros University          which      is    being     built   to   businesses to attend to, the boxing
direction that he wants to pursue in         in Bacolod. He reports to school once a       accommodate 50,000 fans, will           superstar has not forgotten his
forthcoming projects.                        month. Dingdong hopes to finish college       guarantee a valuable part of the        “kababayans”        in     GenSan.
      Target    Filmmaker:     Dingdong      in his desire to enroll in a master’s
                                                                                           needed returns for the grand fight      According to a report on
finished a film workshop under Marilou       degree program later. His interests are in
Diaz Abaya under whom he made a              the very masculine lines of defense and       purse. The venue is expected to be      Bomboradyo, Pacquiao pledged to
demo reel. The demo eventually led to a      flying.                                       completed by the end of May.            donate        funds      for    the
directorial assignment at GMA (“Kakaba-            Dancing Days: Meanwhile, while he           However, Arum sees an               representatives of Alabel National
kaba ka ba?”).                               is still Dingdong Dantes, the idol of         “economic problem” could be the         Science High School (ANSHS)
      While Dingdong has momentarily         millions and the future star (in tandem       “only reason… the fight won’t           who will attend an international
halted his directing career (“I find it so   with Marian Rivera) of GMA’s “My
                                                                                           happen.”                                congress in Science City, Kolkata,
draining more than acting”), he              Beloved,” he continues to do the sing-
nonetheless thinks he should get back        and-act routine on stage, such as the             Although “everybody agrees          India next month.
to it in due time. Meanwhile, he has set     one he did that same afternoon at             that the proceeds from the fight will        The students will present their
up his own production company,               Robinsons fountain area in downtown           be divided 50-50—50 [percent] to        study,      "Ethnopharmacological
Agostodos Productions, whose first co-       Iloilo. He can sing and host and act on       Pacquiao’s camp, and 50 to              Screening of Selected Medicinal
production venture has been “Segunda         cue, but Dingdong says his days as a          Mayweather’s camp,” Arum was            Plants in Alabel Sarangani," which
Mano” for which he won the best actor        dancer are over.                              quoted by GMA News Online to            was one of the chosen entries out
award in the 37th MMFF.                            “I leave that to the younger guys,”
      Agostodos has also put in the can a    he said, while pointing to Mark Herras,
                                                                                           have said, “Mayweather has no           of over 3,000 submissions from
film awaiting proper screening, “Aswang      who at 25, himself claims he’s over the       promoter and there’s no one who         various countries, the report added
Chronicles,” which Dingdong also             hill where dancing prime is concerned.        can guarantee his purse, so             a

topbills. As actor-producer, he wants to     a                                             Mayweather is looking for outside
produce films that not only have

JANUARY 2012                                                                    The North American Filipino Star                                                                                     23

Top 10 Most Expensive MP

                                                                                                                      4. James Moore                                   2. Jason Kenney

                                                                   7. Rob Anders

              10. Michael Chong

                                                                                                                                                                     1. Stephen Harper
                                                                                                                                                       1997. In order to make a political statement,
                                                                                                                      3. Gerry Byrne                   Harper did not contribute to the pension
                                                                                                       8. Rona Ambrose - $3,330,876 (2015 =            program during his time as a Reform MP      .
                                                                 6. Denis Coderre                      $2,429,149)                                     After returning to Parliament Hill in 2002, Harper
                                                                                                       7. Rob Anders - $3,643,873 (2015 =              could have retroactively contributed to the
                                                                                                       $3,034,089)                                     program for his service from 1993 to 1997.
                                                                                                       6. Denis Coderre - $3,701,989 (2015 =           According to the PMO, Harper has not and will
                                                                                                       $3,288,821)                                     not make those contributions. MPs are not
              9. Peter Van Loan                                                                        5. Scott Brison - $3,723,666 (2015 =            obligated to disclose this information.
                                                                                                       $3,113,881)                                                If Harper were to choose to buy back
                                                                                                       4. James Moore - $3,795,386 (2015 =             in for those years, his numbers would change. If
                                                                                                       $2,893,658)                                     he were to buy back in and retire in 2019 he
                                                                                                       3. Gerry Byrne - $3,996,498 (2015 =             would receive an estimated lifetime pension of
                                                                                                       $3,450,711)                                     $6,216,858 and $6,233,568 if he were to retire in
                                                                   5. Scott Brison                     2. Jason Kenney - $4,318,507 (2015 =            2015.
                                                    they retire in 2019.                               $3,416,779)                                                His numbers also include the special
                                                               All the estimates come from the         1. Stephen Harper - $5,596,474 (2015 =          allowance he will receive as Prime Minister.
                                                    Canadian Taxpayers Federation and are based        $5,456,109)                                                An earlier version of this story used
                                                    on an MP retiring in 2019 and ceasing to receive             Prime Minister Stephen Harper would   the numbers based on Harper buying back in
             8. Rona Ambrose                        their pension at age 80.                           receive an estimated lifetime pension of        for the 1993 to 1997 period. After being
             Welcome to the $3-million club. The    10. Michael Chong - $3,124,903 (2015 =             $5,456,109 if he were to retire in 2015.        contacted by the PMO with the prime minister's
above 10 MPs will each receive an estimated         $2,684,816)                                                  Harper's numbers are based on the     pledge not to do so, the numbers were
total lifetime pension of more than $3 million if   9. Peter Van Loan - $3,194,114 (2015 =             PM not buying back into the program for his     updated. (CP)
                                                    $2,462,029)                                        service as a Reform Party MP between 1993-

 6430 Victoria Avenue, Montreal, QC                                                                          Sale Prices Valid from
 Telephone: 514-733-7816                                                                                     January 25 to February 7, 2012

        Bulacan coconut gel
            $1.69 bottle                   Lingayen Sauteed Shrimp Fry
                                              Shrimp Fry $4.89 bottle                Elephant Sticky Rice 2 kgs
                                                                                            $3.99 bag                     Basa Fillet $3.99/ pack 2 lbs                 Lorings Vinegar
                                                                                                                                                                           99¢ bottle

      BF Fish Sauce 750 mL
                                                                                             Diwa Sardines                FC Sweet Chili sauce 340 g                  Chicken Drumstick
            $1.69 bottle                      Mother’s Best Toyomansi
                                                                                                2/$1.00                            2/$2.99                                 $1.19 lb
                                                    $1.99 bottle

        Eggplant - $1.29 lb                                                          Sunlee Mongo Bean 400 g                  UFC Tamarind soup mix
                                            Diwa Halo-Halo $1.69 bottle                     $1.19 pack                                                                   Beef - $2.72 lb
24                                                  The North American Filipino Star                                                      JANUARY 2012

                                                                           Education raises
                                                                          the bar but lowers
                                                                           the barriers to a
                                                                          rewarding career.

 5320-A Queen Mary Road
 (between Decarie Boulevard and Coolbrook)
          Montreal, QC H3X 1T7
            Tel.: 514-485-7861                                       As a nursing aide graduate, I believe that
                                                                     self-discipline and determination enabled me
                                                                                                                     Gilmore International College provides
                                                                                                                     immigrants the tools for a successful career
                                                                     to achieve my goals in life. Gilmore College    change. The training and the skills that I
                E-Mail:                                                                 learned from the program gave me the
                                                                     International provided me the opportunity to
                                                                                     confidence to work as a nurses’ aide.
                                                                     find a job easily. The knowledge and skills I
     (accessible by bus, Nos. 17, 151, 166, and Snowdon Metro)       have learned during the course of my studies    (Adele Lascano, October 2008 graduate)
                                                                     gave me the edge to work in the health care          Gilmore College offers
          Registrations by appointment                               environment where one needs to show the              personalized instruction
                                                                     willingness to render service to the sick and      highly qualified, experienced
               Classes start soon.                                   the elderly.                                     teachers, budget payment plan,
Flexible schedules - Days, Evenings or Weekends                      (Ethel Tugna, March 2011 graduate)                tax credits, cozy atmosphere.

Gilmore College students must always be up-to-date and receive instruction in CPR from accredited instructors. From left: Joesie
Bingayen, Jacqueline Uy, Edison Taguba, Vilma Lagonilla, Mildred Mendoza, Laura Dizon, Grace Calvo, and Marilou Hechanova. (Photo by
Mitz Zeitlin)

CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS                                          SELF-IMPROVEMENT COURSES
• PSW-PAB Nursing Aide
• Office Technology                               • Second Languages - English, French, Spanish,
      - Secretarial option                                       Mandarin, Filipino (Tagalog)
      - Accounting option                         • Computer courses - Computer Literacy, Microsoft
• International Trade                                            Office, Simply Accounting
• Early Childhood Education                       • Financial & Investment Courses
• Integration of Foreign Graduates                • Writing Workshop, Leadership Seminars, Coop Education
of Nursing (Permit Pending)                       • PDSB, CPR, on request by 10 or more students

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