Although there are many qualified architects, contractors, and building trade craftsmen in the Washington metropolitan area, it is difficult
to identify those with experience in the restoration of older buildings, a very specialized field. To assist you in locating qualified
professionals, the staff of M-NCPPC’s Historic Preservation Section has collected the names of area architects, contractors, and craftsmen.

This list is not intended to be all-inclusive or to be viewed as an endorsement by the Historic Preservation Commission of the professionals
included in it. Since the Commission cannot vouch for the quality of their work, we urge you to visit completed projects and to talk with
the property owners about their experience with a particular firm or individual. We also urge you to ask for certification of appropriate
licenses and bonding.

The Commission welcomes your suggestions regarding individuals or firms that should be added to or deleted from the list. An index to
the list appears below:

    Appraisals                                                           Landscape Architects/Historic Landscape Analysis
    Archeologists                                                        Landscaping/Garden Design & Construction
    Architectural Artifacts/Salvage                                      Masonry/Concrete Contractors & Suppliers
    Architectural/Design/Construction Services                           Paint Analysis
    Artwork Conservation                                                 Paving
    Art Glass Restoration                                                Pest Control
    Chimney Repair and Restoration                                       Photography
    Conservators                                                         Plaster Restoration Contractors
    Contractors/Building/Carpentry                                       Plasterers
    Electricians                                                         Research and Documentation
    Engineers                                                            Roofers
    Exterminators                                                        Siding, Trim, Molding, Hardware and Wallpaper
    Fencing                                                              Windows
    Hardware, Lighting Fixtures, Markers,                                Woodworkers/Cabinetmakers
     Plaques and Other Metal Products
    HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning)
    Home Inspections/Lead and Asbestos Abatement
     and Testing
    House Movers

                    Additional information on sources for restoration products and services can be obtained from:

                            The Old House Journal Magazine and Restoration Directory (508) 234-3797
                     Clem Labine's Traditional Building Magazine (718) 636-0750 (
                              American Institute of Architects, Potomac Valley Chapter (301) 588-7095

Delta Associates                        500 Montgomery Street,
 David Lennhoff, MAI, SREA,CRE          Suite 600
                                        Alexandria, VA 22314
Mitten & Reynolds                       717 Fifth Street, N.W.
 Carol Mitten, MAI                      Washington, DC 20001

Louis Berger & Associates, Inc.         2445 M Street, NW                   International company provides full
 The Cultural Resource Group            Suite 400                           range of cultural resource services and
  Charles H. LeeDecker                  Washington, DC 20037-1435           has extensive experience in all aspects of
                                               the field.

R. Christopher Goodwin and              241 East Fourth Street, Suite 100   Offer comprehensive cultural resource
Associates, Inc.                        Frederick, MD 21701                 management services, archeology,
  Christopher Polglase                   underwater archeology, architectural
  Kate Kuranda                                                              history, preservation planning.
                                        6110 Frost Place
Greenhorne & O'Mara, Inc.               Laurel, MD 20707                    Environmental engineering and sciences,
                                                   land planning and land development en-
                                                                            gineering, transportation planning and
                                                                            engineering, surveying and GIS services.
Joseph W. Hopkins, III, Phd.            3211 Beckshire Drive                All phases of cultural resources/services.
                                        Baltimore, MD 21214
                                        FAX 410-319-9247

MAAR Associates                         PO Box 655                          Professional consulting firm.
                                        Newark, DE 19715-0655

John Milner Associates, Inc.            5250 Cherokee Avenue, Suite 300     Professional consulting firm that special-
  John K. Mott, FAIA                    Alexandria, VA 22312                izes in historic preservation, cultural re-
                                      sources and building materials

Edward Otter, Inc.                      1704 Camden Avenue                  Archeology consulting services.
                                        Salisbury, MD 21801-7035

Parsons Engineering Science, Inc.       10 East Baltimore Street            Environmental engineering firm provid-
                                        Suite 801                           ing comprehensive, multi-disciplinary,
                                        Baltimore, MD 21202                 scientific and engineering services.

                                                                                                          Updated 2-2012
Applied Archaeology & History          615 Fairglen Lane                         Phase I archaeological survey,
Associates, Inc.                       Annapolis, MD 21401                       archaeological evaluation; data recovery
 Jeanne A. Ward                              excavations; structural assessment.

Archeological Testing and Consulting   9600 Hillridge Dr.
 Philip Hill                           Kensington, Maryland 20895

Elizabeth Anderson Comer/Archaeology   4303 North Charles St.
                                       Baltimore, MD 21218-1054

Kerns CRM Consultants                  1256 Seminole Drive
 Mechelle Kerns                        Arnold, MD 21012

URS Corporation                        12420 Milestone Center Drive, Suite 150
Varna Boyd                             Germantown, MD 20876

The Ottery Group, Inc                  3420 Morningwood Drive
 Tom Bodor                             Olney, MD 20832

                                       Architectural Artifacts/Salvage
The Brass Knob                         2311 18th Street, N.W.                    Architectural antiques salvage, chande-
 Donetta George                        Washington, DC 20009                      liers, light fixtures, fireplace surrounds,
                                                   mantel pieces.

The Brass Knob Back Doors Warehouse,   57 N Street, NW                           Doors, windows, door hardware, tubs,
Inc.                                   Washington, DC 20009                      radiators, ironwork.

The Loading Dock                       2 North Kresson Street                    Nonprofit building materials recyclers.
 Leslie Kirkland                       Baltimore, MD 21224

The Newel Post                         7600 Jefferson Avenue                     Sponsored by the Prince George's County
 Jack Thompson                         Ardwick, MD 20785                         Historical and Cultural Trust.
                                       301-627-4499                              Architectural artifacts from/for Prince
                                                                                 George's County historic resources. Open
                                                                                 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month,
                                                                                 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., or by appointment.

Second Chance, Inc.                    1645 Werner Street                        Architectural antiques and salvage; a
   Mark S. Foster                      Baltimore, MD 21230                       501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.

                                                                                                               Updated 2-2012
                                   Architectural/Design/Construction Services
Ahmann Architects                        4408 Beechwood Road             Full service architectural firm with expe-
 Thomas Ahmann AIA                       University Park, MD 20782       rience in residential, commercial and in-
 Randy Davis-Ahmann AIA                stitutional projects, restoration, renova-
                                                                         tion and new construction. Services
                                                                         available from initial planning and design
                                                                         through completion of construction.
                                                                         Other services include feasibility studies,
                                                                         master planning, interior design, space
                                                                         planning and ADA accessibility studies
                                                                         and building inspections.
Archetype                                1841 Columbia Road, N.W.        Architectural engineering firm - master
 Belinda C. Reeder                       Washington, DC 20009            plans, preservation, site design, restora-
                                                tion and problem solving in the design

The Atlantic Company of America, Inc.    P.O. Box 44109                  Restoration services and preservation of
 David M. Suaraz, AIA                    Washington, DC 20026-4109       existing and historic buildings and struc-
                                        tures, with emphasis on masonry and
                                                                         stone construction. $25,000 minimum.
Azola & Associates                       4901 Springarden Dr.            Real estate development, design,
 Martin Azola                            Baltimore, MD 21209             construction and property management,
                                         adaptive reuse emphasis. Consulting
                                                                         includes surveys, cost analysis, budget-
                                                                         ing and innovative financing.
Michael Belisle Design AIA               5004 Cordell Avenue             Residential and commercial design, inte-
                                         Bethesda, MD 20814              rior design, historical research and de-
                                         sign, and specially commissioned art

Bignell Watkins Hasser, Architects, PA   2661 Riva Road                  Larger scale residential, institutional,
  Michael Bignell, AIA                   Suite 1030                      commercial, industrial; $1 million minimum.
                                         Annapolis, MD 21401

C. Richard Bierce, AIA                   121 S. Royal Street, #3         Historic architecture/preservation
                                         Alexandria, VA 22314            consultant serving private clients, local
                                         703-836-9085                    governments, historic sites in planning,
                                         FAX 703-836-9107                restoration supervision, conservation
                                         e-mail:        easements, historic district

D. A. Booth Architect                    45 Fleet Street                 Residential and commercial renovation,
 Donald A. Booth, AIA                    Annapolis, MD 21401             new building additions, integration of
                                         t. 443-254-1537                 upgraded and new functions, small-scale
                                         f. 610268-7265                  industrial rehab, HSRs, hand drawings,
                                        tax credit consulting, survey, building
                                                                         and safety codes, feasibility studies;
                                                                         licensed in MD, PA and NY
Miche Booz, Architect                    208 Market Street               Small firm specializing in architectural
                                         Brookeville, MD 20833           design and restoration/adaptive use.

                                                                                                       Updated 2-2012

Blackburn Architects P.C.            1820 N Street, N.W.          Complete architectural and planning ser-
  John Blackburn                     Washington, DC 20036         vices. Restoration of historic residential
                                   and agricultural buildings - barns and
                                                                  other farm structures.
Bucher/Borges Group PLLC             10 North Washington Street   Architectural design, building
 Ward Bucher, AIA, Managing Member   Suite A                      inspections, construction management,
                                     Easton, MD 21601             architectural research and archeology.

Gant Hart Brunnett, Architects       15 West Mulberry Street      Architectural design, preservation and
 John Brunnett                       Baltimore, MD 21201          restoration expertise.

Cho, Benn, Holback & Architects      100 N. Charles Street        Full range of residential and adaptive
 George Holback                      14 Floor                     reuse projects - schools, public buildings,
                                     Baltimore, MD 21201          warehouses and former residences, in-
                                   cluding historically registered buildings.

Frazier Associates                   213 N. Augusta Street        Architecture, interior design and plan-
  Bill Frazier                       Staunton, VA 24401           ning firm specializing in historic preser-

Frens & Frens, LLC                   120 South Church Street      Restoration architects, design guidelines.
  Dale H. Frens                      Westchester, PA 19382
  J. Christopher Lang      

Gaudreau, Inc.                       810 Light Street             Architecture; landscape architecture;
 William L. Gaudreau                 Baltimore, MD 21230          civil/site engineering; planning for edu-
                                     cational, correctional, religious, commer-
                                                                  cial facilities; $1 million minimum.
David H. Gleason Assoc. Inc.         520 N. Eutaw Street          Architecture, interior design and plan-
                                     Baltimore, MD 21201          ning firm. Newsletter, “Patterns,” avail-

Hord Coplan Macht, LLC               750 East Pratt Street        Schools, residential, elderly housing,
 John Lange                          Suite 1100                   office, commercial; minimum $1 million.
                                     Baltimore, MD 21202

Stephen L. Harris, Architect         2569 Ogleton Road            Preservation, restoration, construction
                                     Annapolis, MD 21403          management, building design, survey
                                     410-268-3623                 and maintenance plans for residential
                                     FAX 410-268-3623             commercial or industrial buildings.

                                                                                                Updated 2-2012
Kann and Associates, Inc.         33 South Gay Steet                Architectural restoration and adaptive
 Donald Kann, AIA                 Suite 400                         use plans; historic structure surveys; in-
 Roger Lee Katzenberg, AIA        Baltimore, MD 21202               terior design, ADA surveys and barrier

Martinez + Johnson Architecture   1238 Wisconsin Ave., N.W.         Restoration and adaptive reuse of his-
 Gary Martinez, AIA               3 Floor                           toric structures; design of complex,
 Tom Johnson                      Washington, DC 20007              multifunctional facilities, i.e., theaters,

John Milner Associates            5250 Cherokee Avenue, Suite 300   Historic preservation, cultural resources
  John K. Mott. FAIA              Alexandria, VA 22312              and building materials conservation

Parker & McDonald Architects      7910 Woodmont Ave. Ste. 1435      Historic restoration and renovation,
 John W. Parker, AIA              Bethesda, MD 20814                projects, existing condition survey,
                                  301-652-0592                      feasibility studies
Quinn Evans/Architects            1214 28th Street, N.W.            Preservation studies and restoration
 Michael Quinn, Pres.             Washington, DC 20007              projects.
 Baird M. Smith         

Rippeteau Architects              1530 14th Street, N.W.            Complete architectural, engineering and
  Darrel Rippeteau, Principal     Washington, DC 20005              preservation services.

SMG Architects                    1016 Morton Street                Planning and design for building renova-
 Walter Schamu, FAIA              Baltimore, MD 21201               tion and adaptive use projects.

Charles Szoradi, AIA              128 G Street, S.W.                Architectural services for restoration and
                                  Washington, DC 20024              rehabilitation. Historical research. Re-
                                  202-488-1557                      ports and nominations. No minimum.

Trostel and Pearre                830 Park Avenue                   Planning and design for building renova-
  W. Peter Pearre, AIA            Baltimore, MD 21201               tion and adaptive use projects.
WMCRP Architects                  8100 Professional Place           Complete architectural, planning and
 Michael C. Poness                Landover, MD 20785-2225           interiors services.

James T. Wollon, Jr., AIA         600 Craigs Corner Road            Architectural services for historic
                                  Havre de Grace, MD 21078          preservation, additions and analysis of
                                  410-879-6748                      historic structures; accessibility consulta-
                                  FAX 410-879-0291                  tions. Restoration and adaptive use plans.

                                                                                                   Updated 2-2012
                                            Artwork Conservation

Aparcs Inc.                            3109 Budd Way                       Restoration and conservation of
 Andrzej Pinkowski                     Alexandria, VA 22310                artworks.

Dobson Studios                         332 West Lee Highway                Conservation of historic photographs,
                                       Suite 100                           paintings and paperworks.
                                       Warrenton, VA 20186

Brandon Thompson Restoration           9008 Patton Boulevard               Restoration of artworks and ornamental
                                       Alexandria, VA 22309                objects.
                                             Art Glass Restoration
AGW Old Style Window Glass             1609 Union Avenue                   Stained glass window design, fabrication,
 William O. Miles                      Baltimore, MD 21212-3507            repair, and restoration.

Cummings Stained Glass Studio, Inc.    182 E. Main St.                     Contemporary stained glass and
 H.W. Cummings                         North Adams, MA 01247               conservation.
                                       FAX 413-664-6570

Shenandoah Studios of Stained Glass    508 Kendrick Lane, Suite G          Stained glass restoration and repair,
                                       Old Virginia Industrial Park        double-hung, steel casements, sensitivity
                                       Front Royal, VA 22630               to historic context and origin of each

Washington Art Glass Studio            6618 Walker Mill Road               Third generation business. Leaded and
 Jed Boertlein                         Capitol Heights, MD 20743           stained glass window restoration and
                                       301-735-6292                        repair for churches, homes, commercial.
                                       FAX 301-735-6292

                          Chimney Repair and Restoration (see also Masonry Contractors)
Roof Top Chimney Sweeps                P.O. Box 2493                       Restoration and relining.
                                       Alexandria, VA 22301

Universal Skyline Chimneys             2175 Cox Road                       Repair and restoration of older or dam-
 Patrick Barnes                        Gambrills, MD 21504                 aged chimneys.


                                                                                                       Updated 2-2012
Conservation Solutions, Inc.            Monuments and sculpture, industrial
 Daniel Lane                                                                  artifacts, historic structures, murals and
                                                                              mosaics, fountain, objects

                         Contractors/Building/Carpentry (see also Woodworkers, Cabinetmakers)

Allmaster Builders Inc.                   7918 Colchester Court               General contractor, specialty is
   John Locantore                         Pasadena, MD 21122                  foundation work; has done work for
                                          410-977-7329                        Historic Property Grant Program.

Castlekeepers                             6606 2nd Place                      Home maintenance service.
 T. Christopher Kitzmiller                Hyattsville, MD 20782

Craftworks Design, Inc.                   8801 Frank Tippett Road             General contractor: renovation, insur-
  W.T. Gladmon                            Upper Marlboro, MD 20772            ance reconstruction, historic restoration,
                                          301-868-3599                        hardwood floors, carpentry, painting,
                                          FAX 301-599-0322                    designers, drywall, plaster, roofing,
                                                                              electrical, plumbing.
Dell Corporation                          P. O. Box 1462                      Historic restoration specialist: consult-
 Bryan Blundell, President                Rockville, MD 20849-1462            ing, diagnostic, training and complete
                                                    building restoration and stabilization,
                                                                              including specialty trades—painting,
                                                                              windows, plaster, etc.

Harkins Builders, Inc.                    2201 Warwick Way                    General contractor, residential and
                                          Marriottsville, MD 21101            commercial. $100,000 to $30,000,000.

Historic Restoration Specialists          P.O. Box 266                        Evaluation, recommendation, condition
  David Gibney                            Smithsburg, MD 21783                survey reports; workshops, seminars and
                                          301-824-2800                        conferences.

Howard and Dean, Inc.                     P.O. Box 98                         Architectural millwork, restoration.
Architectural Millwork                    Chesapeake City, MD 21915
  Ken Dean                                410-885-5176
                                          FAX 418-755-6663
Howard and Dean, Inc.                     2831 Southaven Road                 Speciality in masonry, woodwork, fin-
Architectural Materials Conservator       Annapolis, MD 21401                 ishes, moisture problems. Extensive
                                            preservation and restoration project list;
                                                                              experienced lecturer.

                                                                                                           Updated 2-2012
McLellan and Company             15209 Marlboro Pike                General contractor: remodeling,
 Francis McLellan                P. O. Box 76                       restoration and new construction.
                                 Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
                                 FAX 301-952-9384

Louis Mudd, Inc.                 8501 Mimosa Avenue                 Complete and partial renovations and
                                 Clinton, MD 20735                  restorations, residential and commercial.
                                 FAX 301-868-4559

Oak Grove Restoration, Inc.      5815 Riggs Road                    Restoration contractor.
 Henry M. Handler                Laytonsville, MD 20882

Stephen Ortado                   3711 Cumberland St., N.W.          Carpentry-residential, maritime, joinery;
Preservation Specialist          Washington, DC 20016               Painting - includes faux finishes; epoxy
                          repairs-consolidation, structural and
                                                                    cosmetic, plaster.

Petro Design/Build Inc.          PO Box 1668
 John Petro                      Mitchellville, MD 20717

Kevin Phillips                   9705 Croom Road                    Special expertise with windows, flooring
                                 Upper Marlboro, MD 20772           and painting, including faux finishes.

Property Services Co.            7001 Croom Station Road            Comprehensive consulting, rehabilita-
  Daniel C. Filippelli           Upper Marlboro, MD 20772           tion, restoration and reproduction of his-
                                 301-627-1870                       toric buildings.
                                 FAX 301-627-1870
Realistic Builders               912 Monroe Street                  Restoration/renovation of historic build-
 Mark D. Hall                    Annapolis, MD 21403                ings.

Roberts Construction Co.         112 West Front Street              Restoration and rehabilitation, commer-
 David E. Reisinger              Frederica, DE 19946                cial, industrial and government (mini-
                                 302-335-4141                       mum $25,000). No new construction.
                                 FAX 302-335-3153

Seekircher Steel Window Repair   423 Central Avenue                 Repairs to residential, historical and
  John A. Seehircher             Peekskill, NY 10566                commercial steel casement windows
                             (established 1977).

                                                                                                  Updated 2-2012
Smiley Renovations                       808 Orchard Way                      Restoration contractor.
Daren Smith                              Silver Spring MD 20904

Standard Restoration & Waterproofing     3005 Kaverton Road                   Residential and commercial exterior
Co., Inc.                                Forestville, MD 20747                masonry restoration & preservation
  Kevin Hildebrand                     projects
  Senior Project Architect

Jack Hammond                             21809 Aquasco Road                   Master electrician; log home wiring spe-
                                         Aquasco, MD 20608                    cialist.
Artisan Electrical Services, Inc.        College Park, MD 20740               Electrical specialist.
 Dick Cissel                             301-345-0137

Stephen Palmer Electric                  4218 Howard Avenue, Floor 3
                                         Kensington, MD 20895

Bailey’s/Shipp Electric                  240-508-1260                         Full service electrical contractor
 J.P. Shipp                              410-451-4614

James Madison Cutts                      1211 Connecticut Avenue, N.W.        Structural engineering consulting
Consulting Structural Engineers, Inc.    Suite 210                            services.
                                         Washington, D.C. 20036
                                         FAX 202-822-8330

Greenhorne & O’Mara, Inc.                6110 Frost Place                     Environmental engineering and sciences,
 Greg Mallon (Cultural Resources Dept.   Laurel, MD 20707                     surveying and GIS services.

Kibart Inc.                              901 Dulaney Valley Road, Suite 301   Planning, feasibility studies, design and
  Patrick Barthelme                      Towson, MD 21204                     construction, administration of mechani-
                                                      cal and electrical systems.

Jerome Lamprecht, C.E.                   P. O. Box 16383                      Structural engineering consulting ser-
                                         Baltimore, MD 21210                  vices. Specializes in solutions to
                                         410-377-5057                         foundations, framing and masonry wall

                                                                                                            Updated 2-2012
LPJ, Inc., Structural Engineers      16 W. 25th Street               Investigation of historic structures,
  James D. Plowden, Jr.              Baltimore, MD 21218             reports, repair methods, feasibility stud-
                                     410-366-7800                    ies, restoration, additions, mechanical
                                     FAX 410-366-3835                and electrical upgrades.
McMullan & Associates, Inc.          8381 Old Courthouse Road        Consulting structural engineers,
Dennis J. McMullan, P.E.             Suite 350                       specializing in restoration, renovation of
                                     Vienna, VA 22182                historic structures.

David Wallace, P.E.                  P.O Box 4279                    Structural engineering consulting ser-
                                     Annapolis, MD 21403             vices. Specializes in solutions to
                                     410-544-1225                    foundations, framing and masonry wall
                                     e-mail:     failures.

C&M Exterminators, Inc.              5507 Landover Road              Specializes in old and historic structures.
 Mike McKeever                       Hyattsville, MD 20784
                                     FAX 301-277-5044

Glyndebourne Mouldings (USA), Inc.   6701 d Lafayette Avenue         Fencing adapted from eighteenth centu-
                                     Riverdale, MD 20737             ry patterns, made with maintenance-
                                     240-462-4948                    free vinyl.

                 Hardware, Lighting Fixtures, Markers, Plaques and Other Metal Products
Ball and Ball                        463 West Lincoln Highway        Reproduction of period cast iron or brass
                                     Exton, PA 19341                 door and furniture hardware, lighting fix-
                                     610-363-7330                    tures, and fireplace accessories.
                                     FAX 610-363-7639

Healy Brothers Foundry               60 New River Road               Markers, National Register plaques.
                                     Lincoln, RI 02865

                                     11979 Falling Creek Drive
Lamb Sign, Inc.                      Manassas, VA 20112              Brass, bronze, aluminum, historic
  Robert Wiesheier                         markers and related identification items
                                                                     such as name/number, etc.

Lake Shore Markers/Lake Shore        1817 Poplar Street              National Register plaques; State Highway
Industries, Inc.                     P.O. Box 59                     markers, historical markers, signs and
                                     Erie, PA 16512-0059             seals for local, state, Federal historic
                                           property. Federally designated historic

                                                                                                   Updated 2-2012
Smith-Cornell Impressions                 567 East Riverview Avenue               Markers, National Register plaques.
                                          Napoleon, OH 43545
                                          FAX 419-599-0999

The Southwell Co.                         PO Box 299                              Historical markers—fast delivery, cast
                                          San Antonio, TX 78291                   aluminum and bronze, computerized

                                          1010 East Main Street
Virginia Metalcrafters                    Waynesboro, VA 22980                    Brass foundry, specializing in casting
  Charles Salembier, President     museum reproductions, such as lighting
                                                                                  fixtures and hardware.

Windy Hill Forge                          6799 Kennedy Road                       Custom blacksmithing; forged door,
 Ray Zeleny                               Suite B                                 window, shutter and fireplace hardware;
                                          Warrenton, VA 20187                     cast and wrought iron reproductions.

G S Images                                355 South Potomac Street                Fiberglass interpretative panels.
                                          P.O. Box 1288
                                          Hagerstown, MD 21742-1288

                                 Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Systems
R&B Inc.                                  1710 Mount Vernon Avenue                Unico air conditioning system for historic
David Jorden                              Alexandria, VA 22301                    buildings.

A.M. Gable, LLC                           104 Dale Road                           Space Pak systems, mini-splits
                                          Pasadena, Maryland 21122

                        Home Inspections/Lead and Asbestos Abatement and Testing
Property Services                         7001 Croom Station Road                 Home inspections; rehabilitation and
  Daniel Filippelli                       Upper Marlboro, MD 20772                restoration services.

                                                    House Movers
Expert House Movers                       206 Water Street, P. O. Box 447         Historic structure relocation specialist.
  Jerry Matyiko                           Sharptown, MD 21861

                                 Landscape Architects/Historic Landscape Analysis

                                                                                                                Updated 2-2012
Cheryl Corson Design                      301-627-1847 office             Experience with the landscape
gardens | landscapes | playgrounds        202-494-5054 cell               preservation division of the National
                                            Park Service and am familiar with
                                                                          policies and procedures for treating
                                                                          historic landscapes and conducting the
                                                                          appropriate research.

                                     Landscaping/Garden Design & Construction
Petro Design/Build Inc.                   PO Box 1668                     Complete garden design and
 John Petro                               Mitchellville, MD 20717         construction, planting and maintenance;
                                        construction of landscape "accessories"
                                                                          such as walkways, decks, fences, pools,
                                                                          fountains, etc. Waterproofing, drainage,
                                                                          grading, water features.

                                     Masonry/Concrete Contractors & Suppliers
The Atlantic Company                      P.O. Box 44109                  Historic restoration.
 David Suarez, AIA                        Washington, DC 20026

Cathedral Stone Company, Inc.             7266 park Circle Drive          Stone cutting and carving; restoration,
 Dennis Rude, Principal                   Hanover, MD 21076               resetting and repointing; masonry analy-
                                   sis and repair.

Deko, Inc.                                6333-B New Hampshire Avenue     Stone and masonry work, window treat-
                                          Takoma Park, MD 20912           ment, finish carpentry for commercial
                                          301-270-9484                    and residential ($25,000 minimum).
                                          FAX 301-270-0706

Keystone Waterproofing Company, Inc.      584 Feightner Road              Masonry restoration and waterproofing,
 Gloria A. Caletri                        Greensburg, PA 15601            including repointing and cleaning.

C. A. Lindman, Inc.                       10401 Guilford Road             Masonry, caulking, waterproofing and
                                          Jessup, MD 20794                concrete portions of facade, balcony,
                                               plaza and garage restoration projects.

Vaughan Restoration Masonry               3917 Wheeler Avenue             Masonry restoration and waterproofing,
                                          Alexandria, VA 22304            including repointing and cleaning.

                                                                                                      Updated 2-2012
                                              Paint Analysis
Catherine Adams Masek               124 Saint Andrews Road                   Microscopic paint analysis and historical
                                    Severna Park, MD 21146                   research; historic paint consulting.

Matthew J. Mosca                    2641 North Charles Street                Historic paint research and restoration.
                                    Baltimore, MD 21218

Welsh Color & conservation, Inc.    P.O. Box 767                             Historic paint analysis.
 Frank Welsh                        Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

Weygandt Engineering                5411 Berwyn Road                         Specializing in compatible paving for
 Earl Weygandt                      Berwyn Heights, MD 20740                 historic properties, drainage
                                    301-474-3533                             management and stabilizing soils for

                                               Pest Control
Pest Control, Inc.                  552 Shadowbrook Court                    Termites, general pests, lawn renovation
 David Phillippe                    Davidsonville, MD 21035                  Seeding, aeration, liming, fertilization.

Walter Smalling, Jr., Photography   1541 Eighth Street, N.W.                 Architectural photographer, NPS/HABS
                                    Washington, DC 20001                     standards.

                                    Plaster Restoration Contractors

Craftworks Design, Inc.             8801 Frank Tippett Road                  Design high quality plaster crown molding.
  W.T. Gladmon                      Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

Giannetti's Studio, Inc.            3806 38th Street                         Restoration of decorative plaster and
  Robert Giannetti, President       Brentwood, MD 20722                      other architectural detailing, interior,
  John A. Giannetti                 301-927-0033                             exterior and expert model makers.
                                    FAX 301-779-5193
Hayles & Howe, Inc.                 2700 Sisson Street                       Ornamental plaster restoration/
 Bryan Hillman                      Baltimore, MD 21211                      custom work.

Francis K. Countiss                 38833 Reeves Road                        Residential and commercial contractor

                                                                                                           Updated 2-2012
 Countiss Plastering & Drywall         Mechanicsville, MD 20659       for St.Elizabeth’s for 32 years.
D.J. Cover Plastering & Drywall Co.    16701 Dorchester Place
                                       Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
                                       301-627-5032 or 301-627-1363
John Urbas Plastering                  7013 Deer Valley Road          Specialize in plastering; projects include
                                       Highland, MD 20777             Harper’s Ferry, Riversdale, Thomas Stone
                                       301-854-0311                   Museum, White House, NTHP Building in
                                                                      Washington, D.C.
                                       Research and Documentation
Betty Bird                             2601 24th Street, N.W.         Architectural and historical research;
 Architectural Historian               Suite 3                        National Register, National Historic
                                       Washington, D.C. 20008         Landmark nominations and local docu-
                                       202-588-9033                   mentation; historic site surveys, historic
                                       FAX 202-588-9039               structure reports and tax certification.

Heritage Consulting Group              15 West Highland Avenue        Historic rehabilitation development
 Cindy Hamilton                        Philadelphia, PA 19118         planning, historic tax credit consultation.

Elizabeth Jo Lampl                     5111 Allan Terrace             Architectural and historical research;
Architectural Historian/Preservation   Bethesda, MD 20816-1611        National Register, National Historic
       Consultant                      301-652-0038                   Landmark nominations and local docu-
                                                                      mentation; historic site surveys, historic
                                                                      structure reports and tax certification.

William Lebovich                       7302 Summit Avenue             Architectural and historical research and
Architectural Historian/Photographer   Chevy Chase, MD 20815-4030     photography. Nominations, historic
                                        structures reports and mitigation

Massey Maxwell Associates              P.O. Box 263                   Historic preservation consultants
 James C. Massey                       Strasburg, VA 22657
 Shirley Maxwell                       540-465-4566
                                       Fax: 540-465-4566

Robinson & Associates                  1909 Q Street, N.W.            Preservation consulting services: re-
 Judith H. Robinson                    Suite 300                      search and documentation, designation
                                       Washington, D. C. 20009        applications, historic structure reports
                                        and environmental impact statements.
                                                                      Architectural, cultural and landscape
                                       128 G Street, S.W.
Charles Szoradi, AIA                   Washington, DC 20024           Architectural services for restoration and
                                       202-488-1557                   rehabilitation. Historical research.
                                       email:       Reports and nominations. No minimum.

EHT Traceries, Inc.                    1121 Fifth St., N.W.
 Emily Hotaling Eig                    Washington, D.C. 20001         Research and consulting firm specializing
                                                                      in architectural history and preservation.

                                                                                                    Updated 2-2012
 Laura Harris Hughes            
 Laura Trieschmann

The Durable Slate Co.                     1050 North Fourth Street            Slate roofing (residential, commercial
 Cheryl Downey                            Columbus, OH 43201                  and industrial), $30,000 minimum.

Historic Roofing Company, Inc.            6344 Trailing Arbutus Court         Old house specialist: Slate, tile and
  Cliff Layman                            Lothian, MD 20711                   metal roof repairs; gutters.
                                          ph/FAX 410-741-0572

Wagner Roofing                            4909 46th Avenue                    Specializes in historic roof restoration of
 Charles E. Wagner, President             Hyattsville, MD 20782               churches, government buildings and
                                               residential. Quality workmanship and
                                                                              customer service.

Kraftwerks Sheet Metal & Slate            5000 Buchanan Street                “We are a small Christian-owned firm
                                          Hyattsville, MD 20781               located in the Washington, DC area
                                              specializing in standing seam copper
                                                                              roofing, flat seam copper roofing and tin
                                                                              roofing, custom skylights and slate roof
                                                                              restoration that consists of slate repairs
                                                                              and complete slate roofing installation.”
                                  Siding, Trim, Molding, Hardware and Wallpaper
People's Supply                           3200 Kenilworth Avenue
                                          Hyattsville, MD 20781
                                          FAX 301-927-7270

Smoot Lumber Company, Inc.                6295 Edsall Road, #20               Over 400 profiles of antique molding,
 Mike Brannon                             Alexandria, VA 22312                including bullseye corner blocks. Also
                                          703-823-7151                        custom mill work, doors, windows,
                                     Windows (also see Woodworkers/Cabinetmakers)
Allied Window, Inc.                       11111 Canal Road                    Manufactures custom interior and
  David Martin                            Cincinnati, OH 45241                exterior storm windows, replacement
                                                windows for historic renovation, custom
                                                                              shapes, colors and special glazing for all
                                                                              type buildings.
AICS, Inc.                                12221 Castlewall Court              Commercial and industrial marble, bronze
  Kevin Phillips/Michael Wegner           Bowie, MD 20720                     and brass, stained glass and gold leaf.
Beech River Mill Corp.                    30 Route 16B                        Custom-made louvered and paneled
 Greg Dales                               Centre Ossipee, NH 03814            interior and exterior wood shutters and
                                              doors, and hardware for hanging

                                                                                                            Updated 2-2012
Doman Custom Carpentry, LLC   4701 Sunflower Drive           Architectural millwork for period restor-
                              Rockville, MD 20853            ation; fine carpentry; interior finish and
                       window installation; custom cabinetry
                                                             and built-ins; historic molding repro.

Howard & Dean, Inc.           P. O. Box 98                   Architectural millwork; reproduction
                              Chesapeake City, MD 21915      and/or restoration of sashes, doors,
                              410-885-5176                   wainscoting and moldings.
Kestrel Shutters              9 East Race Street             Custom shutters.
                              Stowe, PA 19464

Mountain Lumber Company       6812 Spring Hill Road          Reclaim and remill old longleaf heart
 Jerome Maddock               Ruckersville, VA 22968         pine timbers bought from demolition
                             contractors into flooring, paneling, trim,
                                                             doors, beams and custom cabinetry.
Oak Grove Restoration Co.     5815 Riggs Road                Architectural millwork for period
 Hank Handler                 Laytonsville, MD 20882         restoration.

Stripping Workshop            411 New York Avenue, N.E.      Stripping furniture and architectural
  Bob Reed                    Washington, DC 20002           details; furniture refinishing.

Timberlane Woodcrafters       150 Domorah Drive              Historically accurate shutters and hand
                              Montgomeryville, PA 18936      forged hardware.

                                                                                          Updated 2-2012

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