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									 Funding Information Pack
for Voluntary Organisations
         May 2011
FUND                    THEMES                      MIN/ MAX      ELIGIBILITY        CONTACT                                    DEADLINES

Neighbourhood           One-off projects            Up to         Constituted,       Partnership Development                    Check with
Partnership Community   supporting the priorities   £5,000        voluntary groups   Officer/Partnership Information Officer,   NP
Grants Fund             of local community plan                                      Local Neighbourhood Partnership
Lloyds TSB Foundation         Henry Duncan         Various       Registered       Check
for Scotland                   Awards – for         amounts       charities                                                     website
                               local charities      NB Includes                      0131 444 4020
                               working at           revenue
Please note the                grassroots level
Foundation is back in        Partnership
operation & has just           Drugs Initiative
awarded over £300,000          for children &
in grant aid to 50             pre teens at risk
charities in Scotland          due to family
                               misuse or their
                               own misuse
                         Capacity Building
                        Grants to help charities
                        to review how well they
                        are performing
Asda Foundation         For projects in areas       Not stated    Voluntary groups   http://www.about-                          Not stated
                        near Asda stores.                         supported by an
                                                                  Asda colleague     foundation.asp#foundation
                                                                                     Contact your local store
SCOTTISH                Community projects          Express       Constituted        Check
COMMUNITY               Various themes - also       Grants –      voluntary groups                                              website
FOUNDATION              administers various         max £2,000                       0131 524 0300
                        Trust Funds.
02 IT’S YOUR            Lasting community           Max £1,000    Local groups                 None
COMMUNITY AWARDS        benefit e.g community
                        gardens , equipment for                                      0800 902 0250
                        youth projects

THE WAKEHAM TRUST           Neighbourhood             £750         Small registered   01730 821 748 or                          Check
                            projects, community                    charities          Email or see             website
                            arts, social exclusion                          

KELLY FAMILY                Development of strong     £1,000 to    Registered   By 1 March
CHARITABLE TRUST            family bonds              £5,000       charities          k                                         and 1
                                                                                      0131 315 4879                             September

THE ROBERTSON               Care, health, education, Various       Charities              See website
TRUST                       community art, sport.    levels
                                                                                      0141 221 3151

VOLUNTARY ACTION            Promotion of voluntary    Up to        Voluntary groups            See website
FUND COMMUNITY              action - any theme        £1,000                          Alison Stevenson Grants Officer
CHEST                                                                                 01383 620780

ESMEE FAIRBAIRN             Social development,       Not stated   Voluntary groups          See website
FOUNDATION                  environment,                           UK                 London 020 7812 3700
Largest in UK £25 million   education, arts and
in 2009                     heritage
AWARDS FOR ALL              Community, arts, sport,   £500 TO      Constituted                   See website
( PART OF LOTTERY)          heritage, health,         £5,000       voluntary groups   0870 240 2391
TESCO CHARITY               Older people & adults     £500 TO      Constituted                    See website
TRUST COMMUNITY             with disabilities         £4,000       voluntary groups
AWARDS                                                                                & go to Corporate Responsibility,
                                                                                      Community, Making a Difference then
                                                                                      link to Tesco Charity Trust Community

Co-operative Group          Community projects        £100 to      Voluntary groups                     Grants paid
                                                      £2,000                                            out twice
                                                                                  yearly in June
                                                                                      Fund/                                     & December

People’s Postcode Trust      Prevention of poverty,    Small        Voluntary groups     See website
Fund                         sickness, health          awards                          s.php
                             promotion, active         must be
                             citizenship, sport,       spent in 3                      0131 555 7288
                             human rights,             months
                             environmental action.

Big Lottery - Investing in   Ideas which could         £500 to      Voluntary groups   See website
Ideas                        benefit the local         10,000                          esting_ideas?regioncode=-sco
                             community                                                 0845 4 10 20 30

NANCY MASSIE                 Young, elderly,           Not stated   Voluntary groups   Fund Administrator, JG Morton Solicitors,   Ask Fund
CHARITABLE TRUST             medical, education and                 in Edinburgh       61 Dublin Street, Edinburgh 0131 558        Administrator
                             arts.                                                     5800

THE MACROBERT                Includes youth,           £5,000 to    Voluntary groups                See website
TRUST                        disability, community     £10,000      in Scotland
                             welfare, science &                                        01339 881444

THE TUDOR TRUST              Marginalised              No min or    Voluntary groups                       See website
                             communities including     max          in the UK
                             youth, older people,                                      London 020 7727 8522
                             mental health and

MAKE A SPLASH!               Part of People Making     £250 to      Voluntary groups   Scottish Community Foundation for   See website
                             Waves connecting          £2,000                          Voluntary Arts Scotland.
                             people to the value &                           
                             spirit of the 2010                                        plash
                             Olympic Games by
                             promoting participation
                             in the arts
Paths To Health              Increase well being by    Up to        Voluntary groups Not stated
                             promoting regular         £2,000                          h/grants.asp

BAA Community Trust       Education, environment    Variable      Voluntary groups   Trust Director Caroline Nichols,             Not stated
Edinburgh Airport         and economic                                     
                          regeneration                                               07836 342495

Miss Agnes H Hunter’s     Disability, education     No min or     Voluntary groups   Write to Jane Patterson                      Various
Trust                     disadvantaged,            max           in Scotland        Grants Administrator
                          children, youth,                                           Miss Agnes H Hunter’s Trust
                          physical and mental ill                                    Pagan Osborne
                          health, older people                                       55-56 Queen Street
                          and homelessness                                           Edinburgh
                                                                                     EH2 3PA

The Foyle Foundation      Wide themes but for       £1,000 to     Constituted        020 7430 9119
Small Grants Scheme       smaller charities         10,000        voluntary groups  See website
Ryvoan Charitable Trust   For wide range of         Not stated    Voluntary groups Contact
                          charitable activities                                      s.aspx?id=sc040707                        organisation

The Ernest Cook Trust     Countryside,              Under £4k     UK Registered   See website
                          environment, arts,        or over £4k   charities&         ndex.html
                          raising literacy &                      schools
                          numeracy levels
The Walton Foundation     For health & education    Not stated    Voluntary groups    Check with
                          projects                                in Scotland        s.aspx?id=sc004005                           contact office
                                                                                     Delotte LLP, Lomond House, George
                                                                                     Square Glasgow G2 1QQ
Jennie S Gordon           Relief of poverty,        Not stated    Charities in    Contact
Memorial Foundation       advancement of                          Scotland           s.aspx?id=sc004705                           organisation
                          education, religion,
                          health, arts, heritage,
                          culture, science.
                          Support for vulnerable
                          people, due to age,
                          disability, ill health.
                          Promotion of animal

Ronald Miller Foundation   Arts, social welfare,       Not stated    Charities in   Contact
                           education, environment                    Scotland           s.aspx?id=sc008798                          organisation
                           & health.

Voluntary Action Fund      Grants to promote &         £500 to       Voluntary groups     15/4/11
European Year of           celebrate volunteering      £1,000                                                                       15/9/11
Volunteering 2011          in Scotland & increase                                       01383 620780
                           number of volunteers.

Edinburgh Voluntary        Priority combatting         £2,000 max    Local registered   Contact Janette Scappaticcio                See website
Organisations Trust        inequalities &                            charities
manages a number of        promoting voluntary                       Not schools
Trust Funds for            action
Edinburgh /Lothians
Network Rail Community     To reduce crime on the      Up to £500    Public sector &    Contact        27/5/11
Safety Fund                railways e.g. trespass &    Up to         constituted                                                    26/8/11
                           vandalism, assaults on      £2,000        voluntary groups   01259 212 079                               28/10/11
                           customers staff, level                    in partnership                                                 27/1/12
                           crossing misuse, anti                     with key Rail
                           social behaviour, crime                   organisations
                           against railway assets,

Garfield Weston            Wide themes – arts,         Not stated    Registered              See website
Foundation                 community, education,       but about     charities only
                           environment, health,        £25 million
                           religion, welfare, youth    available
                           but must demonstrate
                           need & evidence of
                           good financial

Bank of Scotland           For supporting              Max           Community   19/7/11
Foundation Small Grants    initiatives that promote    £20,000       groups             scotland-foundation-deadline-
programme                  financial awareness &                                        applications-approaches
                           money advice, life skills
                           & debt counselling

Sym Charitable Trust    Relief of poverty,       Not stated    Charities &    N/K
                        advancement of arts,                   community             s.aspx?id=SC012212
                        heritage& culture                      groups in
                        education health.                      Scotland

Biodiversity for        Improve diversity &      £100 max      Schools &             Edinburgh Lothians Greenspace Trust         See website
Communities             grow food                              community             0131 445 4025
Energy Saving Trust     Free training, advice,   Various       Community                    Various
                        information & links to                 groups
                        grant information

The Scottish Power      Helping families/young   £100,000      Voluntary groups                 Trustees
Energy People Trust     people in fuel poverty                 & local authorities                                               meet 4 times
                                                                                                                                 a year
Forward Scotland        Community based          £500 to       Constituted,                 See website
                        projects promoting       £300,000      voluntary groups
                        sustainable                                                  056000 10 560
Biffaward                Improve access to       £250 to       Voluntary groups.                           See website-
                        community buildings,     £5,000        N.B. project must                                                 panel meets
                        nature reserves, cycle                 be within 10 miles                                                every 8
                        paths, playgrounds.                    of landfill site                                                  weeks

WREN (Waste Recycling   Improvements to          Small Grant   Non profit                               See website
Environmental)          community buildings,     £2,000 to     organisations and
                        community gardens,       £15,000.       community            01953 717165                                Quarterly
                        public parks, cycle      Main Grant    groups                                                            Panel
                        paths, towpaths in       £15,001 to                                                                      meetings
                        Edinburgh and            £50,000

WASTE ACTION              Reduce/reuse/recycle         £50 to        Constituted            See website
GRANTS                                                 £2500         voluntary groups    Anita Sharkey Waste Education Officer
                                                                                         0131 469 5070

SCOTTISH NATURAL          Green space, natural         Various       Voluntary groups                              See website
HERITAGE                  heritage                     levels                            Karen Morrison, Communities Officer
                                                                                         0131 654 2466
EDINBURGH WORLD           Conservation                 Project       Voluntary groups
HERITAGE                  Grants for the repair of     Funding       or                  Caroline Lyon              See website
                          the historic fabric of the   and loans     individuals         0131 220 7720
                          World Heritage Site

E.On Sustainable Energy   Education, fuel poverty,     Up to         Community 
Fund                      vulnerable people.           £20,000       groups, schools,
                                                                     Local Authorities
CSV Action Earth grants   Biodiversity                 Up to £250    Schools and local
                          conservation,                              groups              2010 scheme ended but planning              See website
                          environmental                                                  underway for 2011

B&Q One Planet Living     Grow your own,               Up to 250     Schools,     See website
Grants                    conserve energy,                           Community           ontent_lookup.jsp?content=/aboutbandq/
                          preservation of local                      groups              social_responsibility_2007/better_neighb
                          culture, heritage,                                             ourhood.jsp&menu=aboutbandq
                          natural environmental.

Forestry Development      Involvement in               Various       Community     Varied
Grants Scotland           woodland projects,                         groups
Forestry Challenge Fund   walking clubs, natural
                          play areas, woodland

Heritage Lottery Fund -   Regeneration of parks        £250,000 to   Constituted                    28 February
Parks for People          & public gardens             £5million     groups, local                                                   2011
                          (includes squares,                         authorities
                          parks& promenades)

Scottish Government’s     Tackle climate change      Varies         Constituted         See website
Climate Challenge Fund    by reducing carbon                        groups
Relaunched                emissions- recycling,                                        David Gunn 01786 468 779
                          renewable energy,
                          cycling, healthy living
Heritage Lottery          Learn more about your      Variable up    Not for profit   See website
Heritage Grants           heritage, conserve the     to £5million   organisations      starthere.aspx     0131 225 9450
Scheme                    UK diverse heritage.

The Tree Council          For tree planting          £100 to 700    Schools or
                          involving children under   75% of cost    voluntary groups                                             See website
                          16. Focus on National
                          Tree Week 26/11/to
Waste Recycling           Improvements to            £2,000 to      Voluntary groups                           See website
Environmental (WREN)      community buildings &      £250k
                          gardens, parks, cycle
                          paths. Change to
                          criteria groups no
                          longer need match
                          funds – WREN can
                          now fund at 100%
UK Waterways Wildlife     Projects on canals,        £2,000 max     Schools or                  30/4/11
Grants Programme 2011     inland waterways e.g.                     voluntary groups
                          conservation tree
                          planting, control of
Scottish Power Green      Installation of            £25,000 but    Voluntary groups         April &
Energy Trust              renewable technologies     mostly                                                                      October
                          – small scale hydro        £10,000                           0141 568 3492
                          electric, wind power,
                          solar energy.
British Gas Energyshare   To develop &               Up to          groups           30/6/11
Fund                      implement renewable        £100,000       registered with    applying/
                          energy projects                           Energyshare

Cattanach Charitable   Work with children          £2,000 to    Registered                        24 April, 31
Trust                  under 10 & their            £15,000      charities – mainly   0131 557 2052                              July, 30
                       families                                 Scotland                                                        October
John Watson’s Trust    Under 21s with              £30 to       Individuals and                        Not stated
                       disabilities or             £2,000       voluntary groups.    Iola Wilson Administrator 0131 220 1640
                       disadvantaged                            Edinburgh &
                                                                Lothians area.
EUROPEAN               Develop personal            Not stated   Voluntary groups                       Check
COMMISSION - YOUTH     responsibility, initiative,              and public bodies    Tip – go to A to Z & select Youth          website
IN ACTION              active citizenship, sport,                                    Programmes
PROGRAMME              healthy living

BBC CHILDREN IN        Disadvantaged children      Under £10k   Constituted                Check
NEED                   under 18                    Over £10k    voluntary groups     Helpdesk Mon to Fri 9 to 5                 website
                                                                                     020 8576 7788
COMIC RELIEF           Direct service for young    £15k to      Constituted          020 7820 5555
                       people 11 to 25 with        £40k up to   voluntary groups
                       mental health               3 years                 
                       problems, alcohol
                       misuse, or exploited
DAISY CHAIN TRUST      Children & young            Not stated   Voluntary groups     Lady Kirkwood, 58 Murrayfield Road         Check
                       people up to age 18                      in Edinburgh,        Edinburgh EH12 6AY                         website
                                                                Lothians &           0131 477 1994
YOUNG SCOT ARTS        Develop creativity- arts,   Up £750      Individuals and      0808 801 0338                              Check with
ACTION FUND            music theatre                            voluntary groups.                         Young Scot
                                                                Members aged
                                                                11 to 26   

UNLTD SPORTS           Part of Comic Relief-       3 types      Young people’s       0141 221 2322                              Not stated
RELIEF FUNDING “DO     grants to young people       up to       groups – aged 18
IT” AWARD              to run own projects &       £1,000       to 21
                       solve problems through      £5,000                  
                       sport                       £10,000

The Brit Trust            Projects which             Small        Voluntary groups                         Not stated
                          encourage young            awards
                          people to participate in

Enid Blyton Trust for     Help for children in       Small        Voluntary groups                    Not stated
Children                  need up to 16              awards

Cash Back for             Start up costs &           £100 to      Voluntary groups                    See website
Communities Small         equipment for new or       £2,000
Grants Fund               established youth
Youth Scotland            groups (10 to 19)

Young Film Fund –First    Young people               Up to £5000 Schools and     See website
Light Movies              participating in film                  community groups       g-film-fund

Cross Trust Scotland      To raise achievement                    Individuals in                  See website
                          of young people            None         financial need or
                          through education/                      voluntary groups

Scottish Arts Council –   Creating or recording      £500 to      Groups working                   See website
Various                   new music                  £30,000      with young people
Creating New Music                                                aged up to 25         Funding for music organisations
Youth Music Initiative
Tune Up Music Touring
Girls on the Move         Increase physical          Max £2,000    Local voluntary      Email          See website
                          activity young women                    groups                0131 554 2561
                          age 12 to18

Bike Club                 Aim to use cycling to      Max £2,000   Local voluntary               every month
                          engage with                             groups
                          children/young people                                         07766 405 369

Youth In Action            European Commission          Various      Voluntary groups    See website
Programme                   122 million Euros to        levels                             g/2011/index_en.php
                           inspire sense of
                           citizenship, tolerance &

Live Unltd                 Start up a business,         £2,000       Individuals aged 11                 No dead
                           sports team,                 max          to 21                                                           lines
                           recreational group, host
                           an event

Dr Guthrie’s Association   Support the care &           Max £1,000   Smaller voluntary     The Grant Administrator, PO Box 28838     Check with
                           welfare of children &                     organisations         Edinburgh EH15 2XZ. Tel 07729             Admin-
                           young people in                                                 018214                                    istrator
                           Edinburgh.                                                      Email
The Lintel Trust           Helping people to stay                    Voluntary group                    See website
                           in their owns homes –
                           older peoples
                           programme and
                           general grants
Nationwide Foundation      Older people housing         Max £5,000   Constituted            No deadlines
                           needs or financial                        voluntary groups
WG Edwards Charitable      Older people                 Up to        Registered            http://wgedwardscharitablefoundation.or   See website
Foundation                                              £5,000       charities   

Baring Arts Foundation     Enabling older people        Annual       Constituted 
                           to participate in the arts   Grants of    voluntary groups      020 7767 1348                             See website
                                                        up to £25k   already in the arts
PATHS FOR ALL              Innovative ways of           Grants       Voluntary groups                    June &
PARTNERSHIP                promoting walking for        £2,000 to    Scotland only                                                   October
                           health                       £40k

Drinkaware grants     Alcohol awareness –         Up to      Voluntary groups         See website
                      innovative alternative      £2,000
                      programmes e.g.             Up to
                      combining with sport        £25,000
                      educational theatre         Up to

Live Well Edinburgh   Promotion of healthy        £250 to    Voluntary groups   See website
Fund                  eating e.g breakfast        £5,000                          s/view/83/live-well-edinburgh-
                      clubs, grow your own                                        fund/?from=All/3
                      NB Edinburgh only

Swimathon             To help people to           £300 to    Constituted
                      participate in & enjoy      £2,500     voluntary groups     oundation                                  6/6/11
                      swimming                               with support of
                                                             participating pool
Scotland Unltd        Social enterprises for      £500 to    Individuals          Eileen Inglis/ Kim Craven 0131 226         Contact
                      social change               £15,000                         7333                      Eileen Inglis

COMIC RELIEF SPORT    Sport delivering positive   £100,000   Voluntary groups &                        See website
FOR CHANGE            change                                 local authorities
BIG LOTTERY           ENCOURAGE                   £300 TO    VOLUNTARY  
2014 COMMUNITIES      PARTICIPATION IN            £2,000     GROUPS/
                      SPORT THEME - LINK                     SCHOOLS/   
                      TO COMMONWEALTH                        COMMUNITY
                      GAMES                                  COUNCILS             0141 242 1500
Sportsscotland        To encourage                £ for £    Voluntary groups.,                    None –
Sportsmatch           businesses to sponsor       match      local authorities                                                apply
                      community groups            funding    and schools                                                      anytime

BAG4SPORT Limited        A way for sports groups     Paid at      Sports groups               Apply
A social enterprise      to raise funds through      £400 per                                                                 anytime
                         collecting unwanted         tonne
                         clothing.BAG4Sport will
                         pay 40p per kilo and
                         clothes are re-used in
                         less privileged

The Volant Charitable    Social deprivation and      Up to        Voluntary groups                      See website
Trust                    women and children          £10,000                         Trust set up by J K Rowling & based in
The Hilden Charitable    Homelessness, asylum        Average      Voluntary groups
Fund                     seekers, refugees,          £5,000
                         disadvantaged young
                         people, penal affairs.

The Rozelle Trust        Support for people in       No           Registered                     None
                         need- preference            minimum or   charities in
                         smaller local charities (   maximum      Scotland
                         not national)
Santander Foundation     Disadvantaged people        Up to        Voluntary groups           None
                         education & training        £10,000
                         and financial capability
The Allen Lane           Asylum seekers, LGBT        £500 to      Voluntary groups                     No closing
Foundation               gypsy travellers,           15,000                                                                   dates
                         offenders ex offenders,
                         older people, people
                         with mental health
Austin and Hope          Homelessness,               Various      Constituted        See website
Pilkington Trust         refugees, victims of                     voluntary groups
The Fuserna Foundation   Alleviation of poverty      £5,000 to    Voluntary groups                See website
                                                     £15,000                         0207 409 3900

Barcapel Foundation        New Scottish charitable    See website Voluntary groups                  See website
                           groups – Health,
                           Disadvantaged Youth                                         01475 521616
                           Heritage themes
The Links Foundation       Relief of poverty,         Not stated  Community groups                     Not stated
                           disadvantage, improve      but                              Criteria being reviewed January 2011
                           education, leisure         £1.2million                      01642 236 486
                           opportunities              fund
Help the Homeless          Assist individuals to      Up to £3000 Small and medium     Email                                       Next
                           return to mainstream                   sized charities                deadline
                           society through                                                                                         30
                           residential or training                                     http//                         September
                           facilities e.g food                               
                           clothing, computers
Heart Research UK-         To support innovative      Up to         Voluntary groups
Healthy Heart Grants       projects to promote        £10,000                          heart_grants.htm                            See website
                           heart health in specific                          
                           groups/communities g.                                       0113 297 6206
Greggs Foundation          People in need             Up to         Voluntary groups,      See website
                           example of type of         £2,000        schools & churches ants.html
                           grant- trips, activities
                           & equipment
Triangle Trust 1949 Fund   Alleviation of poverty,    From £1k to   Constituted   See website
                           promotion of good          £10k          voluntary groups   k
                           health & welfare.
                           Carers, older people
Princess Royal Trust for   Vulnerable young           Up to         Voluntary groups
Carers                     carers                     £75,000                          comic-relief-to-help-vulnerable-and-
Pass IT On                 Provides donated           N/A           For people with    14 Wardie Avenue, Edinburgh EH5 2AB         None
                           computers                                disabilities       0131 476 1645
                                                                                       Edinburgh or Lothians only

ECAS                       Equipment, beds, white Max £500       People with           57 Albion Road, Edinburgh EH7 5QY           See website
                           goods, holidays. ( not                physical disability
                           powered wheelchairs)                                        0131 4752344
                           Edinburgh or Lothians                             
Children Today             For specialist                        Parent /carers of     01244 335622                                See website
                           equipment including,                  individual children
                           electric wheelchairs,
                           trikes, adapted toys and
                           car seats.
The Family Fund            Grants to make life      Variable     Low income            0845 130 4542/ 01904 621115                 See website
                           easier- washing                       families with         Email
(£31million available)     machines, driving                     disabled children
                           lessons, computers and                and young people      National charity
                           holidays                              aged 17 and under
Birkdale Trust for         Advance education of                  Voluntary groups,                  See website
Hearing Impaired           children & young                      individuals,
                           people with a hearing                 educational
                           impairment                            establishments

Big Lottery Investing in   Life Transitions –        £10 to      Voluntary groups,     Big Lottery Investing in Communities        Open till
Communities                Fewer people with         £1million   local authorities,                                                June 2015
                           serious mental health                 community   
£400 million available     or substance misuse                   councils, social      esting-in-communities.htm?regioncode=-
for Scotland               problems entering the                 enterprises &         uk
                           criminal justice system               private companies
                           or experience
                           homelessness. There
                           are two other themes
                           as well
                            Supporting 21st
                           Century Life
                           Growing Community

UIA Charitable           Rehabilitation of         Max £1,000   Registered             UIA Charitable Foundation                   Feb or
Foundation               offenders                              Charities UK       August

The Bromley Trust        Prison Reform – reduce    Variable     Registered             The Bromley Trust                           None apply
                         cycle of re-offending                  charities UK      anytime

The Wingate Foundation   Education & social        Up to        Voluntary              The Wingate Foundation                   See website
                         exclusion –help for ex    £10,000      organisations UK
                         offenders                                                     dation-education.php

J Paul Getty Jnr         Reducing Re-offending     £5k to       Registered             J Paul Getty Jnr Charitable Trust           See website
Charitable Trust         Repairing Lives           £250k        charities UK

The Trusthouse           Urban Deprivation         £1,000 to    Charities UK           The Trusthouse Charitable Foundation        See website
Charitable Foundation    Community Support for     £30,000
                         Drugs & Alcohol                                               http://www.trusthousecharitablefoundatio

The Pilgrim Trust        Social Welfare-           Average      UK Registered          The Pilgrim Trust                           None apply
                         Families affected by      £18,000      charities                                                          anytime
                         people misusing drugs                  Recognised public
                         or alcohol /                           bodies
                         alternatives to custody
                         for women

The Allen Lane           Lasting difference        £500 to      Not necessary to       The Allen Lane Foundation                   See website
Foundation               reduce isolation,         £5,000       be a charity but
                         stigma, discrimination,                must be seeking
                         encourage support for                  funds for charitable
                         unpopular groups                       project

The National Churches      Two grant programmes       Max £50k   Churches  See website
Trust                      Repairs grants -                                         html
                           £10,000 for focus on
                           urgent roof repairs
                           approx £50,000 or
                           Community Grants-
                           £5,000 to £25,000 new
                           toilets & catering
Other support
Community Repaint          Donated paint for          N/A        Voluntary groups   Nearest supplier - Elvon Recycling East     N/A
( Dulux) East Lothian      voluntary groups                                         Lothian - Tranent 01875 615797

Charities Aid Foundation   Help with donation         N/A        Voluntary groups                  N/A
                           processing, bank
                           accounts, business                                       03000 123 222

Charity Technology         Improve effective use of   N/A        Registered                           N/A
Exchange CTX               IT supplies free IT                   charities          Registered charities can apply for
                           equipment, training &                                    product donations from Microsoft,
                           advice.                                                  Symantec, Cisco.
Charity Choice- UK         Register for free goods,   N/A        Registered   N/A
Goodwill Gallery           services, view offers of              charities          yservices.htm
Soloco UK                  A charity which aims to    N/A        Community groups
                           match local projects to                                                                              N/A
SCVO Publications           SCVO publishes            N/A        Community groups
                           information for the                                      ations/                                     N/A
                           sector such as “The
                           Scottish Directory of
                           Funding for the Third


     ORGANISATION              PURPOSE                                                              CONTACT

     Edinburgh Voluntary       Support to the voluntary sector in Edinburgh funding advice,
     Organisations Council     funder finder database, training, also administers Trust funds
     (EVOC)                    through Edinburgh Voluntary Organisations Trust

     Scottish Council for      Support to the voluntary sector in Scotland , policy information,
     Voluntary                 funding information – and guide to fundraising
     Grants net                This is a FREE database where you can search for sources of
                               funding by theme

     In kind direct            Membership organisation – enables voluntary groups to access
                               to surplus goods free of charge.

     Scottish Community        Support to the voluntary sector- administers various grants and
     Foundation                Trust funds

     B& Q                      Waste donation scheme – surplus materials & paint for voluntary
                               groups. Also follow links to social responsibility, waste donation   onment_ethics/ethics/community/grants.jsp
                               & One Planet Living Awards

     Voluntary Arts Scotland   Arts groups – free regular e news about funding opportunities.

     Help with IT              Matches volunteer IT professionals with voluntary groups.  

     Microsoft                 Free/discounted software & training                        

     CHANGEWORKS               Provides information & technical data on energy conservation for
                               voluntary groups. Will also help with funding applications.
     VOLRESOURCE               Useful information for voluntary organisations including links to
                               insurance brokers.

RISK ASSESSMENT         Advice from Council’s own insurance experts e.g. public liability
AND INSURANCE           for Gala Days.                                                      Community_safety/Accidents_emergencies_and_

                                                                                            Enquiries by email please :

PLANNING AN             Advice from Council on planning an event e.g. road closures,        Please see our website
EVENT?                  health & safety issues, licences.

Travel 2 Give Network   Network of travel agents who support good causes                    Charities register with the Network & customers
                                                                                            can make donation at time of booking

Gettingthereuk          Sponsorship- By shopping on line you can donate to your   
                        favourite charity.



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