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									                         Golden Blades Women’s Hockey League
                        Approved August 27, 2008 Meeting Minutes
                                      Canlan York

 GBWHL President                   Jann Bower                Newtonbrook C         Trina Pirone
 Convener, Statistician            Sylvie Hoggarth           Scarborough Sharks    Jasmine Riddolls
 Aurora Predators                  Ken Jenkinson             Sirens A & B          Robert Howard
 Centurians                        Johanne Rappoccio         Tornadoes 7801        Karen Azim
 Barrie Sharks                     Joanne Merkley            Tornadoes 7801        Nancy Lumley
 Barrie Sharks                     Shannon Green             Tornadoes 7803        Vicki Vanderburgh
 Cougars AA                        Sean Fullan               Toronto Buds          Maria Gervasi
 Cougars A, B & C                  Margaret White            Toronto Crush         Jordana Lee
 Etobicoke Dolphins                Colleen Muise             Toronto Crush         Yvonne Tsang
 Grimm Jesters                     Jane Stephenson           Toronto Ice           Carol Davidson
 Icebreakers                       Dale Coville              Toronto Mustangs      Sandy Gregus
 Icebreakers                       Jenn Rumsey               Toronto Phoenix       Kathy Anderson
 Icebreakers                       Lisa Chartier             Toronto Phoenix       Sheena Wigglesworth
 Leaside Wildcats                  Jill Savin                Toronto Rockets       Karen Decker
 Muskoka Bound                     Chantal Perreira          Toronto Stingers      Stephanie White
 Newtonbrook A 2901 / B / Wolves   Linda Starr               Toronto Vixens        Amanda McCurdy
 Newtonbrook A 2907                Tania Mungo

 Treasurer – Karen Rooney
 Mississauga Chiefs
 Toronto Heat

1. Welcome/Introduction
Jann Bower called the meeting to order, welcome and introductions followed. Jann Bower spoke
briefly on behalf of the OWHA representatives who were unable to attend the meeting. Toronto
Vixens, ‘AA’ and Muskoka Bound, ‘C’ were presented with a plaque for their Provincial gold
accomplishment of the 2007-08 season. Team reps were reminded of the August 31 deadline date
for Intent to Register (ITR) forms to be submitted. Reps were also informed that it would be
beneficial to purchase the 2008-09 rule book as there had been numerous rule changes. OWHA
meeting was being held on Saturday September 27, 2008 at the Stage West Hotel.

2. April 30 AGM Minutes
Stephanie White spoke to item 1 wanting to clarify that yes, she would be pleased to attend the
coaching clinics, however, wanted to make it clear that she would not be responsible for arranging
them. With the above noted, Robert Howard moved to accept the April 30 AGM minutes. Seconded
by Tania Mungo. Carried.
3. League Information for 2008-09 Season
A summary was provided informing the team reps of the league fees, payment dates, what the fees
included, league structure, ice time, playoff weekend and exclusion dates.

Linda Starr informed the team reps a guaranteed 2 weekends can be booked off and dates must be
submitted by September 7 allowing a sufficient amount of time for the regular season schedule to be
completed and distributed to team reps.

Trina Pirone spoke about the officiating costs and informed the reps the fees had slightly increased.
Officials would receive $25 per game. 3 man system for the AA games going with the 1.5 hour, the
costs were $50 bans and $35 per linesman. Mandy McCurdy questioned the 3-man system for Tier
1 games. Trina Pirone responded officiating rules state that 1.5-hour games at the AA level must be
officiated by the 3-man system.

Trina Pirone also noted for goalies to be aware of the changes in regards to rules and regulations
regarding goalie equipment. The information is now being posted on the OWHA website and
goalies will have a year to comply with the rules.

4. Most Sportsmanlike Team Awards
Team reps were just given a friendly reminder that the process has changed for the upcoming season.
There would be a sportsmanship trophy for each of the four tiers. In lieu of presenting this to the
team with the least penalty minutes as in the past, all teams would be asked to vote for the team that
they felt was the most sportsmanlike in their respective division.

5. Practice Schedule
Teams were reminded in order to implement all of the practice ice available and to be fair to all
teams, practices were going to be assigned by a random draw for this upcoming season. Practice
times will be Saturday evenings in the 7:15pm and 8:15pm time slots. Early in the New Year, time
slots will be moved to 6pm, 7pm and 8pm. Teams were asked to inform the league if they had no
intentions of using their ice so their team names could be withheld from the draw. Centurians,
Dolphins, Stingers and 7803 Tornadoes declined. Sylvie Hoggarth will contact reps which were not
represented at the meeting. Practice schedule will be distributed to team reps and posted on the
website as soon as it is completed.

6. Playoff Format Tiers 2 & 4
With Tier 2 having 13 teams, Tier 4 having 7 teams there was concern in regards to the league being
able to adhere to the 1 playoff game guaranteed. A brief discussion took place in regards to
suggestions as to what could be implemented to move forth with a playoff procedure that would
work within the ice time allocation of playoff weekend. It was the general consensus that the league,
given its increased number of team entries, had reached a point where it was no longer in the
position to guarantee play off games to team entries. Maria Gervasi moved that in tiers, which had
more than 8 teams, only the highest 8 seeded teams would qualify for playoffs. Seconded by Jane
Stephenson. Carried.
Further to that, Robert Howard moved that Golden Blades Women’s Hockey league remove from the
present and future contracts that teams are guaranteed any playoff games and the playoff format for
divisions with more or less than 8 teams, the Executive Committee to administer the playoff format
prior to the commencing of regular season play. Seconded by Tania Mungo. Carried.
7. Other Business
In reference to December 16, 2007 where games were defaulted, played or cancelled due to
inclement weather. It was asked of the league if the situation would be handled any differently
should this occur once again with the upcoming season. Sylvie Hoggarth responded that if Canlan
did not close the rink, Golden Blades would not cancel any league games. It was clearly stated
Golden Blades does not expect nor does it ask any teams to venture out into situations they feel is
unsafe. There are options as to how the situation can be handled, as some games were defaulted,
some were played and some games both team reps had agreed to not play the game which OWHA
rules state it is to be recorded as a tie with no points awarded. It was asked if those options along
with the proper procedure to follow should a team have to default a game be outlined and distributed
to team rep. Sylvie Hoggarth will outline the procedures, administer it to the teams reps and have it
also posted on the website.

Trina Pirone reiterated that teams cancelling games within 24 hours notice are still responsible for
official and timekeeper fees.

Toronto Phoenix inquired if Canlan would allow the Provincial winners to hang their banners in the
rink. Sylvie Hoggarth will contact the Canlan rep and confirm.

8. Adjournment
Colleen Muise moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Ken Jenkinson. Carried.

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