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Fashion Trends - Top 10 Fashion Trends for Summer 2012 by isidoradesigns


									Fashion Trends - Top 10 Fashion Trends
for Summer 2012
By: Connie Isidora

                                 As the summer approaches, we find ourselves packing away our April
                                 rain boots and spring jackets and pulling out our favorite denim shorts
                                 and summer dresses. Of course, shorts, dresses and skirts are always in
                                 for the summer, but what about the patterns, prints and fabrics that are
                                 trending this summer? This is a list of the top 10 fashion trends for the
                                 summer of 2012, along with some fashion suggestions to help you mix
                                 new pieces with pieces you already have in your closet to create all-new

                                 1) Lace Fabric

                                 Lace is a light, versatile fabric that is in for summer 2012. For casual
                                 looks, choose lace tops or bottoms in neutral colors, such as cream,
beige and gray. For a night out or for special occasions, opt for brightly-colored lace pieces, in colors
ranging from hot pink to teal. Lace tops are great when paired with knit skirts, denim shorts and even
with skinny jeans for those cool nights out. Lace dresses are both elegant and appropriate for a date
night or a reunion with old friends.

2) Whimsical Patterns

We’ve all seen them around -- unique patterns on shirts, skirts, sweaters and pants ranging from
feathers to geometrical shapes to tribal patterns. Pick up a few of these unique pieces and match them
with plain pieces to give them an edge. For example, a baggy feather-print blouse would look fantastic
paired with denim shorts, canvas shoes and accessories like large rings, long necklaces and solid-colored
waist belts.

3) Bright Colors

Bright colors are also in for summer 2012, especially orange! Pick up a new hand bag, a pair of heels or
pair of sunglasses in bright colors such as pink, orange, yellow or blue. These pieces are statement
pieces and are meant to be the main focus of your outfit. Tone down bright colors by matching them
with neutrals. Take a trip out with friends in a white dolman top paired with bright blue shorts, a
matching blue handbag and golden bangles with a few blue accessories like chunky rings or earrings.

4) Floppy Hats

Floppy hats are both great fashion pieces as well as protectors from the sun’s harmful rays. Pair a floppy
hat with a floral skirt and a plan, lace-trimmed tank top with gladiator sandals. Or, pair a floppy hat with
a cute patterned summer dress or romper and a pair of crochet flats. Make sure your accessories don’t
out-shine the hat; that is meant to be the focus of your outfit, after all!

5) Gold – in Fabrics and Accessories

Gold is an elegant and sophisticated addition to your summer wardrobe. Of course, we aren't solely
talking about real gold. Gold-plated or shiny metallic accessories are striking and pull attention to any
outfit. Be minimal when adding gold to your outfits, since a little goes a long way. For example, add a
gold-trimmed belt and gold colored-heels to a little black dress to give it some character. Or, add a long,
gold-plated necklace and gold-plated bangles to your outfit for a little shine.

6) Pastels

Pastels are a summery addition to your closet. Mint green is especially hot this summer. A mint green
pencil skirt paired with a simple white blouse is perfect for the office. Or, if you plan on spending some
time outdoors, match a pair of mint-colored shorts with a leather belt, a cute white crochet top and a
pair of leather sandals. Coral is another versatile pastel to add to your wardrobe this summer. Also, pick
out some pastel jeans, in colors such as light yellow or coral.

7) Stripes

Stripes, especially bright stripes, are very in this summer. Pair a striped skirt with a plain-colored top and
flats and accessories matching one of the colors of the stripes. Or, pair up nautical stripes with a pair of
solid-colored heels and a nice blazer, which you can take off when you get hot. Stripes are also prevalent
in accessories, such as scarves and handbags.

8) Belts

Adding a belt to any outfit will give it summer flare. Add a belt to your favorite summer dress, to a cute
blouse or even to a frilly tank top. Depending on the outfit, you may want your belt to really stand out or
to just tie your outfit together. There are different thicknesses and designs of belt to fit every body type
9) Animal Prints

Animal prints are still in for summer! Mix animal prints into your tops, skirts, shoes, handbags, hair
accessories and even finger nail polish. Try animal print heels with a black pencil skirt or wear an animal
print swimsuit to the pool or the beach. Popular animal prints include leopard, zebra and giraffe prints.

10) Crop Tops and High-Waist Shorts

Crop top shirts and high-waist shorts are popular choices in fashion for this summer. Pair crop top shirts
with skinny jeans, denim shorts and short skirts. Match a blouse to your high-waist shorts, along with
bangles and flats or sandals. Layer crop tops over tank tops if you're uncomfortable with showing skin.
Another popular trend is to wear dark stockings with high-waist shorts.

The most important thing to remember about fashion trends for summer 2012 is to make your outfit
your own. Anyone can copy outfits seen in ads or from store mannequins, but it takes an outfit to a
whole new level when you add your own personal touch to it. Using these summer styles, you can
become a trendsetter among your peers. Don't be afraid to try new styles you would normally shy away
from -- try incorporating a little bit of the fashion trend into your normal style for a brand new look.

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