SA CHAPTER
                                   STRATEGIC PLAN

                  Better Leaders Through Education & Idea Exchange

    YPO develops “Better Leaders through Education and Idea Exchange”
      by providing a challenging environment that promotes the exchange
   of ideas and shared experiences. By inspiring the continual improvement
     of each individual leader, YPO facilitates the acquisition of knowledge
              and, more importantly, the development of wisdom.

           Following are the state-focussed Mission & Vision statements as developed by the
                  SA Chapter within the bounds of the above International statements:

                To be the Pre-Eminent Leadership Organization in South Australia

                       To have the very best people who qualify for membership
            To develop member relationships through participation in Education and Forum
              and to encourage International/ National experiences within first 18 months.


                                   Education program
                                   Members
CORE VALUES                        Good succession plan
                                   Member access / commitment
      Commitment to events        Relationship Building
                                   Forum – for those in it
      Equal standing

      Individuality          WEAKNESSES

      Respect                     Forum, no strict age limit
                                   Number of members, diversity of
      Trust                        members (minority female)
                                   Effective membership process
      Loyalty                     Low profile
                                   University experience out of reach for
      Ethics                       many
                                   New member Induction
      Support                     Members introduced to Forum

      Confidentiality
      Integrity
                                   Forum, age limit Forums
      Family Involvement          Marketing of YPO
                                   Best Chapter for size potential
      Best Members                International or Interchapter exchange
                                   Younger members
      Excellence

      Uniqueness             THREATS

                                   Poor education programme
                                   TEC or similar
                                   Perceived as being intimidating
                                   Hard to sell
                                   Do not look after new members
                                   Too long to accept new members

                                                          ACTION PLANS

    THRUST / ISSUE                   OBJECTIVES                                  RESPONSIBILITY         IDEAS TO INVESTIGATE

Membership            To have 40 committed members within 2         Membership Chair              Aim for younger members
                       years (by 30 June 04)
                       (currently 30 members + 5 member/ 49ers)

                      To implement a streamlined and fast           Membership Chair              Time limit to action new requests
                       process to engage new members

                      Implement a member induction process          Membership Chair              How do we advertise the
                       and ongoing management process                                               organisation

                        Aim for member diversity - 2 women within   Executive                     Identify who will make the best
                         2 years (by 30 June 05)                                                    buddies

                      Implement an improved process to identify                                   Search mechanism
                       potential new members

Forum                 Open forums to be the norm in 2 years                                       Canvas existing members thoughts
                       regenerate forums (by 30 June 05)

                      Implement the age criteria for                                              Encourage attendance to events
                       succession of forum members

                      Prepare by laws to have reasonable            Forum Chair                   Bring training to Adelaide
                       attendance at events before being
                       invited into Forum

                      Forum and moderator training,                 Forum Chair                   Allow sufficient funds in the chapter
                       encouraged to be necessary                                                   Budget for forum development.
                                                                                                    Minimum $2,500 plus index

                      Moderators to meet once per annum

                      All members who want to be in a forum, will
                       be within 12 months of joining
      THRUST / ISSUE                    OBJECTIVES                                RESPONSIBILITY        IDEAS TO INVESTIGATE

Education               Continue to provide a balanced quality       Education Chair               Continue to canvas our
                         program                                                                     membership
                         - business
                         - family                                                                   Getting access to the best
                         - social                                                                    resources
                         - personal
                         - geo political                                                            Taking advantage of resources
                                                                                                     who are not part of set program
                                                                                                    How do we afford the very best
                        International experience within 18 months    Executive                      resources:
                         for all new members                                                         Do we make resource available to
                                                                                                     our executive staff?
                        Always have great ideas                      Chapter
                                                                                                    Capture the education year on film
                                                                                                     / camera

Administration            Build some budget surplus                  Chairman                      Inter-chapter benchmarking

                          Clearly defined roles for each executive   Chairman

                          Appointment of a finance treasurer         Executive

                          Ongoing succession plan                    Executive

                        Support for chapter administrator            Executive


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