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									          Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Between Integrated Youth Services and School??

1.0    The Service Level Agreement (SLA)

1.1    The purpose of this SLA is to:
           Define the relationship between the above named parties
           Outline and agree responsibilities and levels of service
           Ensure formalised monitoring and quality measurement of the agreement
           Complaint and methods of resolving disputes
           Ensure resources are in place to provide legal services that timely, effective
             and value for money

1.2    The SLA represents the intent of the above named parties to enter into an
       agreement of services.

1.3    Both school and Integrated Youth Services must provide at least one full term notice
       to terminate the SLA

2.0    Service/ Project General Information

2.1    Integrated Youth services are part of the People, Communities and Society
       Directorate in Oldham Council.

 2.2    The programme:

        Please see programme document and attach relevant outline

 2.3    The programme will:
            Increase knowledge and understanding of PE and school sport
            Improve confidence, self-esteem and performance.
            Encourage active lifestyles and sustainable club/ community links.

3.0    Level of Service

3.1    Integrated Youth Service will provide the agreed level of service (outlined in 3.2)
       where circumstances allow.

 3.2    The service that will be provided as part of the SLA is:
            Weekly session/s for 1 full academic year.
            1 member of staff per session.
            Appropriate equipment for all sessions.
            Pupil attainments at the end of each delivery block
            Provision of certificates
4.0   Service Standards

4.1   Integrated Youth Service will provide a guarantee of quality assurance and service
      standards (outlined in 4.2) where circumstances allow. Integrated Youth Service is
      committed to the implementation of the Local Authority Equality Standard.

4.2   Customer/ Partner Agencies should expect Integrated Youth Services’ to meet
      the following standards:
           All staff will be fully qualified.
           All staff will have completed a full CRB check.
           All staff to adopt relevant school principles and policies.
           All staff to follow the Integrated Youth Services Code of Conduct
               including principles of punctuality, appearance and reliability.
           All staff to adhere to Health and Safety guidance provided by Oldham
               Council and NGB’s.

4.0   Partnership Requirements

5.1   To enable the agreement to be met the customer/ partner agency will provide an
      agreed level of responsibility.

5.2   The customer/ partner agency will be responsible for meeting the following
           The accompanying teacher/TA will assume overall responsibility for the
             pupils and provide support where required.
           Providing information on the pupil group for planning, monitoring and
             health and safety purposes.
           Completing a register and ensure all relevant information
             (medical/special needs) is recorded.

5.0   Monitoring of Agreement

6.1   Depending on the level and nature of the Service Level Agreement monitoring
      outputs may be agreed by Integrated Youth Services and the customer/ partner

6.2   The Service Level Agreement will include the following monitoring agreement:

            Class register to be provided by the school
            Records of attainment to be completed by IYS

6.3   Oldham Sport Development and the customer/ partner agency will provide
      completed and recorded monitoring at the agreed time and in the agreed format.

7.0   Cost

7.1   Cost and payment agreements will be agreed prior to the start of the project.

7.2   Cost and payment agreements by Integrated Youth Services and the customer/
      partner agency will be honoured as set out and on time.
 7.3     Cost and payment arrangements for the Service Level Agreement are agreed
         as follows:
              The cost of the programme is £?? Per annum for 39 weeks.
              Payment from schools will be via a journal transfer

8.0    Complaints and Dispute Resolution

8.1    Should you have any concerns regarding the provision of HR Advisory Services by
       Oldham Council and the matter cannot be resolved with the HR Manager (Schools)
       then you should write to the Head of the HR Advice and Consultancy, Oldham Civic
       Centre, Oldham OL1 1XJ. In the event of an unsatisfactory service you may also
       contact who will investigate your concerns.

9.0    Term of Agreement

9.1    The Service Level Agreement will commence on date of commencement and extend
       to date of expiry.

8.2    The Service Level Agreement will be reviewed after the date of expiry.

9.0    Service Level Agreement and Contact

I am in agreement of this SLA and its contents:

 Organisation: Sport Devlelopment Service

 Lead Contact:         Emma Jenks
 Position:             Neighbourhood Manager
 Contact details:      0161 770 4053

 Signed:                                            Date:

 Organisation: Details of Customer/ Partner Agency
 Lead Contact:
 Contact details:

 Signed:                                            Date:


For office use only:

Date invoice raised: __________________

Officer Responsible: ____________________
10.0   Integrated Youth – Sport Development contact list

Nick Barr – Youth and School Sport Officer

0161 770 1654 or

Lee Ashworth – Sport Development Officer (Failsworth and Hollinwood)

0161 770 1641 or

Neil Bennett – Sport Development Officer (West Oldham)

0161 770 1639 or

Lisa Morton Smith – Sport Development Officer (East Oldham)

0161 770 3676 or

Anna Shiels – Sport Development Officer (Royton and Shaw)

0161 770 1635 or

Nitin Solanki – Sport Development Officer (Saddleworth and Lees)

0161 770 3683 or

Simon Tait – Club and Volunteer Development Officer

0161 770 3050 or

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