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					      The Eagle has landed
         Published by             Filling out the new executive
                                  committee are secretary Walt
                                  Taylor CF of New Mexico and
                                  vice president Bob Earle of
      SNEFA                       Arizona, along with executive
                                  director Bryan Quinsey.

 Southern New                     Treasurer:
                                  901 (63%) - John Blombach,
England Farrier’s                 CJF
                                  487 (34%) - Michael Joshua
  Association                     45 - Abstentions

    Donna Watson-Editor           President:
                                  785 (55%) - Dave Ferguson,
                                  CJF, TE
  DAVE FERGUSON                   631 (44%) - Jeff Ridley, CJF,
  Elected American                TE
 Farrier's Association            1 - Write in
                                  16 – Abstentions
President and our own
 John Blombach as
  Treasurer at 2006
The American Farrier's
Association's 35 Annual
Convention was a large
gathering of farriers in
Omaha, Nebraska February 23
to 26, 2006.

Headline news from the
convention was the election of
two veteran AFA members and
former board of directors
members from the east coast.
Dave Ferguson CFJ TE of
Cambridge, Maryland will take
over as president. John
Blombach of Westminster,                 Dave Ferguson
Massachusetts will serve as

Tim Quinn of Jeddo, Michigan
will be the board
representative to the AFA's
executive committee.

Ferguson and Blombach
replace Craig Trnka and David
Edens, respectively, who had
each served two consecutive
terms to fulfill the AFA's term
limits. Trnka remains on the             John Blombach
executive committee as
immediate past president.

                                            The Eagle has landed
In other news, the AFA
reviewed a long list of bylaw            BRYAN QUINSEY                   indicate the membership has
changes and approved a                   RESIGNS AS AFA                  grown to more than 3,000
substantial raise in dues to           EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                members. The organization also
$150, from the former rate of
$105.                                                                    initiated a continuing education
                                      Bryan J. Quinsey, executive        program, awarding credits to
National high point and overall       director of the American           members who participated in
high point competition winner         Farrier's Association              AFA educational events and
was Mark Milster CJF of               since late 2003, has resigned.     established partnerships and
Oklahoma.                             His last day on the job will be    buying programs with a number
                                      April 14.                          of companies, notably
The late Vern Hornquist of
New York received the Walt
                                      In a letter to AFA President       Farnham Co.
Taylor award for exemplary            David Ferguson dated March         But not all of these
service to the association and        17, Quinsey wrote,"I have very     developments were popular
profession. His wife Eileen and       much enjoyed my tenure with        with all AFA members. Some
son Josh were present to              the AFA and look forward to        objected to the Farnham
accept the award.                     hearing about many new and         partnership saying it was an
 (this was taken from   exciting opportunities from this   improper endorsement
   Hoofcare & Lameness Magazine       association."                      of a particular brand (defenders
                                      Quinsey was named executive        of the partnership said it
                                      director in November 2003 by
BREAKING NEWS!                        the AFA Board of Directors.
                                                                         stopped short of an
                                                                         endorsement). Others were
                                      His appointment filled the         upset that the continuing
March 17, 2006, Lexington, KY         vacancy that was created in
American Farrier's Association                                           education program called for
                                      June of that year when the         farriers holding the
Executive Director Bryan              board decided to replace John
Quinsey submitted his                                                    organization's certified farrier
                                      McCutchen. Lisa Knapp              and certified journeyman farrier
resignation today. His last day       served as interim director until
with the AFA will be Friday,                                             endorsements to earn a certain
                                      Quinsey assumed the post.          level of credits within a
April 14, 2006.                       Quinsey came to the position       designated time to keep those
March 24, 2006, Lexington, KY         with an extensive background in    endorsements current.
It has been announced that            the equine industry, having        Quinsey also became a
effective April 17, 2006 AFA          been a groom, trainer and horse    lightning rod of sorts when he
Executive Director will assume        manager in the United States       was designated as the
the position of Administrative        and Canada. He had also been a     spokesperson for an AFA task
Director of the Friesian Horse        member of various equine           force's proposed program for
Association of North America          associations.                      farrier licensing. The AFA
(FHANA). His first task will be       At the time he was hired, the      Board of Directors later killed
to relocate the FHANA office          Executive Board directed           the controversial proposal.
from Sisters, Oregon to the           Quinsey to focus on increasing     In his letter, Quinsey expressed
Kentucky Horse Park. FHANA            awareness of the AFA and its       a willingness to work with
has agreed to lease space in the      educational programs, growth       Ferguson and other AFA
same building currently               and retention of members,          officials to ensure a smooth
occupied by the AFA.                  development of sponsorships        transition period. Ferguson was
                                      and alliances with other           just elected AFA president in
This was taken from the AFA website
                                      equine groups and bringing         February, taking over for Craig
                                      fiscal health and balance to the   Trnka who held the leadership
                                      organization.                      post for most of Quinsey's
                                      During his tenure, AFA figures     tenure.
                                                                         (This was taken from the The
                                                                         American Farriers’Journal website)
                                            The Eagle has landed

      President’s                                                             SNEFA
        Report                                                             OFFICERS and
                                     have a Pre-Certification Clinic
Spring has arrived and I hope
                                     scheduled for all of you who are        BOARD of
                                     interested. This clinic is well
everyone is well. The days are       worth the effort for those             DIRECTORS
finally getting warmer. It is time   considering taking the AFA          President – Sean McClure
to remove those winter pads and      certification exams. If not, you    508-797-0023
studs. I can not think of a          can always check out what the
happier time of year.                AFA certification is all about
Springtime brings new growth         and have a few laughs. The          Vice President – John
and opportunities after a long       main thing is to have a good        Blombach 978-874-2806
cold winter. SNEFA, also             time and learn a few things.
continues to grow. Our monthly       Finally, I hope to see all of you
meetings are wonderful                                                   Treasurer – Glenn Eglington
                                     in the coming months because it
opportunities to meet new                                                978-297-2004
                                     can be a long hot lonely
people, educate ourselves and                                  
                                     summer. SNEFA can only exist
cultivate new ideas everyone         by and for its members. SNEFA       Secretary – Jim Zieger
seems to have a great time. It is    is the membership. Your             508-498-5912
great to see both old and new        feedback and input is very
members at our meetings. There       important. So please let me
is plenty to eat, everyone takes     know. So until April 5th.           BOD – Deb Ash
home something from the raffle.                                          603-924-9044S
Most importantly, there are          Sincerely,                
opportunities to learn from the                                                      S
speakers and each other. This                Sean McClure                BOD – Donna Watson
month our featured                        978-386-5857
speaker/clinician/author is                  508-797-0023      
Michael Wildenstein FWCF
from Cornell University's                                                BOD-Mike Licata
School of Veterinary Medicine.                                           603-329-5792
His presentations are always
                                           DICK HAM                      Newsletter-Donna Watson
educational, entertaining and                                            978-386-5857
insightful. I can not wait until             FUND              
April 5 for presentation. I hope     If any of you have apprentices
to see you there. Another            of three years or less that are
terrific opportunity for             interested in applying for the
professional growth will be the      Dick       Ham         Memorial
SNEFA Spring Clinic. This            Apprenticeship,      call    me
clinic will take the place of our    (978.343.2754) and I’ll send
May monthly meeting. Allie           you the application. They have
Hayes, from Horse Science-           to be returned to me no later
Horse Sense, and Mitch Taylor,       than Sept. 1st, 2005. See you in
CJF, will be our clinicians.         September.          For    more
There are very few clinicians        information please contact
who are as knowledgeable on
equine limb anatomy. This is
one clinic no one should miss!        Garth Bodkin at: 978-
More details to follow. We also             343-2754

                                       The Eagle has landed

                           Events Calendar
  4/05/06 – General Meeting –8:00 PM – Littleton VFW - Featured Speaker – Mike Wildenstein –
            Shoeing for Coffin Joint Disease/ Podotrochliosis/ Navicular Syndrome
            Happy Hour 7:30-8:00 PM Directions to the VFW: Route 495 exit 31 onto Rt 119 E, go to
            traffic light at top of hill and turn left. VFW is quarter of mile on left.

    4/ 8/6- AFA Certification – PA Bar F Ranch, Weikert, PA Examiner: Andrew Elsbree,
          CJF All Levels, All Areas Sponsored by Pennsylvania Professional Farriers
          Association Contact: Phil Bower, CJF; 717-677-0024;
**Eligible for 6 hours AFA Certification Continuing
4 /22+23/06- Benefit Clinic & Auction Forge of the late Vern Hornquist, Lockport,
         NY Clinician: Danny Ward Sponsored by Western New York Farriers Association,
         Anvil 21 Club, Jim Linzy Memorial Fund, American Farrier's Association Contact:
         Matt Davis, CF; 585-704-6288*Eligible for 16 hours (8 hours per day) AFA
         Continuing Education
    4/29/06- Farrier Appreciation Day-17th Annual, Rochester, NH. Sponsored by FPD
          Inc.and Meader Supply Featured Clinician- Bob Pethick, CJF he operates
          Bedminster Forge in New Jersey      for more information call Meader Supply @ 1-
   4/29/06- Born to Forge, Mind Games Contest – NC Sponsored by Southeastern Horseshoers on
            Education & Pierce Farrier Supply. Contact: Ben Pierce; 800-452-2593**Eligible for 6
            hours AFA Certification Continuing Education

   4/29/06- Clinic– NS Inn on the Lake, Fall River, Nova Scotia, Canada Clinician: Myron McLane,
           CJF Sponsored by Mustad, Capewell Horsenails, & St. Croix Forge Cost: $35 (Canadian $)
           Contact: David Hayne; 902-328-2775; Hoof_N_Forge*Eligible for 8 hours
           AFA Continuing Education

   4/30/06- Hands-On Clinic – NS Fall River Stables, Fall River, Nova Scotia, Canada Clinician:
           Myron McLane, CJF Sponsored by Nova Scotia Farriers AssociationCost: $150 (Canadian $)
           Contact: David Hayne; 902-328-2775;*Eligible for 8 hours
           AFA Continuing Education
   5/20/06 – SNEFA SPRING CLINIC – “Anatomy and Radiography with MRI” Hands-on Labs
            with Allie Hayes from Horse Sense and Mitch Taylor-dissection complete with his
            “Loading Machine” and Radiology & Imaging – Myhre Equine Center, Rochester, NH
            8-4 lunch included with $100/full participation- $65 “audit only” fee

   5/21/06-PRE-CERTIFICATION CLINIC-Hands-on with Mitch Taylor-Attendance will be
           limited-Myhre Equine Center 8-4, lunch included-$100/person, included all materials. Info:
           John Blombach 978-874-2658 or Jim Smith 603-473-2883

                                        The Eagle has landed
     6/18/06- AFA Certification- Mintvale Forge Farrier Education Center, Cambridge, MD
           Examiner: Pat Burton, CJF.All Levels, All Areas Contact: Dave Ferguson, CJF, TE;
           410-221-0220; Note: Eligible for 8 hours AFA Continuing

     7\16\06- AFA Certification -Mintvale Forge Farrier Education Center, Cambridge, MD
           Examiner: Dusty Franklin, CJF All Levels, All Areas Contact: Dave Ferguson, CJF,
           TE; 410-221-0220; Note: Eligible for 8 hours AFA
           Continuing Education
   8/11/06 Clinic Mount Sidney, VA Clinician: Bob Mederos, CJF Sponsored by Virginia
           Horseshoers Association Contact: Mike Spitzer, CJF; 540-234-9581;
 *Eligible for 8 hours AFA Continuing Education
   8/12/06 Contest Fisherville, VA Clinician: Bob Mederos, CJF Sponsored by Virginia
          Horseshoers Association Contact: Mike Spitzer, CJF; 540-234-9581;
*Eligible for 8 hours AFA Continuing Education
  8/26–27/06-28th Annual Empire State Farriers Association Clinic & Contest -
          Rhinebeck, NY Clinician/Judge: Bob Pethick, CJF Sponsored by Delta Horseshoe
          Co., Inc.; Delta Hoof Care; Empire State Farriers Association Contact: Taylor
          Keenan; 845-489-0954;**Eligible for 12 hours (6 hours per
          day) AFA Certification Continuing Education

  09/06/06 – General Meeting –8:00 PM – Littleton VFW - Featured Speaker – Dr. Brett Gabby, DVM
             Topic: Treating angular and flexural limb deformities.
             Happy Hour 7:30-8:00 PM

  10/04/06 – General Meeting –8:00 PM – Littleton VFW - Featured Speaker – TBA
             Getting the most out of Acrylics and Hoof Repair Material/ Hoof Packing
             Happy Hour 7:30-8:00 PM
10/14+15/06 -AFA Certification – NH Grant Myhre Equine Clinic – Rochester, NH Examiner: Andrew
             Elsbree, CJF All Levels, All Areas Contact: Jim Smith, CJF; 603-312-1748;
   **Eligible for 6 hours AFA Certification Continuing Education

  10/16/06 – SNEFA      CERTIFICATION – JIM SMITH, Myhre Equine Center, Rochester, NH
    11/4/06- SHOE Fall Clinic & BBQ – NC New Salem Stable, New Salem, NC Sponsored by
           Southeastern Horseshoers on Education Contact: Patty Reed; 704-385-
           9352**Eligible for 6 hours AFA Certification Continuing Education

                                     New Policy

                                       The Eagle has landed
A new policy is going into effect after this newletter. If you don’t have the number 06
after your name on the newletter’s mailing address label this will be your last newsletter.
You have not renewed your membership in the Southern New England Farriers
Association. Unless of course you renew now!! Membership application is on next page.

                       Dues are $50.00/year beginning the 1st of September


      Business Name:____________________________________________________________________


      City:_______________________________________________________ State:_________________



      Business Phone:___________________________ Home Phone:_____________________________

      Fax:_____________________________________ E-Mail Address:__________________________

      Send SNEFA membership dues to:

                                       John Blombach
                                       P.O. Box 740
                                       Westminster, MA. 01473
                                         The Eagle has landed

                 Southern New England Farrier’s Association

                                         Code Of Ethics

         We, the members of the Southern New England Farrier’s Association, accept the
        responsibility to practice our profession according to the highest ethical standards.

                                       Therefore we pledge:

             To always provide a quality, effective hoof care service to our clients.
        To continually improve our skills through education and professional development
               To scrupulously adhere to safe and applicable standards of hoof care.
                              To treat all fellow farriers with respect.
      To conduct both our professional and personal lives in a manner to reflect credit on the
                 profession and to set an example of self-discipline for all farriers.
        Encourage fellow farriers and other farrier associations to support and uphold these
    principles, and to question and resist those practices which may undermine or defeat them.

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The Eagle has landed
                                             The Eagle has landed

                 The official news publication of the Southern New England Farriers Association
                                    American Farriers Association Chapter #7

                                      "Written By Farriers For Farriers"

                             Spring has finally sprung !

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