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					The new i-Pods has stirred a lot of responses, a lot of opinions, talking about the pros and cons of its
application, excellent and functions. These opinions are essential especially because of the factor that
the new Apple organization i-Pods was released without a serious study of the industry, of the clients
preferences and desires. From this perspective this is a bold effort and an excellent phase in the
development. The opinions usually factor out the awe and the good results concerning the new i-Pod,
but also emphasize some factors that may give rise to its enhancement. For example, the wonderful
thing about linking the i-Pod films to the TV set and enjoying the movies on it is well obtained. But
however, the factor that the i-Pod films cannot be linked with the pc is seen as a drawback. The
exchange from i-Pod to pc is not possible and this reality may be a recommendation for the developers
and makers.

One of the latest and most popular electronic devices available is, without any doubt, the new i-Pods.
The little system has enhanced considerably since the last designs releasing and the primary
development is showed by the potential of enjoying movies. Still, the new i-Pod is not all about viewing
films or music film segments, as it has various upgrades since the last design, different components and
enhanced capabilities. As the generating organization Apple organization statements, regarding the
development of the product: Observe the development of the trend. First it performed music. Then
pictures. Then pod portrays. Performs film. Publishing and saving pictures was an essential attribute of
the last designs and it still is, even with the new functions.

The i-Pod is known as the last creation of i-Pods, which amazed the industry and the sales since its
overall look. Generally, this new system is able to perform movies. If this seems like fun, the specialized
part might need some assistance. In other terms, the organization Apple organization statements, in a
simply useful ad that it can store 15,000 music, 25,000 pictures and not less than 150 time of electronic

The new i-Pods is a enhanced system with enhanced functions for the interested clients. The new
functions are very well thought out and shown on a slimmer side. Besides, the excellent is up to
320x240, proven reality that may signify an benefits in an era of other hand-held options. On the other
side, it has better amount with no fixed or cutting when turned up to the highest possible amount. You
may also hook up it to the home or car music without concerning about the excellent of the sound.
Another option issues the factor that has a large color screen. Besides, the display is enhanced, as you
may see the pictures even in shiny inside light or in the natural light. Another aspect regards power
supply that may last 14 time or even 20 it is determined by the design you choose.
Firstly, you should know that both the i-Pods can perform H.264 MPEG-4 protected movies with music.
Due to this reality, the excellent is rather restricted, together with the restriction of the bit rates that
you can use on it. After developing these boundaries, the next phase is to identify the source of the film,
which can be either from a DVD or a film of the pc []. The
professionals recommend that the primary use will be the short movies, crazy components taken from
lifestyle. The disagreement for this reality is movies are too little for being seen by too many people at
the same time and require more attention than the sound programs.

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