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             R             1               2             3                      4
             >2.5          2.5-2.9         3-3.4         3.5-3.9                4-5             Score
K            Ad does not Ad                Ad            Ad                     Ad is geared
(3.1)        have a target demonstrates demonstrates demonstrates               towards an
             audience      a limited use   some use of a considerable           obvious
Audience     and does not of a target      target        use of a target        audience and
and          demonstrate audience and audience and audience and                 has a very
Purpose      a purpose     shows limited shows some      has a                  effective
                           purpose         purpose       considerable           purpose         /5

T            The ad does     The message      Ad                Ad              Ad
(1.2 &       not have a      in the ad is     demonstrates      considerably    demonstrates
             clear           confusing and    a message to      demonstrates    an overt and
             message         therefore is     the audience      an overt and    implied
             and is not      not very         for them to       implied         message in
             persuasive      persuasive for   buy the           message in      order
                             the audience     product, but it   order           persuade the
                             to purchase      is only           persuade the    audience to    /5
                             the product      somewhat          audience to     purchase the
                                              persuasive        purchase the    product with a
                                                                product         high degree of
C            Ad is not       Ad is plain      Ad is             Ad is           Ad is visually
(3.3)        appealing       and limited      somewhat          considerably    appealing and
             and almost      effort was put   visually          appealing and   extremely
Creativity   no effort was   into its         appealing and     creative        creative.
             put into        creation         creative                                         /5
             creating it

A            Does not        Incorporates     Incorporates      Incorporates    Incorporates
(2.2)        incorporate     “Design          “Design           “Design         “Design
             “Design         Elements”        Elements”         Elements”       Elements”
Use of       Elements”       with a limited   with a some       with a          with a high
Design       into print ad   effectiveness    effectiveness     considerable    degree of
Elements                                                        effectiveness   effectiveness   /5

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