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									                 Retail Flyer & Pull-Tab Training
Important: When posting pull-tabs and flyers, make sure to put them in permitted locations. As per
Herbalife rules, no materials may be attached to ATM’s, telephone booths, vending machines or
gasoline pumps, or be attached or left in a manner that creates a nuisance or damages property.

Flyer Instructions:
1. Flyers are a great way to advertise your business as well as get your daily exercise and personal
   development. Listen to personal development on a headset.
2. Preparation:
       a. When purchasing retail flyers from, choose the flyer (30/30
           campaign or Weight Loss Challenge campaign), decide on the quantity, and then submit
           your order. Have them personalized with your CP number and “30/30” or “WLC” website
       b. When using the “30/30” flyers on iOffice, you will need to personalize them with your
           “CP” number and “30/30” website address. To add your website address and CP number
           to your flyers, double click on the item you are changing, make the change, and then click
3. How to distribute flyers:
       a. As with Business Cards, you can hand people flyers in exchange for their contact
           information and also leave a trail of them wherever you go.
       b. When placing flyers on cars, put the flyer above the door handle on the drivers’ side. Slip
           the flyer between the window and weather stripping, with the printed side toward the
           window. Do not place flyers under windshield wipers as you could scratch car paint.
4. Take action! Here are some suggestions for locations that are easiest to flyer at certain times of
   day. Grocery stores can be good any time, but parking lots are usually the most full as noted
   below. Times given are for weekdays. It is never difficult to find full parking lots on weekends.

       When                   Which Parking Lots
       8:00am - 11:30am       Office buildings
       11:30am - 1:30pm       Restaurants
       1:30pm - 5:00pm        Office buildings
       5:00pm - 7:00pm        Grocery stores
       7:00pm - 9:15pm        Strip malls, movie theaters, restaurants
       9:15pm - 11:00pm       Movie theaters, apartment buildings
       11:00pm - 8:00am       Apartment buildings

       Remember – during the lunch rush and evenings, people are out in large numbers! Retail
       outlets with big anchor stores and a restaurant in the middle are prime locations. You can
       easily put out 500-1,000 flyers during a lunch rush! Repeat in the evening.

5. See Disclaimers Below.
Pull-Tab Instructions:
1. Pull-tabs (2 to a page) are larger flyers that you can post on bulletin boards, at stores, etc.
2. Preparation:
       a. When purchasing retail pull-tabs from, choose the pull-tab,
           decide on the quantity, and then submit your order (consult with mentor). Have them
           personalized with your “CP” number and “30/30” or “WLC” website address.
       b. When using the “30/30” pull-tabs on iOffice, you will need to personalize them with your
           “Herbalink” number and “30/30” website address. To add your website address and CP
           number to your pull-tabs, double click on the item you are changing, make the change, and
           then click ok.
       c. At the bottom of the pull-tab are small tabs. Make sure you tear off the first tab so that
           others will do the same.
3. When to distribute pull-tabs:
       a. The best time of the day to distribute pull-tabs is 1 hour before lunchtime and evening
           rush. Avoid rush hour traffic! Another good time to put them up is late in the evening
           when it’s too late to make phone calls. People take them down, so you will have to keep
           checking them every few days and replace them accordingly.
4. Take action! Possible places to post pull-tabs:
       a. Bulletin boards
       b. Grocery stores
       c. Backs of bathroom stall doors
       d. Dressing rooms
       e. Apartment complex mailbox areas
5. When putting up pull-tabs do not use an adhesive as it will damage property.
6. See Disclaimers Below.

iOffice Home Business Systems does not recommend any particular amount of advertising or monetary investment in
advertising for any advertising method. People can be successful Herbalife Independent Distributors by using the
products, wearing the button, and talking to people without any monetary advertising investment. All testimonials
regarding advertising, money invested in advertising, or results from advertising, given by iOffice and other Herbalife
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It is not a guarantee of your results.

There are no guaranties of results. Your results will vary. Not everyone will make the same income since the result of
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Average-Gross Compensation for U.S. Supervisors at and

Each Distributor is solely responsible for the amount of advertising they do and the amount of money, if any, they
invest in their advertising efforts to advance their business.

The health and weight-loss testimonials given are examples of what has actually been the result for the individuals
indicated. They are not a guarantee of health or weight-loss results for any other individual, nor are they typical.

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