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             NUMERICAL SUMMARY OF MOTIONS 2006-2009

060101   Board meetings will be held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. (D. Gallagher, B. McKnight 4-0)
060102   Follow the attorney’s advice and deny the claim as the insurance company did regarding a gate
         issue. (D. Gallagher, E. Midyett 3-0-1 McKnight abstained)
060103   Transfer $35,000 into a 5 month CD. (D. Disler, D. Gallagher 4-0)
060104   Purchase one wet vac, one pressure washer and a land line phone. (D. Gallagher, B. McKnight 4-
060105   Remove old contractor’s access code from the entry keypad. (D. Gallagher, D. Disler 4-0)
060201   Accept Rules and Regulations as presented. (B. McKnight, D. Disler 4-0)
060202   Authorize committee to begin interview process for new management company and property
         manager (D. Gallagher, B. Whelan 4-0)
060203   Send final notice to owners regarding 2 rules violations involving improper window display and
         improper storage in parking garage and to include a fine (D. Gallagher, B. McKnight 3-1 B.
060301   Post “2 hour parking” signs and “no parking” by the trash locations (D. Gallagher, B. McKnight 4-
         1 B. Whelan)
060302   Remove garage gate and repair. (D. Gallagher, E. Midyett 5-0)
060303   Hire Greenacre Property as the Association Management Company. (b. McKnight, D. Disler 5-0)
060304   Approve new flooring for 3 elevators at Jim Walters expense. (E. Midyett, D. Galagher 5-0)
060305   Purchase and install a bulletin board in the mailroom (B. Whelan, B. McKnight 4-1 D. Gallagher)
060401   Hire Antonio Pagan as the new maintenance person and for him to start immediately contingent
         on a clean background check. (B. McKnight, D. Disler 5-0)
060402   Proceed with Otis Elevator Company as the company to service the building elevators
         contingent on the revisions made by the attornies. (B. McKnight, D. Disler 5-0)
060403   Seek proposals for building security (D. Gallagher, B. McKnight 5-0)
060404   Blannie Whelan to chair the “parking committee and to work with Crescent on the issue of
         parking along Hyde Park Pl
060405   Provide a maximum budget of $5,000 to purchase a desk, computer equipment and office
         supplies for the new managers office (B. McKnight, E. Midyett 5-0)
060501   D. Disler to chair the Rules & Regulations Committee with additional committee members J.
         Piloneo and M. Gawel.
060502   Personal property to be placed in common areas would require the approval, and if necessary
         the appropriation of association funds, by a committee made up of the board. Additionally,
         temporary items such as holiday decorations would also require the committee approval with
         time frames as to when and how they can be displayed. An exception to this was made for small
         religious icons on door frames. (B. McKnight, E. Midyett 4-0)
060503   Permit one gate opener and access card per parking space per unit with option to purchase 1
         additional access card @ $100. (D. Disler, E. Midyett 4-0)
060504   Authorize a salary increase by $.50 for Tony Pagan in order to make him whole with his
         insurance. (B. McKnight, D. Disler 4-0)
060601   Award Commercial Fire the contracts for the annual testing of the fire alarm and fire sprinkler
         system. (D. Disler, B. McKnight 4-0)
060701   Ratify emergency meeting of 6/24/06 – amend and ratify the need to enforce letter of stay,
         refer to attorney, impose injunction and fine accordingly. (B.McKnight, E. Midyett 4-0)
060702   Approve additional Rules & Regulations as presented. (D. Disler, E. Midyett 5-0)
060703   Post signs on street to state “unauthorized vehicles will be towed”. (D. Disler, E. Midyett 4-1 B.
060704   Proceed with Otis Elevator on an ongoing basis as needed until addendum is complete
         (E.Midyett, D.Disler 5-0)
060705   Use Positive Pools to maintain and service the pool & fountain up to $4,500 annually
         (B.McKnight, D.Disler 3-1 [B.Whelan]-1 [E.Midyett])
060706   Stay with National Janitorial if they meet the lower bid. If not we would go with Global. (B.
         McKnight, D.Disler 5-0)
060707   Terminate the Plant Manager contract (E.Midyett, B.Whelan 5-0)
060801   Approve the revised rules and regulations as presented by Don Disler (D.Disler, B.McKnight 5-0)
060802   Accept new parking rules as presented (D.Disler, E.Midyett 5-0)
060803   Proceed with Ralph Munro & Assoc. P.A. to perform the audit (E.Midyett, B.McKnight 5-0)
060804   Proceed with the purchase and installation of speed bumps to be installed at the entrance and
         exit of the parking garage and pedestrian walkway by the breezeway of the short tower on
         whatever product D.Disler felt was best suited for the project (E.Midyett, B.McKnight 5-0)
060805   Proceed with Global Janitorial if the review of the contract is approved by the attorney
         (B.Whelan, E.Midyett 5-0)
060901   Approve the expenditure of $1,000 for the engineer, Laurene & Rickher, to draw up
         specifications to be given out for bid to repair the N.E. column. (D. Disler, B. McKnight 3-0)
060902   Accept ThyssenKrupp Elevator contract (B.McKnight, D. Disler 3-0)
060903   Accept the proposal from ThyssenKrupp to repair the floor indicator in the passenger elevator in
         the East tower at a cost of $1,142 (B. McKnight, D. Disler 3-0)
061001   Nominate D.Gallagher as President (D.Disler,E.Midyett 5-0)
         Nominate E.Midyett as Vice President (D.Disler, C.Disler 5-0)
         Nominate Don Disler as Treasurer (E.Midyett, D. Gallagher 5-0)
         Nominate Adrienne Beck as Secretary (D. Disler, E.Midyett 5-0)
061101   Approve the revised 2007 budget (D.Disler, E.Midyett 5-0)
061102   Purchase 1,200 wristbands for Gasparilla with a maximum of 10 per unit. The charge will be $10
         for each band over the initial five. Any remaining will be distributed on a first come first serve
         basis. Sign up in the manager’s office no later than 1/7/07 (D.Disler, E.Midyett 5-0)
061103   Purchase a backup harddrive, backup software and scheduler for automatic backup in case of
         emergency and cost not to exceed $250 (D.Disler, E.Midyett 5-0)
061104   Purchase holiday flowers for both lobbies (C.Disler, E.Midyett…motion failed)
061105   Provide materials for wreaths and cost not to exceed $100 – wreaths to be made by Association
         Manager (E.Midyett, D. Disler 5-0)
061201   Approve the collection policy prepared by legal counsel, Steve Mezer (D. Disler, C. Disler 3-0)
061202   Table discussion of the Towing Contract until Section 3:Compensation is better explained
         (D.Disler, C.Disler 3-0)
061203   Approve the proposal submitted by USA Security for New Years Eve for the hours of 9PM on
         12/31/06 to 5AM on 01/01/07 (D.Disler, C.Disler 3-0)
061204   Approve the contract for the repair of the column on the NE corner of the building (D.Disler,
         C.Disler 3-0)
070101   Motion to ratify the towing contract as presented in December 2006 and accept contract.
         (D.Disler, E.Midyett 4-1 [D.Gallagher])
070102   Accept Amy’s Services bid to clean the carpets after Gasparill (C.Disler, D.Disler 5-0)
070103   Appoint Marty Gawel, Janet Bley and Ed Lundberg to the Fining Committee. (C.Disler, ?..5-0)
070301   Request Siemens to proceed with the security camera contract not to exceed $37,000 -cost not
         including the service contract. (D.Disler, A.Beck 4-0)
070302   Approve Son Light Carpet Inc to do the elevator lobby flooring, Amtico Intern Nat’l, color to be
         Oriental Slate brown, at a cost of $7743.23 and to use the carpet reserve for payment. (D.Disler,
         A.Beck 4-0)
070303   Authorize West Coast to remove the 2 bollards on the west side of the drive that keep getting
         hit and cover/cap with pavers with cost not to exceed $520(C.Disler, D.Disler 4-0)
070304   Authorize payment to TECO for a deposit in the amount of $16,000 (D.Disler, C.Disler 4-0)
070305   Accept Real Property Insurance appraisal quote to perform the appraisal at a cost of $2,500 with
         a 2 week turn around (C.Disler, A.Beck 4-0)
070306   Authorize a salary increase for Tony Pagan, maintenance personnel, by $1 per hour on his one
         year anniversary (D.Disler, E.Midyett 4-0)
070401   Keep current light fixtures located above hallway pictures…do not remove them. (D.Disler, A.
         Beck 4-0)
070402   Ratify increase in amount to replace flooring at garage lobby floors for the additional $1500
         additional charge (D.Disler, C.Disler 4-0)
070501   Implement new entry codes for front door access (D.Disler, E.Midyett 5-0)
070502   Accept security camera contract with Siemens Building Technologies in the amount of
         $37,574.56 when exclusion is made and pending attorney changes and maintenance agreement
         (C.Disler, E.Midyett 5-0)
070601   Approve commercial/residential parking agreement (D.Disler, A.Beck 4-0)
070801   Approve commercial parking space signage (as presented by Phillips Development) with no
         enforcement until residents get their car decals (C.Disler, A.Beck 3-0)
070802   Approve enforcement of towing from commercial parking spaces once access codes have been
         changed and decal letters go out to residents (C. Disler, A.Beck 3-0)
070803   Approve additional trash chute access door installed on the seventh floor (C.Disler, A.Beck 3-0)
070804   Rollover capital contribution into retained revenue for prior year (C.Disler, A.Beck 3-0)
070805   Authorize the payment of the $35,000 loan payment (C.Disler, A.Beck 3-0)
070806   Authorize the installation of security signage on the garage gate, garage wall at top of the 2nd
         floor ramp, both front lobby entrances and the pool doors of the 7th floor (C.Disler, A.Beck 3-0)
070807   Formalize an agreement with Tony Pagan, Parkside of One Bayshore and One Bayshore Master
         Association for Tony to work 2 hours per week on the common grounds including Aids Park at
         $160 per month to be paid back to Parkside by One Bayshore (C.Disler, A.Beck 3-0)
070808   Accept the proposal presented by Global Janitorial to clean the hallway carpets in the amount of
         $806.28 (C.Disler, A.Beck 3-0)
070809   Decrease the 2008 budgeted trash line item from $50,000 to $40,000, add $5,000 to building
         supply line item for an elliptical and upgrade gym equipment (A.Beck, C.Disler 3-0)
070810   Second floor signage should read as follows: “Resident’s Guest Parking”, “Association Manager’s
         Parking” and “Association Maintenance Parking” (C.Disler, A.Beck 3-0)
070811   Accept proposal from Naffco for the lobby flooring not to exceed $30,070 and to formalize the
         contract with the following inclusions: how long the installation will take; does contract price
         include finishing of base boards, warranty and sealant. (C.Disler, A.Beck 3-0)
070901   Increase the 2008 budgeted line item for lobby furniture in the amount of $5,000 and increase
         trash fees to $10,000 due to the retail space (D.Disler, E.Midyett 6-0)
070902   Approve the 2008 proposed budget and to send to all owners with the Annual Budget Notice
         (D.Disler, E.Midyett 3-0)
070903   Ratify the Naffco contract amount to the revised amount of $32,995 due to a pricing error
         (D.Disler, E.Midyett 3-0)
070904   Approve the removal and capping off of bollards (D.Disler, E.Midyett 3-0)
071001   Accept the 2008 Budget (D.Disler, E.Midyett 4-0)
071002   Nominate Corinne Disler as President (position accepted)
071003   Nominate Eddy Midyett as Vice President (position accepted)
071004   Nominate Janet Bley as Treasurer (position accepted)
071005   Nominate Adrianne Garcia-Beck as Secretary (position accepted)
071006   Nominate Elizabeth Clifford to remaining Board Director position (position accepted)
071101   Accept modification request by Phillips to removing the double doors from the side of the
         building so there is only one entrance into the proposed Starbucks store (J.Bley, E.Clifford 5-0)
071102   Approve proposed management contract with a 3% increase (J.Bley, E.Clifford 5-0)
071103   Ratify motion for repairs to the fire pump in the amount of $6,745.32 (J.Bley, A.Beck 5-0)
071104   Approve the proposal for painting the service hallway wall no to exceed $700 (E.Clifford, A.Beck
071105   Accept the resignation of current VP Eddy Midyett (J.Bley, A.Beck 5-0)
071106   Appoint Tina Gurskey as Vice President effective immediately – position accepted (J.Bley, A.Beck
071107   Approve holiday decoration on unit doors and balconies and use the same time frame as 2006-
         wreaths on front doors and lights on balconies from the weekend after Thanksgiving Day to the
         weekend after New Years Day (A.Beck, T.Gurskey 5-0)
071201   Authorize a $20 monthly allowance for cell phone charges for the maintenance staff, Tony
         Pagan, as follows: effective on each pay period of 2008, Tony Pagan shall receive reimbursement
         of $10 within each bi-weekly pay check representing approximately 1/3 of his cell phone
         expense to correspond with his business use of his phone; a one-time payment of $40 to be paid
         by Parkside of One Bayshore to accommodate the Nov & Dec 2007 business use of his cell
         phone (J.Bley, T.Gurskey 4-0)
071202   Deny the purchase of an additional security camera and lighting fixture ($7,064 for camera and
         $915 for lighting) for the west stairwell and instead install a non-operational camera and
         surveillance signage (J.Bley, E.Clifford 4-0)
071203   Table further discussion on a maintenance agreement for the security cameras until the end of
         the year pending information on cost of cameras (J.Bley, T.Gurskey 4-0)
071204   Authorize distribution of Gasparilla wristbands as follows: each unit is eligible for 10 wristbands
         – first 5 free, remaining 5 can be purchased for $10 each band. Additional bands may be
         purchased, if available, on a standby request list (E.Clifford, T.Gurskey 4-0)
080101   Approve carpet cleaning with either Global or Dynamic not to exceed a cost of $1,200 (J.Bley,
         A.Garcia 4-0)
080102   Ratify length of time for Gasparilla wreaths from Jan 19th to Jan 26th and banners to be displayed
         for the day of the parade only (J.Bley, A.Garcia 4-0)
080103   Place on to-do-list for upcoming year the camera for the west stairwell and to address as the
         budget allows (J.Bley, E.Clifford 4-0)
080201   Approve the mailout distribution of the proposed Rules & Regulations to all owners with the
         required 14 day notice to be adopted during the March 2008 meeting (A.Garcia, E.Clifford 5-0)
080202   Approve the installation of new plants and decorations in both lobbies less the plants in front of
         the fountain and monolith as well as removing the baskets with small items with a total cost of
         $622.61 (J.Bley, E.Clifford 5-0)
080203   Approve the request from an owner to install a combo lock on storage unit 603 (A.Garcia, J.Bley
080204   Approve the new trash container for the compactor in the west tower – cost of container packer
         box is $4,756.50 (names unknown)
080205   Approve maintenance proposal by Coastal Service in the amount of $1,831 annual fee to include
         1 major and 3 minor services on the generator (as is now required by law) and servicing of the
         domestic booster pump and fire pump (J.Bley, A.Garcia 5-0)
080206   Approve a membership fee of $50 for 2008 to be paid to the Bayshore Condo Counsel (A.Garcia,
         T.Gurskey 5-0)
080301   Ratify pressure washing expense to $1,236.92 (T.Gurskey, E.Clifford 5-0)
080302   Approve the 2008 Revised Rules & Regulations (A.Garcia, J.Bley 5-0)
080303   Decline the maintenance agreement for the security cameras and to repair and replace only as
         needed (T.Gurskey, E.Clifford 5-0)
080304   Accept proposal from George’s Patio to recover the pool furniture with Aztec #FL-026 at a cost
         not to exceed $2,885.50 (E.Clifford, J.Bley 4-1[T.Gurskey])
080401   Establish a Fining Committee and appoint Marty Gawel, Don Disler and Greta Meeks (J.Bley, A.
         Garcia 4-0)
080402   Select TEM as the key fob vendor and request TEM to prepare a contract for our review
         (T.Gurskey, J.Bley 4-0)
080601   Ratify the committee recommendation to fine residents of 1705 for a noise violation in the
         amount of $100 (J.Bley, E.Clifford 4-0)
080602   Move Parkside’s legal representation and collections from Steve Mezer of Bush Ross P.A. to
         Ellen Hirsch deHaan of Becker & Poliakoff (J.Bley, T.Gurskey 4-0)
080603   Approve vacation request submitted by Tony Pagan for the week of July 4th and substitute
         maintenance will be contracted through Global Janitorial (E. Clifford, T. Gurskey 4-0)
080604   Contract H-Rise Window Cleaning to remove the screens from all unreachable dryer vents
         during the time they are cleaning the windows (July 2008) Lint Busters will then remove the
         screens from the reachable vents and clean all unit dryer vents from the inside out
080801   Approve the purchase of option 2 commercial grade elliptical (E.Clifford, A.Garcia 5-0)
080802   Approve Addisons coil cleaning at a cost not to exceed $1,272 (A.Garcia, J.Bley 5-0)
080803   Approve the acceptance of a contract from Bashore Legendre for the 2008 Audit via email and
         ratify at next meeting (A. Garcia, E. Clifford 5-0)
080804   Ratify the proposal for motion lights at the pool area for $968.74 (J.Bley, A.Garcia 5-0)
080901   Accept proposed 2009 budget with the exception of having the line item for security services be
         $20,000 (E.Clifford, J.Bley 3-0)
080902   Authorize the replacement CAM to be Debbie Sainz from Greenacre Properties (E.Clifford, J.Bley
080903   Ratify Augusts motion to approve the 3-year contract proposed by Bashor & Legendre for 2008
         through 2010 for a fee structure of $4,500 for 2008 and $5,00 for 2009 & 2010 (J.Bley, A.Garcia
080904   Approve the switch of phone and internet services from Verizon to Brighthouse with contract
         being signed when fully executed (J.Bley, A.Garcia 4-0)
080905   Approve the purchase of a new computer for the office to accommodate the new jey fob
         software and not to exceed total cost of $2,000 (J.Bley, A.Garcia 4-0)
080906   Present the proposed 2009 budget with the line item for security services to by $30,000 (J.Bley,
         E.Clifford 3-0)
081001   Approve and accept the proposed 2009 Annual Budget reflecting a 6.1% increase (J.Bley,
         E.Clifford 4-1 [T.Gurskey]
081002   Nominate Janet Bley for President (position accepted) (C.Disler,E.Clifford 5-0)
081003   Nominate Tina Gurskey for Vice President (position accepted) (C.Disler, J.Bley 5-0)
081004   Nominate Lori Watson for Treasurer (position accepted) (J.Bley, C.Disler 5-0)
081005   Nominate Elizabeth Clifford for Secretary (position accepted) (C.Disler, J.Bley 5-0)
081006   Approve the signing of the release form by Parkside of One Bayshore requested by Crescent
         (which would state that any expense overages for the trash compactor room repairs would not
         be covered by Crescent Resources) pending approval of the release by the Association’s legal
         counsel as well as a written contract from Hardin with a final contract amount (C.Disler,
         E.Clifford 5-0)
081007   Approve the unit transfer request from Gerry and Pamela Barker from unit 1007 to unit 1705
         with the exception for pet for 12 months starting 11/19/08 (C.Disler, T.Gurskey 5-0)
081008   Authorize the distribution of one key fob per unit bedroom at no cost with the option to
         exchange one access card for an additional key fob at no additional cost (E.Clifford, C.Disler 5-0)
081009   Authorize the deactivation of current keypad entry access codes to be January 15, 2009
         (C.Disler, E.Clifford 5-0)
081010   Authorize the review of the current collection policy with Greenacre to accelerate the process
         on collections (C.Disler, E.Clifford 5-0)
081101   Rollover the excess funds from 2008 to 2009 (E.Clifford, C.Disler 4-0)
081102   Permit holiday decorations limited to a wreath on the unit door and lighting on balconies
         between 11/29/08 through 01/04/09 (C.Disler, E.Clifford 4-0)
081103   Authorize the distribution of 5 free Gasparilla tickets per unit and 5 additional tickets to be
         purchased at a cost of $10 per ticket. Additional tickets can then be purchased per a wait list
         after initial requested tickets have been distributed to all units (C.Disler, L.Watson 4-0)
081104   Authorize contracting Vanguard Cleaning services as the new janitorial company with a start
         date of January 1, 2009 (E.Clifford, C.Disler 4-0)
081105   Approve the 2008 performance bonus to be paid to Tony Pagan with his 12/19/08 payroll
         (E.Clifford, L.Watson 4-0)
081106   Reschedule the December board meeting from 12/23 to 12/16 at 6:30PM (E.Clifford, C.Disler 4-
081107   Permit owners to exchange only one access card for one additional key fob at a cost of $25. A
         maximum of two additional key fobs can be purchases at a cost of $50 each through 01/15/09
         and thereafter at a cost of $100 each. A maximum number of door devices allowed per unit is as
         follows: 1 bedroom = 5 door devices; 2 bedroom = 6 door devices; 3 bedroom = 7 door devices
         (L.Watson, C.Disler 4-0)
081108   Provide realtors access to the property by appointment only after 01/15/09 code deactivation or
         to utilize a door access device. All other vendors will need to get direct access by the unit
         residents or by the managers office (C.Disler, L.Watson 3-0)
081109   Accept the resignation of Tina Gurskey. Appoint Adrianne Garcia to the vacant board position
         (position accepted) (J.Bley, C.Disler 4-0)
081110   Appoint Corinne Disler to the Vice President position (position accepted) (A.Garcia, E.Clifford 5-
081201   Temporarily relocate the 2 recycle bins currently located on the pool deck to the interior of the
         7th floor garage level near the pool entry doors until doorman services begin (L.Watson, C.Disler
081202   Install latch locks on both doors to the exterior transformer areas pending approval by the fire
         marshall (C.Disler, E.Clifford 4-0)
081203   Proceed with US Security as provider for doorman services for a maximum of 40 hours per
         weekend unless they can accommodate us for 36 hours (L.Watson, C.Disler 4-0)
081204   Table all discussions for painting the sprinkler pipes in the garage areas in order to do more
         extensive research (L.Watson, E.Clifford 4-0)
081205   Authorize Bay Area Windows to do the window cleaning of the exterior residential and retail
         windows (L.Watson, C.Disler 4-0)
081206   Authorize Conserv to do the insulation repairs on the common area a/c units at a cost of $5,760
         using the .30 gauge thickness & for Philips to negotiate on their own with Conserv (L.Watson,
         C.Disler 4-0)
081207   Authorize the purchase of 11 thermostats for the common areas and to authorize All Tech Air to
         replace and install with the cost not to exceed $2,000 (C.Disler, E.Clifford 4-0)
081208   Hire security services for New Years Eve and Superbowl (E.Clifford, C.Disler 3-0)
081209   Open up wristband sign up on 01/12/09 and close on 01/26/09 – then begin distribution of the
         wait list requests (E.Clifford, C.Disler 3-0)
081210   Allow Gasparilla wreaths on unit doors from 01/24/09 (childrens parade) through 02/08/09 (day
         after Gasparilla) (E.Clifford, C.Disler3-0)
081211   Allow banners and flags on balconies only on the day of Gasparilla, 02/07/09 (C.Disler, E.Clifford
090101   Allow owners and renters free advertisements in the association newsletter with the ad
         submitted to the association manager and post at the discretion of the Board (C.Disler, A.Garcia
090102   Hire US Security for Superbowl Day, 2/1/09, for the hours of 5PM-1AM (C.Disler, L.Watson 5-0)
090103   Hire US Security for Gasparilla Kids Parade, 1/24/09, for the hours of 3PM-11PM (C.Disler,
         L.Watson 5-0)
090104   Authorize CastleKeepers to clean all the hallway carpets the Monday after Gasparilla at a cost of
         $2,037.60 (C.Disler, L.Watson 5-0)
090105   Accept the bid as presented from TAW for semi-annual maintenance at a cost of $893.45
         (A.Garcia, C.Disler 5-0)
090106   Hire US Security for Gasparilla evening, 2/7/09, for the hours of 6PM-4AM (E.Clifford, A.Garcia
090201   Get a legal opinion to establish our abilities to be allowed to perform and set criteria on denials
         based on criminal screening and to continue discussions (E.Clifford, A.Garcia 4-0)
090202   Make the Guest Registration Form an addendum to the Rules & Regulations (A.Garcia, E.Clifford
090203   Authorize the association manager to send the new guest registration form to all
         owners/residents via email and to post on the bulletin board in the mailroom. (A.Garcia,
         E.Clifford 4-0)
090204   Approve the revised lease approval form and the two addendums.(L.Watson, A.Garcia 4-0)
090205   Price Gershel for two used plastic carts with a maximum cost of $200 including
         shipping.(A.Garcia, E.Clifford 4-0)
090206   Deny the request to purchase automatic air deodorizers for the lobby areas and fitness room.
         (A.Garcia, L.Watson 4-0)
090207   Authorize the exterior stairwell doors be rekeyed to match the master key.(A.Garcia, E.Clifford
090208   Authorize Thyssen Krupp to perform the rekeying of the elevator uniform key access at a cost of
         $4,537 as required by Florida State Law and to be completed no later than 10/1/09. (E.Clifford,
         A.Garcia 4-0)
090209   Appoint Gerald Kluft to the Fining Committee to replace Don Disler. (A.Garcia, E.Clifford 4-0)
090210   Table discussion of the pool rules to the March 2009 meeting. (E.Clifford, A.Garcia 4-0)
090301   Approve the purchase of a fire proof safe to store the Associations original signed documents
         and building construction plans for a cost of $119.99 as proposed. (A. Garcia, L.Watson 4-0)
090302   Appoint Hunter Reichert, owner of #1402, to the Fining Committee and remove Ed Lundberg.
         (C.Disler, A.Garcia 4-0)
090303   Move Agenda Item (E) before Item (D). (A.Garcia, C.Disler 5-0
090304   Take no action on providing a six digit code to those owners that are experiencing problems
         with the keypad dialing since we have confirmed that it is a problem with the individuals cell
         phones and no the keypad. (C.Disler, E.Clifford 5-0)

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