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Present: Councillor Mrs R. Meadows, Mayor in the Chair
Present: Councillors: Mrs. Adamson, Cummings, Glover, Mrs. Heron,
Hepple, Maddison, Nairns, Mrs. Richardson, Robinson, Steel, Robson,
Todd, Mrs. Turner, Wilkinson (15).
Susan Brown, Hetton Centre Management and Coalfield Community Co-
ordinator gave a presentation to Members about a recent initiative funded
by a Grant from Gentoo, regarding planting areas with flower bulbs in
association with community groups. Susan also explained about various
funding initiatives available to the Coalfield area.

1.     Apologies for Absence
Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Mrs. Blackburn, J.
Blackburn, Mrs. F. Anderson, R. Heron, Mrs. D. Storey, Tate (6).

2      Minutes of the last Meeting held on 18th October, 2010.
It was noted that in Item 6, Councillor Mrs. Turner had been referred to as
Mrs. Taylor, that error to be corrected, it was MOVED by Councillor
Robinson, seconded by Councillor Cummings and RESOLVED that the
Minutes be received and accepted as a true record.

3      Matters Arising from Minutes
None raised.

4      Declarations of Interest
Councillor Mrs. Adamson and Mrs. J. Heron declared personal and
prejudicial interest in Item 11 Planning Consultations.

5      To adjourn the meeting to allow public participation

At this point four residents from East Rainton, representing a number of
residents who were lodging objections to proposed development planning
application at Middle House, East Croft and Summer House Farm (English
Grain Co.) East Rainton.
(N.B. Application ref no 10/03311/FUL was considered at the HTC
Meeting on 18th October, 2010, when no objections/observations were

However, the residents, whilst not objecting in principal to development,
highlighted several concerns which they were to lobby to the City Council
Development Control Committee on 30th November, 2010.

Specific issues related to in particular, the height, over 10 metres, of
proposed three storey properties, whilst the village of East Rainton was
predominantly bungalows and traditional semi-detached properties, also
the development was giving concern regarding access from Durham Road
and pathway provisions. Individual persons refered to individual issues
which affected their properties.

The Mayor thanked the residents and they left the meeting.

Subsequent to this representation and explanation of particular issues and
concerns expressed , The Town Clerk was instructed to advise the City
Council Development Control Section:

‘Following the representation and receipt of further details, the Town
Council wish to formally request an additional site meeting to examine
precise matters which are now evident from details obtained.’

6      Ward matters raised by Members
Councillor Hepple – advised Members of a report of a meeting held on 22nd
October regarding provision of XL Youth Village facilities (mobile
provision) which was to be located at The Flats, Easington Lane, as the
winter village location. The meeting had noted the success of the provision
in reducing incidents of youth disorder when XL was in operation.
However, Members were advised of a shortfall in funding for this period in
Easington Lane.

It was moved by Councillor Glover and seconded by Councillor Robson
that a £300 grant allocation from existing budget provision be made
available to this project.

Councillor Hepple – referred to the provision of street furniture seating and
the issue concerning the use as a Memorial acknowledgement to deceased
Town Councillors.

This issue to be referred to Finance Committee to examine.

Councillor Mrs. Heron – reported that she will be attending the City
Coalfield Area Committee on Wednesday, 3rd November, 2010 and
referred to the S.I.P. funding proposal for additional road markings traffic
control at Church Road/Regent Street which she was in opposition to and
the committee would note as such.

Councillor Mrs. Turner – referred to the Lee Terrace Care of the Aged hut
which is used by Tuesday Disabled Persons Club and they are now
concerned what the future of the building and subsequent owner.

The Town Clerk to investigate and report back.

Councillor Wilkinson – referred to the need for street signage to advise of
the locations of Hetton Health Centre and Easington Lane Cemetery.

Councillor Glover – referred to the ongoing flooding problem of the
footpath at Front Street, Parry’s Butchers Shop.

No action had yet been taken as promised by Northumbria Water.

Councillor Todd – referred to the project planned by the community led by
Bob Moody to purchase and relocate a pit-pully wheel as a memorial
feature located in the Town Centre.

The Town Clerk to discuss with Susan Brown regarding funding.

Councillor Richardson – reported that during the half term school holiday
week, families with young children were unable to use the small learner
pool at Hetton Community Pool and was advised it was closed due to staff

Mrs. Richardson asked that this be queried and if it was a regular issue.

Councillor Nairns – again reported that on Stands B, C & D at the
Transport Interchange the fluorescent lighting was still not operational.

7       Christmas Illuminations Project, Friday, 26th November, 2010
The Town Clerk advised Members that formal Civic Invitations had been
sent out in respect of this event.

Councillor Hepple advised Members of the situation of the illumination of
the Christmas Tree and the associated expenditure.

8      Remembrance Services 2010
The Town Clerk reported to Members that all arrangements were in hand
for the two events, Thursday, 11th November, Hetton Centre and Memorial
Park, Sunday, 14th November, Apostolic Church, Easington Lane and
Clock Tower Memorial.

Invitations to attend had been extended to schools, Community Groups and

9.     Northumbria Police Community Forum

To be held on Wednesday, 3rd November, 2010, 7.00 p.m. at The Hetton
Centre. It was confirmed that Councillor Robinson and Councillor Hepple
to attend and represent the Town Council.

10     The Town Courier – Autumn Issue

The Town Clerk reported that the new issue of The Courier would be
distributed to all households in the district during week 3 – 6th November,

11     Planning Consultations
                    Application No. 10/03367/FUL
                   9 Lyons Avenue, Easington Lane
       Removal of timber garage – replacement of concrete garage

                      Application No. 10/03366/LAP
                        East Rainton Primary School
             Installation of 1200mm high netting to 1800 wall

In respect of the above two applications no observations/objections were

                     Application No. 10/02420/FUL
     Land adjacent to Southern House, Mill Terrace, Rainton Bridge
     Erection of 8 detached dwellings with associated access road and

Members requested a site meeting be arranged with the City Planning
Officer responsible for the project.

                   Signed Councillor Mrs. R. Meadows


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