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					                                 The Pierre Condominium Association
                               2100 Lincoln Park West Chicago, IL 60614

I.       Call to Order: The Board Meeting was called to order at 6:38 p.m. A quorum was noted. Larry Stotts
Robin Levin, Alie McManus, Timothy M. O’Brien and Property Manager Laurie Velasquez from Wolin-Levin were
present. Gera-Lind Kolarik arrived after the meeting began.

II.      Approval of Minutes: The draft Meeting Minutes from the January 26, 2012 meeting were circulated to
all Board members before the meeting; Tim O’Brien made Motion to approve the draft minutes of January 26,
2012; Robin Levin seconded; Motion was passed.

III.     Treasurers Report: Larry made Motion to hire services of Tracy Dorencz to record meeting minutes and
to pay that individual $200 per meeting for which the minutes are approved; Motion was seconded and passed.

IV.      Management Company Report
-The newly selected contractor and proposal for duct work in 11BN is complete and the project approved to go
ahead. Laurie will inform David Alex.
Board has one estimate for Garage Floor membrane replacement; waiting additional bids.
-Canopy repair is complete; repaired canopy will be installed near end of March/beginning of April
-The Care of Trees provided estimate of $356 to continue service order for care of trees in front of bldg. Laurie will
place the service order.
-Laurie to order products to shatter-proof windows with film & board up material; & protect lobby doors in prep for
NATO & G8 Summits

V.        Building Engineer Report from Titus
- Continued to paint the fire sprinklers pipes (red) and all garage pipes (black)
- Filled up canisters with gas fuel for snow blowers and power wash machines.
- Snow blower needed repair. Completed by Titus; 7FN Moved out (January 27th); Fire Department tested the
Elevators; 7FN main door self closing device reinstalled after move out.
- Otis / Elevator Co checked the elevators at request of Fire Dep. Representative.
- Repaired (like new) the trash can from Exercise Room.
- Security Shop: Orange key for unit 11EN, 6AN; 6EN toilet repair; Carriage lights (outside): replaced
red/green/yellow with normal lights.
- Outside Christmas tree lights removed (54F); 4IN walk thru; 3ES walk thru; 7AN/CN 2 main bath tub drain
serviced; investigated the possibility to find a company who recycle the mercury vapor bulbs.
- Shop at: Walgreens, Home Depot, Faucet Shop, Security Shop; 5FN: instant hot water dispenser estimate (Polo
Plumbing); Domestic pump repair (pump room): new packing provided by HP Service.
- Located the 11AS storage locker (#96); 7FN storage locker (#91); Cleaned all the chutes.
- Washed all (4) trash containers; Ordered 2 new 95 lb trash container from Grainger (received!)
- Cleaned all 12 floor chutes; Key board not working on the main doormen desk. Titan security fixed the
problem; 3 more lobby remotes programmed; Garbage chute lights replaced in 5th, 6th and 7th floor.
- Maximum Chimney service inspection of the 11BS chimney. Estimate handed to the management.
- 4CN walk thru; East garage door spring broken. Called the Raynor Service Co. A temporary clamp was placed
until a new (ordered) spring arrives.
- 7AN/CN: investigated the claim that the water in the bathroom sink has a milky (?) color.
- Colhane Remodeling Co, walk thru in unit 11BN. HVAC checked!
- Vacuumed the lower garage. This performance supposed to be completed by someone else. (I’ll explain later)

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- 10CS HVAC quick repair! ; Water leak investigation in 8FN (Kitchen)
- Electrical room exhaust fan taken by Monroe Heating Co to repair. (reinstalled few days later)
- Thermostat repair for the heater. (Lower ramp); Polo Plumbing repair in unit 8FN (kitchen sink)
- Water shut off for FN kitchen tier; Garage drain cleaned up; Garage exhaust repair. (north)
- Laundry room collection: $405.26 (?); 3BN small electric repair; Cleaned party room
- Checked water pressure in 9ES/DS; Repaired faucet in unit 7EN; Investigated the noise in unit 8FN (popping
sound! Strange!); 11BS wall paper checked; AT&T free lunch! (Feb 14th); AT&T Q/A meeting (Feb 23)
- G8 Summit meeting (Wolin Levin); 5ES kitchen suds investigation; CPO classes taken and passed: 93%
- Exercise room water dispenser repair; Exercise machine maintenance/repair; 11DN kitchen cabinet door quick
repair; 5AS trying to troubleshoot the dishwasher. Water is not spraying out. Water is present. Pump? GE technician
said that it is a clog in the water line supply! Must buy a stainless steel (12ft) water connection and replace the hard
copper tube (pipe). To be completed ASAP.
- Building daily walk thru; 10BN bathtub service; Paint pipes in pump room; Cleaned /vacuumed the bikes areas.
- 3rd coil heating system cleaned by Juan, painted a day later by Titus; Pool mechanical system checked by
Poolside Co. Estimate faxed to Laurie.
- Pictures taken of 3 heating system that needed service and insulation; Conference with Laurie Velasquez;
Conference with Tim O’Brien; Cleaned all pine branches from the outside planters; Fixing the mix valve in Chiller
Room (in progress!); Monthly elevator check; Smithereens service for the building.
- 3CS/DS complained about garage door being too noisy. I called the Raynor door Co to check and could find
nothing out of ordinary. The LaVelle are not satisfied with the result. I’ll try to call the Raynor doors again to see
what else needs to be done; Walk thru with Laurie and Titan Security for Cameras and Key Fob installation.
Projects: To clean and paint all the existing pipes up to codes; To have redone all the garage and roof deck surface;
To have the back alley repaired; To have the 3 way valve replaced in Boiler room.

VI.       Committee Reports:     Exercise room: Survey to be completed soon        Cable & Internet: No
report or activity   Clean Air: No report or activity      Garage Committee: No report or activityBudgeting
Committee: No report or activity          Security: No report or activity

VII.     Old Business: None discussed.

VIII.    New Business: None discussed.

IX.       Unit Owner Comments:
Unit Owner asked if garage was to be closed to outside parkers during NATO/G8 Summits and Board advised yes,
Board is formulating security program which will probably result in all outside parkers being excluded from garage
for the days & nights of the meetings.
-Unit owner mentioned guest bathroom sink: hot water coming out cloudy/milky for past several months since
plumbing work @ building began. Laurie will have Titus ask Sean Monroe to look @ issue.
-Unit owner mentioned roof deck being locked for security reasons and being able to get the key to grill on the roof;
Owner was advised that Building Rules apply to ALL owners, not SOME owners; and The Board will discuss this
issue and make a decision regarding current rules and potential rules’ revisions.
-Unit owner asked whether asbestos has been found in the building; owner advised that none known or detected.
-Unit owner again mentioned new additional labels on the recycling bins
Unit owner asked Board to refrain from installing security camera in Exercise Room; was advised that notice will be
given, for appropriate discussion, if and when that installation is to happen.
-Unit owner asked about getting info re: a lobby camera channel on the televisions @ the Pierre
-Unit owner mentioned acquiring a handicap accessible entrance into the rooftop pool, such as a stairway with
railings on each side. Geralind to work w/Laurie and Rehab Institute Chicago on this issue.

Adjournment: Motion was made to adjourn the meeting; Motion was seconded and carried unanimously; Meeting
was adjourned at 7:36 p.m. The Board entered closed session and then exited closed session for a vote: Tim voted to
amend the rule as to the game room hours, which are presently 6AM to 12AM; new amended hours are 9AM to
9PM Sunday through Thursday; 9AM to 10PM Friday and Saturday; Motion was seconded and passed. Board went
back into closed session and then emerged with no further vote taken at 7:58 p.m. Motion again made to adjourn;
motion was seconded and passed. Next regular Board meeting is on April 5, 2012 at 6:30pm.

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Respectfully submitted by Tracy Dorencz c/o Robin Levin

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