ITPMP roject Manager Qualifications by 1LpRc16T


									Project Manager Training/Certification/Experience Record
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Project Management Training/Qualification
Training Organization                       # Hours        Date                                                                     Course, Type of Training, Testing

Project Management Certification
Certifying Organization                                    Date                                                                           Type of Certification

Project Management Experience

Project Name                                # Hours   Project End Date                Project Cost            Type of Involvement           Give a brief description (250 words or less) of the project management tasks you managed

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Element K                                   <4 hrs
Samuels Training and Resource Development   5-8 hrs
Virginia Information Technologies Agency    9-16 hrs
                                            17-24 hrs
                                            25-32 hrs
                                            32-40 hrs
                                            >40 hrs
Commonwealth Project Management Overview Training
Commonwealth Project Management Core Process Testing
Commonwealth Project Management Faciliating Process Testing
Element K Project Management Fundamentals: Second Edition
Project Management Best Practice Strategies for Success
Project Management Institute (PMI)
American Society for the Advancement of Project Management (ASAPM)
International Project Management Association (IPMA)
Association for Project Management (APM)
The American Academy of Project Management (AAPM)
International Association for Project and Program Management (IAPPM)
Project Management Professional (PMP)   Low    Project Manager             High School
Senior Project Manager (SPM)            Medium Functional Team Lead        Some College
Certified Project Manager (CPM)         High   Technical Team Lead         College Graduate
Master Project Manager (MPM)                   Business Analyst Lead       Advanced Degree
                                               Testing Lead
                                               Assistant Project Manager

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