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The National Association of Chimney Engineers (NACE) is a trade association for chimney engineers and operates a registration scheme for
companies involved in the construction, lining and repair of chimneys. The objective of the scheme is to provide a register of specialist
contractors to ensure that the general public requiring work to be carried out on a chimney or flue can be put in touch with a company
competent to carry out the work.
Companies applying for membership are inspected whilst carrying out the types of work for which they wish to become registered and have to
satisfy the NACE inspector that a level of knowledge on the subject and the regulations has been obtained and that they are competent to
carry out this work. HETAS Ltd. independently assesses and supervises this NACE scheme.
Companies are registered in any of the following categories of work:
     a)   The installation of NACE Cast in–situ Concrete Lining System.
     b)   The installation of stainless steel linings suitable for gas, oil, and solid fuel.
     c)   The lining and construction of chimneys using rigid sectional liners.
     d)   The construction of prefabricated chimney systems.

The following provides a list of companies registered as members of NACE for 2009, (HETAS information list updated to date given below),
together with the categories for which they are registered. A list of Associate Members of NACE from within the chimney product industry is
also given. These associate companies do not meet the HETAS/NACE scheme requirements for registration.
For information on the members please contact the National Association of Chimney Engineers at the following address:
PO Box 849
Tel: 01526 322555
Fax: 01526 323181
Email: info@nace.org.uk
Web: www.nace.org.uk
                                        (HETAS information list updated on 24th August 2009)

                                               NACE INSTALLER
                                               MEMBERSHIP LIST
Berkshire                                             Cornwall                                     Derbyshire
Categories: b, c, d                                   Categories: a, b, c, d                       Categories: a, b, c, d
Ascot Associates Chimney Services Ltd.                Flu Line (SW) – (Heating S.W. Ltd).          ShellCast Chimney Systems
8 Greenways Drive                                     Miller Business Park                         Sunny Bank
Sunningdale                                           Station Road                                 Park Lane
Ascot                                                 Liskeard                                     Wingfield Park
SL5 9QS                                               PL14 4DA                                     Alfreton
Tel: 01344 626561                                     Tel: 01579 345678                            DE55 7LR
Fax: 01344 623832                                     Fax: 01579 346439                            Tel: 01773 831193
email: info@ascotassociates.co.uk                     email: enquiries@heritagecookers.co.uk       Fax: 01773 836644
Carmarthenshire                                       County Kildare
Category: b                                           Categories: b, d                             Devon
J. Carroll Property Maintenance                       Action Chimneys                              Categories: b, c, d
32 Station Road                                       Unit W4E Tougher Business Park               H E Richards.
Upper Brynamman                                       Naas                                         St Mawgan
Ammanford                                             County Kildare                               Moory Meadow
Caernarfon                                            Ireland                                      Coombe Martin
SA18 1SF                                              Tel: 045 433334                              EX34 0DG
Tel: 01269 825010                                     Fax: 045 435834                              Tel/Fax: 01271 882670
                                                      email: office@actionchimneys.ie
Clackmannanshire                                                                                   Categories: b, c, d
Categories: b, c, d                                   Cumbria                                      Kenwyn Stoves & Chimney Co. Ltd.
D. Henderson Chimney Specialist &                     Categories: a, b                             6 Cornmarket Street
Roofers Ltd.                                          Phoenix Chimneys Ltd.                        Torrington
Marshall House                                        1a The Old Cooperage                         EX38 8EY
Glenfoot                                              Gatebeck                                     Tel/Fax: 01805 623521
Tullicoultry                                          Kendal                                       email: john@kenwyn-stoves.co.uk
FK13 6BT                                              LA8 0HW                                      Web: www.kenwyn-stoves.co.uk
Tel: 01259 753408                                     Tel: 01539 567792
Fax: 01259 752001                                     Fax: 01539 566966
email: chimtecs@tiscali.co.uk                         email: phoenix08@btconnect.com
Web: www.dhendersonroofing.co.uk

Dorset                                   Hampshire                                 Nottinghamshire
Categories: b, c, d                      Category: b                               Categories: a, b, c, d
Chimney Services                         Black Cab Chimney Sweeps of               Specialist Building Services
78 Foxcroft Drive                        Portsmouth                                Unit 20, Prospect Court
Wimborne                                 19 Highland Terrace                       Nunn Close
BH21 2LA                                 Southsea                                  Huthwaite
Tel: 01202 884359                        PO4 9DE                                   Sutton in Ashfield
email: kevinschimneys@aol.com            Tel: 02392 356816                         NG17 2HW
                                                                                   Tel: 01623 550961
Durham                                   Categories: b, c, d                       Fax: 01623 550961
Categories: a, b, c, d                   Bryan Frost
Specialist Chimney Services (North       Chimney Relining Specialists              Oxfordshire
East)                                    The Studio                                Categories: b
Ivy Cottage                              Oxenbourne Farm                           A Brown & Son
Low Jobs Hill                            East Meon                                 65 Leach Road
Crook                                    GU32 1QJ                                  Bicester
Durham                                   Tel: 01730 263538                         OX26 2JT
DL15 9AA                                 Fax: 01730 263538                         Tel: 01869 600265
Tel/Fax: 01388 762632
email: chimneyservices@hotmail.co.uk     Kent                                      Warwickshire
                                         Categories: b, c, d                       Categories: b, c, d
Edinburgh                                CBM Firesflues Ltd.                       K & L Sparks Ltd
Categories: b, c, d                      Stockwood House                           The Forge
Paul McLenaghan & Son                    1 Fir Tree Close                          Church Road
11 Hill View Cottages                    Hildenborough                             Claverdon
Ratho Village                            TN11 9QE                                  CV35 8PD
Edinburgh                                Tel: 01732 838067                         Tel: 01926 842545
EH28 8RF                                 Fax: 01732 838066                         Fax: 01926 842559
Tel: 0131 3331142
Fax: 0131 3331188                        Categories: b, c, d                       Wiltshire
email: paul@chimneyscotland.com          COSI                                      Categories: a, b, c, d
Web: www.chimneyscotland.com             58/60 Wincheap                            Nu Flu Property and Chimney Lining
                                         Canterbury                                Services Ltd
Essex                                    CT4 5RS                                   5 Page Close
Categories: b, c, d                      Tel: 01227 787587                         Chippenham
FAF Chimney Services Ltd                 Fax: 01227 787588                         SN14 0TG
Paul Walker                              email: info@cosi.co.uk                    Tel/Fax: 01249 461500
561 High Road                            Web: www.cosi.co.uk                       email: info@nuflu.co.uk
Ilford,                                                                            Web: www.nuflu.co.uk
IG1 1TZ                                  Categories: a, b, c, d
Tel: 0208 5972223                        Instant Chimneys Ltd                      Worcestershire
Fax: 0208 5972225                        Wealden Forest Park                       Categories: a, b, c, d
email: the.fireplace@tiscali.co.uk       Herne Common                              A1 Thermoline Ltd
                                         Canterbury                                The Old Farmhouse
Glasgow                                  CT6 7LQ                                   Craycombe
Categories: b, c, d                      Tel: 01227 712046                         Fladbury
Chimney Technical Services               Fax: 01227 711816                         WR10 2QS
63 Main Street                           email: info@instantchimneys.com           Tel: 01386 862900
Croftamie                                Web: www.instantchimneys.com              Fax: 01386 862901
Glasgow                                                                            email: sales@a1thermoline.com
G83 0EU                                  London                                    website: www.a1thermoline.co.uk
Tel: 01360 661112                        Category: b
Fax: 01360 661500                        The Chimney Company Ltd. T/A              Yorkshire (North)
email: sales@scottishstovecentre.co.uk   Townsends                                 Categories: a, b ,d
Web: www.scottishstovecentre.co.uk       81 Abbey Road                             C.J.Stubbs Ltd. T/A Chimneycrete
                                         London                                    Little Garth
Gwynedd                                  NW8 0AE                                   The Green
Categories: a, b, c, d                   Tel: 0207 624 4756                        Crakenhall
Chimneyline Ltd                                                                    Beedale
Pant Afon                                Norfolk                                   DL8 1HS
Penisarwaun,                             Categories: a, b, c, d                    Tel/Fax: 01677 426968
Caernarfon                               Eastern Flue Lining Systems Ltd           email: chris_liz@messages.co.uk
LL55 3DB                                 9 Plaford Road                            Web: www.chimneycrete.com
Tel/Fax: 01286 871445                    Norwich
email: info@chimneyline.com              NR7 8HB
Web: www.chimneyline.com                 Tel: 01692 404167
                                         Fax: 01773 836644
Categories: a, b, c
Gwynedd Safeflue Specialists             Categories: b, c
David Roberts                            Great Eastern Chimney
Bradford House                           Lining Service Ltd.
Rhedyw Road                              155 Norwich Road
Llanllyfni,                              Wymondham
Caernarfon                               NR18 0SJ
LL54 6SN                                 Tel/Fax: 01953 602379
Tel/Fax: 01286 880586                    email: heathermartin.gecls@talktalk.net
email: safeflue@aol.com

            (These companies do not meet the HETAS/NACE scheme requirements for registration)

Berkshire                                 Warwickshire
H Docherty Ltd                            Landy Vent (UK) Ltd
Unit 15 & 16 Colthrop Business Park       Foster House
Colthrop Lane                             2 Redditch Road
Newbury                                   Studley
RG19 4NB                                  B80 7AX
Tel: 01635 200145                         Tel: 01527 857814
Fax: 01635 201737                         Fax: 01527 854101
email: amoorcroft@docherty.co.uk          email: enquiries@landyvent.co.uk
website: www.docherty.co.uk               Web: www.landyvent.co.uk

Bristol                                   West Midlands
Vitcas Ltd.                               M.M.F Ltd
16 Clotier Road                           Flue House
Brislington                               55 Woodburn Road
Bristol                                   Smethwick
BS4 5PS                                   B66 2PU
Tel: 01179 117895                         Tel: 0121 555 6555
Fax: 01179 711152                         Fax: 0121 555 1606
Email: info@vitcas.com                    email: mmf@fluepipes.com
Web: www.vitcas.com                       website: www.fluepipes.com

Buckinghamshire                           West Sussex
Exhausto Ltd.                             Brewer Metalcraft Ltd.
Unit 3, Lancaster Court                   Units C & D, Ford Lane Industrial Estate
Coronation Road                           Ford
Cressex Business Park                     Arundel
High Wycombe                              BN18 0DE
HP12 3TD                                  Tel: 0845 6760702
Tel: 01494 465166                         Fax: 0845 6760703
Fax: 01494 465163                         email: sales@brewercowls.co.uk
email: info@exhausto.co.uk                Web: www.brewercowls.co.uk
Web: www.exhausto.co.uk
Lincolnshire                              A1 Services Ltd - Wohler (UK)
Silvaperl Ltd                             The Old Farmhouse
Albion Works                              Craycombe
Ropery Road                               Fladbury
Gainsborough                              WR10 2QS
DN21 2QB                                  Tel: 0845 260 0366
Tel: 01427 675094                         Fax: 0845 260 0466
Fax: 01427 811838                         email: info@wohler.co.uk
email: silvaperl@william-sinclair.co.uk   Web: www.wohler.co.uk
website: www.silvaperl.co.uk

Specflue Ltd.
8 Curzon Road
Chilton Industrial Estate
CO10 2XW
Tel: 01787 880333
Fax: 01787 880555
email: sales@specflue.com
Web: www.specflue.com

Tyne and Wear
Schiedel Chimney Systems
Crowther Road
NE38 0AQ
Tel: 0191 4161150
Fax: 0191 4151263
Email: sales@schiedel.co.uk
Web site: www.schiedel.co.uk


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