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									Create Table in Database

The objects in a Relational database System is called Tables. The Tables contain the information
on data for the database. Each Table in a database is uniquely identified by their names. It
comprised of columns and rows. The column in a table contain the name of column, data type
and attribute incase used in column. Columns in a Table are also called Field. The Rows contains
the set of records and data for the columns. Rows in a Table are Tuple.The collection of rows
and column collectively called cell in a Table.

Understand with Example

The Tutorial illustrates you a simple example for the beginners, to create a table in database. In
this Tutorial, we are using MySQL command query to create a table in database name

The create database is used to create database name countryinfo.

The use is used to show the database

The create table is used to create a table name country in database

The show table is used to display the table name in database.

create database

Output is displayed as

Output is displayed as

 use countryinfo;

create table

Output is displayed as

 show tables;

Output is displayed as

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