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									                   The Best Skin Care Products Use Larch Tree Extract

 The first consideration when we age generally is how it looks on our skin. As wrinkles start to
form our age betrays us. But there are natural and holistic choices we can make to slow the aging
process, reducing the visible signs of maturing skin. One of the top NYC day spa has a firm hold
on this approach to skin care that chooses effective and quality ingredients like Larch tree extract
to strengthen and firm your skin for youthful radiance.

The Joanna Vargas skin care line is all natural and has at its core ingredient the larch tree extract
used in her Daily Serum, Vitamin C Face Wash and Exfoliating Mask.

Top anti aging skin care ingredient: The Larch tree resin

The Larch tree also known as tamarack in some areas oozes the most promising age-reversing
resin from its bark for the health of body and skin. It is found in many regions of the U.S. as
Eastern and Western Larch varieties. When used as part of daily face care routines it reliably
enhances exfoliation for a polished youthful complexion.

The extract comes from the compressed juice" of the tree bark. University of Montana has
patented the larch-tree extract to protect against disease causing bacteria. It reduces pathogenic
bacteria... the [larch extract] already has gone through a series of tests and is classified as
Generally Regarded as Safe GRAS by the Food and Drug Administration, According to Jon
A.Rudbach, UM Assistant Vice President of Research.

Anti wrinkle skin care

Galactoarabinan or GA is the highly coveted natural compound that is extracted from Larch tree
resin. It is the ingredient--the reason larch is sourced for anti-aging application. GA actually
reduces particle size which helps ingredients disperse easily and facilitates absorption of nutrients.
This is an essential function of the best skincare because vitamins and minerals have to penetrate
the epidermis to be the most effective. So smoothing fine lines and wrinkles happens with ease
when GA is included in your face care products.
Fine lines and wrinkles are the tell tale visuals of aging most want to avoid or reduce. The extract
of this Northwestern coniferous tree offers a natural path to lifting the visage and diminishing the
signs of aging when included in a daily skincare regime.

The best skin care products

Larch extract can be found in high-end natural face care products for the best concentration of the
resin. It can be applied daily as a gentle cleanser, enzyme exfoliant, or in nutrient rich serums.
Daily use of larch extract ensures the best anti-aging results when you choose organic products.
In this way you avoid the many harsh chemicals found in non-organic options.

Is it gentle enough for sensitive skin?

With the anti-inflammatory properties of GA in larch extract you can gently cleanse, exfoliate and
moisturize your skin without irritation which makes it an indispensable natural ingredient in caring
for sensitive skin. It is gentle and enriching enough for all skin types however you choose to apply
it as daily face care.

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