Justin Bieber love Selena Gomez Why cannot hide from fans by zeeshanimtiaz2109


									Justin Bieber love Selena Gomez: Why cannot hide from fans

Justin Bieber is not afraid to flaunt his relationship with Selena to the public, now I know why! Justin and
his manager Scooter talks about the relationship Selena in the new issue of "Rolling Stone", on
newsstands July 20.

There have been reports that will make the fans off Justin Bieber in that it has a nice, friendly and
famous - Selena Gomez - but JP says it's not true!

The manager Scooter Braun: "I personally think it's a whole bunch of bullish * t Yes, there will be some
of the girls that if they saw him with a friend, who destroyed the dream - but there will also the girl who
see with. His girlfriend, we hear of romantic things to do and want him more than that. "

AW and we are happy to feel like Justin is no need to hide his love and can be seen, is to have sex with
Selena in public places.

We cannot wait to read the rest of the cover story bearing the 60th!

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