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					Summer workcamp programme BE-VIA 2006
1. Anti-fascism, -racism and minorities

BE-VIA 1.1
TER DENNEN (Lanaken near Hasselt)
16/07 - 29/07. 10 vols.
Ter Dennen is a Red Cross centre for asylum seekers. After arrival in Belgium refugees are send to
this kind of centers where they get food and a shelter. Ter Dennen is a quite isolated place with about
180 people (also children). Since a lot of people from different backgrounds are living together here
and the asylum procedure is not always succesfull, there can be a lot of tension in the centre.
W: Organizing leisure time activities for children and adults who live in the center
Q: Vols will stay in the centre and are asked to respect the house rules (f.e. no alcohol),
A: not accessible for wheelchairs

BE-VIA 1.2
7/8 - 21/8 . 6 vols.
Youth and Peace is a recognized Flemish youth service, there main goal is to stimulate awareness
around children rights, racism, violence, plague and remembrance education around different wars in
Belgium. “Actiegroep Chechnya” works around the forgotten war in Chechnya, there vision is one of
non violence. Together they organize camps for about 15 Chechen youngsters. The youngsters
study in a arts centre in Grozny.
W: logistics: build up and take down tents, cooking, helping with organizing activities.
Q: good knowledge of English, ore Russian is a plus and experience in working with children, strong
motivation needed.

2. Solidarity with the South

BE-VIA 2.1
WERELD MISSIEHULP (Boechout near Antwerpen)
16/7 - 29/7. 12 vols.
WMH try’s to work against poverty and social exclusion in the world. Out of a Christian inspiration
WMH focus on material needs, goods (cloths, medicine…) are collected in Belgium and send to the
South and East-Europe. They have a education service who organize information days, campaigns…
for schoolchildren.
W: indoor and outdoor painting, building of a fence
A: In a farm used by the educational service

4. Disabilities

BE-VIA 4.1
23/7 - 06/8. 8 vols.
MPI Oosterlo is an activity centre, which provides children, youngsters and adult people with a mental
disability useful day activities starting from their strengths. They work together with Reggae Geel, a
yearly reggae festival, where 15.000 young people come to party and listen to music. This is an
integration activity for the handicapped people to be active with young people.
W: The first week the workcamp will stimulate and organize different activities between the people
who stay in MPI Oosterlo and other children: workchops: painting, graffiti, photo, film, recycling
material… The second week the workcamp will help the people with a mental
handicap to build op the festival of Reggae Geel. Q: interest in working with mentally handicapped

BE-VIA 4.2
04/9 -18/9. 6 vols.
Milieuboerderij Palingbeek is a peacefully located day centre for 15 adult men and women with a
mental disability. Their aim is to give these people a useful day job with respect for the human being
and nature. The farm and a nearby educative centre are open for children and groups who wants to
learn about farming and ecology.
W: In cooperation of the people who work at the farm, maintaining the biological gardens and the
taking care of the animals. A: not accessible for wheelchairs but open to other handicapped people, if
you are musical, bring your instruments with you.

5. Childeren, teenagers, elderly people

BE-VIA 5.1
WEMEL KAMP (Herentals near Antwerpen)
10/8 – 27/8. 7 vols.
Is a organization who exists out of parents who want to fill in the gap of the non existing of leisure time
activities for children, teenagers with ADHD. (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) So this parents
decided to organize these activities themselves, for there own and other children. During the
workcamp there will be twice a 5 day during camp for children with ADHD. W: taking care of the
cooking and logistic, maybe organizing activities.
A: In tents, not accessible for wheelchairs
Q: Participants of the workcamp have to consider and follow strict rules about the approach of the
children, creative people more than welcome. Strong motivation needed.

6. Environmental

BE-VIA 6.1
NATUURPUNT BEGIJNENDIJK (Begijnendijk near Leuven)
2/9 – 16/9. 15 vols.
In the valley of the Demer, young eco-volunteers are working on a new natural reserve project. An
abandoned agricultural zone is being transferred into a more bio diverse zone. Work: cutting foreign
dominant trees, mowing the grasslands, opening walking trails and taking care of the sheep. Heavy,
dirty, but satisfying work! The camp place is a tent close to an alternative community house of some
local volunteers where nature and music are integrated in the everyday life. Basic living conditions!!!
(no shower but natural pool, ...) There will be also 10 Flemish volunteers on the workcamp. Not
accessible for wheelchairs.

BE-VIA 6.2
DE WASSENDE MAAN (Deinze near Gent)
9 – 22/7. 7 vols.
De “Wassende Maan” is a bio- dynamic co-operative farm, which grows vegetables according to the
season and employs about 6 people on a permanent basis. Their aim is to keep the distance between
farmer and consumer as small as possible.
W: working in the farm (harvesting, weeding, and planting), little jobs in the farm, small reconstruction
work, cooking for the people
A: Accommodation in tents that you have to bring yourself, not accessible for wheelchairs
X: Vegetarian food, a strong interest in the life on a farm and a good condition

BE-VIA 6.3
JNM ZWART WERK (Koersel – Beringen near Hasselt)
14/09 - 24/09. 6/20 vols.
The aim of JNM as a youth organization is to work around protecting nature and environment. This
happens by organizing excursions, camps, workshops, and study sessions, environmental actions,
working in nature reserves… There will be Flemish people (14) on the workcamp (volunteers from
JNM) and 6 international volunteers.
W: hard work in nature, to mow grass without tools, nature management
A: sleeping in a horse stable, primitive living, a bike can be useful, not accessible for wheelchairs, age
till 25.
BE-VIA 6.4
DE ZONNEGLOED (Oostvleteren near Ieper)
03/09 -16/09. 8 vols.
De Zonnegloed is a educative farm, they organize trainings about nature and human being for
children and youngsters, schools... The founders want to stimulate out of a Christian vision a more
human world with respect for people, fauna and flora in the society.
W: painting works in- and outside the farm, work in the farm according to the season, weeding,
A: Not accessible for wheelchairs
Q: prepared to work hard, a music instrument is welcome.

BE-VIA 6.5
DUURZAAM HUIS (Aalst near Brussels)
20/8 – 3/9. 6 vols.
BE-VIA 6.6
DUURZAAM HUIS (Aalst near Brussels
10/9 – 23/9. 6 vols.
The duurzaam huis (sustainable house) will during the different camps build a sustainable building,
who will be later a information centre for school, groups about sustainable building, and materials.
The building itself will be a example about low-tech, energy friendly building.
Work: building a wood construction who will be the frame of the future building, isolating and covering
this construction with wooden boards.
A: in tents, not accessible for wheelchairs

BE-VIA 6.7
FORT OELEGEM (Oelegem / Antwerpen)
5/8 -14/8. 10 vols.
The old fort from Oelegem has been build 100 years ago to protect Antwerp in case there was a war
coming. Now Natuur 2000 (nature 2000) owns the place and runs a protection programme for bats.
Nature 2000 organise activity’s to youngsters and schools about the ecological problems who are
facing no borders.
W: Mowing grass, nettle and blackberry, there is a educative pad who has to be cleared up.
Small painting work in the fort.
A: In tent ore in the fort, no electricity ore running water, there is a marvellous pool where you can

8. Socially disadvantaged

BE-VIA 8.1.
DE WROETER (Kortessem near Hasselt )
02/07 – 15/07. 12 vols.
De Wroeter is a non-residential centre for socially disadvantaged people, some of them have a minor
handicap. It is situated in a beautiful and nice countryside area. Growing vegetables and fruit in a
biological way is the main activity. Other activities are maintenance of the environment (lanes,
flowers, and trees…) and occasional building activities. The objective of the organization is to enlarge
the social integration of the people by giving them work or useful daytime activities.
W: The vols. will take part in the daily tasks together with the people from De Wroeter. De Wroeter
will offer enriching activities.
X: The vols should be motivated to make contacts with the disadvantaged people from De Wroeter,
sometimes heavy work on the field, interest in biological farming.
A: not accessible for wheelchairs

BE-VIA 8.2
(Oostende near Brugge)
9/7 - 22/7. 8 vols.
This ambulant centre for psychical help is specialized in reintegration, socialisation and stimulating
independency. This for people who have been staying a time in a psychiatric hospital. During the
camp there will be a lot of contact with the people who are under care of the centre.
W: half time renovation work, wallpaper, painting, small jobs in the garden, the other half time
organizing ore participating in free time activities with the participants from the centre. (cooking,
A: not accessible for wheelchairs

9. Art, culture and local history

BE-VIA 9.1
MANO MUNDO (Boom near Antwerp)
6/5 - 19/5
12 vols
Mano Mundo is a free and family-minded festival of 2 days with 60.000 visitors.
World music, visual acts and workshops in this festival brings the visitor closer
to the richness and difference between cultures in Belgium and in the world.
The following principles are very important: the global aspect, environment-friendly and sustainability.
W: decorating the festival in an artistic and colourful way, logistic support in
preparation, during and after the festival, after the festival 3 days cleaning the festival area
X: possibility to be creative and realize your own ideas into a colourful, nice little project in the festival

BE-VIA 9.2
NA FIR BOLG (Vorselaar near Antwerp)
25/6 - 8/7. 15 vols.
Is a three day family festival with the focus on folk music, they received last year 6000 spectators.
The organisation started 11 years ago out of different groups who needed funding for environmental
investments. On this moment they want to provide a alternative for commercial festivals. For this they
choose to work only with volunteers.
W: building up and braking down of the festival, electricity, water, tents, also creative input like
A: in tents, not accessible for wheelchairs

BE-VIA 9.3
FIESTA MUNDIAL (Balen near Antwerp)
17/9 – 30/9. 10 vols.
Fiesta mundial is a world party in the true cense of the word. 10 years ago it started out of the
initiative of local development workers who al had there projects in African country’s. With worshops,
a exotic market and music they stimulate the 10.000 spectators to engage themselves to work around
the world. The festival is in the middle of a nature and recreation centre.
W: building up and breaking down of the festival, electricity, water, tents, also creative input like

BE-VIA 9.4
2/7 - 15/7. 8 vols.
Nieuwpoorttheater is a small theatre/ art centre in the hart of the town. They stimulate as much as
possible cooperation with the neighbourhood. The projects they organise are mainly about theatre,
movie and video art.
W: renovating a hall and stairs, painting and varnish a ceiling.
A: in a almost finished building behind the theatre

10. Ideological and spiritual communities

B-VIA 10.1
DE BEREKLAUW (Herent near Leuven)
23/7 – 5/8 . 10 vols.
De Bereklauw is named after a plant of which you will find species all over the camp site. The owner
is living there almost 30 years now, together with a changing group of young people. He and his
friends try to live and work in an ecological, partly self-sufficient way, by growing their own fruit and
vegetables, by exchanging food and materials with others and by keeping some animals. A new
growing idea is building an artists collective where people can find their muse. Although they try to be
independent from the macro-economical system, the inhabitants of De Bereklauw are not closed off
from the outside world. Many neighbours, visitors, friends and volunteers pass by…
W: maintenance of the house and the garden, biologic gardening, restoration, painting, taking part in
an art project
A: primitive and basic accommodation, interest in community life and art, if you prefer you can bring
your tent, not accessible for wheelchairs

11. Others

BE-VIA 11.1
TOK VIA (De Pinte near Gent)
3/9 – 17/9. 6 vols.
VIA Belgium is part of 2 international networks: SCI and ICYE. ICYE stands for International Cultural
Youth Exchange and gives young people between 18 and 30 the possibility to do an exchange for
one year. The exchange year starts with a language and orientation camp where they get informed
about the life in Belgium and where they learn Dutch. This camp will be a chance to meet 20 people
from all over the world (Africa, Latin-America, Asia, and Europe) and to spend lots of time with these
W: logistic support during the language and orientation camp: cooking, co-ordination, hosting,
animation, exchange between SCI and ICYE

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