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Odesk cover letter


									Dear Bikesh,

Today we focus on cover letters. What are they? And why should you care?

The cover letter is a brief introduction that accompanies your job application. It's your chance to express
your interest in the job and explain why you are the right person to hire. Clients tell us that the cover
letter plays a big role in their hiring decisions.

Here is how a client sees your job application. Notice how job candidates (you!) are listed.

When the client hovers over your name and job application, he can see the first paragraph of your cover
letter for his particular job, without leaving the list of candidates. Make sure that those first few lines
capture his attention and demonstrate your enthusiasm and excellent fit for his job.

What your cover letter should do:

Introduce yourself and express interest in the job.

Briefly state why you are a good candidate. Focus on your most relevant experience, specific skills and
portfolio items.

Indicate when you'd be available to discuss the job and to start. Don't include contact info - wait for the
client to request an interview.

Include any specific information the client requested in their job posting. This will show a potential client
that you read the job posting fully and considered it carefully before applying.

Take a look at this sample cover letter for a basic model, and review this list of tips.

Cover letter basics:

Keep the letter to 300 words or less.

Use spell-check and ask a friend with good spelling and grammar skills to review it before submitting.

Do not use a generic template: If the letter isn't written specifically for the job, the client will likely
ignore you in favor of contractors who took the time to write a customized cover letter for the position.

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