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                   The Medium of Social Communication

Now-a-days the facebook has became the most popular website to the young generation across
 the world. We stay connected with our friends and family members around the world through
   facebook. Facebook is the most popular social networking site this moment. The utility of
                           facebook cannot be described in word.

Facebook has become a very important medium for many people around the world. For
instance parties , events, meetings and appointments have been organized using facebook. One
good example the recent demonstration and protest against the election results in Iran which
took place around Europe were organized via the events features on facebook. All these have
helped to increase the popularity of this website. Fecebook is the most social networking site in
several English speaking countries including Canada, USA, UK. Facebook has become the
essential tool for young adults to stay in contract with friends and family and to create a sense
of community with their peers

                                   Facebook at a glance
                         Type                                       Private
                       Founded                            Cambridge, Massachusetts
                                                             United States (2004)
                      Founder(s)                              Mark Zuckersberg
                                                               Eduardo Saverin
                                                               Dustin Moskovitz
                                                                 Chris Hughes
                    Headquarters                           Palo Alto, California, U.S.
                     Area served                                  Worldwide

                       Industry                                     Internet

                      Employees                                   3000+(2011)

                       Revenue                             US$ 427 billion (2011est)

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