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					                                     1st Test SCIENCE AND HEALTH 2


Date:____________________________________ Score: _______________________________

I. Identify the sense organ/s you need to the given activity.

____________1. It makes us smell the flowers in the garden.
____________2. They make us see the surroundings around us.
____________3. They make us hear the bell in the morning.
____________4. It makes us feel if something is cold or hot.
____________5. It makes us taste the food we eat.
____________6. Washing dishes
____________7. Play scrabble.
____________8. Watch a movie.
____________9. Enjoying a glass of milk.
____________10. Read a book.

II. Match Column A with Column B. Write the letter of your answer on the blank.

                A                                                                           B

____11. Provide us with your sense of sight.                                        A. eyebrow
____12. Front part of the eye that helps keeps the eye clean by blinking            B. sleep
____13. It is clear and transparent. It allows light to pass through.               C. cornea
____14. A small boil which develop at the margin of the eyelids.                    D. infection
____15. Able to see things more clearly when they are far                           E. eyelid
____16. The colourful part of the eye                                               F. cross-eyed
____17. It can cause eye ailments                                                   G. farsighted
____18. Both eyes cannot be focused on the same point at the same time              H. eyes
____19. The best kind of rest your eyes can have                                    I. nearsighted
____20. It helps protect the eyes from perspiration                                 J. Sty
                                                                                    K. Iris

III. Put a check (√) on the blank if the sentence is correct and put a cross (X) if not.

___21. When reading and studying your lesson, you must do it in a dim light.
___22. Rub your eyes when it’s itchy.
___23. Eat fruits and vegetables.
___24. When something gets into your eyes, put clean water in a basin and wash the eyes by opening
and closing them in the water.
___25. Visit your eye doctor every two years.
___26. Read in a moving car or bus.
___27. Let your eyes rest after reading for several hours.
___28. Show kindness to people who are defects.
___29. Laugh at crossed-eyed people.
___30. Accept that some children are born with eye defect, we shouldn’t tease them.

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