Friendship Quotes, Lovely Friendship Poem by image4love


									Friendship Quotes, Lovely Friendship Poem
               You are the most beautiful flower

                  In my garden of friendship

                  Remain the same forever.

                 Hard times don’t last forever,

                  But true friendships do….

                      I’II always be there

                   For anything you need..

              Even if it’s just someone to Listen.
  We shares smiles…

   We wiped the tear

And through the year…

Our frirndshop has grown

    Along with us…

     You are truly

A wonderful part my life
           A friends is someone you

      Can be alone with and have nothing

To do and not be able to think of anything to say

       And be comfortable in the silence.
 Beautiful Love Poetry & Poems About Valentine's Day in Wallpaper

 Valentine's day is just about to come after some days, people who are caring and loving, they
 will exchange love gifts with one another and sometimes people search for loving poetry and
poems to share with beloved ones. So I am posting some poetry about Valentin's Day 2012 with
                            wallpaper. Hopefully you will like them!!

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