Painting RFP

					                             The School District of
                               St. Lucie County                                                            Request for Proposal
                                      Purchasing Department
                                     329 N.W. Commerce Park Drive                                          REQUIRED RESPONSE FORM
                                         Port St. Lucie FL 34986
                            Voice – (772)336-6980 Fax – (772)336-6985
                                                                                                                   PROPOSAL NO.
   Page 1 of 29 Pages             PROPOSALS WILL BE OPENED: September 21, 2006 @ 3:00 pm
                                  and may not be withdrawn within 90 days after such date and time.                                  07 - 08
      MAILING DATE:                                                                     PROPOSAL TITLE:
                                                                                      Painting Services
VENDOR MAILING ADDRESS                                                                                     POSTING OF PROPOSAL TABULATIONS
                                                                                       Proposal tabulations with recommended awards will be posted for review by
CITY-STATE-ZIP                                                                         interested parties at the location where proposals were opened and will remain
              TELEPHONE NUMBER:                                                        posted for a period of 72 hours (excluding weekends and holidays). Failure to
                                                                                       file a protest within the time prescribed in Section 120.57(3), Florida Statutes,
AREA          TOLL-FREE NUMBER:                                                        shall constitute a waiver of proceedings under Chapter 120, Florida Statutes.
CODE:                                                                                  Proceedings subject to Section 120.57(3)(c), Florida Statutes are subject to
              FAX NUMBER:                                                              Florida Administrative Code 6C5-6.008(2)(f).
I certify that this proposal is made without prior understanding, agreement,
or connection with any corporation firm, or person submitting a proposal for
the same commodities/ services, and is in all respects fair and without
collusion or fraud. I agree to abide by all conditions of this proposal and
certify that I am authorized to sign this proposal for the proposer and that                     _____________________________________
the proposer is in compliance with all requirements of the Request for                              AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE (MANUAL)
Proposal, including but not limited to, certification requirements. In
submitting a proposal, the proposer offers and agrees that if the proposal is
accepted, the proposer will convey, sell, assign, or transfer to the School                      _____________________________________
District of St. Lucie County all rights, title and interest in and to all causes of
action it may now or hereafter acquire under the Anti -trust laws of the                         AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE (TYPED) & TITLE
United States and the State of Florida for price fixing relating to the
particular commodities or services purchased or acquired by the School
District of St. Lucie County. At the School District’s discretion, such
assignment shall be made and become effective at the time the School
District tenders final payment to the proposer.

                                                        Public Domain
    I acknowledge that all information contained herein is part of the public domain as defined in the Public Records Act,
    Chapter 119, F.S.
                                                                   Proposal Certification

I hereby certify that I am submitting the following information as my company's proposal and understand that by virtue of
executing and returning with this proposal this REQUIRED RESPONSE FORM , I further certify full, complete and unconditional
acceptance of the contents inclusive of this Request for Proposal, and all appendices and the contents of any Addendum
released hereto. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL

This RFP, General Conditions, Instructions o Bidders, Special Conditions, Specifications, Addenda, and/or any other pertinent documents
form a part of this proposal and by reference are made a part thereof.
PURPOSE: It is the purpose and intent of this RFP to secure bids for item(s) and/or services as listed herein for the School District of St. Lucie
County, Florida, hereinafter referred to as the District.
SEALED BIDS: Sealed bids will be received in the Purchasing Department until the date and time as indicated above. Proposals will be
opened publicly in the Purchasing Department and all bidders and general public are invited to attend. All proposals shall be submitted in
sealed envelopes, mailed or delivered to the School District of St. Lucie County, Purchasing Department, 329 N.W. Commerce Park Drive, Port
St. Lucie FL 34986. Outside of envelope shall plainly identify proposal by: PROPOSAL NUMBER, TITLE and TIME and DATE OF PROPOSAL
OPENING. It is the sole responsibility of the bidder to ensure their proposal reaches the Purchasing Department on or before the closing date
and hour as shown above.
BOARD'S ACCEPTANCE: Unless otherwise specified herein, the bidder will allow a minimum of ninety (90) days from the last date for
receiving of proposals for acceptance of its proposal by the Board.

AWARDS: In the best interest of the District, the School Board reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and to waive any irregularity
or minor technicalities in proposals received; to accept any item or group of items unless qualified by bidder; to acquire additional quantities
at prices quoted on this invitation unless additional quantities are not acceptable, in which case the proposal sheets must be noted
"PROPOSAL IS FOR SPECIFIED QUANTITY ONLY". All awards made as a result of this proposal shall conform to applicable Florida Statutes.
School District of St. Lucie County                                                                                      RFP 07 - 08
Painting Services
SEALED PROPOSALS: Four copies of this executed RFP page                     F.   UNDERWRITERS' LABORATORIES: Unless otherwise
and Proposal Summary page(s) must be returned with the RFP                        stipulated in the proposal, all manufactured items and
in order for the proposal to be considered for award. All                         fabricated assemblies shall be UL listed or re-
proposals are subject to all the conditions specified herein; all                 examination testing where such has been established
General Conditions, Special Conditions on the attached bid                        by UL for the items offered and furnished.
documents; and any addenda issued thereto. Any failure on the
part of the bidder to comply with the specifications, terms and         4. DELIVERY: Unless actual date of delivery is specified, show
conditions of this RFP shall be reason for termination of                  number of days required to make delivery after receipt of
contract.                                                                  purchase order in space provided. Delivery time may
                                                                           become a basis for making an award (See Special Condi-
                                                                           tions). Delivery shall be within the normal working hours of
1. EXECUTION OF RFP: RFP must contain a manual signature                   the user, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.
   of an authorized representative in the space provided above.
   Failure to properly sign proposal shall invalidate same, and         5. BRAND NAMES: Use of a brand name, trade name, make,
   it shall not be considered for award. All proposals must be             model, manufacturer, or vendor catalog number in
   completed in ink or typewritten. Corrections must be                    specifications is for the purpose of establishing a grade or
   initialed by the person signing the proposal.            Any            quality of material only. it is not the District's intent to rule
   corrections not initialed will not be tabulated. The original           out other competition, therefore, the phrase OR
   proposal conditions and specifications cannot be changed                ACCEPTABLE EQUAL is added. However, if a product other
   or altered in any way. Altered proposals may not be consid-             than that specified is bid, it is the vendor's responsibility to
   ered. Clarification of proposals submitted shall be in letter           submit with the proposal brochures, samples and/or detailed
   form, signed by the bidders and attached to the proposal.               specifications on items bid. The District shall be the sole
                                                                           judge concerning the merits of proposal submitted.
2. NO BID: If not submitting a bid, respond by returning the
   enclosed "Statement of No Bid" form and explain the reason.              Bidder shall indicate on the proposal form the
   Note: A bidder, to qualify as a respondent, must submit a                manufacturer's name and number if bidding other than the
   "no bid" and same must be received no later than the stated              specified brands, and shall indicate ANY deviation from the
   proposal opening date and hour.                                          specifications as listed. Other than specified items offered
                                                                            requires complete descriptive technical literature marked to
3. PRICES QUOTED: Deduct trade discounts and quote firm                     indicate detail(s) conformance with specifications.
   net prices. Give both unit price and extend total. Prices
   must be stated in units of quantity specified in proposal            6. QUALITY: The items bid must be new and equal to or exceed
   specifications. In case of discrepancy in computing the                 specifications. The manufacturer's standard guarantee shall
   amount of the proposal, the UNIT PRICE quoted will govern.              apply. During the guarantee period the successful bidder
   All prices FOB destination, freight prepaid (unless otherwise           must repair and/or replace the unit without cost to the
   stated in special conditions).        Discounts for prompt              District with the understanding that all replacements shall
   payment: Award, if made, will be in accordance with terms               carry the same guarantee as the original equipment. The
   and conditions stated herein. Each item must be bid                     successful bidder shall make any such repairs and/or
   separately and no attempt is to be made to tie any item or              replacements immediately upon receiving notice from the
   items in with any other item or items. Cash or quantity                 District.
   discounts offered will not be a consideration in
   determination of award of proposal(s). If a bidder offers a
   discount, it is understood that a minimum of 30 days will be         7. SAMPLES, DEMONSTRATIONS AND TESTING:
   required for payment, and the discount time will be
   computed from the date of satisfactory delivery at place of              A. Samples of items, when required, must be furnished free
   acceptance and receipt of correct invoice at the office                     of expense and if not destroyed, will upon request, be
   specified.                                                                  returned at the bidder's expense. Request for the return
                                                                               of the samples must be indicated on his or her proposal.
   A. TAXES: The School District of St. Lucie County, is                       Each individual sample must be labeled with bidder's
      exempt from any taxes imposed by the State and/or                        name, proposal number and item number. Failure of
      Federal Government.       State Sales Tax Exemption                      bidder to either deliver required samples or to clearly
      Certificate No. 66-00-017186-53C and Federal Employer                    identify samples as indicated may be reason for
      Tax No. 59-6000832 appears on each purchase order.                       rejection of the proposal. Unless otherwise indicated,
      This exemption does not apply to purchase of tangible                    samples should be delivered to the Purchasing
      personal property made by contractors who use the                        Department, School District of St. Lucie County.
      tangible personal property in the performance of
      contracts for the improvements of School District-owned               B. When required, the District may request full
      real property as defined in Chapter 192 of the Florida                   demonstrations of any units bid prior to the award of any
      Statutes.                                                                contract.
   B.   MISTAKES: Bidders are expected to examine the                       C. Items may be tested for compliance with specifications
        specifications, delivery schedules, proposal prices and                under the direction of the Florida Department of
        extensions, and all instructions pertaining to supplies                Agriculture and Consumer Services, or an independent
        and services. Failure to do so will be at bidder's risk.               testing laboratory.       Bidders shall assume full
                                                                               responsibility for payment for any and all charges for
   C.   Bidder warrants by virtue of bidding that prices shall                 testing and analysis of any materials offered or delivered
        remain firm for a period of ninety (90) days from the                  that do not conform to the minimum required
        date of Board approval or time stated in special                       specifications.    Bidder's disposition of all items
        conditions.                                                            delivered in this category must be at no expense to the
   D.   USE OF OTHER CONTRACTS: The District reserves the
        right to utilize any other District contract, any State of      8. INSPECTION AND ACCEPTANCE: The successful bidder
        Florida Contract, any contract awarded by any other city           shall be responsible for delivery of items in good condition
        or county governmental agencies, any other school                  at point destination. Bidder shall file with the carrier all
        board, any other community college/state             system        claims for breakage, imperfections, and other losses, which
        cooperative      bid   agreement,        or     to   directly      will be deducted from invoices. The District will note, for the
        negotiate/purchase per School Board policy and/or State            benefit of successful bidder, when packages are not
        Board Rule 6A-1.12(6) in lieu of any offer received or             received in good condition. In the event the material and/or
        award made as a result of this proposal, if it is in the           services supplied to the District is found to be defective or
        best interest to do so. The District also reserves the             does not conform to specifications, the District reserves the
        right to separately bid any single order or to purchase            right to cancel the order upon written notice to the seller and
        any item on this proposal if it is in its best interest to do      return the product to seller at the seller's expense.
                                                                        9. DETHE SCHOOL DISTRICT MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENTLT
   E.   CONDITIONS AND PACKAGING: It is understood and                     PROVISION:     In case of default, the School District
         agreed that any item offered or shipped as a result of            Maintenance Department by the bidder or contractor, the
         this proposal shall be new (current production model at           District may procure the articles or services from other
         the time of the proposal). All containers shall be                sources and hold the bidder or contractor responsible for
         suitable for storage or shipment, and all prices shall            any excess costs incurred thereby.
         include standard commercial packaging.
                                                                        10. COPYRIGHTS OR PATENT RIGHTS: Bidder warrants that
                                                                            there has been no violation of copyrights or patent rights in
School District of St. Lucie County                                                                                 RFP 07 - 08
Painting Services
   manufacturing, producing or selling the goods shipped or         18. DISPUTES: In case of any doubt or difference of opinion as
   ordered as a result of this proposal. Seller agrees to hold          to the items to be furnished hereunder, the decision of the
   the purchaser harmless from any and all liability, loss or           District shall be final and binding on both parties.
   expense occasioned by any such violation.
                                                                    19. LEGAL REQUIREMENTS: Federal, state, county, and local
11. MANUFACTURER'S CERTIFICATION: The District reserves                 laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations that in any manner
    the right to request from bidders separate manufacturer             affect the items covered herein apply. Lack of knowledge by
    certification of all statements made in the proposal.               the bidder will in no way be a cause for relief from
12. PROPOSAL ABSTRACTS: Bidders desiring a copy of bid
    tabulation may request it by enclosing a self-addressed,
    stamped envelope with bid.                                      20. SIGNED PROPOSAL CONSIDERED AN OFFER: This signed
                                                                        proposal shall be considered an offer on the part of the
13. OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY: Vendor, as a result                 bidder, which offer shall be deemed accepted upon approval
    of award of this proposal, delivering any toxic substances          by the Board. In case of a default the School District
    item as defined in Florida Statute L442.102(21) shall furnish       Maintenance Department on the part of the bidder after such
    to the Purchasing Department, a Material Safety Data Sheet          acceptance, the District may take such action as it deems
    (MSDS). The material safety data sheet shall be provided            appropriate including legal action for damages or specific
    with initial shipment and shall be revised on a timely basis        performance.
    as appropriate.
   The MSDS must include the following information:
                                                                    21. LIABILITY, INSURANCE, LICENSE AND PERMITS: Where
   A. The chemical name and the common name of the toxic                bidders are required to enter or go onto School District
      substance.                                                        property to deliver materials or perform work or services as
                                                                        a result of proposal award, the bidder will assume the full
   B. The hazards or other risks in the use of the toxic                duty obligation and expense of obtaining all necessary
      substance, including:                                             licenses, permits and insurance. Bidder shall be liable for
      (1) The potential for fire, explosion, corrosively and            any damage or loss to the District incurred by bidder,
          reactivity;                                                   bidder's employees, licenses of the bidder or agent or any
                                                                        person the bidder has designated in completion of his or her
       (2) The known acute and chronic health effects of risks          contract as a result of their proposal; further bidder shall be
           from exposure, including the medical conditions              liable for all activities of bidder occasioned by performance
           which are generally recognized as being aggravated           of this bid. Not withstanding the foregoing, the liability
           by exposure to the toxic substance; and                      herein shall be limited to ten million dollars ($10,000,000)
                                                                        and the bidder recognizes that and covenants that it has
       (3) The primary routes of entry and symptoms of                  received consideration for indemnification provided herein.
                                                                    22. SPECIFICATIONS: Any omissions of detail specifications
   C. The proper precautions, handling practices, necessary             stated herein that would render the materials/service from
      personal protective equipment, and other safety                   use as specified will not relieve the bidder from
      precautions in the use of or exposure to the toxic                responsibility.
      substances including appropriate emergency treatment
      in case of overexposure.
                                                                    23. BID BONDS AND PERFORMANCE BONDS: Bid bonds, when
   D. The emergency procedure f r spills, fire, disposal and            required, shall be submitted with the proposal in the amount
      first aid.                                                        specified in Special Conditions. Bid bonds will be returned
                                                                        to unsuccessful bidders. After award of contract, the
   E. A description in lay terms of the known specific potential        District will notify the successful bidder to submit a
      health risks posed by the toxic substance intended to             performance bond in the amount specified in Special
      alert any person reading this information.                        Conditions. Upon receipt of the performance bond, the bid
                                                                        bond will be returned to the successful bidder.
  F.   The year and month, if available, that the information       24. PAYMENT: Payment will be made after the items/services
       was compiled and the name, address and emergency                 awarded to a vendor have been received/completed,
       telephone number of the manufacturer responsible for             inspected and found to comply with award specifications,
       preparing the information.                                       free of damage or defect and properly invoiced.
   Any questions regarding this requirement should be               25. SPECIAL CONDITIONS: Any and all Special Conditions that
   directed to: Department of Labor and Employment Security,            may vary from these General Conditions.
   Bureau of Industrial Safety and Health, Toxic Waste
   Information Center, 2551 Executive Center Circle West,
   Tallahassee, FL 32301-5014, Telephone 1-800-367-4378.
14. OSHA: The bidder warrants that the product/services
    supplied to the School District of St. Lucie County shall
    conform in all respects to the standards set forth in the
    Occupational Safety and Health Act 1970, as amended, and
    the failure to comply with this condition will be considered
    as a breach of contract.
15. ANTI-DISCRIMINATION: The bidder certifies that they are in
    compliance with the non-discrimination clause contained in
    Section 202, Executive Order 11246, as amended by
    Executive Order 11375 relative to equal employment
    opportunity for all persons without regard to race, color
    religion, sex or national origin.
16. ADVERTISING: In submitting a proposal, bidder agrees not
    to use the results therefrom as a part of any commercial
    advertising without prior approval of the School District.
17. CONFLICT OF INTEREST: The award hereunder is subject
    to the provisions of Chapter 112, Florida Statutes. All
    bidders must disclose with their proposal the name of any
    officer, director or agent who is also an employee of the
    School Board of St. Lucie County. Further, all bidders must
    disclose the name of any Board employee who owns,
    directly or indirectly, an interest of 5% or more in the
    bidder's firm or any of its branches.
School District of St. Lucie County                                                             RFP 07 - 08
Painting Services
1.0    PURPOSE

       The School District of St. Lucie County requests written proposals from qualified firms to provide all
       material, labor, equipment, and supplies for painting services on an as needed basis for all schools
       within the School District of St. Lucie County.


       The initial contract shall be from time of award and effective date of service until June 30th, 2007,
       with the option to renew the contract for (2) additional one (1) year periods, at prices no greater
       than those provided by the Contractor on the pricing sheet. Renewal shall be by written mutual
       agreement of both parties.

3.0    AWARD

       The School District may use one or more Contractors in the performance of these services. If
       multiple contracts are awarded, the School District may assign each Contractor a specific area of
       operation. However, it shall be the School District’s sole determination on whether more than one
       Contractor will be used at any given time. Award can go to a primary vendor with a second highest
       rated vendor receiving consideration based on awarded vendor’s unavailability.

       Award shall be based upon a responsible Offeror(s) whose proposal is responsive to the RFP,
       demonstrates a clear understanding of the requirement, and demonstrates the capabilities to
       perform satisfactorily based on service and price matters. Award will not be based solely on
       economics, but rather an evaluation of all aspects of the Offeror’s proposal.


       The following is the proposed timetable. Proposers must submit all documentation prior to the
       scheduled deadlines to be eligible for consideration:

       Monday August 14th, 2006                     Distribution of RFP
       Friday September 8th 2006                    Questions Deadline 5:00 PM
       Thursday September 21,2006                   Closing Date: submission of all proposals 3
       Tuesday October 10th, 2006                   Recommendation to Board for Approval/Award


       In order to maintain comparability and enhance the review process, it is requested that proposals be
       organized in the manner specified below. Include all information in your proposal. All packages must
       be received in the Department of Purchasing, on or before the specified date and time. Sealed
       packages may be hand-delivered, mailed, or delivered by commercial carrier or courier. Proposer
       shall not transmit their bids by facsimile (fax), e-mail, or other electronic means. Any and all
       proposals not received in the manner requested, in by the specified date and time will be returned
       to the originating vendor, without further review. It is the sole responsibility of the Proposer to
       ensure the proposal is received at the specified place by the established closing date and time.
       Therefore, bidders submitting their bids through commercial carriers, couriers, and overnight
       services are advised to schedule their delivery several days prior to the established closing date
       and time.

School District of St. Lucie County                                                            RFP 07 - 08
Painting Services

       All bid/proposal responses shall be clearly marked on the outer front of the package stating RFP
       title, date and time of closing.

       A. TITLE PAGE

       Show the Bid number, subject, the name of the proposer, address, telephone number
       and the date.


        Include a clear identification of the material by section and by page number.

       C. LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL- Limit to one or two pages and:

           1.      Briefly state the understanding of the proposer regarding the work to be done and make a
                   positive commitment to perform the work within the specified time period.
           2.      Give the names of the persons who will be authorized to make representations for the
                   proposer, their titles, addresses and telephone numbers; and
           3.      Give the Federal taxpayer identification number of the bidder.

       D. Request for Proposal

           (Required Response Form, page 1 of RFP) with all required information completed and all
            signatures as specified.


            1. Experience and Qualifications of the Firm

                   a.     State whether the proposer is local, regional or national.
                   b.     Give the location of the office from which the work is to be done.
                   c.     Describe the range of services offered.
                   d.     Describe the experience of the proposer for providing painting services to school
                          districts and agencies within the State of Florida.
                   e.     Provide at least three references from other Florida school districts or similar
                          agencies for work similar to that contemplated by this RFP.
                   f.     Identify the specific individual who would serve the District on a day-to-day basis
                          as a primary point of contact and be responsible for the service of the proposer.
                          The individual identified shall be available within 24 hours notice by telephone to
                          accomplish the following:

                                  1      Attend meetings.
                                  2.     Respond to telephone calls.
                                  3.     Respond to specific inquiries.

                 Provide proof of your company's insurance or submit a letter of your intention to have the
                 required insurance within ten days of notification by the District.

School District of St. Lucie County                                                              RFP 07 - 08
Painting Services

       Bidders shall address any questions regarding this solicitation directly to the Purchasing
       Department, Allen Lee at Questions shall be in writing to the email
       address given or by fax (772-336-6985), referencing the proposal number and opening date.
       Questions will be accepted until 5 pm on Friday July 28th, 2006. All questions submitted will be
       answered in writing by an addendum. The School District of St. Lucie County will not be bound by
       any verbal information or by any written information that is neither contained within the solicitation
       documents or formally noticed and issued by the Purchasing Department.

7.0    ADDENDA

       A written addendum may be issued prior to the bid/proposal opening, which may modify,
       supplement or interpret any portion of this Request. No verbal or written information from other
       sources are authorized as representing the School District of St. Lucie County.

       The School District of St. Lucie County will issue a written addenda with such information to all
       Proposers in a timely manner, so as to give the respondents sufficient time to respond to the
       information and incorporate such changes into their response. All Proposers shall acknowledge the
       receipt of such addenda by completing the addenda form, signing it, and including it with their
       proposal response. If the addenda are received after the Proposer submits his proposal, he may
       mail the addenda under separate cover and include the incorporated changes in that package.


       Costs, either direct or indirect, incurred by the prospective Contractor in the preparation of
       proposals, making presentations, and demonstrations or for any other reason associated with the
       response to this Solicitation may not be charged to, or is the responsibility of the School District of
       St. Lucie County.


       All copies and contents of any proposal, attachment, and explanation thereof submitted in response
       to the Request for Proposal (except copyright material), shall become the property of the School
       District of St. Lucie County, Florida. The School District reserves the right to use, at its discretion,
       and in any manner it deems appropriate, any concept, idea, technique or suggestion contained
       therein.    All copyright and industrial/commercial proprietary, confidential and/or privileged
       information such as financial records, must be clearly identified, as such confidentiality is protected
       until award of contract, in accordance with Chapter 119, F.S. Such material will be returned to the
       Proposer prior to award of contract so as to preserve the proprietary and confidential nature of its


       This Request for Proposal (RFP) is not an offer of purchase. It is a request for product/service
       information and costs to assist the School District and Maintenance Department of the School
       District of St. Lucie County to make an acquisition decision and enter into a contract with the
       successful proposing firm for the services outlined in the Scope of Work and the Proposal. Neither
       the schools, the Purchasing Department, nor any other department or person are authorized to
       make a commitment until this solicitation process has been completed and a written purchase order
       contract is provided to the successful proposing firm.

School District of St. Lucie County                                                             RFP 07 - 08
Painting Services

       The normal terms of payment will be Net 45 Days from receipt and acceptance of goods or services
       and Bidder’s invoice. Itemized invoices, each bearing the Purchase Order Number must be mailed
       on the day of shipment. Invoicing subject to cash discounts will be mailed on the day that they are
       dated. The payment due date for a local governmental entity for the purchase of goods or services
       other than construction services is specified in s. 218.73.

       No payments are authorized in advance of receipt of service, nor for services not covered under
       this agreement or for services not acceptable to the School District of St. Lucie County.

       Payments for completed work projects will be authorized upon written certification of completion by
       the Contractor, submitted to the School’s Maintenance Department along with invoice. The School’s
       Maintenance Department will inspect work completed to determine compliance with the School
       District of St. Lucie County standards and specifications. Payment will not be authorized until the
       Contractor has performed the following:

       1.      Corrected any and all work in accordance with the School District of St. Lucie County

       The Contractor's Invoice shall be itemized to show pricing of parts (items, components, supplies,
       materials, etc), labor costs, and freight, to provide a complete accounting of items provided and
       service performed.


       In the event that any of the provisions of the contract are violated by the successful Contractor, the
       School District of St. Lucie County may serve written notice upon said Contractor of its intention to
       terminate the contract. Such notice is to state the reason(s) for such intention to terminate the
       contract, and, unless ten (10) days after serving such notice upon the Contractor, such violation
       shall cease and satisfactory arrangements for correction be made, the contract shall, upon
       expiration of said ten (10) days, cease and terminate, but the liability of said Contractor and/or his
       surety for any and all such violations(s) shall not be affected by any such termination. At this time,
       School District of St. Lucie County may enter into an agreement with the vendor with the next
       highest ranking proposal contract score, without re-issuing a Request for Proposals, or by repetition
       of the competitive solicitation process.


       The School Board reserves the right to:

       Reject any and all offers received as a result of this Request for Proposal (RFP).

       Disqualify a proposer from receiving the award if such proposer, or anyone in the proposer's
       employment, has previously failed to perform satisfactorily in connection with public bidding or

       Seek clarification of information submitted and to waive minor irregularities in any proposal.

       Accept and utilize any and all ideas submitted in any proposal.

School District of St. Lucie County                                                                   RFP 07 - 08
Painting Services
       Adopt all or any part of a proposal in selecting the best solution for the School District.

       Negotiate further with any proposer responding to this RFP if it will serve the best interest of the
       School District.

       Select and award the contract to the responsive proposer providing the best value to the School

       If the School District determines additional features, service, modifications, or deletions are needed
       and it is in the District's best interest, the District may enter into negotiations with the contractor to
       amend the contract. Also, if a contractor has newer technology the School District may exercise the
       right to upgrade to that technology by way of an amendment agreeable to both parties.


       In the event that the successful proposer(s) should breach this contract the District
       reserves the right to seek remedies in law and/or in equity.


       This School District reserves the right to waive minor deviations or exceptions in
       proposal’s providing such action is in the best interest of the School District of St. Lucie
       County. Minor deviations/exceptions are defined as those that have no adverse effect
       upon the School District’s interest and would not affect the outcome of the award by giving
       a respondent an advantage or benefit not enjoyed by other respondents.


        The right to provide the commodities and services, which will be granted under the
        contract, shall not be exclusive. The School District reserves the right to contract for and
        purchase commodities and services from as many firms as it deems necessary without
        infringing upon or terminating the contract.


        It shall be the responsibility of the contractor to be knowledgeable of all federal, state,
        county and local laws, ordinances, rules and regulations that in any manner affect the
        items covered herein which may apply. Lack of knowledge by the proposer(s) will in no
        way be a cause for relief from responsibility.

       Proposer(s) doing business with the District are prohibited from discriminating against any
       employee, applicant, or client because of race, creed, color, national origin, sex or age
       with regard to but not limited to the following: employment practices, rates of pay or other
       compensation methods, and training selection.


       All Proposers must disclose the name of any officer, director, or agent who is also an
       employee of the District. All Proposers must disclose the name of any District employee
       who owns, directly or indirectly, any interest in the Proposers' business or any of its

School District of St. Lucie County                                                               RFP 07 - 08
Painting Services

        Proof of the following insurance will be furnished by the awarded bidders to the School
        District of St. Lucie County by Certificate of Insurance. SCHOOL DISTRICT OF ST.

            Certificates of Insurance meeting the specific required provision specified within this agreement
            shall be forwarded to the St. Lucie County School District's Purchasing Department that
            originated the contract, and approved 30 days prior to the start of any work or the possession of
            any school property. Renewal certificates must be forwarded to the same department prior to the
            policy renewal date.

            Thirty days written notice must be provided to the St. Lucie County School District via certified
            mail in the event of cancellation of insurance. The notice must be sent to Purchasing.

             The awarded bidders shall provide complete copies of any insurance policy for required
             coverage within seven days of the date of request by the Purchasing Department, but in any
             event at least 30 days prior to the commencement of any term. For all contracts with a bid
             amount of $500,000 or more the actual INSURANCE POLICY must be included with the
             Certificate of Insurance.

            A.   WORKERS' COMPENSATION: Proposer(s) must comply with Chapter 440, F.S., Workers’
                 Compensation and Employees’ Liability Insurance with minimum statutory limits.

            B.   COMPREHENSIVE GENERAL LIABILITY: Awarded bidders shall procure and maintain,
                 for the life of this contract/agreement, Comprehensive General Liability Insurance. This
                 policy shall provide coverage for death, bodily injury, personal injury, or property damage
                 that could arise directly or indirectly from the performance of this agreement. It must be an
                 occurrence form policy.

                 The minimum limits of coverage shall be $1,000,000.00 per occurrence, Combined, Single
                 Limit for Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage Liability.

            C.   BUSINESS AUTOMOBILE LIABILITY: Awarded bidders shall procure and maintain, for
                 the life of the contract/agreement, Business Automobile Liability Insurance.

                 The minimum limits of coverage shall be $500,000.00 per occurrence, Combined Single
                 Limit for Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage Liability. This coverage shall be an
                 "Any Auto" or "Comprehensive Form" policy. The insurance must be an occurrence form

                 In the event the contractor does not own any vehicles, we will accept hired and non-owned
                 coverage in the amounts listed above. In addition, we will require an affidavit signed by the
                 contractor indicating the following:
                 ____________________ (Company Name) does not own any vehicles. In the event we
                 acquire any vehicles throughout the term of this contract/agreement, _______________
                 (Company Name) agrees to purchase "Any Auto" or "Comprehensive Form" coverage
                 as of the date of acquisition.

School District of St. Lucie County                                                               RFP 07 - 08
Painting Services
            D.   PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY: The awarded bidder shall procure and maintain Professional
                 Liability Insurance for the life of this contract/agreement, plus two years after completion.
                 This insurance shall provide coverage against such liability resulting from this contract. The
                 minimum limits of coverage shall be $5,000,000.00 with a deductible not to exceed
                 $25,000. The deductible shall be the responsibility of the insured. Professional liability
                 policies shall include an endorsement whereby the awarded bidder holds harmless the St.
                 Lucie County School District and each officer, agent and employee of the St. Lucie County
                 School District against all claims, against any of them, for personal injury or

                 wrongful death or property damage arising out of the negligent performance of professional
                 services or caused by an error, omission or negligent act of the awarded bidder or anyone
                 employed by the awarded bidder.

                 This policy must be continued or tail coverage provided for two years after completion of the


        The successful proposer(s) shall, in addition to any other obligation to indemnify the St. Lucie County
        School District and to the fullest extent permitted by law, protect, defend, indemnify and hold
        harmless the School District, their agents, officers, elected officials and employees from and against
        all claims, actions, liabilities, losses (including economic losses), costs arising out of any actual or

        A. bodily injury, sickness, disease or death, or injury to or destruction of tangible property including
           the loss of use resulting there from, or any other damage or loss arising out of, or claimed to
           have resulted in whole or in part from any actual or alleged act or omission of the contractor,
           subcontractor, anyone directly or indirectly employed by any of them, of anyone for whose acts
           any of them may be liable in the performance of the work; or
        B. violation of law, statute, ordinance, governmental administration order, rule or regulation by
           contractor in the performance of the work; or
        C. liens, claims or actions made by the contractor or any subcontractor or other party performing the

        The indemnification obligations hereunder shall not be limited to any limitation on the amount, type of
        damages, compensation or benefits payable by or for the contractor of any subcontractor under
        workers' compensation acts; disability benefit acts, other employee benefit acts or any statutory bar.

        Any costs or expenses, including attorney's fees, incurred by the St. Lucie County School District to
        enforce this agreement shall be borne by the contractor.


        All proposal documents or other materials submitted by the proposer in response to this RFP will be
        open for inspection by any person and in accord with Chapter 119, Florida Statutes.


        The proposer(s) will be responsible for obtaining any necessary permits and licenses and will comply
        with laws, rules, and regulations whether state or federal and with all local codes and ordinances
        without additional cost to the District.

School District of St. Lucie County                                                                 RFP 07 - 08
Painting Services

        The proposer(s) will indemnify and hold harmless, the District from liability of any nature or kind,
        including costs and expenses for or on account of any copyrighted, service marked, trademarked,
        patented or unpatented invention, process, article or work manufactured or used in the performance
        of the contract, including its use by the District. If the proposer(s) uses any design, device, materials
        or works covered by letters, service mark, trademark, patent, copyright or any other intellectual
        property right, it is mutually agreed and understood without exception that the proposal prices will
        include all royalties of costs arising from the use of such design, device, or materials in any way
        involved in the work. This article will survive the termination of any contract with the School District.


        Nothing contained in this specification will be construed as establishing any contractual relationship
        between any sub-proposer(s) and the District.

        The proposer(s) will be fully responsible to the District for the acts and omissions of the sub-
        proposer(s) and their employees.

        After award of contract, any changes in subcontractors or subproposers requires prior School District
        written approval.


        Indulgence by the District on any non-compliance by the proposer does not constitute a waiver of any
        rights under this RFP.


        It is the responsibility of every proposer to register and maintain their current registration information.
        Proposers that have received the RFP from must maintain their information on the
        DemandStar database. Proposers that have received the RFP documents from the St. Lucie County
        School District Purchasing Department and have not subscribed to the DemandStar service must
        maintain their current registration information with the Purchasing Department. The information used
        by the Purchasing Department is maintained at . DemandStar will b               e
        used to make notice of RFPs and other information to proposers. To check your current registration
        information log on to You may also change/update/revise your mailing
        address and commodity information on that web site.


       The District strongly encourages the use of Minority/Woman owned business enterprises for
        participation as associates, joint ventures, prime proposers, and sub-proposers in contracting


       Pursuant to Section 287.133, F.S., as amended, a person or affiliate who has been placed on the
       convicted vendor list following a conviction for a public entity crime may not submit a bid/RFP on a
       contract to provide any goods or services to a public entity, may not submit a bid/RFP on a contract
       with a public entity for the construction or repair of a public building or public work, may not submit

School District of St. Lucie County                                                              RFP 07 - 08
Painting Services
       bids/RFPs on leases of real property to a public entity, may not be awarded or perform work as a
       contractor, supplier, subcontractor, or consultant under a contract with any public entity, and may not
       transact business with any public entity in excess of the threshold amount provided in Section
       287.017, for CATEGORY TWO for a period of 36 months from the date of being placed on the
       convicted vendor list.

       The proposer(s) certifies by submission of this RFP, that neither it nor its principals is
       pres ently debarred, suspended, proposed for debarment, declared ineligible, or voluntarily
       excluded from participation in this transaction by any Federal department or agency.


        This contract or agreement is personal to the parties herein and may not be assigned, in whole or in
        part, by the proposer without prior written consent of the School District.

        The proposer herein shall not assign payments under this contract or agreement without the prior
        written consent of the School District.


        A purchase order and/or a contract will be released, after award, for any work to be performed as a
        result of this RFP. The proposal, negotiated term, agreement if applicable, and the corresponding
        purchase order will constitute the complete agreement between proposer and the District.


        In the event multiple proposers submit a joint proposal in response to the RFP, a single proposer
        shall be identified as the Prime Vendor. If offering a joint proposal, Prime Vendor must include the
        name and address of all parties of the joint proposal. Prime Vendor shall provide all bonding and
        insurance requirements, execute any Contract, complete the REQUIRED RESPONSE FORM shown
        herein, have overall and complete accountability to resolve any dispute arising within this contract.
        Only a single contract with one proposer shall be acceptable. Prime Vendor responsibilities shall
        include, but not be limited to, performing of overall contract administration, preside over other
        proposers participating or present at District meetings, oversee preparation of reports and
        presentations, and file any notice of protest and final protest as described herein. Prime Vendor shall
        also prepare and present a consolidated invoice(s) for services performed. The District shall issue
        only one check for each consolidated invoice to the Prime Vendor for services performed. Prime
        Vendor shall remain responsible for performing services associated with response to this RFP.


       All installations in progress at the time this contract is awarded will be completed by the testing and
       balancing contractor who initiated the work.


       The Contractor shall extend the terms, conditions, specifications, requirements and unit
        pricing to other state and county agencies within the State of Florida.

School District of St. Lucie County                                                                RFP 07 - 08
Painting Services

       Vendor shall provide any variances, exceptions, or variations to requirements, specifications,
       products, and/or services outlined in this proposal Use additional sheets if needed.


       The successful proposer shall insure the completed work complies with the following codes and
       regulations, as they apply to this proposal, whether or not specifically referenced elsewhere:

       01.     F.S. 633.
       02.     F.S. 240.
       03.     Title 4A, State Fire Marshal, Uniform Fire Safety Rules, Current Edition.
       04.     All NFPA codes adapted by Chapter 4A-3, F.A.C.
       05.     Chapter 6C-14, FAC.
       06.     NFPA 70, National Electric Code, 1993.
       07.     NFPA 101 Life Safety Code, 1994.
       08.     SBCCI, Standard Codes, 1994.
       09.     Florida (Handicapped) Accessibility Code for Building Construction, 1994. Americans with
               Disabilities Act (ADA) 1991-28CFR, Parts 35 and 36.

36.0   LABELS

       Labels shall be affixed as required by any and/or all State and Federal statutes or regulations, such
       as labels on containers of hazardous materials and chemicals, Material Data Safety Sheets (MDSS)
       for solvents, etc.


       It is the intent of this Request for Proposals (RFP) to select two (2) firms to enter into an agreement
       for services for an initial term of two (2) plus two (2) additional two-year renewal periods. It is in the
       best interest of the School District to contract with a firm that exhibits the highest degree of
       responsiveness, responsibility, experience, qualifications, financial stability, integrity, capacity and
       capability to provide ongoing services as outlined in this statement of work.

       a)      The successful contractor(s) shall have been in the painting/contracting business for three
               (3) years or longer in the South Florida area, and carry a valid certificate of competency in
               Palm Beach, St Lucie, Indian River or Martin County and license at the time of submitting
               their proposal. Accumulative experience shall include both interior and exterior treatments.

       b)      The successful contractor shall have the financial stability and security to absorb a monthly
               payment program a “Net 45" basis upon contractor’s presentation of invoice after services
               are completed and accepted by the School District Maintenance Department. Additionally,
               the successful contractor must maintain the ongoing ability to finance purchase of supplies,
               services, rental of equipment, materials, equipment and compensate their personnel to meet
               he ongoing requirements set forth in this contract.

       c)      The successful contractor shall maintain all certificates, licenses, bonds (if applicable) and
               insurance for the entire duration of the contract. In the event of any lapse in coverage
               and/or protection afforded, the contractor shall notify the School District within no later than

School District of St. Lucie County                                                                 RFP 07 - 08
Painting Services
               15 days prior to the lapse to be incurred.

       d)      The successful contractor shall maintain an operational service location within 60 miles
               radius from the exterior perimeter of the School District of St Lucie County South County
               Compound located at 329 NW Commerce Park Dr., Port St. Lucie, FL 34986. The
               contractor shall ensure that he maintains the required supplies and materials, employs
               qualified paint applicators, and has adequate vehicles to transport service personnel and
               equipment to and from the job site for the entire duration of the contract.

       e)      The successful contractor shall conform and maintain current professional and technical
               standards and technology in the painting/contracting industry. He shall be authorized and
               be able to procure, store and transport men and supplies, as well as mix and apply all of the
               paint as specified in this Request for Proposal. Paint application shall be in the method and
               intensity recommended by the respective paint manufacturer or standard of application set
               forth by the industry, particularly in strength, coverage of surface application areas, and with
               full consideration of, and compliance with all safety standards.

       f)      Painters / Applicators -- All painters that are mixing and applying paint shall be trained and
               experienced to mix and apply (including use of machinery when required) paint, additives
               and related chemicals, use tools, and implements to apply paint to surfaces so assigned in
               the areas specified. Additionally, all painters and supervisors shall be qualified and
               experienced so as to ensure each area to be painted is properly protected and prepared
               prior to treatment. While on School District sites, unless it is essential, painters, applicators
               and supervisors shall refrain from interaction or conversation between employees of the
               contractor and students, employees, guests, and other vendors of the School District.
               Catcalls, whistles, remarks, or any other type of inappropriate behavior is forbidden.
               Employees of the contractor who do not conduct themselves in a professional manner will
               be immediately removed from campus and will not be allowed to return to work in the future.

       g)      All painters/applicators shall report to the Maintenance Department any and all conditions or
               situation that may affect the end quality of the painted or finished surface being treated.

       h)      All Supervisors and other key operational personnel of the Contractor must be able to
               speak, listen, write, read and comprehend English.

       i)      All contractor personnel shall carry with them at all times while on the School District
               property, identification of their affiliation with the contractor’s company; this may be in the
               form of vehicle signs, uniforms, badges, and/or identification carried on the person.


       a)      All paint shall be applied in the method and manner recommended by the paint
               manufacturer, which includes but is not limited to application by brush, roller, or spray. All
               surfaces shall be covered completely to prevent the undersurface from appearing on the
               finished surface. All paint application shall be free of runs, overspray, drips, spots, stains, or
               signs of substandard workmanship. In cases when the subsurface shows through, the wall
               shall receive the necessary additional treatment to ensure full coverage.

       b)      The contractor is responsible for the quality of the entire finished surface of the room
               treated. The contractor shall apply patching compound to small holes, cracks, and
               crevices to ensure a properly finished paint surface in each room. Additionally, the

School District of St. Lucie County                                                               RFP 07 - 08
Painting Services
               contractor is responsible for any light sanding on surfaces to ensure adhesion of paint. Any
               major cracks, or other surface deviances shall be reported immediately to the School District
               Maintenance Department upon discovery.

       c)      All painted lines shall be sharp, clean, and straight, following the contour of the wall or
               surface painted. Although ceilings (excluding drop ceilings with acoustical tile) will receive
               paint, the corners and edges shall be uniform and sharp. Finished doors, jambs, and
               thresholds shall not be painted unless otherwise noted. Window sills shall be painted
               if currently match the walls. Paint shall not be applied to finished surfaces; such as
               acoustical tile, flooring, cove base, countertops, appliances, fixtures, windows, etc.



       Painting services shall be performed on an “as required” basis on a predetermined and regularly
       scheduled date and time. Room painting assignments during this period will range in groups of ten
       (10) to one-hundred (100) rooms. All on-site service at the School/Department site will be
       accompanied by School District personnel. The predetermined date of project service shall be
       established not less than two weeks prior to effective date of service

       Failure to arrive and provide service at the predetermined time and place without notification to the
       the School District Maintenance Department will be considered as a violation of the agreement.
       Repeated and/or flagrant violations of this requirement may lead to termination of this agreement.
       Since painting assignments are based on an “as needed” basis, the School District cannot be held
       responsible for neither the exact number of rooms to be painted, nor the frequency of assignment or
       number of rooms per assignment. Figures presented are based on experience in prior years.

       Painting assignments occur on an “as needed” or “as required” basis. All project cost quotations
       shall be based on the square footage unit price per coat provided in the pricing section of the
       Request for Proposals. Additional services required on weekends or after hours, and which require
       the overtime provisions, shall occur only with prior initiative and/or authorization


       The vendor shall also provide personnel as required to respond to emergency or imminent needs
       to correct wall discoloration with painting. Off-hour “emergency” or “dire need” notification of
       painting requirements must be acknowledged within 8 hours and responded within an agreed
       scheduled time or within 24 hours.

       Should an unsanitary or adverse area exist which could lead to improper application of paint finish,
       the Contractor shall document the same and notify the Maintenance Department, cease painting or
       activity in that area until resolution is determined by the Maintenance Department

       The contractor may be requested to provide additional related services on the job site on an “as
       required” basis, of which shall be determined by the hourly rates provided on the pricing sheet.
       Additional related services may include but not be limited to additional patchwork and/or surface
       preparation, application of paint to non-scheduled areas, etc.

School District of St. Lucie County                                                              RFP 07 - 08
Painting Services


       The Contractor shall be fully responsible to the Customer for the acts and omissions of all persons
       directly or indirectly employed by them.

       The successful respondent shall be responsible to provide all necessary labor, supplies,
       materials to apply paint in the areas specified according to specifications, as follows to include but
       not be limited to:

       Labor (all personnel, painters and supervisors)
       Dropcloths, masking tape and related supplies
       Supplies (masking tape, brushes, rollers, paint holders, etc)
       Ladders and scaffolds
       Mixing materials
       Spraying materials and equipment (if applicable)
       Abrasives and sanding materials
       Spot patch materials
       Safety equipment (masks, hats, protective gear), or other equipment as required by OSHA
       Other supplies and materials as needed to paint surfaces
       Replacement of Base if lost or damaged by Contractor
       Removal of supplies and materials (general clean-up) at end of each day
       Leaving empty paint containers in an orderly fashion in designated area when utilized
       Ensuring all painters and other personnel are properly equipped with all safety equipment and
       versed in safety procedures in accordance with all appropriate safety requirements and regulations
       (supply and use of masks, fume protection, scaffolding, safety harnesses, etc)

       Although the School District will be responsible for preliminary room preparation, the contractor s
       shall be responsible for applying minor patchwork to small holes, cracks and crevices, and surface
       preparation. In most cases, stickers, foreign paint, and stains have been removed, and if
       discovered by the contractor, must notify the Maintenance Department at once for resolution.

       The School District will be responsible for the following:

       Providing all paint--all colors
       Identifying rooms to be painted and assigning to contractor with schedule
       Repairing major cracks and crevices, repairs, replacement of drywall or ceiling tiles
       Preparing rooms prior to painting (includes removal of appurtenances, decorations, debris and
       waste, and all furniture will be centered in the room to be painted); may include some minor
       patching, touch-up, and sanding of patches
       Supervising, assigning, directing, managing each project and assignment
       Inspecting work completed by Contractor
       Processing approved invoices for payment
       Providing access to room for contractor and other related activities.

School District of St. Lucie County                                                               RFP 07 - 08
Painting Services

       Work under this contract will include, but not be limited to, final preparation of surfaces in rooms to
       ensure adhesion of paint, applying paint and finishes in a proper and complete manner, protecting
       rugs, drop ceilings, machinery, floors, appliances and finished surfaces. Work shall include as

       Light sanding of doors and casings prior to application of enamel or varnish
       Finish sanding of surfaces to ensure paint adheres to walls, ceilings and other painted areas
       Finish patching of walls to ensure smooth wall and ceiling surfaces
       Cover furniture and floors; if contractor needs to remove or move said furniture, he shall do so at his
       own expense
       Mask and clean rubber base around floors
       Paint behind refrigerators and stoves when units are mobile or on wheels

       Work normally not to be included by the Contractor, but may be assigned by the Maintenance
       Department and is subject to hourly rates upon approval and acceptance by the School District:

       Removal of stickers and other appurtenances to be painted
       Drywall patching
       Repair of wood or metal doors and/or frames
       Repair or replacement of acoustic tile
       Repair of shelving or hand rail units
       Pre-cleaning of unusual contaminants on surfaces to be painted
       Blocking out or priming areas where graffiti or unauthorized coloring or art appears
       Electrical, mechanical, and/or storage rooms.
       Replacement of base damaged prior to room assignment
       Repair of major cracks, crevices, and holes

       The activities outlined above may be requested by the School District Maintenance Department to
       be performed by the contractor, and if approved will be subject to the additional hourly rates in this
       Request for Proposals


       The Contractor shall commence work on all corrections as outlined in “punch lists” to restore
       workmanship and quality of application to each room after the Contractor has finished that room,
       and shall commence within a period of 24 hours or one business day, upon notice received from
       the School District Maintenance Department. The work shall be finished within a reasonable time
       after commencement, based on an agreed schedule of completion by both the Contractor and the
       School District Maintenance Department, at no additional cost to the School District



       When a potential project is defined and authorized by personnel, the Contractor will respond to the
       request in a timely manner, at a mutually agreeable time and place, to perform an on-site
       inspection of the work-site. Due to the anticipated workload during the summer months, the
       contractor may inspect more than one room or project assignment, or inspect other assignments
       while performing work on existing projects. The Contractor shall respond to The School District

School District of St. Lucie County                                                             RFP 07 - 08
Painting Services
       Maintenance Department within two (2) business days and the site inspection shall occur no later
       than five (5) business days, unless otherwise agreed or specified by the School District
       Maintenance Department.

       For all work assignments, the School District Maintenance Department personnel will identify the
       area to be painted. The vendor will provide a quote based on the number of square feet to be
       painted, and extended by the unit price per square foot pricing contained in the pricing sheets.
       The quote shall include the number of workers contractor will use and approximate date for
       completion Upon approval the contractor shall commence work within the agreed
       period. Upon completion, the vendor shall submit the certified invoice after the painted area has
       been inspected and approved by the School District of St. Lucie County.


       Following site inspection a written quotation shall be delivered to the Department within four (4)
       working days. Project Quotation shall include building name, room number, description,
       dimensions and square footage of each assigned work area/room and cost extended by the
       prescribed square footage rates on the pricing schedule. For services other than painting, the
       Contractor shall utilize the hourly rates set forth in the pricing schedule.

       Additional services shall be performed on the hourly rates established on the pricing schedule.
       Only in circumstances when services required are not specified in this agreement, the contractor
       may quote a labor cost for the project at the hourly rates designated by this contract.

       STEP THREE: The School District Maintenance Department acceptance and authorization to
       proceed. Upon receipt of Project Cost Estimate from the Contractor, the School District
       Maintenance Department reviews same and upon acceptance, issues an authorization to proceed
       to the Contractor. The School District Maintenance Department reserves the right to request
       revisions or corrections to the original project during the review period. Upon receipt of the
       authorization to proceed, the Contractor shall commence work on the schedule agreed upon by the
       School District Maintenance Department and the Contractor. The Contractor shall not proceed
       with any project until approval, notice or authorization to proceed is issued by the designee.

       The Contractor must obtain prior written approval by The School District Maintenance Department
       for all costs before commencing on any additional work not included in the original project, or
       deletions, revisions or other changes. Such written approval will be authorized by the Director of or
       his designee.

       When requested, the Contractor shall provide a work schedule and submit it to the
       Coordinator. The schedule shall include estimated commencement and completion dates.

       Upon completion of work by the contractor, the contractor shall notify the designated representative
       of the School District Maintenance Department to perform an inspection of work completed.
       Upon completion, the contractor shall indicate the room, its size, services performed, and cost on
       an invoice. Submittal of the invoice after completion and acceptance of work is certification that
       work for the respective project (room or group of rooms in a specified area) has been completed.
       The School District Maintenance Department will not authorize payment for services not rendered,
       or for work not accepted.

School District of St. Lucie County                                                                RFP 07 - 08
Painting Services
      All paint shall be applied in a professional and workmanlike manner to ensure total coverage of
      surface desired. Paint shall be stirred and mixed so as to ensure a consistent color and texture,
      with no streaking or subsurface paint color, or subsurface wall texture, patch or appurtenance will
      show through the newly applied surface.

       All surfaces shall be completely covered as instructed. All other surfaces in rooms shall receive
       protection from fumes or spill by use of dropcloths, masking tape, visqueen, or other materials as
       circumstanc es require. Although the School District Maintenance Department has prepared each
       room for painting, the Contractor will ensure the surfaces are properly prepared to
       accommodate the paint to be applied. This includes but is not limited to nail holes, imperfections,
       grease or ink on surfaces, etc. The Contractor shall notify the School District Maintenance
       Department as to the nature of the blemished surface, and if the blemish is of minor nature, the
       Contractor will be required to make the correction and adjustment.

       Painted surfaces shall be continuous in texture, color, and surface appearance. Rooms must be
       completed by the end of each workday to ensure continuity of workmanship and application.

      Contractor shall be responsible for the protection of all buildings, structures, and utilities that are
      underground, above ground, or on the surface from their operations that may be hazardous and/or
      damaging to said facilities.

      Contractor shall be responsible for all costs related to the correction, replacement, repairs, and
      reinstallations, according to local codes and the School District Maintenance Department’s
      satisfaction, of all water lines, sanitary lines, electrical lines, curbs, sidewalks, streets, parking
      lots, grassed areas, etc., broken or damaged as the result of Contractor’s operations.

      When required, the Contractor shall conduct work in phases to accommodate the School District
      maintenance Department’s occupancy requirements during the project and coordinate schedules
      and operations with the School District Maintenance Department or its representative.

      The Contractor or his/her employees shall be responsible for safeguarding all of their tools,
      equipment, signs, barricades, etc. while operating on any site. The School District Maintenance
      Department assumes no responsibility for act of theft or vandalism which may occur while
      Contractors equipment is located on any site.

      Contractor shall allow the School District Maintenance Department personnel access on work sites
      at all times.

      Contractor shall leave work site in a neat and orderly fashion at the end of each work day. The
      Contractor shall take all of the necessary precautions to ensure the work-site is protected and safe
      by the use of barriers, warning signs, and other forms of protection, if needed to maintain a safe
      distance to avoid creating hazardous conditions for pedestrians, property and vehicles. Contractor
      will remedy any and all damage to property by acts of omission, or vandalism which occur as a

School District of St. Lucie County                                                              RFP 07 - 08
Painting Services
       result of their work.

       The Contractor shall be responsible to ensure frequent pick-up of all rubbish, refuse, scrap
       materials, and debris as a result of their operations so that work site presents a neat and orderly
       appearance at all times. All rubbish, scrap, etc., shall be transported from the premises. Rubbish
       shall NOT be deposited as fill on the work site. Paint, cleaning solvents, or other related chemicals
       shall not be disposed in sinks, drains, toilets, or other drains within or outside buildings. Paint and
       chemical solvents shall be drained in the manner and at the designated location specified by the
       School District Maintenance Department. At completion of work, the Contractor shall remove all
       work materials, tools, equipment, machinery, and surplus materials from the work site and shall
       leave project in ready to use condition. The contractor shall be responsible for carefully stacking
       empty paint containers in the designated area for disposal by the School District Maintenance


       The Contractor shall at all times enforce strict discipline and good order among their employees and
       shall not employ on the work any unfit person or anyone not skilled in the task assigned to them.
       All persons working on the School District Maintenance Department property shall be regular, full-
       time, fully certified employees of the Contractor, at all times possible . There shall be no temporary
       employees assigned to any project team unless specifically authorized by the School District
       Maintenance Department personnel.

       None of the Contractor’s employees assigned to School District Maintenance Department jobsites
       shall have been convicted of a felony crime within the last five years. School District Maintenance
       Department reserves the right to request the Contractor, at the Contractor’s expense, to provide a
       background check of the contractor’s employee (s).


       The Contractor shall supervise and direct the work, using his/her best skill and attention. The
       Contractor shall be solely responsible for all painting means, methods, techniques, work sequences
       and procedures and for coordinating all portions of the work under the contract.

       The Contractor shall take room measurements and verify conditions and shall carefully compare
       such measurements and conditions and other information known to the Contractor as may be
       provided by the School district Maintenance Department before commencing activities. Errors,
       inconsistencies or omissions discovered shall be reported to the School District Maintenance
       Department personnel at once.

       The Contractor shall have a qualified and experienced supervisor/representative on the work site
       assigned to each respective Project Team at all times, who shall be thoroughly knowledgeable of all
       plans, specifications, and other contract documents and has the authority to act in the
       Contractor’s behalf..


       Contractor shall be responsible for off-loading, unpacking/uncrating all materials and equipment at
       the job site and install/reinstall, if required, appliances and/or stair railings in accordance with
       requirements and/or specifications herein and all attachments.

School District of St. Lucie County                                                         RFP 07 - 08
Painting Services

      Should any Contractor/employee in the performance of this contract encounter materials
      that they suspect are embedded with asbestos, they shall:

               1. Stop all work at the site and do not disturb the area of suspicion.
               2. Call the Department and advise them of the discovery.
               3. Leave the site until the materials can be analyzed.


       Contractor shall ensure all his employees perform their work in a manner to ensure safety at all
       times to Contractor’s employees, School District employees, and others. All work performed shall
       be in compliance to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards,
       requirements, equipment, policies and procedures.

       Should the Contractor encounter any lead-based paint or any other product to be sanded, painted,
       removed, or altered in any way, the Contractor shall follow the steps outlined in

School District of St. Lucie County                                                            RFP 07 - 08
Painting Services

       1.      Interior Painting Labor (One Coat Only) (Flat Rate)

               Lot Assignments under 15,000 esq.                          $_______/Sq. Ft.
               Lot Assignments under 15,001 - 50,000 esq.                 $_______/Sq. Ft.
               Lot Assignments 50,001- 99,999 esq.                        $_______/Sq. Ft.
               Assignments 100,000 esq. and higher                        $_______/Sq. Ft.

       2.      Overtime Interior Painting Labor (One Coat Only)(Must be requested by, and/or approved in
               advance by the School District Maintenance Department)

               Lot Assignments under 15,000 esq.                          $_______/Sq. Ft.
               Lot Assignments under 15,001 - 50,000 esq.                 $_______/Sq. Ft.
               Lot Assignments 50,001-99,999 esq.                         $_______/Sq. Ft.
               Lot Assignments 100,000 esq. and higher                    $_______/Sq. Ft.

               Services other than painting labor
               Supervisor                                                 $_______per on-site hour
               Painter                                                    $_______per on-site hour

       3.      Overtime services other than painting labor
               (Must be requested and/or approved in advance by the School District Maintenance

               Supervisor                                                 $_______per on-site hour
               Painter                                                    $_______per on-site hour


       I.      Pricing for Renewal Option (July 1, 2007 through June 30, 2008)
               Vendor shall provide overall increase by percentage for all pricing and rates above
               for services occurring during the term indicated above.__________%

       II.     Pricing for Renewal Option (July 1, 2008 through June 30, 2009)
               Vendor shall provide overall increase by percentage for all pricing and rates above
               for services occurring during the term indicated above. __________%


School District of St. Lucie County                                                             RFP 07 - 08
Painting Services


       The will conduct a comprehensive, fair, and impartial evaluation of all proposals received in
       response to this Request for Proposals for Painting Services for the School District of St. Lucie
       County Maintenance Department. Each proposal received will be analyzed to determine overall
       responsiveness and completeness as defined in the Statement of Work and in the Instructions on
       submitting a proposal. Failure to comply with the instructions or to submit a complete proposal may
       deem a proposal non- responsive and may at the discretion of the Evaluation Committee be
       eliminated from further evaluation.


       The Evaluation and Selection Committee will be comprised of members of the Maintenance
       Department. The School District reserves the right to add, delete or substitute members of the
       Evaluation Committee, as it deems necessary.


       The evaluation of proposals will involve scoring each proposal in the following areas listed in order
       of importance, with respect to the requirements as outlined in this document:

       Technical Capability to Accomplish the Statement of Work (40%)
       Cost -Overall Value and Cost-Effectiveness of Services Provided at Contract Pricing Provided(40%)
       Contractor Experience, Qualifications, Reliability, and Support (20%)

       The Contractor’s proven capacity, capability and expertise of painting multi-dwelling units will be
       evaluated by the Committee. The Committee will review the Proposer/Contractor’s ability to provide
       and manage manpower and supplies in large quantities to paint several areas at the same time
       within a brief time frame, particularly in other similar project environments, such as schools,
       apartments, condominiums, shopping centers, etc. References will be evaluated in this section with
       additional points being given to bidders with school district references. The Committee will
       evaluate the Contractor’s ability to manager large scope projects and accomplish assigned tasks
       within the allotted time schedules and in a high standard level of quality.

39.5   EVALUATION FACTOR 2: COST (40 points)

       The Contractor’s ability to provide realistic, competitive and economical pricing on the pricing
       sheets in Section 7.0, and corresponding increases for each renewal option year will be reviewed,
       compared, and evaluated by the Selection Committee. Proposers submitting the lowest prices will
       receive the highest scores for this evaluation factor.


       The Contractor’s ability to meet and maintain certificates, licenses, insurance and bonds (if
       applicable) continuously for the duration of the contract will be evaluated and scored by the
       Selection Committee based on past experience. This review will also include, but not be limited to,
       review of the Contractor’s financial stability, as evidenced in the ability to provide adequate
       manpower and materials and meet district payment terms.

School District of St. Lucie County                                                              RFP 07 - 08
Painting Services

       Ability to provide all that is requested in the proper format with all signatures in a clear and concise


       Company Name___________________________________________________________
       Phone #:_________________________Fax #:_______________________________________
       Name and Title of Principal Officer:_____________________________________________
       Name and Title of Individual Signing Proposal_____________________________________

       Incorporated:         Yes (    )       No ( ) If yes, state incorporated
       If individual or partnership, provide names of Owners/Partners___________________________
       Federal Employment Identification Number (FEID #) :_________________________________
       Corporate Identification Number:________________________________________________
       Certificate of Competency (if applicable#____________________________________________
       State and Local License # (identify)   ______________________________________________

       Location of branch or office to provide service to the School District
       Phone # of Branch Location: __________________
       Phone # Office:__________________________
       Vehicles, supplies, and personnel available for service (Use additional sheets if

       SIGNATURE_______________________               DATE___________________________

       COMPANY NAME______________________________________________________

School District of St. Lucie County                                                              RFP 07 - 08
Painting Services
                                                                                           ATTACHMENT A

1      BID means a formal price offer by vendor to the buyer to furnish specific goods and/or services in
       response to an Invitation for Bids, Request for Quotation, or a multi-step bidding procedure.

2.     CONTRACT means (1) a deliberate verbal or written agreement between two or more competent
       parties to perform or not perform a specific act or acts; and (2) any type of agreement regardless of
       what it is called for the procurement or disposal of supplies, services or construction.

3.     CONTRACTOR means a separate and distinguishable business entity participating or seeking to
       participate in the performance of a contract.

4.     PRE-BID OR PRE-PROPOSAL CONFERENCE means a meeting held prior to the date of bid or
       proposal submittal, which disseminates to all bidders or proposers in attendance information to assist
       them in submitting a bid or proposal including, but not limited to, information regarding the
       requirements of the School District.

5.     PROCUREMENT means buying, purchasing, renting, leasing or otherwise acquiring any
       goods and/or services for public purposes in accordance with the law, rules, regulations and
       procedures intended to provide for the economic expenditure of public funds. For the purpose
       of this policy, procurement refers to those goods and/or services, except professional
       services, solicited by the Department of Purchasing pursuant to District and Department of
        Education requirements.

6.     REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) means a solicitation of responses for goods and/or
       services for which the scope of work, specifications or contractual terms and conditions cannot
       reasonably be closely defined. Evaluation of a proposal is based on prior established criteria
       which may include but may or may not be totally limited to price.

       business which has submitted a bid, offer, proposal, quotation, or response, which has the
       capability in all respects to perform fully the contract requirements, and the integrity and
       reliability which will give reasonable assurance of good faith and performance.

       CONTRACTOR means an individual or business which has submitted a bid, offer, proposal, quotation
       or response, which conforms in all material respects to the solicitation, including, but not limited to,
       compliance with any M/WBE requirements contained within the solicitation.

9.     SCHOOL DISTRICT means the St. Lucie County School District, its individual and collective
       departments, managers, staff, and facilities.

10..   SUBCONTRACTOR means any person providing goods and/or services to a prime contractor
       for profit, if such goods and/or services are procured or used in fulfillment of the prime
       contractor's obligations arising from a contract with the St. Lucie County School District,
       except persons providing goods to a prime contractor whose contract with the District is for
       the provision of materials, equipment, or supplies.

11.    VENDOR means an actual or potential supplier of goods and/or services interchangeable with
       the term bidder and/or contractor.

School District of St. Lucie County                                                                 RFP 07 - 08
Painting Services
                                                                                              ATTACHMENT B

                                 DRUG-FREE WORKPLACE CERTIFICATION

Preference must be given to vendors submitting a certification with their bid/proposal certifying they have a
drug-free workplace in accordance with Section 287.087, Florida Statutes. This requirement affects all public
entities of the State and becomes effective January 1, 1991. The special condition is as follows:

IDENTICAL TIE BIDS - Preference shall be given to businesses with drug-free workplace programs.
Whenever two or more bids which are equal with respect to price, quality, and service are received by the
State or by any political subdivision for the procurement of commodities or contractual services, a bid
received from a business that certifies that it has implemented a drug-free workplace program shall be given
preference in the award process. Established procedures for processing tie bids will be followed if none of
the tied vendors have a drug-free workplace program, a business shall:

1)     Publish a statement notifying employees that the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, pos -
session, or use of a controlled substance is prohibited in the workplace and specifying the actions that will be
taken against employees for violations of such prohibition.

2)      Inform employees about the dangers of drug abuse in the workplace, the business's policy of main-
taining a drug-free workplace, any available drug counseling, rehabilitation, and employee assistance
programs, and the penalties that m ay be imposed upon employees for drug abuse violations.

3)     Give each employee engaged in providing the commodities or contractual services that are under bid
a copy of the statement specified in subsection (1).

4)      In the statement specified in subsection (1), notify the employees that, as a condition of working on
the commodities or contractual services that are under bid, the employee will abide by the terms of the
statement and will notify the employer of any conviction of, or plea of guilty or nolo contendere to, any
violation of chapter 893 or of any controlled substance law of the United States or any state, for a violation
occurring in the workplace no later than five (5) days after such conviction.

5)      Impose a sanction on, or require the satisfactory participation in a drug abuse assistance or rehabilita-
tion program if such is available in the employee's community, by any employee who is so convicted.

6)     Make a good faith effort to continue to maintain a drug-free workplace through implementation of this

As the person authorized to sign the statement, I certify that this firm complies fully with the above



Must be executed and returned with attached proposal to be considered.

School District of St. Lucie County                                                         RFP 07 - 08
Painting Services
                                                                                       ATTACHMENT C

                                      STATEMENT OF NO RESPONSE

If you are not bidding on this service/commodity, please complete and return this form to: Purchasing
Department, School District of St. Lucie County, 329 N.W. Commerce Park Drive, Port St. Lucie FL
34986. (Please print or type, except signature)

COMPANY NAME:__________________________________________________



CONTACT PERSON: _________________________TELEPHONE:________________

We, the undersigned, have declined to respond to your proposal

For EXTERNAL INDEPENDENT AUDITING SERVICES because of the following reasons:

__________ We do not offer this service or the equivalent.

__________ Insufficient time to respond to the RFP.

__________ Remove our name from this proposal list only.

__________ Our schedule would not permit us to perform.

__________ Other. (Specify below)








School District of St. Lucie County                                                                RFP 07 - 08
Painting Services
                                                                                     ATTACHMENT D

Please submit a list of at least three (3) references in the Central/South Florida area that you are providing
painting services to so that we may contact them for references, if needed. Preference given to companies
that have experience with School Districts.


Client Name____________________________________________________________________

City___________________________________ State_____ Zip Code_______________________

Telephone______________________________ Fax_____________________________________

Client Contact Person_____________________________________________________________

Client Name____________________________________________________________________

City___________________________________ State_____ Zip Code_______________________

Telephone______________________________ Fax_____________________________________

Client Contact Person_____________________________________________________________

Client Name____________________________________________________________________

City___________________________________ State_____ Zip Code_______________________

Telephone______________________________ Fax_____________________________________

Client Contact Person_____________________________________________________________

School District of St. Lucie County                                                            RFP 07 - 08
Painting Services
                                                                                          ATTACHMENT E

                            JESSICA LUNSFORD ACT

Effective immediately, any vendor or contractor conducting business with a Florida School District must
submit to a Level 2 fingerprint screening. This includes any vendor or contractor that may:

Be at school when students are present;
Have direct contact with students; or
Have access to or control of school funds

Your business has been identified as one which will need to submit to Level 2 fingerprint screenings.
Florida Statute requires all school districts to accomplish this task no later than September 1, 2005. The
cost of fingerprinting is $61 per person. Fingerprints must be paid for each individual in advance through a
money order made payable to Fingerprinting Services, LLC; or credit card payment may be made via the
Internet at or by calling (877) 357-7456. No other form of payment will be accepted.

You may make appointments for fingerprinting effective immediately. The St Lucie County School District
Offices are open 8 AM – 4:30 PM, Monday thru Friday. If this is inconvenient for you or your business we
will have evening appointments available on Wednesdays until 7 PM. Please call (772) 429-
7504/7502/7516 to make your appointments. For identification purposes we will need each employee’s
social security card and driver’s license.

Once employees are cleared by the level 2 fingerprint screening, identification cards will be mailed for each
employee to your business. Individuals coming on a St Lucie County School Campus must have their St
Lucie County Clearance Card and photo identification when checking in at the office or when requested by
a SLCSD employee. Martin, Indian River and Okeechobee Counties have entered into an inter-local
agreement to share fingerprinting results. Should you or your employees elect to be fingerprinted outside
St Lucie County School District clearance cards will be accepted from these treasure coast districts. You
will need to provide St Lucie County with a listing of employees fingerprinted in Martin, Indian River or
Okeechobee Counties indicating which treasure coast district conducted the level 2 fingerprint screening.

In addition, please provide written verification to the St Lucie County School District that you have cleared
all employees with the sexual offender/predator databases at and no later than September 1, 2005. Verification should be mailed to St. Lucie County
School District, 4202 Okeechobee Road, Fort Pierce, Florida 34947 attn. Susan Ranew, Assistant
Superintendent, Human Resources.

As you add new employees, please contact our offices to make appointments for fingerprinting. Again,
should you have any questions or concerns please do no hesitate to contact me at

We value your partnership with our School Board and look forward to a continuing relationship.


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