THE PRESERVATION PARTNERSHIP
                   WEARE, NEW HAMPSHIRE


Since early 1977, The Preservation Partnership has specialized in historic preservation
projects, with particular emphasis on New England town facilities. In addition to the
projects described here, lists of historic Municipal Offices, Public Safety Facilities and
Library Projects are also available.

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE CHURCH                                             Concord, NH
Inspection and Cyclical Maintenance Plan                                     2007
We are working with church authorities to formulate a timely maintenance plan for
this fine and imposing granite church, donated by Mary Baker Eddy herself not long
before her death, and designed by Boston medievalist Francis R. Allen, best known
for his buildings at Middlebury College (Norman Williams, 603. 228 2812).

REBUILDING OF CITY HALL STEPS                                            Franklin, NH
Documents written, construction to proceed shortly                                2007
This is a restoration of unusual front steps, some granite and some cast iron with glass
prisms to light the basement. The project will require that a temporary all-weather
enclosure be built around the work site, covering the sidewalk. (Brian Barry, 603.512

GLOUCESTER ARCHIVES PROJECT                               Gloucester, Massachusetts
Cost to be determined                                                            2007
We have been retained to design an on-site archive vault for Gloucester’s remarkable
Second Empire city hall, whose five towers on a hill stand like a beacon for the city’s
famous fishermen. This project has led to suggestions for restoration and expansion of
the whole complex, embraced by the mayor, and the matter is before city council.
(Ms. Sarah Dunlap, archivist, 978. 282 3943)

MILFORD TOWN HALL                                              Milford, Massachusetts
$1,000,000                                                                       2007
Starting in 1997, we conserved the entire building envelope, selecting appropriate
historic colors, and specifying thorough preparation and epoxy conservation of
exterior surfaces and trims. An elaborate and ornate tower was included in our
meticulous restoration. Other special tasks included gold-leafing, and the chemical
stripping and refinishing of carved foliate medallions. The finished project drew local
rave reviews for the way town hall was returned to its original elegance and beauty.
Following an equally successful repainting eight years later, the Selectmen asked us to
put an end to tower leaks that had been a problem ever since hurricane damage was
hastily repaired fifty years ago, and there also followed the restoration of the Great
Hall and the historic town clock, also stopped by the hurricane. A current reflooring
project is now next (Louis J. Celozzi, Executive Secretary, 508/634-2303).
                  WEARE, NEW HAMPSHIRE


CONTOOCOOK RAILROAD DEPOT                                         Contoocook, NH
$350,000                                                                       2006
This small but exacting restoration began with physical investigation and a Historic
Structure Report, and was followed by a two-phase rehabilitation to roll back this
historic depot, inside and out, to c.1900 for community and exhibit use. After a
complete exterior restoration, selected rooms were restored to their precise turn-of-
the-century appearance, while other interior space was used to introduce such new
components of code compliance and accessibility as handicapped washrooms, a lift,
and a second means of egress. The project won the lead 2006 preservation award
from Inherit New Hampshire. ( Chip Chesley, chair, Contoocook Riverway Assoc.,
603/424 5137).

KENNEDY PARK                                             Fall River, Massachusetts
$600,000                                                                        2003
Our work on this historic Olmsted park encompassed not only landscape features, but
the rebuilding of an Olmsted scenic overlook that had been destroyed by fire, and the
conversion of the “Ladies’ Comfort Station” (yes, a washroom) into Park Department
Headquarters. Director Richard Kitchen (508. 324 2550), who loves his new office,
will comment.

MILFORD MEMORIAL BUILDING                                   Milford, Massachusetts
$1,700,000                                                                       2002
This historic granite monument, built by the GAR to honor Milord’s Civil War
veterans, has been meticulously restored to its 1884 grandeur, and is used as a
community center for the performing arts. The restoration has brought back period
trim and decorative plaster, lovely chandeliers, specially-woven rugs and custom
wallpapers. The building has become fully code compliant, with a new elevator,
modern accessible bathrooms on every floor, and a safe, internal stair tower as well as
its stunning original granite helicoidal stairway. Every square foot of its original
varnished woodwork, marble walls and coffered ceilings are now resplendent.
(Dominic D`Allessandro, comm. chair, 508. 473 5616).

HILLSBOROUGH SOCIAL SERVICES CENTER                                 Hillsborough, NH
$350,000                                                                           2002
The town of Hillsborough owns a rare Early Gothic Revival house, The Gables, with
a barn that has been put to various uses (fire station, garage, youth center, etc.) over
the years. Our unfunded design would have linked these two original structures by a
third to form a multi-purpose Community Services Center that would have helped to
revitalize and beautify the center of town. The Gables would have been fully restored
as part of the project, to enhance community pride. No funding was secured in spite
of multiple attempts (James Coffey, Town Administrator, 603. 464 3877).
                  WEARE, NEW HAMPSHIRE


OLD HILLSBOROUGH FIRE STATION                                      Hillsborough, NH
Volunteer effort                                                                2002
The Town of Hillsborough repurchased this historic former fire station while we were
engaged with the last project, and we worked pro bono with the town’s firemen and
historical commission to provide plans for the restoration of this landmark as a
community museum. In the meanwhile, the town and volunteer effort have finished a
lovely, small park between the fire station and Main Street, from which a view of the
fire station and its unusual pagoda-like tower can be enjoyed. (Jane Waters, 603. 464
4031; Darin La Bier, 603. 464 3477).

 FAÇADE IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM                                     Somersworth, NH
$250,000                                                                      2002
In Somersworth, this was a Community Development project aimed at creating a
renascent image of the town by providing a corridor of restored properties on Main
Street, just before City Hall. Two facades were completed, of which one, the Nard
Appliance store, won a top Main Street Award.

MENDON TOWN HALL                                          Mendon, Massachusetts
$500.000                                                                       2001
Ostensibly a grant-funded accessibility project for a small, historic town hall, this
MHC-supervised project ended up achieving a complete envelope conservation, a rear
elevator and washroom addition, and extensive interior restoration, including a
beautiful refurbishing of the now-accessible Great Hall. (Wayne T. Darragh, project
manager, 617. 542 3300x310).

SHAKER CONFERENCE CENTER, MCI                               Shirley, Massachusetts
$1,500,000                                                                     1999
The prison campus of the Massachusetts Correctional Institute at Shirley was once an
important Shaker village. We completely restored an old Church Family House to
serve as a State Conference Center. This fine structure, the oldest on site, was
frightfully damaged and altered when it was converted to a boys’ reformatory years
ago. We have now restored it to its former simple elegance and beauty. (Tom Ostler,
DCAM Construction Coordinator, 617/727-4050 ext. 558).

HENRY DAVID THOREAU BIRTHPLACE                            Concord, Massachusetts
Feasibility Study                                                              2001
Our firm completed a thorough study of this national landmark, the birthplace of our
greatest American writer and philosopher. The house in which he was born will be
meticulously conserved, and will house a variety of public and educational activities.
(Marcia Rasmussen, Town Planner, 978/318-3290).
                  WEARE, NEW HAMPSHIRE


THE PRESERVATION SOCIETY OF NEWPORT COUNTY                              Newport, RI
Several Millions cumulatively                                              1978-1998
We conducted a complete physical investigation of all properties in 1983, and again in
1993. Condition reports were submitted each time for all museum mansions and
buildings. Over the years, we have undertaken complete exterior conservation of the
Breakers and millions of dollars of repairs and conservation at The Elms, Rosecliffe,
Marble House, Kingscote and Chateau-sur-Mer. Our work has included disassembly
and reconstruction of entire terraces, extensive roof and flashing conservation, and
masonry repairs of every possible description. For the PSNC, we pioneered work in
epoxy repair of stone and in the conservation of decorative ironwork, garden walls,
exterior painted finishes and sculpture. (Curt Genga, Supervisor of Properties,
401/847-1000 ext. 115).

THE ANTIQUARIAN AND LANDMARKS SOCIETY                             Hartford, CT
$300,000                                                                   1998
We produced an innovative Historic Structures Report (HSR) and then executed
extensive conservation of the Hathaway House in Suffield, which contains some of
the finest original French wallpapers in America. (Angus Murdoch, Executive
Director, 203/247-8996).

AETNA LIFE AND CASUALTY INSURANCE COMPANY                               Hartford, CT
$12,000,000                                                                   1986-88
We provided full architectural services for the exterior conservation and repair of the
head office complex, the largest period-style building ever erected in America,
covering seven city blocks, as well as an investigative report and recommendations
for the repair of their million-square foot steel and glass tower addition. Our work,
which required physical presence on site by several of our architects for two years,
included full contract documents and close supervision of brick and stone
conservation, stone repairs, window replacement, and acres of roofing and flashing
work. Thousands of individual spalled bricks were chalked and replaced, and both
limestone and sandstone decorative elements were patched or cast using new
techniques. The project was one of the largest pure conservation projects ever
undertaken in the United States, and was the main feature of the first issue of P/A’s
technology publication, Building Renovation. (Jack Dollard, Staff Architect,
                   WEARE, NEW HAMPSHIRE


JOSIAH DENNIS MANSE                                         Dennis, Massachusetts
For the Town of Dennis, we undertook the conservation of its founder’s homestead,
now a house museum. Our work included full envelope conservation, as well as sub-
floor investigation and repair. (Joe Rodricks, Town Engineer, 508/760-6145).

STANTON HALL                                             Huntington, Massachusetts
Used as an annex to Town Hall, is a venerable Memorial Hall in the center of town.
Our design focused on a new slate roof, miscellaneous exterior repairs, including
painting, and structural repairs to the elegant tower. (James W. Gray, Pioneer Valley
Planning Commission, 413/781-6045).

PLEASANT STREET SCHOOL                                     Ayer, Massachusetts
We studied both the existing Town Hall and the vacant Pleasant Street School, and
completed schematic design on both town offices and community center use for each.
From our work, the Board of Selectmen will determine which building will serve for
which purpose. (Diane Sullivan, Town Planner, 978/772-8221).

WORCESTER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE                         Worcester, Massachusetts
We served as architects for exterior conservation of several historic buildings at the
Institute, including their finest landmark, the Higgins Mansion, which needed
extensive envelope repairs as well as much work on garden walls, steps, and other
elements of its well-developed gardens. (John E. Miller, Director of Physical Plant,

Our preservation plan for downtown revitalization included the preparation of
rehabilitation guidelines in a format adaptable to all historic districts in the City. We
also rendered extensive public advocacy to generate and rekindle interest in
downtown. (Jodi Kennedy, Worcester Planning Department, 508/799-1400).

Many years ago, we pioneered advocacy projects to stop downtown demolition in
Vermont and Connecticut, and more than two decades later, we still work and lecture
in this field of Preservation Planning. Our work in Waterbury comprised specific
architectural projects, most notably the overall envelope restoration of the Benedict
Miller House, headquarters of the University of Connecticut at Waterbury and
perhaps the finest Queen Anne Revival mansion in New England. More important,
scores of downtown historic structures whose demolition contracts had already been
assigned by the city were reprieved. (Ann Smith, Director of Mattatuck Museum,
                  WEARE, NEW HAMPSHIRE


Our years of preservation work in Norwich have included major preservation plans
for the Central Business District and the nearby Jail Hill Historic District, as well as
individual facade restorations and assistance in setting up grant programs. We also
completely restored City Hall, a fine example of High Victorian architecture over a
five-year phased plan. Our work addressed safety issues, but also fully restored the
grand Council Chamber with specially created carpets, wallpapers, lighting fixtures
and pressed-metal ceiling. We meticulously restored city hall’s elaborate brick, slate
and wrought-iron exterior, and then its interior, now once again gleaming with
varnished mahogany, intricate tile floors and rich brass. (Patricia Champagne, Chair,
Norwich Heritage Trust, 860/889-5878; Stephen J. Garstka, City Engineer, 860/823-

On call to the northeast regional headquarters of this Federal agency, we completed
studies and conservation work at several remote lighthouses, including tall masonry
towers and an antique cast iron structure. Our work included metals conservation
and epoxy stone repairs. We studied historic buildings and the whole campus at the
National Fish Health Laboratory in West Virginia, where we were among the first to
address the historic significance of WPA projects. We were also the architects for the
conservation and stabilization of the home of Secretary of State John Hay. (Paul
Saulnier, Project Engineer, 413/253-8200).

EAST BRIDGEWATER SAVINGS BANK                                 Hansen, Massachusetts
Our painstaking restoration of an historic 1730 parsonage and conversion of the
adjacent barn for a new branch bank is typical of our practical preservation services to
business clients. This project was reviewed and approved by the State historical
commission and by the Federal Advisory Council for Historic Preservation as well.
(Dorothy Burns, 508/378-8400).

Our work in Bedford spanned sixteen years, beginning with our very first project as a
firm, the restoration of the old Town Hall with volunteer local labor. We then
conducted training sessions for local groups and provided architectural services in the
restoration of the Job Lane House, one of Bedford’s oldest landmarks, and continued
by assisting in the preparation of a Historical Society video on the town’s
architectural heritage. (Mary Hayfer, Beford Historical Society, 617/275-9427).
                  WEARE, NEW HAMPSHIRE


HOLY CROSS CATHEDRAL                                          Boston, Massachusetts
We produced a pre-restoration study of the Chapel as a starting point for the
restoration of this great urban cathedral. (Dennis H. Keefe, AIA, 617/482-5859).

LONG PLAINS MEETING HOUSE                                 Acushnet, Massachusetts
We provided full architectural services, including extensive supervision, for the
restoration and conservation of the 1750 Friends Meeting House in Long Plains, and
it was a great pleasure to see this long-neglected building reborn. While it had
remained unchanged inside and out, it had deteriorated badly, and the entire floor was
taken up in order to replace and repair the underlying structure. (Irwin Marks,
Acushnet Historical Committee, 508/763-2488).

Our work began with the transformation of a lovely turn-of-the-century school into a
modern public library, while retaining all of the building’s charm and character.
Impressed by our work, the Town retained us to study all its buildings and make
recommendations for their ultimate use. The study included sketch designs for town
hall restoration and expansion, and for the transformation of the fine but inadequate
and unexpandable historic library into a police station and elderly center. (Mark Rees,
Town Administrator, 508/827-5548).

This was just one instance of rendering expert testimony in a case involving design
review. Mr. Ferro has served as expert witness in a variety of historic preservation
cases, including both design and tax issues. As special witness for the King’s
Highway Historical Commission, on Cape Cod, he was instrumental in gaining an
appeals decision upholding the Commission’s right to deny permission for the use of
synthetic siding in an historic district. (Guy A. Carbone, Attorney, 617/227-3305).

JEFFERSON BORDEN HOUSE                                     Fall River, Massachusetts
We conducted the certified rehabilitation of this historic mansion of grim fame (“she
gave her mother forty whacks…”) for use as brokerage firm offices. For the same
client, we have also undertaken a dozen different projects, ranging from the
restoration of a Georgian mansion in Rhode Island to the study of an historic Federal
house for dismantlement and donation to the Preservation Society of Newport
County. (Bernard A.G. Taradash, 508/678-7511).
                  WEARE, NEW HAMPSHIRE


HARBOR VIEW HOTEL                                     Edgartown, Massachusetts
Our complete rehabilitation of this large historic hotel was so successful that it
received the Association of General Contractor’s highest award as the outstanding
Massachusetts construction project of 1992. We have extensive experience with
historic hotels: In Hawaii, we were the historic preservation consultants for the
$55,000,000 restoration of Waikiki’s Sheraton Moana, the oldest grand hotel on the
islands (1903). We prepared three conceptual resort designs for Treadway Hotels
and Resorts that would have recycled a railroad yard and a former pulp and paper
mill in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and restored an incredibly grand
mansion on Connecticut’s rocky, wind-swept coast. For First Winthrop, besides the
Harbor View, we prepared design development plans for the historic Kelly House,
also on Martha’s Vineyard. (Clinton Glass, Director of Engineering, First Winthrop
Corporation, 617/330-8600).

We fully rehabilitated and expanded the lovely historic Town Hall on the Green, more
than doubling its size and restoring the imposing Great Hall, which had been
subdivided into a rabbit warren of small offices with flimsy partitions. As Halifax’s
elderly would have had nowhere to meet while work at town hall progressed, we also
championed the restoration of Pope’s Tavern, where John Quincy Adams held his
inaugural celebration as a Congressman. Then, before the TH project started
construction, we painstakingly rehabilitated it for use as a very warm and friendly
Senior Center, our first of many. (John Campbell, Building Commission Chair,

MURA AND WOODS ASSOCIATES                                 Long Island, New York
For this imaginative and award-winning Long Island real estate developer, we
provided designs and architectural services to build several grand houses in the
Hamptons, using re-assembled historic structures. These included everything from a
large Greek Revival church to a one-room schoolhouse saved from highway
construction doom in upper New York State.

JUDITH ROSBIE                                             Marion, Massachusetts
We provided Ms. Rosbie with architectural services for the restoration of President
Cleveland’s Summer White House on what was then (before the digging of the canal)
Cape Cod (Judith Rosbie, Esquire, 508/748-1312).
                   WEARE, NEW HAMPSHIRE


In Middleborough, whose beautiful town hall was greatly overcrowded, we first
restored the historic mansion on the Green that had belonged to the man who had
donated the land on which town hall now stood. As a town hall annex, the mansion
was designed for Middleborough’s Gas and Electric Department, who then vacated
their space in town hall. Next, we converted a historic and handsome former
downtown bank office building into a second, larger annex, this time housing all
financial departments of the town in a location ideal for the public. Lastly, we made
handicapped accessibility modifications at Town Hall and the nearby police station,
and investigated urgent town hall structural problems dating back to the 1938
hurricane (John F. Healey, Town Manager, 508/947-0928).

We were appointed consulting architects to the Senate President, restoring the fallen
ceiling of Bulfinch’s original Senate Chamber, later converted to the Senate
Reception Room. The entire ceiling and its priceless relief decoration was re-adhered
in place using an acrylic-modified plaster, a ‘first’ for Massachusetts. Under governor
King, we investigated the whole State House structure thoroughly, opening the way
to massive repairs. Subsequently, the state appointed us as retained envelope
consultants, looking at derelict state properties all over, and then to the DCPO
Courthouse Unit, for whom we repaired buildings ranging from Boston’s huge
Suffolk County Court House to Barnstable’s superb District Court. Other state
historic buildings studied include all MDC recreational facilities in the Blue Hills and
the former country estate of a governor (William Dulong, Project Manager, 617/727-

First, we prepared Historic Structure Reports and working binders for fourteen
museums and sites, as well as an extensive development master plan. Then we
provided architectural services for the conservation of multiple sites, including a great
whaling era warehouse on the harbor (Michael Jehle, Curator of Collections,

WATERS FARM                                                   Sutton, Massachusetts
After extensive research in the personal diaries of this farm family that made the
transition to urbanization at the turn of the twentieth century, we wrote an Historic
Structure Report with planning recommendations for use of the site as a working
farm museum. (Ralph W. Gurney, Director, 508/865-2010).
                  WEARE, NEW HAMPSHIRE


THAMES SHIPYARD                                                Groton, Connecticut
For the last working historic shipyard on the northeastern seaboard, we prepared an
extensive HSR and Use Plan to demonstrate how the practical needs of a
contemporary shipyard can be reconciled with historical considerations. This
document was commissioned and prepared directly for the State Historic Preservation
Office, and led to the re-purchase of the shipyard from the federal government by its
original owner, and it is now back in operation. SHPO Jack Shanahan can also attest
to the quality of our considerable Connecticut work, including large preservation
planning projects in Norwich, Waterbury, Meriden, Groton and New London, and
such visible individual projects as the envelope conservations of the J.P. Barnum
Museum and the Benedict Miller House, the State’s finest Queen Anne mansion.
(Jack Shanahan, SHPO, 203/566-3116).

THE STATE DEPARTMENT                                           Washington, D.C.
We were one of five firms selected by White House Curator Dr. Conger to compete
for the honor to design the Benjamin Franklin State Dining Room, where heads of
state are entertained at Foggy Bottom (The State Department) Our subsequent design
for this dining room, the largest of the State Reception Rooms, was very well
received, but another firm narrowly prevailed.

REED HOUSE                                                Townsend, Massachusetts
Our Historic Structure Report for this historic 1789 house, left by the Reed family in
a state of near suspended animation (the blinds had not been drawn in some rooms for
a hundred years) authenticated perhaps the best-preserved Rufus Porter murals left
anywhere in America. (Guenther K. Wehrhan, President, Townsend Historic Society,

G.A.R. HALL                                                  Taunton, Massachusetts
Our certified rehabilitation of this G.A.R. Hall for medical offices was cited by
Technical Preservation Services of the National Park Service for the complex and
trend-setting rationale of its certification issues. It led to our conservation of the
G.A.R. Hall and Museum in Lynn, to our successful appeal on behalf of the G.A.R.
Building in Geneva, New York, and to our painstaking restoration of the GAR
building in Milford.
                   WEARE, NEW HAMPSHIRE


THE LIVERY STABLE                                      New Bedford, Massachusetts
This project was a certified rehabilitation of an abandoned livery stable to law offices.
We carefully maintained all significant features of historic interest while allowing
functional modern use, typical of our certified rehabilitation projects. Other complex
structures similarly rehabbed under NPS tax credit guidelines include a power station
in Arlington and a parsonage in Hanson. (Jed Cohen, CPA, 508/997-5556).

BARRINGTON COLLEGE                                         Barrington, Rhode Island
As campus architects for this small Rhode Island college, we executed the restoration
of historic Ferrin Hall, the huge and elaborate Elizabethan mansion of a former Rhode
Island political boss, and a complete rehabilitation of their student center. We also
designed a new central Library, Dormitory improvements, and a new Gym and
Physical Education Center, but none were built as the small college struggled
financially. Finally, we prepared a new master plan, just as the campus was sold. The
Reverend Mr. Pope, who brought us into this project, had been familiar with our
work for many years, and we restored the Fellowship Center of his First Church of
Christ Congregational in Groton and designed his new rectory.

At the GTHP, we prepared an extensive Historic Structure Report for their only
historic property, the grand antebellum Hay Mansion in Macon. Greg Paxton is
familiar with out work throughout that State, including the conversion of a school
into a museum/community center in Thomasville, and extensive preservation planning
in Augusta. (Gregory Paxton, Executive Director, 404/881-9980).

As their consultant, we prepared studies of the ruins of Fort Crown Point, the ruins of
the R.R. Livingston Mansion (signer of the Declaration of Independence), and the
Mills Mansion at New Hyde Park, their headquarters. On a separate assignment, we
investigated 26 miles of stone walls along state highways, reporting on the
relationships between their methods of construction and their physical condition. We
also fully restored the first camellia greenhouse in the USA at the State Arboretum in
Oyster Bay, and restored the adjacent 147-room Coe Hall (Michael F. Lynch,
                  WEARE, NEW HAMPSHIRE


We conducted a complete survey of historic resources, followed by publication of
two city-sponsored books on its history and architecture, and technical leaflets for
individual homeowners. This project involved a year of cooperation with city
community development authorities, and led to some downtown revitalization. Other
major city plans and publications were undertaken for Burlington, VT; Norfolk,
Norwich, Waterbury and Meriden in Connecticut; and New Bedford and Haverhill in
Massachusetts. (Paul Poulus, Director, Office of Community Development, 508/679-

UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST                                       Keene, New Hampshire
At this landmark church, we undertook a complete restoration of the Sanctuary,
including a program of plaster consolidation and restoration, one of the most
ambitious conservation projects of its kind in America. The techniques, pioneered by
us at the Fairbanks Mansion in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, and at the Massachusetts
State House, involved the injection of loose plaster ceilings and recasting of
decorative elements. (Reverend Robert Hamm, Assistant Rector, 603/352-2158; Jean
Farrar, 603. 352 4316/2158) This was just one of many other church projects,
including stained glass restorations, structural analyses, reinforcement of towers and
steeples, extensive masonry restoration projects, as well as the rehabilitation of
historic and non-historic spaces, the construction of additions, and the planning of
new churches to fit into historic settings.

HYDE SCHOOL                                                             Bath, Maine
Our complete, detailed restoration of the sumptuous Hyde Mansion after a general
alarm fire demonstrates our ability to replicate all historic finishes, fabric, ornate
woodwork and plaster decoration. The Hyde project was followed by equally
extensive after-fire restorations of Ammi Young’s Follett Mansion in Burlington,
Vermont, and A.J. Davis’s William Rotch Cottage in New Bedford, Massachusetts.


Fairbanks House; Dedham, Massachusetts
Longfellow House; Cambridge, Massachusetts
Morse-Libby Mansion; Portland, Maine
Hagger House; Wayland, Massachusetts
Stabbard Mansion; Holden, Massachusetts
Low Mansion; Bradford, Vermont
Rotch-Jones-Duff House; New Bedford, Massachusetts
Benjamin Rodman House; New Bedford, Massachusetts
Robeson House; New Bedford, Massachusetts
                WEARE, NEW HAMPSHIRE


Jackson Homestead; Newton, Massachusetts
Job Lane House; Bedford, Massachusetts
Clark House; Natick, Massachusetts
Brantview; St. Johnsbury, Vermont
Hildene; Manchester, Vermont
Park McCullough Mansion; Bennington, Vermont
Nathaniel Allen House, Newton, Massachusetts
Nathaniel Thayer Mansion; Lancaster, Massachusetts
Edward Bellamy Homestead; Chicopee, Massachusetts
Delta Psi House; Burlington, Vermont
Joseph Manigault House; Charleston, South Carolina
Heyward-Washington House; Charleston, South Carolina
Governor Aiken House; Charleston, South Carolina
Herndon House (formerly S.S. Pierce Estate); Brookline, Massachusetts
Edith Wharton’s “The Mount”; Lenox, Massachusetts
Loring House (formerly Wing Farm); Sandwich, Massachusetts
John Strong Mansion; Addison, Vermont
Whitbeck House; Hudson, New York
Abel Chapin House; Chicopee, Massachusetts


Jackson Homestead; Newton, Massachusetts
New Bedford Glass Museum; New Bedford, Massachusetts
Victoria Mansion; Portland, Maine
1711 Inn; Meriden, Connecticut
Sheldon Art Museum; Middlebury, Vermont
Shelbourne Museum; Shelbourne, Vermont
Robert Todd Lincoln’d Hildene; Manchester, Vermont
Nichols House Museum; Charleston, South Carolina
Burgess Homestead; Sandwich, Massachusetts
John Strong Mansion; Addison, Vermont
Old Schwamb Mill; Arlington, Massachusetts
Old Colony Historical Society; Taunton, Massachusetts


Restoration of Water Tower; Lawrence, Massachusetts
Stone Arch Bridge Conservation; Southern Vermont
Restoration Plan and Project; Charlestown Navy Yard
Restoration of Maynard Outdoor Store; Maynard, Massachusetts
                WEARE, NEW HAMPSHIRE


Training Manual for Building Cleaning; Setmac, Indiana
Regional Preservation Study; Rutland and Bennington Counties, Vermont
Conservation of Ottaqueechee Health Center; Woodstock, Vermont
Urban Study of Anacostia; Washington, D.C.
Restoration of Natick Outdoor Store; Natick, Massachusetts
Conservation of Boot Mill; Lowell, Massachusetts
Rehabilitation of Railroad Station; New London, Connecticut
Rehabilitation of Railroad Station; Stoughton, Massachusetts
Study of Massachusetts Code Regulations for National Bureau of Standards
Preservation Consultation; North Haven Mall, Connecticut
University of Vermont Student Center Conceptual Design
Tax Act Certification, Porter Mill; Winooski, Vermont
Reroofing of St. Botolph Club; Boston, Massachusetts
Certification Assistance, Dalad Group; Cleveland, Ohio
Old Worthington Inn; Columbus, Ohio
Window Replacement, Bulfinch Building, MGM; Boston, Massachusetts
Preservation Planning for Middlesex Memorial Hospital; Middletown,


First Congregational Church; Natick, Massachusetts
First Congregational Church; Groton, Connecticut
First Unitarian Church; New Bedford, Massachusetts
First Unitarian Church; Medfield, Massachusetts
First Unitarian Church; Fairhaven, Massachusetts
St. Thomas Rectory; Brandon, Vermont
Ira Allen Chapel; University of Vermont
First Congregational Church; St. Johnsbury, Vermont


Restoration of Town Hall; Bedford, Massachusetts
High School Conversion; Fairhaven, Massachusetts
Town Hall Conservation; Fairhaven, Massachusetts
Library Conservation Study; Fairhaven, Massachusetts
Rehabilitation Plan for Town Hall; Stoughton, Massachusetts
Consultation of Demolition Ordinances; Fall River, Massachusetts
Consultation on Historic District Ordinances; Dallas, Texas
King Street Historic District; Burlington, Vermont
Town Hall Restoration; Sandwich, Massachusetts
                 WEARE, NEW HAMPSHIRE


Downtown Preservation Plan; Waterbury, Connecticut
Downtown Preservation Plan; Norwich, Connecticut
Jail Hill Historic District Guidelines; Norwich, Connecticut
Survey of Historic Properties; Meriden, Connecticut
Brewster Town Hall; Brewster, Massachusetts
New Bedford Free Library; New Bedford, Massachusetts
Portuguese Library and Cultural Center; New Bedford, Massachusetts
Town Office Building; Dartmouth, Massachusetts
Restoration of Norwich City Hall; Norwich, Connecticut
Edwards Public Library; Southampton, Massachusetts
Forbush Public Library; Westminster, Massachusetts


Old Colony Bank; Springfield, Massachusetts
New Bedford Institution for Savings; New Bedford, Massachusetts
Framingham Savings Bank; Framingham, Massachusetts


Paul Holtz, State Architect
Massachusetts Historical Commission
220 Morrissey Boulevard
Boton, MA 02125

Emily Webb, SHPO,
Vermont Division for Historic Preservation
Agency of Development and Community Affairs
Montpelier, VT 05602

Jack Shanahan, SHPO
Connecticut Historical Commission
59 South Prospect Street
Hartford, CT 06106
                  WEARE, NEW HAMPSHIRE


Dr. Richard Candee, Director, Preservation Program,
Graduate American and New England Studies
Boston University
226 Bay State Road
Boston, MA 02215

Michael F. Lynch, Past President
Association for Preservation Technology
New York State Historic Preservation Office
Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY 12238

Helen Levy, Chairman
The Allen School and House Preservation Corporation
35 Webster Street
West Newton, MA 02165

Patricia Fitzmaurice, Executive Trustee
The Old Schwamb Mill
17 Mill Lane
Arlington, MA 02174

Susan Schur, Editor
Technology and Conservation
76 Highland Avenue,
Somerville, MA 02143

Irwin Marks
Long Plains Friends Meeting House Association
1122 Main Street
Acushnet, MA 02743
                  WEARE, NEW HAMPSHIRE


Walter Jamieson, past President
Association for Preservation Technology
University of Calgary
2500 University Drive, NW
Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4

Christina Sargent, Chairman
Library Building Committee
P.O. Box 188
Ashburnham, MA 01430

Professor Donald Baerman
(Professor of Building Technology, Yale University)
42 Wayland Street
Mt. Carmel Station, CT 06518

Curt Genga, Supervisor of Properties
Preservation Society of Newport County
118 Mill Street
Newport, RI 02840

Richard Fitzgerald, Executive Director
Boston Society of Architects
52 Broad Street
Boston, MA 02115

Stephen J. Garstka, former City Engineer
Norwich City Hall
Norwich, CT 06360
                  WEARE, NEW HAMPSHIRE


William Flynt
Chief Conservator
Historic Deerfield Village
Deerfield, MA 01342

Gregory Paxton, Executive Director, Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation
1516 Peachtree Street, NW
Atlanta, GA 30309 Tel:404/881-9980
John Campbell, Chairman
Halifax Municipal Building Committee
P.O. Box 293
Whitman, MA 02383
617/447-3941 or 617/697-2433

Gersil N. Kay, President
Restore Philadelphia
1924 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Hugh Miller, FAIA, SHPO, Commonwealth of Virginia
and former Chief Architect, US Department of the Interior,
221 Governor Street
Richmond, CA 23219

E. Blaine Cliver, AIA
Former Chief Appeals Officer and Director
National Park Service
49 Park Ave.,
Brandon, VT 05733

Patrice and William Champagne
Norwich Heritage Trust
P.O. Box 185
Norwich, CT 06360

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