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					                                     Quality Assurance Supervisor
City Brewing Company, a leading contract manufacturer in the beverage industry has an immediate opening for a QA
Supervisor in our Latrobe, PA facility.

    Oversee the day to day activities of the QA Technicians.
    Responsible for the management of specification deviations and reporting to the QA Manager.
    Have knowledge of HACCP and GMP and Federal and State regulations concerning sanitary/food
     manufacturing operations.
    Effectively monitor microbiological and GMP standards and ensure departmental compliance.
    Maintain all laboratory equipment and order all lab supplies.
    Review quality data and conduct sensory analysis for all shift production.
    Review finished product analysis and issue corrective action as necessary.
    Effectively assist and troubleshoot causes for deviations from specifications.
    Generate reports for internal use and contract customers.
    Often communicates with contract customers to provide information and data.
    Communicate effectively with other Department Managers regarding quality of their output.
    Ensures that department practice meets Occupational Health and Safety requirement.
    Evaluates systems, analyzes data, evaluates products and technology and establishes quality control
    Be present during shift change to assure a smooth transition coming on shift and going off shift.
    Be flexible in work hours in order to support all three operational shifts.
    Participate on Quality and Operational Managerial support teams on each shift as required.
    Coach team members on quality checks and monitor/address check completion levels.
    Conduct chemical and physical analysis of many different samples.
    Maintain documentation such as instrument log books, electronic data, laboratory notebooks, laboratory
    Investigate unusual/unacceptable results.
    Perform routine maintenance, calibration and troubleshooting of laboratory equipment.
    Conduct method development and validation.
    Implement daily data review and trend analysis of both products and equipment

   Bachelor of Science degree in an applicable science (Biology, Food Science, Chemistry, etc) is required.
   Minimum of 2 years of practical, hands on brewery, production, or laboratory work is preferred.
   Experience in a quality department in a food manufacturing, brewing, or processing environment is preferred.
   Strong background in frontline supervision and employee relations skills; Union work environment experience
   Possess excellent communication, planning and multi-tasking skills.
   Strong GC, HPLC and UV/VIS experience.
   Strong computer skills, including Microsoft Office Suite.
   Strong leadership and team skills.
   Good judgment, common sense and the willingness to learn.

City Brewing Company offers competitive salaries and a generous benefit package that includes: Health, Life, Dental
and Long Term disability Insurance; Section 125; 401(k); and more. If you are interested in joining our team, send your
resume to:

Human Resources
City Brewing Company
925 S. Third Street
La Crosse, WI 54601
Or email to jobs@citybrewery.com - please include "QA Supervisor" in your subject line.

                              City Brewing Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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