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					 PHNI Project Overview
  (Managed by Jorge Scientific Corporation, The Futures Group
             International, and John Snow Inc.)

Population, Health and Nutrition Information Project
                600 13th Street, NW
              Washington, DC 20005
                   (202) 393-9001
PHNI Objectives
   Primary Objective: to provide G/PHN and others with information
    products and services to enhance capacity to manage and
    evaluate programs and to demonstrate and document the
    importance and impact of their population, health, and nutrition

   Intermediate Results: Increased ability to:
        Track PHN statistics, indicators, and financial data;
        Monitor and evaluate programs and report results;
        Inform, educate and coordinate support for critical global PHN
PHNI Project Components

   Information Technology:
   Analysis:
   Education and Outreach
Information Technology Capabilities
     Systems Analysis, Design and Development
          Databases
          Websites
          Special purpose applications
     Systems Administration/Management
          Financial Systems: Obligations, Expenditures, Field Support
          Child Health Research database
          PHNC Websites
          Networks, Documents, Scheduling
          Performance Monitoring
     Telecommunications support
Analytical Capabilities
   Expertise in demography, epidemiology, service
    delivery, policy, strategic planning, performance
    monitoring, budgeting and financial analysis
   Broad-based regional and country experience
   High Profile Reports, Technical Reports and Reviews,
    Country and Intervention Summaries
   Technical Assistance to the Field: Strategic Planning,
    Performance Monitoring.
The Status of Children and Adolescents
            in the Americas

        A Regional Perspective

     Draft End of the Decade Report for
        the Fifth Ministerial Meeting

                Jamaica 2000
Education and Outreach Capabilities

   Strategic communications analysis, design, planning
    and implementation
      Identify information requirements and effective

       outreach activities
      Produce specially designed products to inform &

   High quality writing, editing, graphics, layout and
    dissemination services
   Multimedia expertise and approaches:
For Further Information

   Celeste Carr, G/PHN

   Barry Silverman, PHNI

   Http://

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