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									Identity Thieves, Scam Artists Often Target Elders

There are things that can be done to protect your assets during the latter stages of your life from a
legal perspective, and you should discuss your options with a good Oklahoma City elder law attorney.
At the same time, each individual must take personal responsibility to protect your assets and
yourself. Awareness is key, and one growing problem that seniors must protect themselves against is
elder financial abuse.

Though there are various ways abuse is perpetrated, we would like to highlight online financial abuse
here. First of all, there are countless types of scams that are floated by unscrupulous individuals, often
targeting seniors.

There is nothing new under the sun, as they say, and money doesn't grow on trees. If you are
approached by someone online claiming that he or she can make you a fortune later, if you are willing
to part with some money now, you should immediately see a red flag and cease all communication
with this individual. You’ll recognize it when you hear, “Why get 1% on your CD when this investment
will pay you 10%.” Depending on the circumstances, you may actually want to contact the authorities
as well.

Identity theft is another thing to protect yourself against. These days, a lot of people conduct business
online and your personal information may well be out there in cyberspace. You must make sure that
your confidential information is not accessible to anyone, and you should also make sure that your
passwords are very secure.

Subscribing to a monitoring service is another thing to consider. There are reputable companies that
will monitor your identity and let you know if any unauthorized activity takes place. This layer of
security can be very effective.

The Internet can make our lives easier, but you do have to be aware of the unscrupulous characters
that are out there always looking to take advantage of others. If you use common sense and due
diligence you should be able to steer clear of online financial abuse as a senior citizen and enjoy a safe
online experience.

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